What to feed Newfoundland

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After a long period when it was considered correct only feeding Newfoundland finished feed is the time when serious breeders understand that such a diet, though makes life easier for owners and feeds feed manufacturers, but can not be considered the best for your dog.

However, feeding puppies Newfoundland without a finished feed will be very difficult. This is especially true winter litters that develop in low insolation. Despite the fact that the first perfect lure can be regarded as scraping meat and dairy products (cottage cheese, kefir, yogurt), high-quality dry food intended for feeding the little puppy is hard to replace something. Such starters let not all feed producers, since their composition is a know-how. They are used to reach kids ages 2 months and then transferred to a puppy food for puppies. In parallel, the puppy are natural products - meat, quail eggs, cottage cheese, yogurt, low-fat yogurt. At this age, the pups benefit goes goat's milk, vitamin supplements with calcium, vitamins and minerals as well as probiotics and yogurt, prepared using bacterial starter cultures.

Breeder, which you take a puppy, will tell you about what he feeds. Try at first not to change his eating habits in order to then not have to urgently restore his intestines. Gradually add to the diet products are convenient for you. If you decide what to feed the puppy Newfoundland 2, 3 months, find the coordinates of the sellers of meat and arrange for the supply of scrap, golovizny, scars, and other goodies that will gladly eaten by dogs without harm to their health. If your dog is healthy, there is no need for it to boil meat. The meat is well packaged in packets daily portions and store in the freezer and defrost for use with boiling water.

If your dog has discovered a food allergy, be sure to find out the allergen and remove it their diet. Very often, such a reaction is a chicken, wheat and corn grits. This chicken and goose neck rarely give such a response, especially if you do not form the basis of the diet. Choosing what to feed Newfoundland allergetika, try to give him a variety of vegetables, rice, beef, turkey, as well as special food for allergic dogs or dogs with sensitive digestion.

It is interesting that until recently was considered unacceptable potato component for canine diet. However, there are special food for allergic dogs, which are based on potatoes and duck. Prezhdechem feed adult Newfoundland something new, be sure to try a new product on the portability of your dog. Dogs are very conservative in their tastes, but differ nyufiki good appetite and can not regulate it. This will have to do to you, do not allow the dog to overeat or picking up for her low-calorie foods.

Finally, let's talk about what can not feed Newfoundland. Among them undesirable products are pork, fatty lamb, smoked sausage and bacon, salty and spicy food, sour cream, hard cheese in large quantities, sweet and pastry dishes. Long-haired nyufiki sensitive to an excess of protein in their diets. However, over the age of 6 years of their diet should contain more protein and calcium - aging dogs are prone to osteoporosis and heart disease, and kidney.