What to feed Kurzhaar?

рацион питания курцхаара



Feeding Kurzhaar has its own characteristics and it is due to the fact that it is - a hunting dog, and all the representatives of the hunting breeds, it is very energetic and active.

If you buy a puppy from a breeder sensible, it must give you a detailed answer to the question "What to feed Kurzhaar and how to do it right"? The efficiency and overall health depends on the quality of food and the regime. In different periods of life of the dog food must meet certain age requirements Kurzhaar.

Feeding Kurzhaar natural food

Immediately after weaning puppy from his mother's breast especially needed dairy products:

  • milk,
  • yogurt,
  • cheese, preferably low-fat or no more than 1% fat.

Also provide raw egg yolk and cheese, gradually adding scalded and chopped chicken or beef with no fat.

How many times a day to feed Kurzhaar? Feed your baby is 5 times a day. From the age of three becomes the basis of the diet of meat, dairy products and the proportion gradually begins to shrink and age in the semi-annual milk yield stop, there is only cottage cheese and yogurt, and have fed three times a day.

The food can be added vitamins, fruits and vegetables are required. Kashi can be boiled from all cereals except barley. With annual age puppy transferred to two-single feed. Not needed as a puppy and an adult kurtshaar bakery products, potatoes and sweets, as well as tubular bones. Spicy, smoked, fatty and salty food spoils the sense of smell of the hunter.

Feeding dry food Kurzhaar

If you choose to feed your dog rations industry, it is necessary to select the premium or superpremium feed grade, which are made from high quality raw materials. The choice of such feed is great, but you must choose to Kurzhaar feed from those that are designed for active dogs or athletes.

Especially the dog needs a diet during the active hunting. Dry food is also necessary to clearly pick up according to the age of the dog, because in different periods of her life, her body's needs are different. So, food schenkovrasschitan to intensive growth, and food for older dogs is the prevention of many age-related diseases.

It should strictly follow the daily dose of food, which is listed on the packaging. It can not be increased, if the dog is very much like the food, it can be very bad for the health and performance Kurzhaar. Puppies up to the age of three feed pellets soaked in water or yogurt. With five months of age are well suited solid granules, the required size, which helps razgryzaniya timely change of teeth.

When feeding high quality food Kurzhaar better not give the dog any other additional products or supplements. Such feed is well balanced and any additive can cause a number of diseases and metabolic disorders.