Diseases of the Newfoundland

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The best-studied disease pedigree Newfoundland - is hip dysplasia and subaortic stenosis (heart disease). The first is able to significantly reduce the quality of your pet's life, and in severe cases may need surgery. The second disease - the cause of early death of your dog, the cause exception of producers from the kennel breeding program. Responsible breeders show their puppies at the age of 2-3 months, a cardiologist, to exclude the possibility of selling a sick puppy. Re-examination is recommended at the age of about eighteen months.

There are also infectious diseases Newfoundland simptomykotoryh everyone should know the owner. Very often they are sick puppies up to one year, but may be ill and older dogs in stressful situations or cases of low immune status. This diverse enteritis, viral hepatitis, and coccidiosis. Accurate diagnosis is best done in the clinic as symptomatic of these diseases are very similar.

Vomiting, diarrhea, cough, loss of appetite, lethargy, not accompanied by high fever - common symptoms of these diseases. In the case of hepatitis mucous acquire a yellowish tint. It is important to understand that an effective therapy has yielded results in the first two days after its start. If the designated veterinarian medicine does not improve, then the diagnosis is wrong, and is necessary to change the treatment regimen your dog. It is important in any case, do not feed a sick puppy force. Hunger - a natural reaction to the disease, preventing the rapid development of an infection in the digestive tract.

One of the effective methods of treatment are the popular enema with herbs or a weak solution of potassium permanganate. Can be used yarrow, everlasting, chamomile, calendula, thyme, St. John's wort. If the dog for a long time, refuses to eat, you can give her an enema containing added sugar or 40 percent solution of glucose - the intestine has great suction capacity.

It is important to understand that drugs used in the tablets is undesirable due to the fact that these diseases are exacerbated emetic reflex. Therefore mainly used various injection even if the dog is drinking water on their own.

Another dangerous disease that affects dogs of all ages, is babesiosis (piroplasmosis old name). Its main symptoms are fatigue, loss of appetite and a sharp rise in temperature to 40-41 degrees. If, after you took a walk with your dog tick pasture, for 2-3 days monitor the body temperature of your dog and watch her behavior. Not all ticks are vectors of the disease, in addition to the dog can have his innate immunity, that leads to the absence of symptoms of infection or leak in the form of light. It is important to understand that the correct diagnosis and start treatment in the first three days after onset of the disease give a guarantee of a dog's life. Forecasts treatment of advanced stages of the disease often disappointing.

Nyufandlendy often suffer from overheating, sunstroke. The main symptoms of this condition - weakness, vomiting, dyspnea, pale mucous membranes. The dog must be put in the shade, a head wrap wet towel, cold to make the abdomen, to raise his head above the level of the body. The heat in the medicine cabinet must be kordiamin or other cardiac agents that are sure to give dogs with suspected heatstroke.

The bites of poisonous insects can cause eczema and anaphylaxis. Therefore, in the medicine cabinet of the owner must be diphenhydramine, dexamethasone and antihistamines. They will rescue dog lives in the event of anaphylactic shock.