What to feed a puppy Amstaff

амстафф описание



Feeding Amstaff should be balanced and include all the vitamins and minerals necessary for healthy dogs. American Staffordshire Terrier (Amstaff) - was massive, which can be used as a bodyguard or as a home companion.

Therefore, his power may be nuances.

Feeding your puppy american staffordshire terrier

  • A puppy should always be fed at the same time.
  • If the kid did not finish in one sitting, you need to remove food residue.
  • A bowl of clean water should always be available to the dog.

The main product in the nutrition of the puppy to be the raw meat - at least 30%. It gives rise to a protein and health. However, the meat must be lean beef. Part of it can be replaced by marine fish without bones. Offal (liver, lungs, heart, brain) may be given only cooked, tripe - raw, cut into his pieces. For the timely change of teeth is useful to chew beef bone.

Tiny also needed and dairy products:

  • cottage cheese,
  • milk,
  • yogurt,
  • curdled.

Everything must be fresh. Useful food add raw egg yolk egg or cook an omelet. Up to two months allow one egg a week later - no more than two eggs per week.

Vegetable useful:

  • beets,
  • carrot,
  • celery,
  • spinach,
  • zucchini,
  • parsley,
  • pumpkin,
  • cucumber.

They rubbed on a grater and add vegetable oil. From porridge oats and rice is preferred. The puppy should not be given beans, boiled potatoes, oats and barley not broken, add spices (bay leaf, pepper, etc.), giving smoked pork bones. All of this can disrupt digestion puppy, cause tooth decay and various Hypovitaminosis.

How many times to feed the puppy american staffordshire terrier?

Up to two months of a puppy fed 5-6 times a day and only after a walk. As they grow, the number of meals is reduced and the dose increased. In the year of the puppy already fed three times a day, and a half years goes to two meals a day.

Feeding adult dogs Amstaff natural food

In the adult animal nutrition prevails raw meat. In addition to his cook porridge:

  • Buckwheat,
  • Rice,
  • Wheat,
  • Hercules

Be sure to give the dog from various vegetable salads vegetables with vegetable oil. Milk adult dog is better not to give. From dairy diet is best to give only yogurt.

It is possible to add natural food vitamin and mineral pills, but first should consult a veterinarian. Adult dogs are fed twice a day, after walking. The extreme heat can be fed only once - in the evening.

Amstaff Feeding dry food: diet

Natural dog food is quite difficult to balance. Thus, often in excess of meat in the diet may cause a calcium deficiency. And if the puppy is constantly fed a calcium and mineral supplements added, this may lead to an excess of calcium, so - joint pain and reduced mobility.

Therefore, feeding show dogs use high-quality dry food, in which well-balanced diet all the nutrients. The daily rate of the american staffordshire terrier weighing 20 kg is 1324 calories without additional exercise: preparation for the exhibition, sports, pregnancy in dogs, lactation, severe frost.

At loads feed amount is increased by 10-15%. The maximum amount of energy needed Amstaff workers who are daily exercise. But it is better not to increase the feed amount and feed select a higher protein and fat, for example, «Pedigree Advance Energy» or «Purina Perfa».

Feeding little puppy factory diet is better to start with a special canned food for dogs, gradually moving to a thick porridge, which consists of 1 part dry comminuted feed, 1 part canned and 3 parts water. Gradually, the amount of water in the feed is reduced to its complete elimination. For five months the puppy should already go to dry food to help the change of teeth.