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Russian spaniel


Absence racks for low dog running in tall grass or dense bush, not a disadvantage, and dignity, according to experts - breeders Russian Spaniel.

They explain this by saying that so the dog does not spend time on the painting stand, but is almost instant pasture lurking game and raise it by a shot.

On hunting Russian spaniel he feels in his element

Of course, this is not observed so admired by many stylish, distinguishes the work island cops, but there is a charm in gambling search, short vzlaivanii on hot pursuit, jumping out of the tall grass a candle to catch the elusive scent of birds and at the same time to adjust their actions to the owner.

It brings a lot of joy hunter long-eared partner, diligently and efficiently carrying a battered bird, and sometimes dragged pulling production, nearly surpassing it in size, - goose or capercaillie. All well-coached spaniels are accustomed to the fact that after the incident shot the bird can only belong to the owner, and it must deliver it immediately.

Such diligence sometimes leads to the fact that the dog collects trophies and others that had fallen into the water, no matter from which the coast and by whom was fired; Naturally, all the carcasses are being privatized and are delivered to the owner.

Note, however, that it is often found in the literature, the term "inherent supply" does not mean that this feature Spaniel does not need working out.

Very often the reason many spaniels with great hunting instincts and brilliant pedigrees fault of careless owners are inferior assistants without performing one of its main tasks breed - feed. This is because their owners do not fulfill the dog this skill either do not know that filing spaniel game - the result of long and regular training.

Hunter without a wounded dog loses a lot of game because of the impossibility to reach it by water or fallen trees, a hunter with a spaniel, beating the next morning all the areas where there were less fortunate hands, collects all the lost game.

In printed manuals for hunters spaniel is often presented as a universal breed for all kinds of hunting game, and even recommend it for hunting the hare. But it is not so. In severe conditions Brodova duck hunting among dense reeds or rushes, with very swampy shores, deep swamps effectively use continental pointers or huskies, dogs that are stronger, larger and can get to the bottom where the spaniel has to go. Spaniels are so reckless and passionate that even a loose forces that will break through the wall of reeds or hours to swim in cold water in search of ducks. But in this way the owner of the dog's health risks and shorten its life hunting.

A case where a spaniel to develop a strong cramps during duck hunting in the cold water of the lake in November. To avoid a repetition of such an incident, it is recommended to tie spaniels in a dry place, sending the water supply only.

Most hunters - owners spaniels at least once in a lifetime shot out of his rabbit dogs. But, of course, no one, even the most swift and talented Spaniel never replace beagle. Also on fur-bearing animals, when you want to dig burrows, it is better to go with a specially-trained huskies.

However, according to experts, there is nothing more beautiful than hunting with a spaniel in the marsh fowl, woodcock, quail, upland bird. There brilliantly realized all his inclinations, breed characteristics, passion and skill, appearing with experience.

Spaniel has a number of qualities that allow to appreciate it not only as a tireless helper on the hunt, but also as a cheerful, pleasant and cheerful companion. He is very affectionate and loyal, tries to take an active part in all the events taking place in the family, tries to sit side by side on a sofa, chair, transfixed in a very uncomfortable position, just to deal with the most expensive in the world being - his master.

For spaniel is no greater happiness than to follow the master everywhere: lying on his lap as he works at his desk, run ahead when it comes to the phone. Fans of quieter breeds Spaniels find too intrusive. But such is the nature of this breed, its innate qualities.

No dogs are more loyal than Russian Spaniel

But no sofas, no home comforts not replace spaniel hunting passion which seems surprising for the uninitiated. He closely monitors all activities of the host, suggesting hunting checkout. If he rearranged from place to place the gun, backpack, waders, the dog will not rest - it will be rushing around the apartment, get in the way or be arranged at the front door and wait there.

Although affectionate and happy disposition, Russian spaniels - excellent watchdogs. Sometimes they are in their desire to protect all belonging to the owner, causing him a lot of troubles.

Anger people have classified as a vice spaniels, exhibitions aggressive dogs may be left without assessment, despite the shiny exterior and services in field trials. Therefore, education spaniel should pay special attention to the development in a peaceful and friendly towards others.

Characteristics of Russian spaniel and his track record would be incomplete without mentioning one more modern specialization. Russian spaniels proven themselves as working dogs in the military and border service.

Military use them for the detection of explosives, the police - drugs, to successfully work with this breed and customs officers.

Russian spaniels value of good character (in the inspection at customs, passengers are not afraid of them) for active hunting search surveyed the room for a great flair and passion work.

Striving spaniel certainly find the object for which it is sent (hidden drugs and explosives), sometimes leads to the fact that the tireless assistant has to take on his hands, if nothing suspicious was found. At the moment Russian Spaniel breeders good working relationships with the customs services of Russia, and well-trained dogs successfully cope with their tasks, and their coaches have received appreciation from the new owners and new applications Spaniel puppies.