Amstaff - description of the breed

амстафф описание



I just want to identify six key criteria that are clearly seen in the breed American Staffordshire Terrier.

Type. What do we mean? Compliance with the standard exhibition? Yes. However, not only this. For people distributing dogs and working with them, the type is the direction of improving the breed. We determine which type best suits the main task of the breed standard focus on the perfect dog, able to optimally perform the task. Thus, the type and standard defines useful and appropriate.

Perfection. Under this concept, we mean the harmonious development of the dog: both physical and mental.

Behavior. This attitude of the dog to the outside world. It covers addiction and sympathy, readiness to perform tasks, curiosity, interest in life and people confidence.

Style. A dog with a style distinguished by grace, coordination, pride, representativeness and elegance.

Quality. Quality is harmonious with the size of a first-class appearance. It is the harmony and the optimal ratio of type, health, style and posture.

Beauty. This dog's ability to excite, to cause joy, like an eye and be like a man.

Consider these criteria in relation to the breed American Staffordshire Terrier.

Let's pay attention to the original purpose of the breed. Ancestors Staffords were dogs, which at any moment could become a victim of violence. And surprisingly, this cheerful, artistic, reliable companion can be brought up in such brutal conditions.

American Staffordshire Terrier is distinguished by courage, determination and a desire to serve his master. We at the American Kennel Club to include a description of the American Staffordshire Terrier and the foundations of the modern history of the breed standard. It's just a necessary historical background, but in any case the approval of the practice of dog fighting.

American Staffordshire Terrier originated in the 19th century as a result of crossing the bulldog and then disappeared today a game terrier. He was known as the Bull Terrier, or otherwise Yankee Terrier, and in 50 years has been recognized by the American Kennel Club.

Like any terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier responds to the challenge, but he was not particularly stubborn and think before acting. In general, it is a quiet dog, rarely barking and whining. It is the athlete with admirable speed, agility, strength and vigor. Like a racehorse it is compact, however - quick and agile. These dogs can cling to paws for the chain-link fence, catch up. Can a cat, to walk along the top edge of the fence. They are able to climb a tree, able to jump up from their seats to two meters. Their tireless energy and agility allow them to get up all that comes to mind. Fortunately, the amazing physical abilities are balanced by a distinct desire to please a man, a sense of humor and deep intelligence. American Staffordshire Terrier quickly determine what behavior is like the owner, and that builds its official work. But if he realizes that he was treated unfairly - it hurts his soul.

We have already mentioned that the ancestors Stafford bred for fighting, but why intelligent, civilized animal lover wanted to keep a dog? Maybe someone took the dogs for reasons of mercy: that the victim of cruel conditions fell to a relatively decent life. However, the room dogs from Stafford did not happen.

Leafing through old books, I came across this remark: "These dogs are not bred to fight (any dog ​​fighting), these dogs are bred to win." Note remains in my memory - they are in fact the real winners! They do not imagine that you can fail. What would you not demand from Stafford, he strongly and smoothly will strive to fulfill your will, - such is the strong character of the dog. And her excellent physical condition can solve any problem.

For many years it was used as hunting and guard dog, but could also be a children's nurse and a good friend. Like any terrier, he hunted and took the trail. It is relatively easy to use for the content in the home.

Yes, Stafford stranger inspires fear - in fact, he is considered a reliable guard dog.

Stafford showed on television water skiing and riding on a motorcycle, and a champion in one of the shows featured in weightlifting phenomenal result - 3200 pounds at a bodyweight of 71 lbs.

American Staffordshire Terrier uninitiated people have a reputation for "Dracula's dog." But this is a profound mistake: they love to please and do not carry conviction. Harsh, terrible punishment would be if you scold them ...

The content of the American Staffordshire Terrier is little different from the contents of other terriers. Participating in the exhibition, they show sensitivity, alertness, calmness and concentration.

We never beat our dogs. They, in turn, did not growl. Growl is a form of expression of the threat, and Stafford will never be in danger of the first (his point of view is this: "If you tell me to do something bad, I'll tell you ... but I will not hold any pre-scenes").

American Staffordshire Terrier - Proud, happy dog ​​and very obliging. It tends to show character, but always in control of himself. We tried to use a variety of aggressive actions toward a well behaved Stafford and they always showed a good ability to self-control. But if such a dog would be furious, it is extremely difficult to control.

