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Information and History

Общие данные и История породы: 

"Beaver tail" - as translated from the English name of the extremely interesting breed Bobtail. And all thanks to the special shape of the tail end is somewhat thickened. Often puppies are born with ordinary tail. In this case, they cropped, but the "shortened" Doggie not less attractive.

Here it is, bobtail, strong, tall (height at the withers exceeding 61 cm), in proportion skompanovanny. The waist is slightly higher than the withers. In bobtail straight rather short legs, very strong and durable.

All the dogs body, from head to toe, covered with thick, wavy, pretty harsh hair with a thick undercoat - an excellent escape from the cold.

Of all the geometric shapes square, probably the most suitable body shape. In bobtail large head, broad and deep. Rather short muzzle requires a more detailed description. The dog developed eyebrows. Small hanging ears pressed to the head. The jaws have a square shape. Massive black nose - particular emphasis Bobtail breed.

Eyes set well apart, they are small, these eyes look really smart. Experts believe that the darker the color of the eyes - a positive sign. Bobteyl- beautiful dog. Typically, color is bright colors - white, gray-blue, bluish - marble. These bright, handsome men often have blue or pearl eye color. Expert acknowledges the lack of a color, such as brown, color.

Bobtail - a devotee of agricultural workers. It is believed that his ancestors came to the British Isles, together with the Roman invaders in the I - II century AD And throughout the historical period considered bobtail dogs shepherds, honestly and conscientiously fulfilling their work.

Strong physique, flawless submission host, endurance made it possible to trust the dogs independently manage their herds, their reliable protection from looters. How good-natured, and is faithful to the bobtail owner and family members, so he became a ruthless encroaching on someone else, whether it be property or peace. Dog calmly apprehended their new profession - a guard. And all her qualities were in high demand and need.

It was mentioned that these made the docked tail. The procedure, by the way, often in relation to some of our four-legged friends; and at issue has its supporters and opponents. In the UK, the dogs began to deny this "tail" bulges in the 17th century, when it was introduced a tax on large working dogs. So farmers have learned to "save". At the same time the name "Bobtail" (Bob Tail). Officially, the United Kingdom, the breed is called the Old English Sheepdog.

High society in Britain did not recognize bobtail, popular among the people. But Canine Exhibition in 1864, two shepherd dogs drew attention to their appearance, calmness and obedience. They have appeared admirers and enemies. The point was set at the time of the test tasks in 1875, where there was no bobtail even competitors in the tasks. Since 1888 there is a documented standard for the breed.

In 1993 it adopted the European Convention "On protection of animals." Among other things, the requirements of the breed have removed the need for tail docking Old English Sheepdog. Currently, breeders decide to be or not to be "Bob". Supporters of natural solutions are becoming much more and, albeit slowly, but the appearance of a dog approaching its natural conformation.

Breed standard

Стандарт породы: 

- Muzzle about half less than the length of the head.
- Dog at the withers less than the waist.

Sociable dog with a balanced character, courageous, faithful and credible, with no signs of nervousness or unwarranted aggression.

The head (skull):
In relation to the size of the body - proportional.

Top of my head:
Skull: Large (Large), almost square. Well-marked arches over the eyes.
Stop: The transition from forehead to muzzle clearly expressed.

Nose: Large and black with wide nostrils.
Muzzle: Strong, square as a stub.
Jaws / Teeth: Strong jaws with a perfect, smooth and complete scissor bite, the upper incisors cover the lower without any gap and the teeth standing upright (vertically) with respect to the jaw. Level bite acceptable, but not desirable.
Eyes: Set far apart, dark or ogradnye. Two blue eyes acceptable. Light eyes undesirable. Pigmentation century preferred.
The ears are small and are located on the edges of the head.

Fairly long, strong, beautifully curved.

Rather short and compact. The dog at the withers lower than the waist.
Loin: Very stable, broad and slightly convex.
Chest: Deep and spacious, with a well-convex edges.

Customarily docked or natural bobtail.
Docked: Customarily docked completely.
Undocked: The reception is not evident, low set. In no case do not coiled and is not over back, with no apparent bending. Plenty of hair rigid structure.

The forelegs are perfectly straight, with plenty of bone substance and well maintained housing.
Shoulders: Should be well laid back and the shoulder is narrower than in the shoulder joint. Heavy shoulders undesirable.
Elbows: Tight to the chest.
Well covered with hair, rounded and muscular.
Stifle: Well developed.
Lower thigh: Long and well developed.
Hock: Low delivered. Viewed from the rear, must be absolutely straight.

It should not be turned neither in nor out. Small, round and strong. Toes well convex. Pads thick and hard. Dewclaws should be removed.

At step shows medvezhepodobnye rolling hindquarters. During trotting effortlessly straightening with a very strong impetus, the limbs move straight ahead. Very elastic gallop. At slow speeds, some dogs are predisposed to amble. The head movement can be in the natural low position.

