A Beginner's Guide

Волкособ описание



If you want to have a wolf or hybrid, please read the first post.

  1. Hybrids and wolves impossible to give for the holidays.
  2. Prices for hybrids depend on the quality of puppies and range from 5,000 to 100,000, and more than a thousand rubles.
  3. The size depends on involved in the mating of a wolf and a dog but is usually not less than 60 cm at the withers for bitches.
  4. The apartment can at least keep an elephant, but not the fact that it is a pleasure for you and the elephant.
  5. If you are a beginner, it's best to keep a dog. Better yet, bring up and educate a few dogs before they start, or a wolf hybrid.
  6. Hybrid contain harder than a dog. A wolf is even more difficult than the hybrid. But nothing is impossible.
  7. Wolf and volkosoba can teach almost any pet if they grow together, or if the puppy is younger. But on the street it will likely be to hunt for foreign small animals and poultry.
  8. Wolf and a hybrid of nature have a good sense of smell, but the difficulty of "play" for any profile special training depends on the level of neophobia and Anthropophobia each particular individual.
  9. Protection not 100% horse and wolf hybrids. If you need security, buy a Caucasian, or better put the apartment on the alarm: cheaper and no hassle.
  10. Feed the wolf or hybrid better than meat. Remember that the diet of the predator is 90-95% of the meat and only 5% are vegetables and fruits. You can also feed quality dog ​​food plus vitamin.
  11. For children usually are good. But if you imagined an idyllic picture of how your child is trying to tear the animal's ears and poke your finger into a nostril, and it meekly suffer, we recommend to revise their views. The earlier the better. In order to avoid the tragedy.
  12. Do not start a wolf or hybrid because at heart you consider yourself to be a wolf. It is not so obvious to the beast as you think. And even if he sees in you a kindred spirit, it is quite possible that you do not mind the "alpha" and "omega" and the wolf will treat you accordingly.
  13. And if you still have got a wolf or hybrid, and you had it do not like, do not rush to write in all forums which they g ... but. Think maybe the whole thing in you, not in the animal?