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Information and History

Общие данные и История породы: 

This ancient breed of dog was born in England. In another way it is called a "small British hound." Historians suggest that the name of the dog beagle comes from some Celtic, old-French, Old English and modern French words.

Perhaps the name comes from the Greek and Roman hounds, which in the UK brought the Celts. There is also a version of the words: «Beag», «Beigh» and «Begle» with Celtic, Old French and Old English translated as "small". In ancient times, the word "beagle" referred to any small breed hounds, regardless of origin.

The first mention of it occurs in 1475. It is known that a dog has described in his works in the IV century BC Greek historian and writer Xenophon. With the French word "beagle" in Russian means "tinned sip." Probably because animals are lingering issue and melodic sounds. Tribes Celts tried to cross them with local dogs. Attempts have led to breed groups of hunting dogs. New breed later spread throughout the country.

From the fifteenth century small beagles took part in the hunt, not only at home but also abroad. Since hunting is in demand among the British, French, Greeks and Italians. In the Middle Ages hunting small game with dogs is also fond of aristocrats. Especially for this purpose, it was kept in the UK in the special conditions in small pack. Each group of breeders created for special requirements and sizes. At the end of the 18th century came the South and the North English English-medium size beagle. These rocks were faster than their relatives, since it has a stocked body structure.

Also presented Terrier breeders, beagle - dwarfism, long-haired breed of dog - and Fox beagle. Fox Beagle resembles FOXHOUND. Previously, people with dogs went hunting and hiking on long journeys. Since animals have a well-developed sense of smell. Today in some countries beagles used to search for explosives at customs and airports.

On the hunt for its own melodious baying beagles drove the victim or based it closer to the hunter so that he could shoot it. In the Beagle help hunting instincts, tenacity, independence and persistence. He feels equally comfortable in the team and the family, as previously lived in flocks.

In the 19th century a hound forgotten. Forgetful almost led to the extinction of this species. The animals were rescued from extinction enthusiasts and owners of hounds. They began to bring them to the bride hunters and various exhibitions. The popularity of beagles to return immediately, but after some time.

In 1890, people organized club, which engaged in breeding, training and exhibition of dogs. Just two years later, they created the first time the exhibition beagle. In addition, the organizers developed a quality hunting animals. In 1957, they have achieved official recognition of the modern breed.

This breed of dog is very fond of earlier royal families of England, Russian ambassadors and princes. In honor of beagles scientists call Brigham and straits. On one such board he traveled to South America and New Zealand Darwin in 1831-1836 gg. In the name of an animal called the Strait in the archipelago of Tierra del Fuego.

Today, the beagle is not as popular as before, perhaps because he is no longer involved in the hunt. But in spite of that dog owners love it for cheerful character and interesting appearance.

Pedigree dogs are athletic body structure, black, white and brown color as well as black hair pigmentation around the eyes. Many families keep home as a decorative hound dog. Great interest to show beagles breeders European countries. Pets, they are separated by two standards - at an altitude of 13 and 15 inch. Pets can travel in harness, to help in the hunt and customs. House beagles uplifting others. Each case is made with soul and very attached to their owners.

Although leprosy and possible problems breeders are advised to choose the friendly and joyful breed of dog. Beagle does not require a particular food, special care and a lot of space in the apartment. He eats little, is equally well with strangers and other animals and children. He needs to move a lot, and walk in the fresh air.

The education and training beagles may bring some difficulties. Therefore, they need time to constantly train and pay attention to them. At the same time the owners have to be firm and the nature, otherwise the animals will not know who is the boss, and they learn the rules of etiquette.

Breed standard

Стандарт породы: 

After the adoption of the first standard of its editing, there are currently estimated at exhibitions beagles standard adopted in 1987, the federation FCI.
Bigley - a good dog, but not coarse body. Height - 40 cm from 33do.

Moderately long head looks powerful, but with no signs of rudeness. On it there are no creases and wrinkles. On the domed skull of medium width visible occipital protuberance. The muzzle must not be sharpened. Nose preferably black, but light color dogs allowed lighter pigmentation.

Scissor bite, lips slightly pendulous.

