What to feed a Russian spaniel?


Russian spaniel


Before feed the Russian spaniel, many experienced breeders write off from the internet, and diet menus and the number of servings by weight up to grams. It is necessary to take into account the fact that the dogs of the same size or the same species have their own metabolism. Therefore, eating the same amount of food, some spaniels too fattening, others - do not get the desired weight or are normal.

A more active dogs and require growing more food than an adult of the same weight. Features from metabolism and ambient temperature, the appropriate weight and growth also depends on the number of servings. Fed and well-fed dog is energetic and cheerful. Phlegmatic and sluggish walking, reluctant to run in the absence of the disease is a pet after a heavy meal - as a result of overfeeding. If there spaniel dandruff in the coat, so in her diet lacking oil. Each dog was added portion 0.5 h -1. L. vegetable oil.
Feeding Russian spaniel under stress or after the hunt, the hunter when the assistant is in extreme excitement, must be carried out three times a day. At rest and at home - 2 times. When excessive activity - 2-3.

What to feed the adult Russian spaniel

The most nutritious food for dogs can be waste meat and meat products. It is easy to digest and highly nutritious boiled offal. You can feed the liver, heart, kidneys, udder, spleen, stomach. Slightly less nutritious in the lungs and intestines clippings. Boiled meat products because of the possible presence of these disease-causing bacteria.
Good to be fed 1-2 times a week the dog raw, but fresh and clean meat products: meat trimmings, cheeks cow tongue. Marine fish without thin and small bones, for example, can be given to calves in crude form. River or lake fish and boiled selected bone. Adults and healthy dogs (but not all!) Can handle eating is not quite fresh meat or fish, but not more than 1-2 times. But the risk is not worth it, and feed your pet only fresh products in order to avoid the development of diarrhea and enteritis.

What to feed Russian spaniel puppy 2, 3 months

Puppies less acidity and the amount of digestive juices, so stale food for them ruinous. When feeding boiled meat and fish pitted product should be cut into pieces, but not too large. Puppy greedy and could choke. Minced not fed, so it does not turn sour in the stomach and passes quickly into the intestine in the form of half-digested. In these cases it begins indigestion and may develop a malocclusion.

Needless fatty meat and pork puppies are not fed, as well as adult dogs. Pig meat may contain trichina Finns and tapeworms. That's what you can not feed the Russian spaniel, it's raw hunting trophies and their entrails. They may be the embryos of worms.

The Russian spaniel puppies feeding introduced crude ocean fish once a week in small amounts, bone sprinkled with flour. It contains easily digestible proteins, phosphorus, vitamin A, and iodine. River and lake fish can contain worms and tapeworm eggs, so it is boiled and selected seeds.

Once a week the puppies give boiled yolk. Raw egg once allowed dogs sick, and before recovering viscous bitch and dog. Puppies are useful to give chopped omelette with other products, such as fermented milk.

Fat of animal origin is sufficient in meat, so give extra fat is not needed. From its excess in dogs and puppies upset stomach and liver loaded.
It is useful to give raw vegetables in a shabby, as dogs do not chew their food, and plant cells coated cellulose that is not dissolved digestive juices. Slices can give apple and carrot, cabbage and raw potatoes as a delicacy and for removing plaque from teeth yellow. Puppies are taught to vegetables and fruits from 1.5 months of age.
Do not forget that you can not give a dog a bone, including fish and tube, sweets, pickles, smoked too hot or cold food.