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American Staffordshire
breed American Staffordshire Terrier

Information and History

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Its roots Staffordshire Terrier breed takes from two other species - a bulldog and a game terrier. Their crossing refers to the beginning of the XIX century. Then breed pit bull terrier or simply called Bull Terrier. A little later in this name to add the prefix Staffordshire.

Once in America in the 70s of the XIX century the breed was immediately renamed. Now, the dogs became known as American terriers. But in the end, in 1972 the American Kennel Club registered breed in the stud book, giving it the official name of "American Staffordshire Terrier". Representatives of this line different from their British relatives of greater size.

By their nature Staffordshire Terrier - a great hunter. The size, strength, endurance, and courage to do Amstaff indispensable in the hunt for a wild boar or a bear. With this purpose they bred on American farms. In addition, earlier this breed is often used in dog fights.

American Staffordshire Terriers are characterized by their great strength and size. The height of the dog, on average, of 45 - 48 cm and a weight of 30 kg. Such dimensions of the dog in any way not affect its agility and dexterity.

The main feature of the american staffordshire terrier - a massive chest and neck. The body muscular and tightly knit. The coat is short. The head is broad, the muzzle of medium length. Ears erect, are at the top of the head, sometimes cropped. The eyes of the representatives of the American Staffordshire Terrier, are generally dark colors and are placed quite widely from each other. If the eyes are bright, it is considered a marriage in the breed. The same applies to the color of the nose, if he has a light brown shade - this is considered a fault. According to the breed standard, nose black. Coat color varies from Amstaff.

In addition to the physical characteristics Staffordshire Terrier dog breeders appreciate the developed instincts. The dog is very clearly recognizes the danger and aggressiveness on the part of other beings. This is complemented by high learning disabilities Amstaff. They are easy to memorize different commands and intelligence. Very often, the breed is used as bodyguards.

Breed standard

Стандарт породы: 

General form

American Staffordshire Terrier should give the impression of a large dog for its size force, well built, muscular, but at the same time elegant, nimble and very lively reacts to ambient. American Staffordshire Terrier in their outlines should be stocky, not long-legged or borzopodobnym. The boldness of his legendary.

The head

  • Medium length, deep, broad, well-muscled and distinct transition from forehead to muzzle.
  • Ears set high, cropped or uncropped. Recent preferred. Uncropped ears should be short and keep polupripodnyatymi or standing. Totally hanging ears are rejected.
  • The eyes are dark, round, deep set and far apart. Pink eyelids are not allowed.
  • Muzzle - Medium length, with a sharp transition to the skull, not lowered. Nasal bridge rounded.
  • Jaws - clearly delineated. Strong lower jaw provides the power grip.
  • Lips tight, fitting, no pendulous. Upper teeth to interlock with the front of the lower incisors.
  • Nose definitely black.

Solid, slightly arched, tapering from shoulders to back of the head, of medium length, with no suspension.

Strong and muscular, with broad, slanting blades.

Rather short, slightly sloping from withers to rump and short smooth sloping croup to the tail.

Slightly tucked up.


  • Chest broad and deep all over, with a fairly prominent, tight "shot down" edges.
  • The forelegs wide apart, which causes breast development.
  • Tail. Short compared to the size of the dog. Low set, tapering to an end. Not hooked, not curled over the back. Undocked.


  • The front legs are straight, with strong round bone. Steep pasterns.
  • The hindquarters are very muscular. Hocks moderately short. Hocks turning neither in nor out. The paws are medium in size, with well arched and tight. Movement springy. Pacing is a vice.

Allowed either - plain, partikolor, spotted. Colour pure white or white color, over 80% of the body surface, as well as black-and-tan or liver - are undesirable.

Height and weight
Always proportional. Height - about 46-48 cm for males and 44-46 - for females.

Nose meat or light brown, light eyes or pink eyelids are too long or improperly worn tail overshot or undershot.



When you first get to know the American Staffordshire Terrier, it is possible that it will be love at first sight. The dignity, strength, loyalty, endurance - are the first words that come to mind when you look at the American Staffordshire Terrier or think about it. You will immediately understand that this dog is the embodiment of a strong power, determination, energy and strength. Amstaff, along with characteristic athletic physique shows the indomitable zest for life.