Eyes are dark brown or hazel, large but not bulging, with a mild expression of good-natured charm.
The length of the ears gets to the tip of the nose if they straighten. The ears have a rounded shape, slender, graceful, low-set, hanging down.
The neck is fairly long so it was convenient to go on the trail. There is a small hanger.
The body is compact with a straight back and a flexible waist. Line Belly not very tucked up.
The front legs are straight, without restriction to the bottom, with short metacarpus.
The hind limbs have muscular thighs, strong hocks.
In a move the front legs are thrown forward and rear support are strong steps to ensure the free movement smooth.
The tail is of medium length is often on the move, but not wrapped behind his back and bends.
The coat consists of a short thick hair of the same length in all parts of the body.

It deserves special attention beagle color that matches any coloring of hounds. Necessarily the presence of the white tip of the tail. The standard is a combination of three colors: white, red and black, which are made of different combinations. The most common - a tricolor, in which all the colors are different size plots. In this regard, you can hear clarifying addendum to the tricolor: brilliant (a lot of white), black & brown (more black on the back). Sometimes they characterize color beagle and without further details, just as a hound dog suit.

Bicolor - a combination of white and various shades of red. There are lemon and white, orange and white, chestnut and white and red and white combination. Bicolor in Britain is more valuable than the other color options. Chance of black and white and color, but it is very rare.

Also rare and pure white beagles. For this breed monochrome option is possible only in this version. Another rarity - a motley beagles, which in color on a white background color of the other two sites are not located in one piece, and mixed. There is also a clarification of colors, the predominant color: lime motley, variegated, hare, badgers, motley.

Spotted color reminiscent of bicolor and tricolor, but on a white background at the same time there are another spot and black or red color.
Interestingly, the ancestors of the beagles were blue-red-white hounds, which in color instead of pure black it was blue. Now these dogs are practically no, but sometimes they still appear, even though experts are not inclined to consider this characteristic color beagle, as well as gray and black version.
Thus, variants of colors beagles much more than all the familiar tricolor, which makes the dog even more interesting.




Beagle - it's a great companion dog (this is the overall quality of all hunting dogs, because they are even in the early days of the general group spends all his time with the people), the personification of cheerfulness and optimism. Beagles have incredible energy and never bored. They - schooling hunting dogs, noisy companies so they are not scared even quite the contrary - beagles love to social dynamics, riveting attention to the person. The more people around them, the happier they are.

The charm of the pet can not leave anyone indifferent. Despite the fact that representatives of the Beagle have a tendency to destructive behavior in the home, they get away with. After all, the owner feels that the dog does not out of malice, and, looking at his upturned tail and fun loving eyes, continues to selflessly love mischievous dog. Besides, bred beagle will never be a typically barbaric quality if it be given due consideration.

These pets quite aggressive and always try to defuse any conflict his tomfoolery. Among barking street dogs or domestic quarrel, he will try to win all the attention on himself, making everyone forget about the reason for the dispute. This dog tends to always like to remind people that dwell on the negative in life is just silly, because you can only be happy and bring happiness to each other regardless of the circumstances.


Reach beagle love to households simply do not exist. And if the owners have an active lifestyle - it's just a perfect union. This dog would be happy to do the same with you jogging and lie on your lap in the evening.

Breed Dog Beagle is perfect for children. They are playful, affectionate crazy and not aggressive. Very often with the kids beagle establishes the most intimate contact and mutual understanding. After all, they themselves remain childish temper at any age. It is desirable that the child was at least four years, or he can not physically cope with a restless dog.

With guests of the family beagle quickly go to the contact. You do not have time to blink, but your friends are already swinging a dog by the ears, and he cheerfully waving his tail.

Beagle curious and can easily make friends with the other animals on the street and in your home. The exception is cats. Cat for beagle - an enemy target and prey. Immediately, we note here a compromise is not possible.

These dogs have an impressive sonorous voice, but it is not suitable for home security. Beagle is very hospitable and bestow stranger barking as a joyous greeting, not a threat.

Perhaps the worst thing for beagle - be alone: ​​without a master, friends and other spectators for his hilarious jokes. From loneliness in beagles spoiled character - first dog simply becomes irritable, and ends with aggression and destructive behavior. The best way out for people who spend a lot of time at work, will have a second beagle dog for a complete idyll. The main thing - to leave them plenty of toys.

Care and maintenance

We should not forget that the Beagle - is, above all, the hound, which requires physical activity in the form of long runs. They are able to run a few tens of kilometers a day without getting tired. Plenty oncoming beagle - a guarantee that your apartment will not undergo degradation, as when he returned home, he would sleep.