Large, good rigid structure is not straight, but shaggy and free from curl. Water-resistant undercoat. Head and skull well covered with hair, ears moderately coated, neck well overgrown, forelimbs full well covered with hair, the back of a richly covered with hair than the body. Quality, structure and abundance of important than the length.
Any shade of gray, blue or grizzly. Body and hindquarters of a homogeneous color with or without white socks. White spots in these areas should not be encouraged. The head, neck, front legs, with or without white markings. Any shade of brown undesirable.

Males - 61 cm (24 inches) or more.
Females - 56 cm (22 inches) or more.
Type and symmetry are more important and should not be sacrificed for size.

Any deviation from the above points should be regarded as shortcomings, the estimation of which must be in strict compared to the degree of deviation.
Any dog ​​that detects distinct physical abnormalities or disorders of behavior should be disqualified.

Male animals should have two testicles fully descended into the scrotum.



This goof is very clever and good-natured, thoughtful and calm. He loves and is committed to take care of children, never involved in fights, easy to get along with different animals. This devotional, balanced and tolerant creature.

It is perfectly amenable to education and training. But he needed only a friendly and fair attitude. When the physical effects of a dog obstinate and would not listen.

For bobtail owner should only be a leader "flocks" and the undisputed leader.

Educating need to be addressed in the first minutes of visiting the house of a puppy. Training must be consistent. If you have no experience of taming dogs, it is better to turn to an experienced cynologist.

Care and maintenance

Bobtail are longhaired coat that needs constant care. This breed should be brushed at least three times a week, as long shaggy coat bobtail easily collects dirt and dust.

Since the Bobtail likely to develop skin diseases, and their wool is easy to tangle, this is another reason to keep hair in good condition bobtail. Dogs of this breed is involved in exhibitions require the services of a professional groomer. It is important to constantly and carefully to get rid of tangles in the hair bobtail because they may eventually cause discomfort in the dog.

OES can be cut every two months. These dogs once sheared sheep with the most attractive and they look to the hair of medium length. If bobtail is not involved in the shows, his hair, you can simply cut off with an electric clipper dogs. Bobtail much fade during the spring season in April and May. It is recommended that a regular shave and bathe claws bobtail. It is important to teach bobtail take baths in the early years of his life. In addition, every year, do not forget about the prevention against fleas and ticks.


Bobtail rarely miss an opportunity to run about and be on the street long runs are ideal exercises for them. Natural shepherds, these dogs can run for hours if needed. They are best suited for the content in the yard, but if you live in an apartment, they need regular exercise and permanent employment. At home, they can be occupied with toys.

A brisk walk twice a day is a good workout for the bobtail. The ability to run will help them become strong and maintain a good shape throughout the year. Water should always be available for these dogs, especially in hot climates, where their long shaggy coat can cause peregreva.Oni best suited for keeping in cold climates. Their long hair allows them to run even in very cold climates. And especially during the severe weather they can enjoy the indoor facilities.

Bobtail owners who lead an active lifestyle will find Bobtail wonderful companions, as they can take part in many sporting activities of their hozyaev.Bobteylov can be trained to perform a variety of commands and tricks, they are happy to take on different tasks. These dogs are happiest when they have a job and are very attentive to the needs of their owners. When Bobtail happy she is very obedient dog. This breed of dogs rarely show aggression, and only if the dog is scared or hurt.


The dog should be brushed himself, and it should be done 2-3 times in 2 months, all carefully vychesyvaya undercoat. But you can once in two months led the dog to the hairdresser, the price of such pleasure varies (from 300rub to 2000rub) all depends on the wool and how it is able to, as the age of the dog. My parents live in the village, they bobtail bitch and they comb it only in winter once a month, and in the summer trimmed. Wash only once a year, it's because in the village less dirt from cars and other things. Thus, in a year you'll have to wash your dog 4-5 times and comb about 6-10 times.

To care for the puppies also need prodelyvat. Puppy can comb for 10 minutes. Best puppy scratching regularly, so that he could get used to this procedure.

Training and education

Дрессировка и воспитание: 

Bobtail - surprisingly noble dog, which easily lends itself to proper education and training. This calls for a dog-friendly and ambitious relationship if you do not give her this, then you have nothing. Another thing to know is that the bobtail should perceive you as a leader "flocks" to see behind you lead.

Bobtail need to start from the first minute to bring the appearance of a puppy in your home. And at the same time to start dog training yourself with all of the basic commands. In the beginning, be sure to come up with a nickname dog and start to teach it to the collar and leash. The first thing you should do - is to learn how to teach your dog simple but very important commands that directly should master bobtail.

Particular difficulties you should arise with the bob. The most important thing to be persistent, and then success is guaranteed with your pet. Move to the next instruction should only when achieve the result by the preceding command.