In a rare breed of physical data can be compared with Amstaff. This lump of muscle, covered with a solid skin. The first impression of him - disproportionately large head and massive jaws, as though constantly parted in a friendly smile. All this rests on a thick neck, turning into muscular shoulders and a broad chest. Muscles and roll of the body dog, giving him extraordinary power. At competitions Amstaff hauled cargo heavier than 136 kg - the numbers speak for themselves.

There is no consensus on the question of the suitability of Amstaff for the person who first decided to get a dog. Physically, this is a very strong dogs that have to the same impressive views. However, keeping them easy and usually they are no special health problems.

With regard to intelligence Amstaff can say that it is sensitive and easy to train, if you apply it to the approach of positive motivation. These dogs are cheerful, but not fussy. They do not serve the voice, without good reason, and are not inclined to indulge in mournful howl, which is so annoying. They are ready to start a game at any time and anywhere, and to anyone who will encourage them to do so. Seeing this dog for the first time, no one will leave without experiencing at least a sense of awe from the physical power and strength of mind, characteristic of this animal.

Amstaff - a dog which is peculiar vividness, vigorous energy and vivacity. It behaves patiently, he loves to play with children and pets that live with him in the same house. He is one of the best defenders in dogs. The American Staffordshire Terrier has a natural ability with unerring accuracy "smell" serious situation.

Amstaff usually looks people straight in the face. He kept watching the expression of his master, and adjusts its behavior so that it sootvetsvovalo host mood at the moment.

American Staffordshire Terrier certainly try to call his master laugh, making all sorts of silly antics, or softly pressed against his powerful body, trying to comfort him, if such a comfort needed. Amstaff would not leave the room when his master is. This dog will always try as much as possible to remain in the place where something is happening, along with his beloved master.

Amstaff resembles a picture painted in contrasting colors. He is characterized by sensitive, loving nature, sense of humor and riotous impertinence. This dog is able to truly "smile", wrinkled face and a broad grin showing teeth.

A high level of intelligence and great learning abilities make them the favorites for those enthusiasts who teach their dogs obedience. Outstanding artistic abilities allow them to achieve unqualified success at exhibitions at all levels, which demonstrates the subordination of dog owners. The playfulness and friendliness make them wonderful pets for children. The natural instinct to protect, characterize them as great guards. Due to its gentle and loving nature they are - the ideal dog company.

American Staffordshire Terrier is particularly well adapted to life in the modern world, which is too restless. It feels good in the urban environment, since it does not require special long walks and does not bark unnecessarily.

Because Amstaff a long time been associated with people adjusting to their whims and interests, we can say that this is one of the most enjoyable and versatile dogs that ever existed on earth. American Staffordshire Terrier - this is truly the best dog you could wish for a man!

Care and maintenance

American Staffordshire Terrier - the dog is quite large. Amstaff dog room, on the street, he can only walk, but to live on the street, he can not. Therefore, the dog of this breed in the house should have its own warm place where he could sleep. Most likely, the puppy immediately oblyubuet your bed for sleeping, many breeders do not even against it, just remember that the puppy grows, and after a while on the bed will be a place just for your pet, but you have to move on a rug in the hallway.

Therefore, let the dog bed is possible, but only in the form of encouragement, he has to sleep in his place. Sleeper your pet should be well protected from drafts and should be warm. Stafford have little hair on the body, and the undercoat is not at all so it can freeze. The best option for your dog home - cage. Puppies American Staffordshire Terrier should get his cell once crossed the threshold of the house.

And all who live in this house, have to treat it as a personal property of the dog. Then the puppy very quickly get used to his place, and will not resist, even if you at some time will have to restrict his freedom. It is very important in the life of a puppy and an adult dog is exercise.

For each dog individually their number. Walk your puppy needs at least twice a day. Sometimes, the dog may think of herself entertainment, for example, be worn around the house and imagine that for someone chases.

Do not worry - this is normal for this breed was startled enough and lay down to sleep. While walking the dog a little bit, let's run without a leash. They need to move freely and a little hooliganism. Remember, the Staffordshire Terrier, which price is high enough, it is very important to the host society. They have to constantly communicate with you. For example, a walk would be good to play with your pet to hide.

American Staffordshire Terriers are divided into two types, some like water, second to none. The first type of dogs is easy to go into the water behind you and will gladly swim. Secondly you need to teach the water. Go into the water and call the dog. If the dog is yours, and went into the water, it must be sure to praise. In the process of training these dogs praise and encouragement occupies a very important place.