So think about whether you can provide the Beagle such loads. Running and playing in open areas are important not only for order in your home, but also for the health of the dog. Some owners are finding out: contain beagle in his absence in the cell, so that it is not mischief. Without commenting on this choice, we need only note that, without exercise, spending much time in the stillness beagle quickly gain weight, which is very harmful for him. His spine is not designed for a lot of weight, so it flexes, the problem starts with the heart, in a word, it is not movable funny beagle and dog to the vet care.

The tendency to obesity - is one of the problematic issues in the content of beagles. They love to eat and do it at every opportunity, not disdaining and theft from the table. It is difficult to see well-fed beagle. It always seems a bit hungry that makes compassionate owners to increase his diet.

If you see that your dog is getting fat, with enough walking, then still you overfeed it. This is especially the case when feeding cereals, the contents of which shall be not more than 30% of the menu. The remaining part - the meat and offal boiled vegetables. From time to time should be given boiled fish without bones. The diet should be milk products: cheese, milk, fermented baked milk, but if the dog is not accustomed to it from childhood, they can lead to indigestion.

Another alternative feeding - dry food, which is an obvious advantage - it is possible to accurately calculate the required rate depending on the weight and do not overfeed the beagle. Plus - there are no problems with the preparation of a balanced menu and the cooking process.

If we talk about cosmetic procedures, then they mostly standard, as well as for other breeds: bathing, combing hair stiff brush dead. Too often bathe the dog can not, because flushing fat natural lubrication makes the skin vulnerable to various bacteria and germs. It is enough to bathe 2-3 times a year, but of course, if the beagle in something strongly smeared, you will have to arrange an unscheduled swim. Participation in exhibitions and also includes additional water treatment.

Two or three times a month to clean the ears beagle from contamination by special means. The increased attention needs eyes that are the problem area of ​​this breed. If there is discharge from the eyes, you should immediately engage in treatment and prevention needs to wipe his eyes every day specific antimicrobials that advises veterinarian.

Hunting Beagle

In our country the rare owners use beagles to hunt, but the dog did not forget about his hunting past. They can set off on the trail, forgetting about the owner and pursue their prey for a long time, as a result of being in an unfamiliar area. This is another problem faced by owners of beagles, who, yielding to instinct can get lost.

Even if you are not a hunter, but you live beagle is to know about his hunting abilities needed to better understand your dog. Beagle - a small hound to hunt small animals, mainly rabbits and hares. Their mission - to find a trace of the beast and go after him, giving voice until the animal is not killed by hunters or caught by a hound.

In this process, known beagles show perseverance in pursuit of the beast to the finish. Nagonka hounds starts with 9 months of age in places where a lot of birds, is a good time to start nagonki - this September. The dog has an innate ability to begin to search for the beast, and track it on the trail, so do not be surprised if you came with her beagle "just relax" in the country, you will see how it has changed and, instinctively, does not look up from the ground, sniffing out and untangling the traces .

Training and education

Дрессировка и воспитание: 


One of the main responsibilities of the owner of a beagle is education of correct behavior in the dog. Life is a well-mannered and obedient dog is a great pleasure as the owner, his family and neighbors. During properly organized training the dog learns what is required of her, understand how best to make a nice owner, becomes a welcome and valued member of the family. A good neighbor and a responsible member of the community should urge the dog displays the right habits and behavior, especially when dealing with children. A dog should never be a threat to others. This can be achieved by training a permanent basic behavioral habits.

Nedressirovanny beagle can quickly become a real headache. It spoils the house is eating everything he can get, even poisoning the lives of everyone who is close to him. His constant barking and other bad habits can cause discontent neighbors, which leads to an increase in the number of people opposed to dogs and, consequently, against their owners. Number of families who have unnecessarily from month to month, from year to year tolerate misbehavior naughty dog ​​is too large.


Training includes all aspects of communication with the dog's owner and family members to other people. Owning a well-mannered and obedient dog has many advantages.

  • Training strengthens the relationship dog and owner. It is subtly and effectively puts the host in the position of the leader pack, easy to create a sense of social hierarchy. Since life in the pack of great importance for the beagles, it is important that they understand their place in it and respect your leadership position.
  • Well-behaved dogs feel more confident. Since she knows the rules of the desired behavior is more predictable in their behavior, and therefore more free and it does not need constant odёrgivaniya. Her good behavior often draws more attention to it by family members, guests and other people who want to communicate with her.
  • Training promotes communication between you and your dog, establishes mutual understanding and build mutual respect. Quiet and good leadership insistence on the implementation of the rules makes the dog feel safe and secure.
  • Training in obedience could save your dog's life. Teach your dog basic commands to perform basic, you can instantly monitor its actions in cases of emergency. Train your dog to perform commands such as "me. Sit. Fu. "You can avoid a huge amount of potentially tragic situations. Behaved beagle understands its limit, does not suffer from boredom and is less likely to fall into the dangerous alteration. He also feels more comfortable when you are viewing any part of his body, and allows you to inspect the wound or use different medicines.
  • The process of training should trigger positive emotions like the beagle, and the host. The process of learning basic commands will enrich your relationship and lay the foundations for possible involvement in more advanced activities, such as competitions in taming, competitions for agility, hunting competitions or dog shows.

