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Russian Spaniel, as well as other hunting dogs, can get sick infectious diseases: leptospirosis and mycosis, toxoplasmosis and piroplasmosis, demodex and sarcoptic mange, intestinal parasitic diseases and non-communicable diseases: otitis (inflammation of the ear), food allergies, obesity, obstruction of the anal glands and pyometra (bitches ).

Infectious diseases Russian spaniel

Leptospirosis - infectious fever with jaundice, at which irreversibly affects internal organs. Leptospira enters the body of the dog bathing in stagnant water or sniffing dogs and podlizyvanii "foreign labels."

Exhibit symptoms:

  • fever and shivering
  • muscle aches and stomach
  • vomiting
  • dehydration
  • shock

After death comes the dog. In chronic course of leptospirosis symptoms are fever, progressive chronic renal and hepatic insufficiency.

Treatment with antibiotics operate and symptomatic treatment. As a precaution, you should:
vaccinated puppy in two months with a booster and holds a single annual vaccination;
do not bathe your dog in stagnant water;
Do not allow to sniff and lick up "tags."

Dermatomycoses. After contact with pathogenic fungi on the skin arise microsporia, trichophytosis or scab is called ringworm. They are characterized by:
lesions: single or multiple on the scalp, neck, and extremities with redness, peeling, and be broken off hair appearance thick crusts (if trihofitii).

For the treatment and prevention need to lubricate the affected area 5-10% iodine solution on alcohol 2-3 times a day, salve "Yam" and consult a doctor for the appointment of complex treatment, which includes the use of external agents and antifungal antibiotics. Perform vaccine preparation "Vanderm."

Dogs can develop more serious fungal infections: candidiasis, aspergillosis. They affect the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract (sporotrichosis) and lead to the formation of fistulas with pus, granulomas and abscesses. Cryptococcosis - systemic mycosis difficult to diagnose and treat, often have a dog put to sleep in the propagation of the disease and a small therapeutic effect.

Toxoplasmosis. The disease is caused by single-celled parasites and affects the brain, skeletal muscles, the digestive organs. Manifest: neurological symptoms, abnormal fever, muscle atrophy, myocardial infection, the formation of eczematous lesions on the head and hind limbs, aborting females or non-viable offspring. Treatment is performed sulfanilamidnymi drugs. Prevention consists of sanitary precautions and restrictions pet contact with stray cats.

Piroplasmosis is a protozoal disease carried by ticks. Manifests the appearance of fever, anemia, jaundice mucous membranes, haemoglobinuria (red urine), high fever, lack of appetite, depression, rapid or difficult breathing. Often sick dog in spring or autumn, after 1-2 weeks after the departure of the hunt. After 2-11 days, the dog can die.

First aid and prevention. When poor condition dog inspect for the presence of ticks on the skin, measure the temperature and determine the color of the mucous membranes. Your doctor may prescribe treatment Azidinom, Berenilom as a symptomatic treatment - caffeine, glucose, calcium chloride. Dog grant peace, good digestible food.

As a precaution before hunting dog is treated with Front Line, protivobloshiny wear a collar or treated Neostomozanom. Acne develops when hit demodectic mites in the hair follicles, sebaceous glands and internal organs.

It appears hairless appearance of foci with redness and peeling on the head (brow arches, lips) and feet, thickening, wrinkles, bran flakes, deep purulent skin lesions.

Treatment shall appoint a veterinarian. The dog was treated with acaricides, treated with subcutaneous injections of ivermectin, antibiotics, fortifying agents that enhance the immune system, vitamins, especially E. sarcoptic mange or scabies zudnevoy sick puppies spaniels in contact with skin mites. Manifested by intense itching, lesions on the scalp redness, papules and vesicles to crusts. Moves to the chest, abdomen and other parts of the body. Dry skin thickens to form the bare areas with cracks. Veterinarian appoints acaricidal drugs, glucocorticoids from itching and antihistamines.

Intestinal parasitosis called enteritis: acute or chronic in puppies caused by protozoa and helminths. Puppies get sick coccidiosis and giardiasis (isosporiasis). Manifested acute diarrhea, anemia, eczema. Treatment shall appoint a veterinarian.

Helminthiasis. Ascariasis appear retarded growth, weight loss, anemia, cough, diarrhea, vomiting, itching in the anus, bloated stomach during the general thinness. In order to carry out a double deworming treatment every 3 weeks.

Dipilidiozy (cucumber tapeworm) caused by tapeworm (tapeworm). Characterized by a lag in growth with increased appetite, vomiting, enteritis, output segments helminth. Assign a double deworming at intervals of 3 weeks, kill fleas.

Russian spaniel non-communicable diseases

When inflammation of the outer ear (otitis) dog will rub your feet sore ear, shake his head, to give up food, will be suppressed. In the ear canal appears hyperemia (redness), with the presence of exudate accumulates odor, sores appear.

Treatment. It conducts regular toilet pinna and external auditory meatus 2% sodium salicylate tannin-alcohol or 3% alcohol solution of boric acid. Cut hair near the ears that prevents, but not too short, not to irritate the skin further. For puppies physiological saline.

Treatment for anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiparasitic agents and systemic antibiotics. In the case of allergic otitis eliminate food allergens and treated suprastin. When inflammation of the middle ear in conjunction with tonsillitis, conjunctivitis, rhinitis appears fever, depression and loss of appetite. The vet prescribed for antibiotics aims procaine blockade and treat glucocorticoid. The ears are washed with saline.

If a food allergy is prescribed hypoallergenic diet (rice, cottage cheese or rice, lamb), pruritus treated suprastin. Every day add a new kind of products to identify the allergen.

In obesity reduces the amount of feed use low-calorie food, vegetables and bran added, minerals and vitamins, sunflower oil. Limit water consumption and increase physical activity. On overflow, and inflammation of anal glands carry out their cleaning, pressing the bags. They are located on either side of the anus (near 5 and 7:00 on the dial). The dog itching, peculiar smell, pain with bowel movements. Cleaning up pouches can be done manually by yourself or in a veterinary clinic.