Remember that in the water with your pet can happen trouble. The fact is that the fat layer in these large-sized dogs are very thin and the dogs of this breed in the water can freeze. Therefore, do not swim with your pet away from the coast and at the first sign of hypothermia immediately pull the dog on the beach, or even better to hypothermia did not bring.

Health and the most common diseases Amstaff

Dogs of this breed live up to 12 - 15 years with proper care. Primarily from puppyhood is necessary to monitor the timely vaccination and every three or four months to conduct deworming dogs. In the warm season - from late March until the first frost, it is necessary to process the drug dog against ticks and fleas or wear a special collar.

The American Staffordshire Terriers are the most common diseases such as arthritis and hip dysplasia. They are prone to bloating and genetic cleft arterial duct, which leads to delays in physical development and the tendency to lung disease. Not uncommon at Amstaff deafness and eye diseases: cataracts, progressive retinal atrophy, entropion century. Because cancer is leading mastocytoma or mast cell cancer. Also, quite often there are razlizannye granulomas and cutaneous histiocytoma.

Training and education

Дрессировка и воспитание: 


Unfortunately, very often the owners do not devote enough time to the education of dogs, much to her to forgive and allow. That is a large number of ill-bred dogs and was the cause of the various kinds of restrictions on their presence in certain public places. Dogs are not permitted in stores and amusement parks.

Citing American Staffordshire Terrier in your home, you have to help him learn the rules by which it will have to live from now on.

The most important rule in the upbringing of the dog - a constant ratio between the support of the animal's behavior and its consequences. Staffordshire Terrier behaves in a certain way, and this leads to any action on the part of others. The relationship between these two factors can be both positive and negative. Since the dog - a very clever animal, pretty soon it will understand and internalize this connection.

It is known that in the UK the dog to be extremely well trained. Accordingly, they are allowed to accompany their owners when visiting different clubs and stores. Paradoxically, the entrance to the same clubs with young children whose behavior often causes a lot of criticism, is strictly forbidden.


3 known method of learning:

  • promotion;

  • penalty;

  • rewards and punishments.

Each of them has its pros and cons. According to the dog handlers, the greatest effect is the third way of learning.


If the dog behaves in accordance with the requirements of the owner and obediently executes commands, be sure to encourage her. This will increase the likelihood that the animal will continue to take actions that have caused the approval of the owner. As an incentive, you can use a treat or praise.

According to specialists, the promotion - the best way to formation of animal behavior. Praise the dog must be quiet gentle voice. It is best to stroke her back and treat a piece of cheese or croutons.


The best way to punish your dog - make her a reprimand. Severe sharp cry of an animal will understand that the owner is dissatisfied with his behavior. Realizing the connection between their offense and indignation host Staffordshire Terrier future poosterezhetsya take actions that caused the condemnation.

No matter how smart a dog she can not learn from the first team. To achieve the desired result it is necessary to train for a long time.

We must try not to lose patience, even if the dog behaves not like the owner expects, escapes or refuses to comply with the already familiar commands.

In no case can not beat the dog, slapping her rolled-up newspaper or other objects. Causes of pain pet, the owner inflicts great harm. This behavior may cause various disorders of the nervous system. Intimidated dog often makes inappropriate behavior: bites, scratches and spoils things. Unduly lenient sentence, in turn, will not produce the desired impression on the offending pet.

Rewards and punishments

Train your dog, it is best to combine the first two ways.

Timely punishment always gives a result

For good behavior Staffordshire Terrier should definitely praise and treat delicacy, and for bad - to punish prikriknuv. At the same time praising the dog recommended 5 times more often than to punish.

As mentioned above, the timing is very important sentence. Whatever action or made a dog, you must respond to it no later than 10-15. Any delay will give Staffordshire Terrier opportunity to make some more action that will prevent him from properly understand the host response.

Age features of puppies

In order to properly train a puppy American Staffordshire terrier, should know about the growth and development of dogs, depending on their age, hereditary, sex, conditions and growing, number of pups per litter.

The purpose of training dogs should be trained not only her team, but also a disciplined upbringing, manageable dog, which at the same time will be a true friend and will possess all the qualities of a reliable and faithful assistant.

Helpless and a clumsy puppy who brought the house at the age of 1.5-2 months, will have physical and mental development before it will be able to master all the skills it needs to train a dog. The owner should be good for your pet, but a demanding friend.

