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Information and History

Общие данные и История породы: 

Animal lovers will assure that we can understand not only the basset hound, but any breed of dog. To this end they recommend to turn to the life history of the animal. Modern and early experts have different hypotheses about the origin of the name of an interesting breed.

Previously, the French all the little dogs called "basset". French to Russian language the word translates as "low-set". Low-set French citizens believed terriers, hounds, as well as small, undersized dogs of any breed.

Many of the early experts suggest that the ancestor of the dog is a Saint-Hubert - old Talbot Hound. Saint-Hubert from basset differs only pure white color. In appearance and character traits are the same breed. Basset Hound and the old Talbot have long hanging ears, smooth hair, pendulous lips and broad muzzle. Average unmatched courage and thirst for speed.

Early authors in their works dedicated to the dogs say that rock hounds have a black color and brownish or reddish spots above the eyes. The work of experts suggest that before bassets had common ancestors and tri-color or Zajača-mottled color.

Historians suggest that the breed basset dartua named after the province Dartua. Perhaps the dog appeared in this or neighboring province of Flanders.

Early authors believe that once existed artesian Flemish and types of dogs. Breeders of these animals are distinguished by the front legs. The first type has a basset hound for the front legs, the second type has a straight leg. On the basis of this theory, modern experts believe that the descendants of this breed is the German taxes, the Vosges and the Forêt Noire. Because they have discovered Flemish features.

Then basset ancestors were in Southern Germany. Here they were crossed with terriers. Crossing breeders engaged to hounds have become bolder and received other individual qualities. A new breed looks more like a basset hound than a taxi. Dogs had a variegated color, large bone and body structure similar to the hound.

Early in the works of the authors represented the type of pryamonogy basset hound. Judging by the figures, it is more like a taxi with long legs and a tight-fitting coat. Despite some differences, the modern British scientists believe that the rocks are very similar, so they are relatives. Dachshund bit larger and more powerful than their counterparts. Head shape it like a bloodhound, but do not pull back tail, always keeps it right.

Few people know that before bassets hunted rabbits, wolves and wild animals. However, you can find a lot of evidence of hunting. Early authors certify that they have witnessed as bassets individually driven and killed wolves. Conventional hounds do not differ extraordinary courage, they are afraid of wolves, flee away from them, or seek protection from their masters.

In ancient times, hunters took dogs with them, because they help to track game and pheasants. To do this, the hunters put their bells and other devices. With the help of dogs and devices people always know where while hunting is a basset. He always accurately locate pheasant, venison and even truffles. When you take the next dog changed the tone of voice and easy to train.

It was quite by chance learned French peasants, when they were taught to look for truffles. More learning process described earlier authors in their works. The procedure of use of this skill Easy and interesting. For the training of the French chose the young dogs, but before that were not fed for 24 hours and continually showed truffle.

Then he hid the truffle in the grass, between stones or earth, and then forced him to look for animals. The discovery of the fungus were treated to a slice of bread. Classes peasants stopped when Basset began eagerly to look for mushrooms.

Only after this training he took with him to the charges. In places where the mushrooms grew, people had to use cunning, to pretend that they throw truffle dogs and screaming, "Look." Pets found and dug up mushrooms, and then received from the owners treat as a reward. Looking bassets often rely on his nose, which is about 20 million. Olfactory receptors.

For a long time, experts argue about dogs in different industries. Many of them do not give rest to the curvature of the legs. In discussing this issue, attended the doctors. They suggested that crooked legs appeared in the offspring due to rickets Basset.

But, anyway, many breeders are assured that this type of dog breed is the best. In 1827 in Paris he attributed to the pure breed. In the mid-19th century in England were of modern type bassets. In 1883, the breed was officially recognized in a special club. In Russia, the dogs became popular only in the 80s of the 20th century.

Modern experts have assured that all short-legged breed of dog can have a curved front legs. The feature allows the feet to maintain balance Basset. Therefore, they reject the hypothesis related to bone disease.

