Diseases kurtshaar

какие бывают болезни у собак курцхаар



Kurzhaar diseases most commonly associated with genetic defects that have arisen as a result of cross-breeding of animals - carriers of disease genes. In general, by itself it is a very healthy breed, as many generations were chosen for crossing the most healthy and strong dogs with muscular and joint health. However, interbreeding of closely related lines or random errors breeders can lead to the birth of sick pets.

Genetic diseases kurtshaar: symptoms and prognosis

One of the most common genetic abnormalities is hip dysplasia. It is connected with the wrong development of cartilage and is manifested before the age of 2 years. Mobile dog becomes more sluggish, does not want to run, constantly tries to lie down. As a result, disease can result in severe lameness, and immobility of the dog. Dysplasia is difficult to treat, but some progress is still possible to achieve.

Von Willebrand's disease - another recessive disorder, which manifests itself partly incoagulability blood. Prolongation of bleeding can lead to severe consequences, up to death of the animal. The disease begins to manifest itself as early as the age of a year and the prognosis is usually poor.

Genetic diseases of the eye - is a common problem. One is a progressive retinal atrophy, leading eventually to blindness dog. The disease begins to appear in the first two years of life as a result of the dog completely loses central vision, while peripheral can be stored for a long time. Early treatment can significantly slow down the process.

Other diseases kurtshaar

A common problem for many large dogs is gastric volvulus - a dangerous condition that requires immediate surgery. To reduce the risk, do not feed your dog just before the walk. Generally Kurzhaar can not overfeed, especially in low activity. Obesity is a common problem among the urban dog owners who can not provide sufficient paddock.

We must make sure that your pet is protected from the terrible infections such as plague and rabies. The cycle of vaccinations, veterinarian appointed, it is necessary to hold to the end. Prior to be fully immunized puppies need to limit contacts with other animals, especially stray.

Much of the disease transferred by parasites - ticks and fleas, which the animal can be infected during walks. Make a special collar, and if the puppy is still infected, you need to use special tools, which are sold in veterinary pharmacies.

Prevention of common diseases kurtshaar

Treatment of genetic diseases associated with enormous problems, so always check breeders genetic line producing animals. Methods of analysis allow to minimize the risk of disease, but still deviations are possible. The breeder is obliged to warn that a puppy can be a defect in this case the animal will cost much cheaper. But all the same genetic disease - rare, more often the animals are suffering from improper handling. The owner of the dog breeder should follow the recommendations on the organization of power, the regime walking, swimming, and so on. D. If the consideration for the content of your pet, then it is guaranteed good health and long life. Kurtshaar - sturdy, hardy dogs are not afraid of loads.