Note: Beagle - the smartest dog receptive striving to please his master. But it does not have an innate knowledge of what is acceptable and unacceptable to her owner. Therefore, it is necessary to provide proper guidance and direction to help her to become your friend.

Instinctive behavior of dogs

Most of the so-called behavioral problem is the result of a very normal dog behavior manifestations that occurred not just at the right time and in the right place, or that have been improperly used, and are not aimed at appropriate target. Without proper management beagle behaves in accordance with laid down in him by nature and breeding instincts. The main training aims at certain changes and more affordable home reorientation natural behavior beagle.


Congenital instincts behavior ancestor of our modern domesticated dogs were mainly focused on basic survival in the wild. Through natural selection in dogs formed the quality, both physical and intellectual, which allowed the best way to adapt and survive. The ancestors of dogs have appreciated advantages of living in the pack. Interacting with one another in pursuit of prey, they provide themselves with food, as well as in the school, they feel more secure.

In connection with the benefits of group living instincts of behavior formed through intragroup interaction between group members and the establishment of social hierarchy within it. Beagle and today continues to live according to the laws and worked out in accordance with the instinct of the pack. This is partly in order to develop the breed, which throughout its history has been used for hunting in the leash. In order to maintain order in the leash, every dog ​​should know their place in it and stick to this position in their behavior when communicating and interacting inside the pack. While some individuals from time to time trying to change their position in the hierarchy of the pack, the procedure is mainly supported by the external manifestations (postures) and small hassle to clarify the relationship, serious conflicts with serious injuries are rare.

Inherited behaviors

Beagle as a representative of the canine unit has many stable instincts and needs. By definition, the instinct - is a recurrent form of innate behavior. Instinctive behavior is internal, not external origin, is inherited and is not absorbed as a result of learning.

Certain instincts are favorable for survival in the wild were fixed by natural selection in the genetic material of our dogs. Some behaviors have been introduced in the course of human breeding. Due to heredity were bred breed with certain ways of behavior, which a person sought in the breeding, so there is no need to train the dogs according to the methods of behavior. So no one teaches beagle go on the trail of a rabbit or a barking, chasing him. This behavior is natural and instinctive.
An elementary understanding of instinctive behaviors can help us in training. In addition to the gregarious, these behaviors helped the ancestors of modern dogs survive:

  • Digging holes in the ground as a way to protect against wind, bad or hot weather. Nora is a safe place for oschena and rearing.
  • Lay as a way to alert members of the pack of potential hazards and about the invasion of strangers. And also to inform members of the pack on the whereabouts of any individual. For example: Beagle submits a voice in finding the trail to attract all members of the pack to take part in the hunt. Dogs can also be used for voice communication to trigger the necessary response.
  • Labels territory in order to publicize its employment. Tags are also used as a "business card" or to declare the readiness of females to mate.
    While many instinctive behaviors, some ways are the result of training and experience. We can say that instincts are the foundation of behavior, and training helps to improve inherited behaviors and influence the direction of their development.


Many manifestations of instinctive behavior, which has the beagle, is unacceptable in the home and family. Nobody wants to live with the Beagle, which is constantly trying to be in a dominant position in relation to the people making up his pack. We do not want to dog labeled area in the house, dug a hole in the couch or barking excessively. What to do? We're not going to let Beagle to do whatever he wants, obeying their instincts, and learn by trial and error. Dressiruya dog may shape and guide its behavior in a more appropriate direction for us and as a result get a nice, well-mannered family friend.

From this work, it is necessary to remember that no two dogs, each dog is an individual. Your approach to the methods and techniques of training to a large extent will depend on the individual. Understanding the purpose of breeding this breed will help you to find an acceptable way that will contribute to the disclosure inherent natural talents. This understanding will also allow you to see how and when can manifest undesirable inherited instinctive behaviors.