They also refute another theory that before the dogs were straight legs, which are a result of poor breeding selection curled. In fact, the English breeders during the breeding terriers Kozinets rectify the situation. Earlier he observed the front of the curve.

Owning a dog experts advised correctly to plant, feed and understand Basset. Improper care and poor diet can lead to the fact that it will be difficult to move around.

Pet not be left alone for a long time. Since this state begins Basset plenty of sleep and eat and get the neighbors and owners of loud howl. For a better understanding of the dog need to look at the history of her life, become familiar with hypotheses and learn a lot.

Breed standard

Стандарт породы: 

OUTFIT: beagle massive built, well balanced, full of dignity.

BEHAVIOUR AND TEMPERAMENT: Viscous hound of ancient lineage which hunts by using lower instinct, which has a strong pack instinct and melodic voice, able to work with great endurance in the field. Peaceful, never aggressive or cowardly. Affectionate.

HEAD: The lines of the forehead and muzzle are almost parallel. Muzzle slightly longer than the skull. It may be a moderate amount of wrinkles around the eyes and eyebrows. In any event skin of head loose enough to wrinkle noticeably when pulling forward and lowering his head.

CRANIAL REGION: The skull is convex, with prominent occipital bone, moderately wide in the brow and tapering slightly to muzzle.

The transition from Stop: Moderate.


Nose: Completely black, except for light-colored dogs when possible or bleached brown nose. Large and well opened nostrils, nose may protrude slightly forward.

Muzzle: General view of the fin narrow, but not easy.

Lips: pendulous upper lips substantially overlapping the lower lip.

Jaws and teeth: Jaws strong with a perfect, regular and complete scissor bite, ie upper teeth closely overlapping the lower teeth and set square to the jaws.

EYES: diamond-shaped, neither prominent nor depth, dark, but may be medium brown tones from light-colored dogs. Looking calm and serious. The conjunctiva of the lower eyelid is visible, but not excessively. Light or yellow eyes highly undesirable.

Ears: Set on low, below the eyes. Long; calling for an end to the muzzle - the correct length, but not excessively. Narrow throughout their length and curling into a tube; very supple, fine and velvety structure.

NECK: Muscular, well arched and fairly long with pronounced but not exaggerated dewlap.

BODY: Deep and stretched along the entire length; height at withers and rump height approximately equal.

Back: horizontal and rather broad. From withers to maklokov not excessively long.

Loins: May arch slightly.

Chest: Forechest seen from the front fits neatly in the bends of the limbs. Belly prominent but chest neither narrow nor unduly deep. Ribs bochkovatye and springy, not sticking out, laid back.

TAIL: Well set on, rather long, strong at base, tapering, with moderate amount of hair on the lower side. In a move gon hold up and slightly curved saber, tough-elastic, never curled.


FRONT: The front legs are short, massive, with strong bones. Wrinkled skin on the lower legs.

Shoulders: Shoulders oblique; not burdened shoulders.

Forearm: Slightly closer together from the top down, but not so as to interfere with the free movement of, and do not let the feet touch each other either in the front or on the move.

Pastern: Koziniec extremely undesirable.

HINDQUARTERS: Full of muscle, long croup produces almost spherical effect when viewed from behind. May exhibit wrinkles on the skin metatarsus and rear hock - easy fold as a result of loose skin.

Stifle: Well angulated.

Hock Short and slightly tilted at the dog, but not inwardly and outwardly, and only substituted in natural stance.

FEET: Massive, well knuckled up and padded. Forefeet may point straight ahead or in a small razmёte, but in any case the dog is always quite right, the weight is evenly supported by the fingertips so that the foot left the imprint of a large hound and there would be areas of legs is the pads in contact with the ground .

MOVEMENT: Very important. Smooth and free movement with good reach of the front and powerful drive from the hindquarters dog moves equally well. Hocks and knees never linked in motion, no fingers should not be dragged on the ground.


