Grooming Newfoundland

стрижка ньюфаундленда




Grooming You will need:

  • shampoo
  • air conditioning
  • dry towels
  • hand dryer
  • table
  • wool for cleaning ears
  • milling pliers for nails
  • metal comb
  • soft metal brush for wool
  • straight scissors
  • thinning scissors (one blade with sharp teeth) №46
  • thin out the comb for trimming (we'll use it for other purposes)

Before cutting the dog should be washed, dried and carefully combed.


Show dog should be washed the day before each show and in between exhibitions every 15-20 days (black and bronze color), every 10-15 days (black-and-white color). Frequent bathing removes oil from the hair, therefore cosmetics that is used, particularly good quality. Prepare diluted in water shampoo and conditioner, dry towels. Put the dog in the tub and soak with warm (!!!) water. Then apply the above prepared shampoo on hair and evenly massaged. Lather well and face, between the eyes and under the ears. Be careful with this part of the body! Then, carefully rinse all the shampoo. If the coat is very dirty, you can repeat these steps. After this apply conditioner, wait a few minutes and rinse. If you set the dog the next day, rinse off all conditioner, if not, you can leave a little to coat. Wait until most of the water has drained, dry dog ​​with towels and put on the table.


Use a hand dryer to dry your fur Nyufika. It is powerful and exposed to cold air. Begin to blow water from the coat, but be careful with the area around the eyes, nose and ears. Then start to dry (always downlink wool downwards) first back (upper part of the neck, back and croup). If your dog's hair is twisted a little, you can comb the hair and dry, but be careful not to stretch the skin. This is followed by drying the lower part of the neck and the left side, and then the abdomen, right side, front legs, hind legs and tail. Coat between toes dry upwards. The last dry hair on the head (upwards on the skull). When the dog is completely dry, you can start to comb it.

Brushing or combing crest

Begin to comb the entire hair brush and then carefully comb. I will not talk about Koltun hopefully show dogs have never let them there !!! Start scratching comb from the bottom of the rear leg, lift the hair up with one hand and comb the hair below your hands down and move to the tail. Then the other leg, between legs (carefully!) And tail from the tip to the base, back from croup to the neck, sides of the abdomen to the back. Do not forget to comb gently comb the underarm. Then comb the front legs, neck, under and in front of the ears and head. Finally, trim the nails and clean the ears.

A haircut

You can start cutting your dog when it is completely dry, such as the following day. If you cut the first time, do not do it before the show. Improperly trimmed coat requires time to grow back. Rule №1 - better to cut off less than too much! Very good quality scissors are important. Do not forget to comb your hair well before shearing. Off Newfoundland should be the average length of wool, without unnecessarily long and thin strands. Trimmed dogs should look natural, be careful and do not leave visible bands of scissors!