Many owners of Staffordshire Terriers prepare his players for the security service, so during training, they should be firm, and a lot of patience in relation to the animal.

It must take into account the particular nature and behavior of the puppy, try to regularly play with him, and if necessary consult with experienced dog breeders to help avoid serious mistakes in the education and training of dogs. The owner has to imagine what would like to see your pet to be able to clearly determine all further tasks which it will have to perform. Talking about the education of dog owner means the implementation of a specific program activities with her respective age peculiarities of the animal.

As a rule, the entire period of development and formation of the dogs are divided into several stages, during each of which the animal gets some experience. In the first week of life the puppy behavior based mainly on instinct, which he had inherited from his mother. Further, the formation of character and habits of the dog will largely depend on its owner.


Training - is the development of a dog's specific skills needed to control its behavior. At the same time the owner of a dog motivates your signals (commands and gestures) to commit (or abstain) its specific action: landing, stacking, feeding the subject of protection things, the return to the place, and so on. D.

To begin dog training is best when the puppy reached the age of 4 months. At this time he is most receptive to learning and trying to bring pleasure to its owner. If the landlord will not start training dogs up to a year in the future waiting for him a lot of grief, because by the time his pet becomes quite unmanageable, and by the acquired habit to get rid of bad will be very difficult.

Training may be general and specific, aimed at development of the dog fighting qualities. Trained dogs on the second type must experienced coach, so in this book she will not be described.


General training - the basis for the subsequent preparation of the dog for the special service. Most of the skills developed in the course of general training, are the foundation for learning the skills of special training.

Course of general training is conducted for testing techniques, subordinate dog trainer. This is the initial step necessary for the subsequent preparation of the American Staffordshire Terrier to perform any type of work.

Pet must be kind and sensitive attitude on the part of all members of the family. But, as mentioned above, the most solid emotional and psychological link is established between the dog and its owner. It is up to the dog owner relationship depends on how comfortable she will feel at home.

Schooling to nickname

Teach the dog to the stud, the trainer should be several times to say her friendly tone, while in the 3-4 away from the animal. You can then come closer and give him food, while continuing to call him a nickname. When the pet will respond to the name, it should be encouraged and stroking shouting "Good!".

Schooling to muzzle and collar

Teach the dog to the collar, the trainer should call it a nickname, to approach it, to sniff around the collar, and then put it on. After 5 minutes, the collar should be removed, encourage or stroking a dog treat and again put on the collar. If Staffordshire Terrier while showing concern, you can distract him walk, run, play, and then repeat the reception. To accustom the dog to a leash while walking is recommended.

Accustomed to the muzzle should give the dog to sniff it and then put on and fasten. After 3-4 minutes the muzzle must be removed to encourage the dog and repeat the reception. If Staffordshire Terrier shows anxiety, it can distract the game run.

The command "Next!"

One of the most difficult is the team "Next!". A well-trained dog should go on a leash near the left foot master without accelerating pace and not running away in the direction that is focused on passing dogs or people. Over time, it has to learn to walk close to the owner and without a leash.

To teach your dog this team needs a leash and jerk noose. You can then leave the dog outside and start moving, making sure she quietly walked beside. It is necessary to keep the dog on a short leash so that the man's knee touched the animal's shoulder blades. In this loop the leash must be worn on the wrist of the right hand of the trainer and left the leash should be kept 20 cm from the collar.

Attention dog can bring a team of "Next!" Or calling the nickname of the animal. Moving forward, you should repeat the command and encourage pet stroking or shouting "Good!" When he takes the correct position near the trainer. If the dog tries to get ahead or fall behind, not knowing that it is required, it should be corrected jerk motion and at the same time to repeat the command "Heel".

Education team "Next!"

To complicate the task, you can make a stop, change of pace, direction, and so on. D. During the training command "Heel" should not be made sharp and jerks that can cause a dog to pull ahead, too often repeated command, beat the dog with your hand or a leash.

The command "To me!"

To accustom the American Staffordshire Terrier to approach the trainer recommended during vygulivaniya it on a long leash.

When the dog training takes place on the street, it should be borne in mind that it will often be distracted by external stimuli classes: cars, people, other dogs, unfamiliar smells, cats and so on. D. Ignoring them, the animal may get lost. If this happens, it is necessary to entice a delicacy, and when the puppy is suitable, pat it and let go.

