Chow Chow foto
Chow Chow

Due to the peculiar nature of the Chow - great neighbors.

They are home solid and restrained, they have a very pleasant manner is very quiet, almost inaudible, move around the house. This Chow never spoils things without chewing on furniture, it is very chistoploten and quickly learns to show that it is necessary to take to the streets.

Американский кокер спаниель характер
American Cocker Spaniel

Like a dog bred for hunting, the American Cocker Spaniel has a well-developed hunting instinct and passion for hunting, which is noticeable even in the game: American Cocker Spaniel brings a toy by holding the tip and raising his head high.

Also, the American Cocker Spaniel has a very keen sense of smell and excellent investigative qualities: trained cocker spaniel able to track down the lost (hidden) thing even in difficult terrain.

уход за американским кокер спаниелем
American Cocker Spaniel

Dog breeds American cocker spaniel - centenarians. Bring a baby into the house, you are in the 10-15 years takes responsibility for his fate. "American" affectionate, stung by separation from the host.

американский кокер спаниель чем кормить щенка
American Cocker Spaniel

Feeding the American Cocker Spaniel usually does not cause any difficulties, since this breed an excellent appetite.

This is a very happy owners, but it also becomes a danger for the dog, especially a puppy. There is a danger regularly overfeed spaniel puppy and even "stretch" the stomach. Overweight dogs will lose the city is not easy, so in feeding this breed is very important to follow the exact amount of food and the time of feeding.

Feeding your puppy American Cocker Spaniel

как выглядит собака бигль

You have decided that "your" breed - a beagle, and decided on the method of acquisition of their future pet. Now you need to learn how to look healthy puppy.

Depending on the temperament, the puppy or very mobile, or calm and even phlegmatic. He always has a good appetite, if from the very beginning not to indulge delicacies from the table, and feed on a schedule, taking away every time after eating a bowl.

собака бигль характеристика

Remember that the puppy you choose will be your household and will live with you ... many, many years!

Having defined the rock (of course, this beagle!) And selecting the appropriate day, you go for the puppy. Come and see how straight you roll five, at first glance, the same little dogs, similar to plush toys. Of these, you have to choose only one which you will take away with them. How to choose one out of five when they are little cute?

клички биглей

When the house there is a wonderful pet, like a dog, the first question is usually the choice of nicknames. Every owner knows that the dog's name - it is a very important element that will stay with a pet for life. All selected nicknames for their animals according to different criteria, but most importantly, to fit the floor of the dog, its breed, ie status, easy to pronounce, because it is necessary to call a dog on the street without difficulty.

Caucasian Ovcharka foto
Caucasian Ovcharka

Suitable for caucasian shepherd dog? The first answer that comes to mind - people balanced, capable of monitoring in the first place itself.

Whoever endowed with these properties will not have difficulties in managing and dog. Incredulity and aggression toward strangers, is the hallmark of this breed.

Caucasian Ovcharka foto
Caucasian Ovcharka


Due to the volume of wool, Caucasian Shepherd does not require too easy to care: it should not be washed frequently, it is better to comb a special brush. This should be done at least three times a week. If there are mats, they can not then have to comb and cut out.

During molting comb the dog every day is necessary. As required fur trimming. Collie type, of course, needs more grooming.

Caucasian Ovcharka foto
Caucasian Ovcharka

Subordination of Caucasians - is not only the unquestioning execution of commands, but also the recognition of the rights of the owner to be the leader. Caucasian team can perform well, but the rush to the owner if the seeds found in the street does not permit food or fight with other dogs.

собака американский бульдог
American Bulldog

Preamble for the recognition

Has many advantages the American bulldog for short preamble, not so long ago in Russia, was a rarity. The breed has been gaining international recognition, although preamble is quite capable of every breeder surprised by his behavior. Its causes are hidden in the mists of time.

This Bulldog belongs to the Molosser group, which rocks are varied. They make up the English Mastiff, Great Danes, Danish, French bulldogs and pugs. All of them are descended from dogs that lived sometime in Tibet and Central Asia.

американский бульдог щенки фото
American Bulldog

Strong and smart Bulldog

Only the breeder, who is in search of high-quality manufacturers, and are interested in improving the breed, can help who wants to become an owner of a strong and intelligent bulldog.

Choosing a good breeder, you have to wait for the birth of a litter of puppies desired. And there is still waiting for the moment when the baby will be able to leave the chosen kennel. Right to make a choice very difficult. American Bulldog Puppies all as on selection of attractive, tiny and fun. You will test the temperament kids.

дрессировка мальтийских болонок

The appearance of a little puppy in the house entails additional efforts. They are often associated with feeding, training, care, communication with the little furry lump. Most dog trainers say that the most difficult communication between Maltese puppy and its owner is a game.

The owners of these dogs from an early age are trying to limit his contact with other animals, citing the fact that the puppy can get sick or it will attack adult dogs. In the end, it turns out the dog scares all the hustle and rustle. For information on how to train Maltese, described in this article.

щенки мальтийской болонки фото

The decision to get a dog - this is the first in the whole chain of further action. The future owner should decide to breed, name, the question whether he needed a dog for the soul or for exhibition career.

If you decide to buy a Maltese, it remains only to choose the right puppy.

Nice choice - how to buy a good Maltese puppy?

чем кормить щенка мальтийской болонки


The diet for the Maltese should be selected very carefully. Especially need to pay attention to the calorie content of food, that it contains vitamins and minerals, and adherence to feeding.

Most of the breed is still a puppy prefer a particular food, and remain faithful to their choice throughout life. Force-fed dog food is not worth the unloved. If she refuses to dry food, you should try to diversify its natural food nutrition.