What and how to feed Dachshund

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In life fees are the following periods:

  • Milk - from birth to 1 - 1.5 months. Puppy dachshund feeds mainly on mother's milk. If the mother for some reason it does not feed, the puppy suckle a mixture which is as close to breast milk.
  • Puppy - from 1.5 to 8 months.
  • Adolescence - from 8 months to 1 to 5 years.
  • Young dog - from 1 to 3 years.
  • An adult dog - from 3 to 8 years.
  • An aging dog.

Each of these periods has the features of feeding. Especially different from all other puppyhood. Number of feeding and diet of the puppy and adult dog will never be the same, and all taxi owners must remember this.

Feeding your puppy dachshund

Small stomach puppy is not capable of digesting large portions of food, but at the same time, it quickly becomes empty. For this reason, dachshund puppies less than 3 months are fed five times a day. Then move on to four meals. A small puppy quickly becomes accustomed to the proposed diet, so the owner has every chance to choose any food for your pet.

Sample menu dachshund puppy, composed of natural products:

  • 7:00 - yogurt or cottage cheese with additives (vitamins, vegetable oil);
  • 11:00 - cereals, soaked in milk, meat in vegetable broth;
  • 14 hours - raw meat with grated vegetables and vegetable oil;
  • 18 hours - yogurt or cottage cheese with mineral additives;
  • 21 hours - raw meat to cereals, vegetable oil and herbs.

As you can see, oil yield almost at each feeding, as it is rich in essential for the development of a puppy in vitamins and fats. Products selected for nourishment of the highest quality. If you want to give your puppy any product from your refrigerator, think about it: would you give it to your child.

Gastric diseases dachshund puppy often provoked ill-considered actions owner, decided to give your pet food is not fresh. Feeding calculated individually. Among the many different taxes breeding lines whose members differ in weight. Therefore, it can only be called exemplary landmarks correct dosage feed: weight gain puppies should be around 20 grams per day.

When natural feeding is important not to forget about mineral and vitamin dressing. This requires precise calculation and it is desirable that a diet made up dietitian, for example, if you give your puppy enough cheese, the presence in the foods much calcium can lead to an excess of this mineral in the body of the dog. If you decide to feed your puppy dry food, the quality of its species has a balanced structure and you do not have to count.

You can find tips on mixed diet dachshund puppies when they are fed and natural, and dry food. But such an option of feeding more opponents, who claim that this leads to an imbalance of nutrients and as a result, the disruptive effect on the internal organs of the dog.

Feeding adult Taxi: approximate diet

By year rate has usually eats two or three times a day. Feeding natural foods many owners perceive as something that the dog should be fed porridge with meat. But this option may not be a complete diet for the dog. The meat should be about 2/3 of all products. The power added cottage cheese and other dairy products, finely chopped or grated vegetables and herbs.

Meat can sometimes replace the cooked fish. Food is served warm, heated to about 30 degrees. The consistency of the food to be average, liquid food dog is not feels full. The approximate adult dachshund diet might look like this:

The morning feeding:

  • raw meat,
  • grated vegetables such as carrots,
  • flakes, filled with boiling water,
  • low-fat cottage cheese,
  • vegetable oil.

Evening feeding:

  • raw meat,
  • cereals,
  • vegetables
  • vegetable oil.

A person may seem like a rather monotonous diet, but for the dog this food is the best. Products should not be replaced by others without having the dog gets used to such a diet and feels great. Sometimes you can pamper your dog and give her dog treats: bone of compressed veins, slice of cheese, a special dog chocolate. All these delicacies can be purchased at a pet store, it is better than to spoil the dog cakes and sweets.

What should not be given to the rate

Forbidden foods for fees:

  • Smoked products;
  • Raw pork;
  • Chicken and long bones;
  • Chocolate, sugar products, honey, pastries;
  • Sausages and sausage;
  • Greasy, spicy, salty foods.

Breast-feeding fees

To draw up a menu for the lactating bitch is very important for her health and for the development of puppies that get all the milk nutrients. The first three days after birth dachshund give dairy food: porridge, cottage cheese. Then you can give the dog meat broth, meat or prepared feed mixtures.

The fee is to get as much liquid, which is processed into milk. Products should only be fresh and of good quality. On the fifth day after delivery, you can switch to a normal diet that the dog received before delivery. But it is necessary to follow the puppies stools, sometimes what suits adult dachshund, causes stomach upset in puppies.

By the usual diet of fees, which consists of raw or boiled meat, vegetables, broth, yogurt and cottage cheese, add mineral fertilizer. Lactating bitch needs calcium and phosphorus, which is constructed from a skeleton of puppies. When calcium in the diet of lactating dogs small, then it starts to be washed away from its body, which is undesirable effect on the health. The need for nursing fees in nutrients and minerals increases especially at 3-4 weeks of age puppies.