Allergies Dachshund - how to treat?

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The fee applies to allergenic dog breeds. Taxi owners often have to ask for what they have pet allergies. The problem with this disease is the difficulty associated with identifying the allergen.

Once you have found the ingredient to which your dog has allergies, consider that the problem is almost solved. It remains only to remove him from the life of taxes, and this problem is more than you will not be disturbed. But this search for an allergen that could take a very long time. Most veterinarians are on the path of least resistance: advised to go to the dry hypoallergenic diet to exclude all possible foods, which may be allergic.

The difficulty is that allergies can be caused by not only the food, but also by other factors. In what may be an allergy from fees:

  • to food;
  • on environmental factors;
  • on chemical factors;
  • to fleas.

The causes of allergies in taxes

A food allergy occurs on one or a few types of products. The most common allergy in taxes is for the following products:

  • pork and chicken oil,
  • fat
  • red vegetables, such as carrots,
  • sweets,
  • dairy,
  • dry food.

Natural factors include everything from what the dog may encounter on the street. This pollen, water from the reservoir of the forest, the land where the dog fumbled nose. Danger lurks allergic taxes at home. Some may be allergic to house dust or other animals that are kept with her in the apartment.

There are even cases of allergy to volcanic sand, which bathe pets - chinchilla. The chemical factors include allergens in the form of shampoos and other detergents, cleaning agents of chemical origin. For example, if your dog is wearing clothes, that she may be allergic to the powder, which you erase her costumes.

In a separate category should make allergic to fleas. These eternal companions dogs, it turns out, is not just drink the blood of the poor animal, but some of them cause a severe allergic reaction that can be compared to a bee sting sensitive to poison their people. The flea saliva contains a specific allergen that causes severe itching and hair loss. In severe cases, the dog is very sensitive to the allergen required medication.

Symptoms of allergies in fees

Externally, the symptoms of these types of allergies are manifested nearly the same, therefore in the symptoms to determine at what appeared reaction impossible. The most common symptoms of allergies in taxes are:

  • redness of the inside of the ears;
  • bared skin on the feet, on the face, on the tail, the abdomen, which are shelled and scratched;
  • excessive shedding;
  • blisters between the claws and paws;
  • purulent discharge from the eyes and ears.

This common symptoms, which may be modified in each dog. Some itching and hair loss is not very pronounced, but plagued by heavy discharge from the eyes and ears.

In other areas there are literally combed the whole body. But these symptoms can also be signs of other illnesses, such as eye fester because of conjunctivitis, the affected areas of the skin are due to microscopic dog tick and signal the demadekoze.

Diagnosis and treatment

The easiest and quickest way to make an accurate diagnosis - a pass allergy tests. You also need to take scrapings from the floor raschёsov that show the presence or absence of fungi and mites. All this will help eliminate unpleasant situations when the dog demodex patient put on a diet, thinking that she is allergic to certain foods, and allergic reactions, on the contrary, take, for the defeat of mites.

After the diagnosis start treatment. If a food allergy, it requires a special diet that is chosen for each dog individually. In any case, the menu must contain a minimum number of components. In the case of allergies to fleas carried protivobloshinaya processing and, if necessary, shall be appointed an additional treatment, such as reception suprastin.

In all other cases, treatment is carried out on a simple principle: the allergen is removed and restored the affected areas. The skin is treated anti-inflammatory drugs, prescribers, relieves itching and irritation. Most allergy is seasonal, and occasionally a dog relapse.

It also happens that the body is due to hereditary predisposition to allergies: it is necessary to eliminate an allergen and treat the effects of allergies, like after a while everything is repeated, but with a different allergen. You can not turn a blind eye allergies and think that she will pass, it is necessary to find and eliminate the allergen from the life of a taxi to it for a long time you are happy with your healthy and beautiful appearance and cheerful mood.