East European Shepherd: discussion of shortcomings. Part 2


East European Shepherd


EES - puppy

Normally, each fan of Alsatian sees his ideal and pursue it. Unfortunately, not every man in the street sees his ideal and right respectively throws something only vaguely resembles the breed Alsatian. Some nurseries Eastern Shepherd dogs are bred and close inbiridinge moreover entirely unreasoned, fixing firmly negative qualities.

For example, many fans believe that this EES must necessarily be very light and the brighter the better. They believe that the yellow eyes - this is a very good sign, as Easterner will most resemble the wolf. Muzzle Easterners in their opinion should be light, but it is best to do like white Husky, it will more closely resemble a wolf. And begin to turn into a modern Easterners Huskies and this process is unstoppable. Apparently, the white-beaked dog with yellow eyes, attracted the attention of the layman - the amateur. For them, this dog seems ideal EES and they even do not know how deeply mistaken. They take such a puppy, looking him in the couple still far from the same breed individual and begins the process of reproduction of marriage, promotion of vicious dogs. And usually these people are no longer able to stay in the business. For the sake of gain, they propagated marriage knit females each estrus throughout life, inbridiruyut on vicious dogs safely secured all vices make constant double - litters, the bitch tally in these nurseries are usually only one kobelёm forgetting about pouring new bloods. Based here from such silly arguments and begin such unfortunate spoil breeders breed breeding these dogs. Not only that, these dogs are simply lose their shape of the EES, so also a bunch of rock enriched with hereditary diseases.

Bright eyes VEO

Light eyes - the trouble so many Easterners. The vast majority of East European Shepherds have light, and sometimes even the white of the eye. Some people mistakenly think that black Easterners lighter eyes. If the eyes are bright Shepherd, they are bright on any color. Easterners have black eyes should be darker the better. Even dogs with bleached mask should be clarified dark eyes, dark eyes EES, it is extremely important, and all sorts of arguments about molt, lack of vitamins, etc. which are popular on the lips of fans, it's really just excuses.

Light eyes will inevitably spoil the breed and give rise to serious hereditary diseases. Heredity - it strong. Even the two dogs with dark eyes, you can get a light-eyed puppies, if both parents are carriers of the gene retsesivnogo bright-eyed. So many dog ​​breeds bright eyes are a very serious drawback, but for some reason at the East European Shepherd judges are often quite loyal to this deficiency. For example, at exhibitions Rottweilers and German Shepherds is much more complicated, experts from Germany a special scale evaluate eye color in dogs, it is not by chance, but often due to inheritance from the light color of the iris of many problems, and the anatomy of the psyche (the so-called linked genes). The German Shepherd with this more or less successfully. They got in breeding who misses, all dogs must pass Keuring, which is not at the Easterners and the breed bred haphazardly, without adhering to strict rules and regulations.

And from a purely aesthetic views, dark eyes Alsatian will look much more spectacular and expressive than light. Too light eyes (especially when a dark coloration) very much spoil expression, making it cold, evil and repulsive. If the eyes are bright Shepherd - they will be bright, and if darken a little - then it, too, was laid in her genetics, but again dark they will never be. And if genetically laid bright eyes, their color is no seaweed not correct, as many lovers - amateurs. Seaweed helps only when moulting dogs restore native color tan. That is, if the dog had not previously received the necessary vitamins and was poorly painted not from genetics course. Some think that the sun eyes will look lighter. Yes, the sun may appear brighter eyes, but a competent expert, this phenomenon has never knock with the truth. Let's look at the example of German Shepherds. If the dog exhibition, it is for the judge to be required to reduce the assessment in the ring t. To. For the German Shepherd is a serious drawback of the breed standard. Progeny receive from these shepherds, no one will, Any experienced breeder who knows the breeding line, will tell you that due to a lack of genetic offspring and further work is extremely difficult to retract.

From the standard East European Shepherd:

  • Eyes: dark, almond-shaped, slanting, with dry, tight-fitting lids.
  • Disadvantages: Round eyes, large or small eyes, pryamopostavlennye eyes dark enough (in relation to coat color), the presence of cataracts.
  • Vices: Very bright, convex and identical in color and size of the eyes.

Tail ring at East European Shepherd

A characteristic feature of hereditary and breed from East European Shepherd is the length and shape of the tail. But, unfortunately, very often, many Easterners we can see this as a lack of tail ring. It looks awful and disgusting. Tail ring really spoils the first impression of the dog and puts it on a par with the mongrel. There are also frequent cases of breeding EES with crooked tails and tail with the audience.

Bending and twisting of the tail (corkscrew tail) Distortions caused due to abnormal growth or abnormal position of the vertebrae. Since the tail - a continuation of the spine, its shape in the form of a corkscrew or creases may be prerequisites for other, not only in appearance, problems with the spine.

Genetic hall is not offset / damage, and splice / curvature of the vertebrae, and it differs from the acquisition, which can be seen on x-ray.

The breeding of dogs with a hall to let the tail can not be due to the fact that the hall of the tail can be a sign of manifestation of lethal gene, and the children speak in the distortion is no longer tail and dorsal vertebrae.

For example, the German Shepherd breeders attached to the tail of considerable importance. But when assessing the exterior of German shepherds in exhibitions tail attached importance as an element that characterizes the breed as a whole.

From the standard East European Shepherd:

  • Tail saber form, drop below the hock. calm state holds the tail of the dog lowered down into the excited state - the first third of the length of the tail in line with the back, in the other two-thirds gradually rises up.
  • Cons: A bit short tail (reaching only up to the hock); small curved tail with the last third (hooked); tail, rising when excited the dog from its base above the back line; slightly curved tail.
  • Faults: Tail ring, a sickle or severely shortened (docked tail).