Kurzhaar-hunter named Strike. Hunting with kurtshaar

курцхаар описание породы



Hunt, I started to get involved in 1997, received a membership card of the NGO "BOOR." At first it was hunting ducks. Then - countless wanderings over the vast fields in search of hares.

Along the way, he came across in the period mnogchislennaya partridge. For tracing of animals and birds, as well as for feeding bat game soon I got a dog. It was a German hunting terrier - breed, working on the ground, under the ground and in the water. After 9 years of my four-legged friend is gone, and hunting was no longer fun.

So after a year I was determined to start again an assistant and associate of passion. But, mindful of the constant running races under the dog with a heavy gun, I thought about changing breed. I still needed a versatile dog, but working with a reception. That is why I chose a German Shorthaired Pointer, otherwise called kurtshaar.

How do I choose my Kurzhaar-hunter

Dogs of this breed are working almost all types of game in the meadow, in the field and in the forest tend to apportirovaniyu, which is important, for example, when hunting waterfowl. During my search in Belarus litters Kurzhaar was not, so I began to search among the producers on the territory of Russia.

The Moscow Chekhov was just one litter, however, all the puppies were painted between potential owners. Nevertheless, I showed them a copy of the pedigree of one of his friend, the owner Kurzhaar and connoisseurs of this beautiful breed. After studying it, he said that if I could take a puppy from this litter - I will fulfill the dream of every hunter.

I immediately contacted the breeder and tried to convince him that it is advantageous to sell a dog to another country, having promised him that I will participate in the dog shows and competitions. He, in turn, phoned everyone, previously recorded on the puppies found an opportunity to give up I liked Kobelkov.

So the next day I travel to Russia for the puppy. The road there and back took 15 hours - and here I am the happy owner Kurzhaar month old puppy.

Why kurtshaar considered one of the best breeds for hunting

And then ... then began the painstaking, everyday work on the training of hunting dogs. It should be noted that this heavy labor can hardly be called - rock sobaketoy distinguish the following qualities:

  • very clever,
  • easily trained,
  • well to socialization,
  • they immediately understand what is required of them, and was happy to carry the team owner.

An example is the least the fact that in the six weeks of age to accustom the puppy to the toilet require no more than one day! In 2 days I trained puppy command "place" and "sit." In other words, the breed is smart enough and flexible, so as not to bring problems to the owner at home.

After mastering all the necessary commands at home, we transferred them working off the street. You should have seen how lying around after the command "Down" puppy frolicked his relatives, rushing to each other and occasionally jumping over this "sphinx, and he is called, even the ear did not lead to what is happening.

The amazement of the owners of other dogs there was no limit! And only about the end of the fourth month of life of the puppy, I slowly began to display it in the field, doing nataska. And the result was not long in coming: exactly five months of age, to the day, my first post Strike did for still has not pitched in pairs, "spring" a flock of partridges.

Truly this moment was the happiest and memorable at the time in my practice nataschika. Well and further - more, I continued nataska, and in less than a year with my male dog has fully hunted. Hunted quail and partridges. There were racks of hare crouched on the maturation. The value of the dog for me personally determined not only by the achievement of specific individuals, but also the ability to transfer hunting makings of his descendants.

Concluding the story about his four-legged assistant, I want to say that the Strike Now know this game is:

  • half snipe,
  • snipe,
  • snipe,
  • quail,
  • partridge,
  • grouse,
  • grouse,
  • capercaillie,
  • duck all species
  • hare, hare and the hare,
  • raccoon dog,
  • roe.

Work setter captivates with its beauty, graceful movements, tense stand, rapid connector. Hunting with a well-organized dog - a pleasure. But her reward for this work are a sure shot, and thanks to the owner, who adores hunting dog for the opportunity to go to the land over and over again ...