Cane Corso - the miracle dog!

Cane Corso foto

Cane Corso


So, it was decided (finally!) We start a dog-bodyguard! Security, the best of the best. This, on a beautiful dreamed since childhood: that of a small merry puppy toddler and grew strong, and most importantly - a brave, loyal and reliable. Everyone understands perfectly the trained and always listen. To neighbors and enemies feared and respected and admired by friends and acquaintances, and even a little jealous. And we have - love and terribly proud. That's only if there is such a "miracle - a dog?"

This is the famous Cane Corso, which is also called the "Hound of the Baskervilles," because in France a very famous robber died at the scene from only one of its roar.

More recently, she was on the verge of extinction, and today has become a sensation, leading the list of the most fashionable, prestigious and expensive breeds because of its outstanding working qualities, high intelligence, stunning dynamics, and most importantly, exceptional reliability and stability.
Cane Corso fanatically devoted to his family and never retreats before danger, immediately assesses the situation, perfectly aware of its owner, and if necessary, make independent decisions.

Already the very name of the breed defined its purpose - the protection of the owner and his property. She has an innate protective reflex and calm, balanced character. When they came to visit do not have to put your pet on a chain or hide behind the seven locks - without a serious reason or team owner of the dog does not attack. Thanks to the excellent intuition Cane Corso immediately distinguish friend from foe, unmistakable feeling even the most carefully concealed aggressive intentions. In your presence Cane Corso benevolent and peaceful. Left as one, it turns into a formidable guard the master's good.

Cane Corso is also famous for the beauty, elegance and stunning plasticity. Her movements are similar to the movements of a panther. Athletic, muscle mass, strong bones and a large heavy head (height 60-70 cm, weight 45-65 kg) produced intimidating. And iron health, unpretentious food, short hair, no odor and saliva, cleanliness and discipline are convenient for keeping the apartment and a country house.
With education Cane Corso cope and novice dog owner and a teenager and an elderly man - because this athlete golden character, faithful, loving heart. Corso surprisingly intelligent and obedient, well trainable. The dog is very affectionate and tender with home, never "swing right" and does not show aggression to his. The host for her always, "God and the king." She loves kids, allowing them any pranks and mischief. Even the puppy realizes his heroic strength and very careful with the baby not thrust and dropped it in the heat of the game.

Noble Cane Corso did not pugnacious and quarrelsome, easily get along with any neighbor - cat, another dog or hamster. During the walk will not contrive a fight and try to get away from a showdown. Well, if that face in the dirt does not hit: the power of something monstrous, and teeth - if you please! Everywhere and always, in every Cane Corso dog company - a recognized leader.

Rating breed all over the world is very high. There is an active export of puppies and breeding dogs from Italy - historical homeland in the United States, Canada and other European countries. It is used to protect banks and offices, boutiques and jewelry shops, luxury restaurants and bars, and of course, villas, cottages and apartments. To work in the security services and how the dog-bodyguard.

Cane Corso does provide the owner and his family a sense of security and peace of mind, safety and security, which often can not give any weapons or surveillance or bodyguards people.

Unfortunately, due to the increasing popularity for profit were dogs of low quality, to forged documents, or simply mestizo issued for purebred Cane Corso. Be careful - purchase only club puppies. Always with a pedigree - even if you buy not for show, but for protection. It is closely related to the origin of behavior, character, health and working ability of future bodyguard.

In Moscow in 1996 at the Russian Cynological Federation established the National Club Breed Cane Corso, where the owners are waiting for their wonderful puppies Russian breeding and future champions of the leading Italian nurseries.