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Cane Corso


If you need a home is not just four-legged friend, but loyal bodyguard and reliable guardian of personal property, a better dog than "Italian" Cane Corso breed is not found. The legendary courage, remarkable strength, Spartan endurance, shrewd mind allows you to instantly make a decision, a rare observation, natural protective reflex, and most importantly, absolutely calm, balanced character - this is not a complete list of advantages of this amazing and very popular dog today.
The legendary past of "fire dogs"

Cane Corso, nicknamed "Hound of the Baskervilles", because in France a very famous robber died at the scene from only one of its roar, it refers to an ancient breed molosses from Italy. Officially registered FCI relatively recently: November 12, 1996. The legendary story of the dog goes back centuries. Cane Corso has been indispensable in the old days and in demand in all spheres of human activity. Mighty Dogs accompanied the players in dangerous hikes, and on a par with the people involved in a decisive battle. Chest and back metal plates sheltered dogs, they put the vessels with the resin, burned her alive, and sent directly to the torch of the enemy's cavalry. According to eyewitnesses, the horror of "fire dogs" was incommunicable.

No less glory Cane Corso brought their hunting and protective qualities. These dogs are easily controlled with a huge herd of bulls and cows, protecting them from wild predators and thieves. We used to hunt raccoons, baiting wild boars, wolves and even bears. Accompanied by a rich carts tax collectors, protecting it from thieves and robbers. Guarded possession of the court aristocracy, monasteries and farms. Participated in the bloody fights and battles with gladiators and lions in the arena.

After World War II the number of Cane Corso has declined sharply, and the breed came close to extinction. And today revived and improved Cane Corso, became a sensation, topping the list of the most fashionable, expensive and prestigious breeds in the world. The cost of the puppy reaches two or three thousand dollars and even higher.

Sword and Shield for the whole family

Already the very name of the breed Cane Corso defined purpose: the protection of the owner, his family and property. «Cane» Italian «dog», «corso» - «looking for a yard, chasing" therefore, «cane corso» can be roughly translated as "the dog guarding the yard." This incorruptible guardian and fearless bodyguard never let you down. Cane Corso have an innate protective reflex and a great intuition, allowing just distinguish friend from foe and identify even the most carefully concealed aggressive intentions. This is one of the few species capable of thinking quickly assess the situation, perfectly understood its owner, and if necessary to make independent decisions. Well aware of its territory and its borders, Cane Corso is always close to home or protected object. When they came to visit, do not put your bodyguard on a chain or hide behind the seven locks - was peaceful and calm in the presence of their "own" - without a serious reason or the team does not attack. In an extreme situation, the Cane Corso is not saved before the danger and become a formidable and reliable guardian of the owner's good, "sword and shield" for the whole family. Cane Corso provides the owner and his family a sense of security and peace, security and confidence, which can not give any weapons or surveillance or bodyguards people.

Cane Corso is also famous for the beauty, elegance and stunning plasticity. Her movements are similar to the movements of a panther. Athletic, muscle mass, strong bones and a large heavy head (height 60-70 cm, weight 45-65 kg) produced intimidating. And iron health, unpretentious food, short hair, no odor and saliva, cleanliness and discipline are convenient for keeping the apartment and a country house.

Golden character

With Cane Corso can be, as they say, and feast, and in the world, and good people. With her education and starting handle dog breeder and a teenager and an elderly man - because athlete golden character, faithful, loving heart. CORSO surprisingly clever, obedient and well-balanced, perfectly amenable to education and training. The dog is very affectionate and tender with home, never "swing right" and does not show aggression. The host for it is always God and King. And this dog is not only a great quarterback, but also a caring nurse. If your baby is home with the Cane Corso, parents do not have to worry. The child will be under the close supervision of reliable guards, who graciously allows any toddler pranks and mischief. Even the puppy realizes his heroic virtue, not pushes and does not drop the child in the heat of the game.

Italian Cane Corso amazing! They are discreet and proud at the same time cheerful and spontaneous, generous and friendly: easily coexist with any neighbor - cat, dog or other parrots.

And walking disciplined Cane Corso did not pugnacious and quarrelsome, not run away, not barking passersby and picks fights with neighbors. And, if necessary, face in the dirt does not hit: the power of the monstrous teeth - if you please, and the terrifying roar. Everywhere and always Cane Corso - a recognized leader!

Peaceful guard

Rating Cane Corso in the world is very high. At home, this breed has eclipsed the famous mastino-Neapolitana. There is an active export of puppies from Italy to America and European countries in providing family as a companion and bodyguard as well as for the protection of banks and offices, boutiques and jewelry shops, luxury restaurants and bars, and of course, villas, cottages and apartments.

In Russia the first Cane Corso appeared in 1994, and are especially proud of their respective owners. After this wonderful breed is truly lives up your expectations. In 1996, in Moscow, it was established Russian Club Cane Corso - the official representative of Italy. Here you can buy purebred, with a guarantee of Russian breeding puppies and commissioned by the Cane Corso of the leading Italian nurseries, as well as to obtain the necessary advice and comprehensive assistance in growing your pet.