Courage Stafford widely known: he has no right to ever feel fear or cowardice. Yes, he can be friendly and sociable, but never showed timidity and is always ready to look danger in the face. About to run away, frightened, not at all out of the question.

Type. This is an extremely important quality show dog! Here is an excerpt from the standard of the American Kennel Club to "American Staffordshire Terrier should give the impression of a powerful athlete at a relatively modest scale, well-built dog, muscular, but agile and graceful, very lively in relation to the world. It has to be compact, beautiful in movement and with sturdy. One of its main qualities - courage. "

In short, the type of evidence of balance, strength and health. It is simply a big dog in a "small package"!

When the dog is in front of you in profile, two different lines that make up the shape of the head: the upper part of the head and muzzle with a pronounced shift around the eyes. The muzzle of the strong lower jaw - blunt. Even the head and bulge visible muscle definition. The eyes are round, dark and have an intelligent, inquisitive expression. Wrong to consider diamond, almond and fell slanting eyes, the location of the bone below the eye processes the wedge shape of the head.

The muzzle should be below the eyes sharply and steeply fall off. Pan falling profile and formed in the same way the lower jaw and wedge line, passing smoothly into one another, are unfavorable signs of head Stafford. Head muscular and gives the impression of a full-strength. Muscular and strong neck to be convex near the occipital bone. One can imagine a line in the form of an inverted - extending from the base of the skull, along the keel of breast and then curving of the back of the elbow. In the absence of this line will be a straight shoulder with a high withers and the subsequent ramp. This reduces the head in front, flatten the head, pulling predgrude back and often leads to the formation of "bulldog facade", making it impossible to swing fitting.

Good American Staffordshire Terrier should give the impression as if his neck arched and chest tightened like a thoroughbred horse. Allocated muscular neck, predgrude, muscular package at the withers and often muscle edge on both sides of the back. Chest full and deep, descends to the elbows. The distance from the ground to a depth corresponding to approximately predgrudya body of predgrudya to the withers. The abdomen is bent upwards slightly pulled up to the waist. This smartness plus decaying iliac cavity, and low-set tail light lead to curvature of the lower back. Horizontal, flat topline, concomitant with the tail set on high, is wrong. Note the narrow waist, light curvature and a low ponytail - this allows the dog as if at any time to be ready to pounce.

The final feature in the description of Stafford is "harmony." This dog, so to speak, fit itself - one tittle looks are not exaggerated, does not dominate. American Staffordshire Terrier looks like a good athlete, and accordingly moves gracefully and vigorously. Recommended agreed functional size - 19 inches (47.26 cm). If the dog is bigger and buldozhistey she loses in grace, elegance and agility. If it is smaller and dominated the beginning of a terrier, it loses strength and power.

Perfection. Strictly speaking, such a quality as excellence, subject to the criterion type. This is due to the fact that most of the standard of the American Staffordshire Terrier is based on the powerful health and physical condition. The front part of the body to be fit for combat and defense, and the back to jump, attack and blocking. Bones different power and strength. The housing is compact, powerful. Chest needs a lot of depth, and edges in a good flexibility for high-volume light. The dog does the work of 90% with the help of the hind legs and the hind legs should be firmly clasped, have powerful muscles, to promote a strong jump.

Good mobility is a symbol of health. We believe in loyalty to the old wisdom, which states: "The dog is not able to move correctly - incorrectly folded". But what does the word "right" in relation to AST? His movements are energetic and resilient, more of a "cat" than other terriers. Stafford, as a rule, well-coordinated, in every movement embodied the power and elegance of: muscular system makes a surprisingly compact body graceful. Characteristics such as the slowness and awkwardness to Stafford generally not applicable. American Staffordshire Terrier, braiding or waddling - what a sad sight! The athlete has no right to move.

And several more details ... must not be shortened shoulder, preventing the necessary swing front legs and an elongated shank with enslaved hock which prevents vigorous jump. In addition, undesirable straight knee joint, hind legs should not give the impression of fragile.

Quality. American Staffordshire Terrier impression of this dog. His specialty - the efficiency and perfect proportion. Its quality is the concentrated expression of its merits. In general, a quality we understand the synthesis of a first-class type, posture winner, mental stability, free and full of the movements, style.