HAIR: Smooth, short and thick, not too thin hair. In general appearance of clear and devoid of feathering. Longhair, not fitting coat with feathering highly undesirable.

COLOUR: Typically tricolor - black and white to blush; two-color - red & white; but at any recognized hound color acceptable.


Height: 33-38 cm (13-15 inches).

FAULTS: Any departure from the foregoing points should be considered a fault or flaw, depending on the severity.

NOTE: Male animals should have two apparently normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum.



Despite its exotic look - bassets - not decorative rock. If you try to make a brief description of basset hound - he is independent, stubborn and not particularly in need of constant attention of the owner. At the same time they are surprisingly easy to manipulate the caring owners, gently teaching them the rotation around its own unique person. Their bass barking might scare any intruder, and a thin nose - to get into the deep jungle. Therefore, this can not start any dog ​​owner.

In addition, basset strong and tireless. For many centuries the slow hunt that requires dog endurance, fine instinct and desire to go on the trail kilometers laid in the nature of the dog. Bassett cramped apartment suitable only if it is long and regular walks with the owner. Street maintenance will arrange it only with the free admission to the house, preferably with the ability to lie stately fireplace. That is why the Dachshund, like dogs, dogs are considered to be the palace - for them it is equally important human presence, space, able to move and keep in the warmth.

Not surprisingly, the Basset Hound breed description which can easily turn into a literary work, a very sustained. However, children - not his strong point. It can be a time to endure their antics, but will not have fun chasing a stick or play tag. His work - the pursuit of game, including the blood trail. Even as a pet, basset remember this always. In addition, bassets very heavy dog ​​with a weak back. Fuss with children it does not benefit as fraught with various injuries.

In relation to outsiders bassets mixed. Often, they are willing to tolerate next to him (no more, mind you) all host guests begging sausage, and it happens that they are not interested in foreign love and bark at them properly, the dog quietly watching them from a safe distance. It is not cowardice, but rather phlegmatic hunting dog, which never become a watchman. So do not expect that the Basset breed characteristics which are based on its core functions - the slow hunt, will guard your home, you and your property.

Bassett trained very slowly, always remembering the learned. They do not care for praise filed paw or performing tricks. Their mentality is not suffering at the sight of other dogs, taking barriers and trying to cause the host's smile. Bassett - itself a true gift for the owner and knows it ... The enthusiasm of this dog can cause only a fresh trail. The desire to find game and to unravel the complex puzzle the dog forget about everything.

Despite the independence and strength, Basset Hound breed character is formed in medieval castles, rarely showing dominance. She nemest, but a balanced and somewhat detached Basset rarely shows it, not considering it necessary. The owners of these dogs can recall a maximum of one or two serious conflict with them, and then they come to the adolescence and rarely recur after puberty.

As a short-haired, bassets molt twice a year, it is a very abundant spring-summer molt, however, and it does not bring much inconvenience to the owner. Wool they do not need special care, but the folds must be inspected and processed by special means, and ears - to protect from damage and insects.

Bassett - a dog to maintain moderate temperatures. In winter, it should be to walk on the move and do not leave for a long time in the yard and in the summer - protect from overheating.

Height dogs Basset Hound regardless of sex - from 33 to 38 cm. Weight - 18 to 27 kg, males tend to be more massive than females and are characterized by a large volume of the head. Lifespan basset about 6 years.

Care and maintenance

Proper care Basset - is the ability to maximize the life of your pet. This kind of dog is in need of caring for her back, skin care, feeding quality, and does not tolerate prolonged exposure to heat or cold.

Before the appearance of your home basset puppy Consider a place where he can relax and do not catch a cold. Ideal low sofa - it combines protection against drafts, walking across the floor, and there is no need to jump high to get to it. Suit also skins or dense couches.

