"Mercedes" in the dog world

Cane Corso foto

Cane Corso


Western sociologists have come, quite frankly, to the startling conclusion that prestigious dog contributes to business success of its owner and a beneficial effect on his love life.

Judge for yourself: the possession of fashionable dog can be compared with the purchase of a luxury cottage or expensive foreign cars - their owner feels all-powerful, successful, winner, indeed "king of beasts". The joy and pride, self-confidence and sense of self-worth and power, force, energy, and love overwhelmed him, with all the ensuing consequences. Breed pet eloquently describes your social status, you create the image and successfully working on it.

On average, the fashion for a particular breed of dog holding three - four years. So, since 1960 these "favorites" Successive: if, Afghan, pug pekiness Dalmatian, Giant Schnauzer, Rottweiler, Shar Pei, Mastiff, Bull Terrier, Chow, American Staffordshire Terrier, Bordeaux dog, Yorkshire -terer other.

Fashion for a particular breed is determined not only by the influence of the West, but primarily due to economic conditions. Scientists believe that the presence of pets and their numbers indicate an increase in the level of welfare of citizens. In Russia, the increasing number of rich and affluent people, with the emergence of a large number of cottage settlements and an active housing construction on the one hand, and the worsening of the crime situation with another, significantly increased interest in large guard dogs. Which, by the way, part of the plant not only as a bodyguard for the owner and his family, but as a friend and protector of the home minions: a tiny dog ​​- Chi-hua-how, one-tererchika etc.

Today the list of the most fashionable, prestigious and expensive breeds led the famous Cane Corso recognized experts the best and most reliable guard dog in the world.

It is also called "Hound of the Baskervilles" because in France a very famous robber died at the scene from only one of its roar. Purpose Cane Corso - the protection of the owner, his family and property. This incorruptible and fearless guard bodyguard never fails: Cane Corso fanatically devoted to his family and never retreats before danger, immediately assesses the situation, perfectly aware of its owner, and if necessary, make independent decisions.

Rating breed is very high. There is an active export of puppies and breeding dogs from Italy (historic homeland) in the US, Canada and European countries. Cane Corso is very popular among politicians and businessmen, owners of fashion boutiques and jewelry shops, luxury restaurants and bars, police, banks and offices, as well as private property: villas, cottages and apartments. He works in the security services and the dog-bodyguard.

In Russia the first Cane Corso appeared in 1994, and are especially proud of their respective owners. Among them, the face - an outstanding example: the brother of the first president of Russia, the president of Chechnya, the Interior Minister of Azerbaijan, ex-president of Adjara, an oil magnate, owner of the bank, and many other well-known "residents Rublevki" and not only.

 The average cost of a puppy and a half - two thousand dollars. A "high-end" brought under the order of the leading nurseries of Italy - with their historical homeland rocks usually exceeds three thousand euros. And always willing to purchase all of the "new Italian". We know that when there was an indoor kennel Gazprom, which was grown and trained Cane Corso with a special program almost on space equipment. And then already "finished" dog-guard members of the government were sold for big money.

How can we explain such a "dizzying" success? Why over the last decade interest in the breed has not waned, as it happened with many other "most - most", is now staying in oblivion? On the contrary - its popularity and the price steadily rising.

It's simple: Cane Corso embodies the dedication and protection at the same time, really justifies your expectations, without creating unnecessary problems. Outstanding work quality, legendary courage, Herculean strength, Spartan endurance, natural protective reflex, high intelligence, a rare observation and a great intuition, allowing just distinguish friend from foe, and define any, even the carefully hidden aggressive intentions - this is not a complete list of advantages of this wonderful dogs. Do not worry: Cane Corso is not a bloodthirsty monster, when they came to visit it is not necessary to put on the chain - in the presence of the owners, it is benevolent and peaceful.

At Cane Corso true, loving heart, gold, absolutely calm and balanced character. With her education and starting handle dog breeder and a teenager and an elderly man - after Corso surprisingly intelligent, obedient, affectionate and tender with all the household, perfectly trained and never "swing right". The host for her always, "God and the king." If a family young children, do not worry: Cane Corso - a beautiful nurse and companion in games. Even the puppy realizes his heroic strength and very careful with the baby not thrust and dropped it in the heat of the game.

Noble Cane Corso well get along with any neighbor: cat, another dog, guinea pig, parrot. On the walk, she obeyed, not barking passers-by, not picks fights with their neighbors. Well, and if necessary - face in the dirt does not hit: the power of something monstrous, teeth - if you please, and the terrifying roar. Everywhere and always Cane Corso - a recognized leader.

This breed is also famous for the beauty, elegance and remarkable plasticity of the Panthers. Power, athletic build, strong bones and a large heavy head (height 60-70 cm, weight 45-65 kg) produced intimidating. And iron health, unpretentious food, short hair, no odor and saliva, cleanliness idistsiplinirovannost makes it convenient for the maintenance of the apartment and a country house.

With the advent of Cane Corso in the family come peace and security, reliability and confidence, who can not give any weapons, nor the best security systems, no bodyguards, people.