We Dachshund denied feet: what to do necessary treatment

Dachshund foto



Dachshunds - active dogs, full of vitality. Therefore doubly sad to see how a couple of hours ago, running and jumping dachshund lies motionless. Unfortunately, that taxi owners often ask questions in the forums and veterinarians about why taxes have refused legs and how to help her.

Reasons for refusal paws fees

Taxes are at risk of diseases of the spine. It is not surprising, given its structure: it is disproportionately long in relation to the short legs, it has a strong load. Often you can see how playful dachshund literally twisted like a spiral, actively running, and jumping. There are other reasons that the fees suddenly denied paws. The most common reasons for this unpleasant phenomenon:

  • effects of trauma;
  • diseases of internal organs;
  • spinal diseases, among them the leader discopathy.

The key to successful treatment is directly correlated with the quick and correct installation of the diagnosis. The worst effects of paralysis occur when the dog is not treated from what she really is sick. From this treatment her condition is getting worse. On the external signs to determine the true cause of the disease is not possible to do a variety of tests:

  • X-ray,
  • myelography,
  • ultrasound of internal organs,
  • Analysis of urine and blood.

The consequences of injury

Dachshunds - bullies and jumpers, they love to fight, jump from a great height for their growth. All this can lead to injury, which at first seem insignificant, but then on the site of the injury may be a hematoma, which will increase and pinch the nerve. The time interval between injury and paralysis can be significant, and the owners have time to forget about the injury.

To reduce the chance of injury should be protected from taxes fights with big dogs, not make them jump over high barriers. As a rule, the effects of trauma is only the paralysis of the hind limbs, and their sensitivity is not lost. Taxis should immediately see a doctor if the dog had an injury, it is necessary to mention this fact, but insist that it is the only true reason for paralyzation.

Diseases of internal organs

We fees may refuse legs due to diseases of the heart, liver, urinary system. This may be a consequence of micro-stroke, and liver trouble, and even enlarged uterus. To help pinpoint the cause analysis, if the urine and the blood is normal, ultrasound of internal organs and shows no abnormalities, then the whole thing in problems with the spinal cord.

If a patient is diagnosed internal organ, the treatment should start with him. Eliminate the cause of the disease, and limb function restored.

Diseases of the spine

Among the diseases of the spine discopathy leader - is the scourge of fees associated with a genetic predisposition to the disease of the intervertebral discs.

Simple x-rays may not show abnormalities drives for accurate analysis and the establishment of hearth disease make a special examination - myelography. Paralysis can be either partial or complete, when the dog is completely immobilized.

This occurs because of changes in the structure of tissues and intervertebral discs, which are deformed, and jelly-like contents of the disc is pressed into the spinal cord. In addition to the discopathy paws cause paralysis and other diseases of the spine:

  • osteochondrosis,
  • tumor formation in the region of the spinal column.

What should I do if denied dachshund paw

Paws the dog may suddenly refuse, but most of this is preceded by a variety of symptoms. Dachshund becomes inactive, does not like to pat her on the back and take the hand, he looks sad and depressed, starts a little podvolakivat feet. In this case, one can not hope that everything goes by itself.

The earlier assisted the dog, the better off it will forecast vyzdorovleniya.Otchaivatsya in any case not worth it because there are cases when completely immobilized dogs put on their feet and return them to active life. Depending on the diagnosis prescribed medication injection. A more radical case in the case of diseases of the spine - the operation, which also continued after treatment.

In parallel, the dog is assigned to a massage in the recovery period is recommended swimming, playing with a dog on the return of her physical activity. All taxi owners must remember that at home paralyzed dachshund aid have not come out. It is necessary to see a doctor, go through all the designated inspection for an accurate diagnosis and to begin timely treatment.