Start training your puppy the command "To me!" Should be 5-10 minutes after he was taken out for a walk. By this time he has mastered their natural needs and wants to play. To maximize training passed successfully, it is necessary to pull the animal with a leash.

During training in any case can not call up the puppy to her in order to punish him or to wear a collar, because it will develop his unwanted reflex. Every time trainer will call up to her pet, Staffordshire Terrier will take that walk is interrupted and would be taken home. This will lead to the fact that the puppy will begin to refuse to carry out the command "To me!".

We must stand next to pet and take in hand the treat, give the dog to sniff it and then raise so that it turned out to be beyond its reach.

Then, the trainer should make sure that he attracted the attention of the dog, and slowly step back, leading delicacy from side to side. At the same time it is necessary to name a few animal nickname and say the command "To me!". When Staffordshire Terrier approach to treat, it is necessary to give him and pet the dog. Then execute the command to take the pet's collar and lay to one side. Then again treat tidbit. This will train your dog to the fact that immediately after podzyvaniya host takes her to a different place.

If Staffordshire Terrier does not fit, you can gently pull the leash. As the development of skills should be a gesture recalls the dog and the team.

To quickly learn Staffordshire terrier command "To me!", It is necessary to accompany her nickname clearly delivered the puppy, for example: "Lord, to me!".

The command "To me!" Necessarily need to say calm, low voice. If the pet takes command sluggish, without enthusiasm, it is necessary to repeat it again, but more sharply.

The command "Sit!"

Teach your dog to sit on command is recommended during vygulivaniya her on a short leash. At the same time the trainer should have put her left foot, turn to Staffordshire Terrier half-turned, hold the leash in your right hand 15 cm from the collar and left after the command "Sit!" Press on the area between the loin and croup a dog. At the same time the right hand is necessary to pull the leash up and back as long as the animal does not execute the command.

It should keep the dog in this position a few seconds, and then encourage stroking, shouting, "All right!" And delicacy.

Gradually she realizes what she wants from the host. After that, the leash during the team will be weakened. If he sat down, the dog immediately rises or falls, it is necessary to pull the leash again. If the dog performs the command correctly, you need to gradually move it, each time increasing the distance.

To do this several times to say a command "Sit!", And then slowly move to 1-2 m to the side, without departing from the sight of the dog. You must give it to sit for a while, then come back and treat pet treat.

Accustom Staffordshire terrier sit on the tin can when walking the it on a short leash. Trainers need to put the dog in front of you, turn the collar and down the ring, moving 2 steps back, pull the leash with your left hand, and right after the command "Sit!" Hit the leash movement from the bottom up. After the reception should be encouraged or stroking a dog treat.

The command "Sit!"

The command "Down!"

Once the dog learns to run the command "Sit!", You can begin to teach her command "Down!". To do this, put the puppy, then take the palm of her front legs of the wrist, a little to hold them in the air, ordered: "Down!" - And slowly lower the legs to the floor so that the dog took position.

To accustom the dog to lay down on the pitch can also be as follows: the trainer should be to a command "Down!", Click on the withers of the animal and take it front legs forward. In this position, Staffordshire terrier recommend hold 10-15 seconds, after which it is necessary to encourage and stroking delicacy.

To make sitting puppy to lie, we must take a treat in your hand and show your pet. Then you give the command "Down!" And, without letting go of the treat, drop it between the paws of a dog. Animal involuntarily lie. When a pet will execute the command, it is necessary to praise him.

If the dog refuses to execute the command "Down!", You can get to do it. To do this, pull the leash and put pressure on the palm of cereals or pet's shoulder blades.

Puppy American Staffordshire terrier until they reach one year of age does not have great strength, so the resistance can be easily suppressed. However, dog breeders do not recommend the use of such a violent method of training, as it may badly affect the relationship between master and dog.

To make it easier to learn the pet command "Down!", It is recommended to accompany the movement of the hand. To do this, raise the arm bent at the elbow up, placing his hand so that it was parallel to the ground, and slowly lower down.

The command "Down!"

Accustoming the American Staffordshire Terrier to go on the tin, the trainer is recommended to keep him on a short leash, put in front of himself, and his left hand gently pull the leash. This is followed by utter the nickname of the animal and his right hand hit the leash motion from top to bottom. After the dog teams should be encouraged stroking her, shouting, "All right!" And delicacy.