To ensure proper care for the puppy Basset hound, you must provide him with a proper exercise. Dogs of this breed do not need an active sport, they best feel slow jogging for their own long-distance. If the dog is unable to grind claws, moving on asphalt or concrete, they have to periodically cut tongs. This procedure is very important for the basset hound with his short legs and an increased load on the spine.

Raw eyelids can cause your dog's tendency to inflammation of the eye. The increase in the third century, the appearance of haze, injury branches and grass - a reason for the early treatment to a veterinarian. The appearance of secretions around the eyes can be eliminated by washing of the strong unsweetened tea, or instillation solution furatsilina special drops.

Folded leather basset also needs regular inspection and, in case of formation of diaper rash and eczema - treatment. To wash this dog is good to apply tar antiseptic soap dries the skin and prevents fungal diseases.

If you decide to buy a puppy Basset Hound, the content of your dog will require you considerable costs. This will not only spent the money, but also time and patience that your adult basset return you a hundredfold.

Dog their looks as if she were invented for your Basset hound. In summer heat dogs of this breed are well feel in the shade, and for a comfortable walking owners use special cooling vests. In winter, there is no more amusing spectacle than wearing a plaid jacket and takes a basset. This breed is great tartan, as it emphasizes its origins and blue blood.

Basset hound short hair does not need special care - fairly regularly wipe it with a towel. Even during molting Basset does not drop large amounts of wool, which makes it very convenient for busy owners.

Owners who do not know how to care for Bassett should definitely ask about this dog breeder. He tells them about the features of farmed lines and prospective pitfalls. If the person from whom you have decided to get a puppy is not ready to discuss with you these questions, it is better to look for another vendor.

Keep in mind that staying at home for a long time without an owner, these dogs tend to howl that may not like your neighbors. They are prone to vagrancy and may be lost if a walk without a leash. They do not orient themselves and can easily be lost, therefore require constant monitoring by the owner.

Under the bowl of your basset must always be stand as well as a wet towel - Dogs of this breed do not always eat carefully. But they do not have a high activity, do not require active play and exercise, as well as special training that allows them to keep older people whose children are living separately, sometimes for the weekend bringing the grandchildren.

Training and education

Дрессировка и воспитание: 

If you - happy owner of a basset hound and thinking about his upbringing, you should first three weigh the "pros" and "cons" than to work. The fact is that the training of breed dachshund - employment completely thankless, difficult, laborious and inefficient. This is due to ease a dog's life, which greatly influenced the breed, making it independent, stubborn and unyielding.

Experienced breeders know that dog training is a painstaking process that requires a certain amount of perseverance. However, training basset hound is a special chapter in the education of dogs, which require special treatment. This dog is in its stubbornness and haughtiness can easily compete even with the sheep, so to get her to do what she does not want, it is almost impossible. The only way out of this situation is to be very stubborn as a dachshund, and look for a variety of approaches to interest an animal execute commands. The use of force in this case is absolutely contraindicated, as a proud animal will not only lose all interest in taming, but can not take offense at the joke, reducing the effectiveness of efforts to further their education to zero.

Never forget that the dachshund is a hunting breed, and that hunting instinct of your dog may eventually become for you a fairly significant problem. You must be prepared to ensure that when your dog uchuet smell in the air production, it is quite possible to stop listening to your commands and is not responding to your commands simple run to the smell and forget about everything.

Similarly, it may happen, and when it is concentrated utknёtsya into the ground and will be looking for something. And no team and persuasion can not tear him away from this lesson. So from an early age accustom your dog unquestioningly execute the command "Come", he heard that she should throw all your "important" case and submit your order.

It is also necessary to understand and what Dachshund constant need human contact. And if he will feel with your hand the attention and love, even if he will be a real intellectual and clever, while remaining a long time in solitude, he will be the most ill-bred dog in the world. Often he expressed his unhappiness with the help of whining and wailing, and for sure it will be unpleasant not only you but also your neighbors.

So try not to leave your pet alone in a long time, but if the reasons you still have to constantly be away, then you from an early age is necessary to teach him to be one.