As the development of the animal skills to respond to the gesture it is recommended to perform in conjunction with the command "Down!" Without a leash. Subsequently, the team can not pronounce.

The command "Stop!"

Education puppy the command "Stop!" And "Down!" Takes place in a similar way. Demonstrating the dog a treat, you have to slowly raise it as high as possible, forcing the pet to stand up and repeat several times the command "Stop!".

Teach the dog to stand on command, the trainer is recommended to place it at the left leg, hold on a short leash of 20 cm from the collar, turn half-turned and say a command "Stop!". Then you need to pull up the leash, causing the dog to stand up and hold it in this position for 5-10 seconds, then you can encourage animal petting or a treat.

Once the dog learns to execute a command, it is possible to work this skill is to teach the dog to get up from a prone position or away from the host.

In order to accustom Staffordshire terrier standing on the tin, the trainer should say her nickname, pull out his hand and say a command "Stop!". If the dog is good at the task, it can encourage the exclamation "Good!", A delicacy or stroking.

The command "Crawl!"

To accustom the dog to crawl recommended on a clean site. The trainer should go to the right side, drawing on the bent right arm and say the command "Down!", Holding the dog on a short leash. On the performance of the team a person must put his left hand on the withers of the animal, to give a command "Crawl" and, moving forward, easy to carry away jerks him away.

If the dog is easy to cope with the task, it should be encouraged and stroking delicacy. If Staffordshire Terrier when the team tries to rise, we can once again say "Crawl" and to try again to teach the animal to a crawl.

As the development of the American Staffordshire Terrier habit of crawling distance can be increased, and the impact of the leash and do not use a hand.

The command "Crawl!"

Team "Ugh!"

To accustom the dog to stop unwanted actions recommended during vygulivaniya her on a short leash. This handler should bring Staffordshire terrier to annoy him the object (this may be another animal or a bird). When you try to pounce on the dog's irritation is necessary to give the command "Ugh!" And pull sharply on the leash. If such measures are not enough, you can use the pinch collar.

After the command you need to distract the animal walk, run, play and encourage stroking, shouting, "All right!" And delicacy.

To teach the dog not to take food from the hands of strangers while walking should hold Staffordshire terrier on a leash. In developing this skill in an animal trainer will need an assistant who, calling the name of the dog, offer her a treat.

If the animal will try to take the food, the assistant is necessary to put Staffordshire Terrier not strong punch in the face, but the trainer should say a command "Ugh!" And pull sharply on the leash. Then you need to distract the dog walk or a game, then repeat the development of skills.

If the dog tries to take a second treat from the hands of an assistant, you must at the same time to strike his hand over his face and whip on the back.

If the American Staffordshire Terrier is poorly trained, you can use parfors.

The command "Place!"

Accustoming the American Staffordshire terrier back into place, the trainer is recommended to give the command "Down!", Put the dog in front of the muzzle or other familiar object and move it into 5-6 steps, continue to repeat the command.

After 1 minute is necessary to beckon Staffordshire terrier to himself, encourage him stroking and after the command "Place!" To bring to the left on the land subject while holding the animal on a short leash. While driving should be repeated the command "Place!". As the development of a dog's skills can increase the distance departing from it.

The command "Sic!"

Teach the dog bring aportirovochnye items trainer recommended to keep it on a short leash. This should put the animal at his left foot, to take the lead in the left hand and the object on the right, turn half-turned to the dog, say the dog's name and show the subject.

The command "Sic!" You must say, after the animal will grab the object. Then you can issue the command "Next!", Jogging with the dog, and after the command "Give!" Take the subject and encourage Staffordshire Terrier stroking and shouting, "All right!".

To bring the puppy gave them the subject, we must take a hand in another toy to distract attention from the first pet and its accompanying action team "Give!". When the puppy throw toy must again praise him.

As the development of such skills can complicate the reception. To do this, you need a trainer, holding the dog on a short leash, put it at the left leg, say the nickname, show aportirovochny object, and then drop it on 3-4 pitch.

For training team "Sic!" You can use the stick.

Then, should be given the command "Sic!" Approach to the subject, encourage the dog to take him, and after the command "Give!" Pick. Upon completion of a dog receiving it can encourage stroking, shouting, "All right!" And delicacy.

Often dog owners admit blunders in the course of working out the command "Sic!". We must keep in mind the need to combine this command with the command "Give!" - They should always follow each other. It is also necessary to monitor and to ensure that, having received the puppy is not distracted by its performance, he began to play with a subject that he has to bring. The dog should be sure to show the treat before she clutched a toy in his mouth close to the trainer.

After reaching the dog 3-4 months of age should be gradually accustom her to execute commands for the corresponding movement of the hands of the trainer. At the initial stage of training hand gestures can be combined with feeding treats.

The command "Voice!"

Accustoming the American Staffordshire terrier cast a vote, the trainer should hold it on a short leash, put in front of you and step on the leash so that the dog has been deprived of the opportunity to bounce.

Then you need to show and give the animal sniff the treat and say a command "Voice!". After Staffordshire Terrier rooms, you can give him a treat and encourage stroking. As the development of skills a treat when the command can not be used.

The command "Forward!"

Teach the dog to move forward on the team and gestures, you must hold it on a short leash. The trainer should show the dog the treat, drop it in the 5-6 steps, say a command "Forward!", Pointed the direction and loosen the leash when the animal rush for a treat.

By carrying out the dog team can encourage stroking her, shouting, "All right!".

Team "Barrier!"

Accustoming Staffordshire terrier jump over obstacles, it is necessary to keep it on a short leash in the 5 - 6 meters from the fence height of 50 cm. The trainer should give the dog the command "Next!", Jump over obstacles, dragging the animal. Overcoming the obstacle, it is necessary to say a command "Barrier" and encourage the dog stroking, treat, shouting, "All right!".

As the development of her skills can increase the height of the obstacles. When the dog jumps trainer should obegat obstacles.

If the height of the obstacle is greater than 1 m, the trainer have to stand at the fence and at the time the dog jump to catch her so that she caught his front paws over the edge barriers and overcame it.

Accustoming Staffordshire Terrier overcome obstacles, you can use the leash. To do this, put a dog trainer should be 3 m from the fence, give the command "Sit!", Go to the opposite side and, standing 2 meters away from the barriers in front of the animal, pull the leash on itself, giving the command "To me!". At the time of the dog jumps need to give the command "Stand!".

On command the pet should be encouraged stroking or treat. Often, in the development of animal breeders skill to overcome obstacles aportirovochnye used items. To do this, the animal should be put in a 3 m from the fence height 50 cm, show aportirovochny thing, throw it over the barrier and give the command "Stand!". After the dog tasks need to say a command "Give!", Pick up the subject and to encourage an animal petting or a treat.

Schooling for the stairs

Accustoming Staffordshire Terrier climb stairs, should keep him on a short leash in 5-7 m from it. Trainers need to give the command "Next!", Go to the stairs, to say: "Forward!" - A gesture to indicate the direction and with the dog up the stairs and then down, repeating the command "To me!".

After executing this command Staffordshire Terrier it should encourage stroking or treat. As the development of skills trainer should be sent to the dog up the stairs to a command "Forward!". Delicacy thus is not recommended.


Teach your dog can swim in the pond with sloping shore. Trainers need to make a run at Staffordshire terrier on the water, keeping it on a short leash.

If the dog does not go in the water, it should be gradually accustomed to it, to make the water body in his arms. You can encourage the animal petting, treats, shouting, "All right!". As pet skill development at a distance from the coast can be increased.

Many breeders, teach the dog to swim, use aportirovochnye items. To do this you need to send a dog trainer in the water, gives the command "Sic!" And "Go!", Thrown into a pond for the subject. As the development of skills should be subject aportirovochny throw away from the shore, and the command "Sic!" No longer apply.

The command "Quiet!"

Accustoming Staffordshire terrier to a slowdown in the movement, the trainer recommended to give the command "Forward!" And go at a rapid pace, keeping your dog on a short leash. By slowing the rate of movement should say a command "Quiet!" And gently pull on the leash.

If the dog is good at the task, it can encourage and stroking delicacy. If a dog does not perform the reception, we recommend strongly to pull the leash and repeat the command. In the future, you can use a long leash, and then do not use it at all.

Schooling to auditory and visual stimuli

To accustom the dog to the shots and visual stimuli can be during feeding. Trainers need to make 3-4 shots at a distance of 50 cm from the dog. If the animal shows anxiety, you can reassure him or stroking saying nickname friendly tone.

In the future, it is recommended shots at a short distance from the dog.