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Information and History

Общие данные и История породы: 

Today is hard enough to find a thoroughbred of breed Caucasian Ovcharka. Throughout the history of the Caucasus have repeatedly crossed with other breeds. And, if not strange, all the changes that have been made, brought only harm. So for example, the current Caucasian Ovcharka dogs have a very low back, which was a consequence of the crossing. Also, very often it becomes a problem with the hind legs, and many others.

Purebred instances have a number of characteristic qualities. They are very hardy and strong by nature. But despite the daunting size and powerful physique Caucasian Ovcharka has a very stable psyche and agreeable disposition. Such a dog would never hurt a child, and gets along fine with other pets. In addition, the Caucasian Ovcharka has an amazing mind. Dogs of this breed is perfectly able to find solutions to complex situations. It's a great companion, protector and guard.

It should be noted that representatives of the breed caucasian shepherd never tolerate to be treated as a slave. With the right education and care this dog will be a real friend, who will become his master trusted and loyal defender. These are most often used for Caucasian Ovcharka. In dogs, this breed is very highly developed desire to defend their own territory. This dog is unlikely to miss the yard unwelcome guest for the hosts. A high intelligence and instincts developed to help the dog to easily identify whom to put in the yard, and who is not. In addition, the Caucasian Ovcharka often just strips the alien because of its enormous size and will not allow without the need to move huge fangs.

Of course, in our time there is a perception that the Caucasian Ovcharka - an aggressive and unpredictable dog. Such manifestations of hostility to a man appeared as a result of improper upbringing puppies that affected their psyche. From the nature of the Caucasians differ devotion and loyalty to the man.

Furthermore psychiatric symptoms uncontrolled hybridization led to changes in the external form of the rock. The changes are manifested, for example, in the coat of the dog. Wool modern Caucasian sheep particularly long. Purebred Caucasians differ in short soft hair. It is also worth noting that the bite of a modern Caucasians is significantly different from its ancestor.

Today, professional breeders share the Caucasian sheep into two types. The first resides in the territory of the CIS countries, and is the result of interbreeding. The second kind is found in the Caucasus. True thoroughbred Caucasian today can be found by selecting from the representatives of the second kind.


Reliable data about who was the progenitor of the breed caucasian shepherd dog, to date there. Numerous researchers offer different theories on this subject, the main of which is the origin of Caucasians from the Tibetan mastiff.

Homeland breed Caucasian Ovcharka considered Dagestan. It was here, after a long period of settling in Rome, Mesopotamia, Greece, was the first Tibetan mastiff, which was brought from China. It happened at the end of the II century BC.

Thus, the Caucasian Ovcharka boasts quite a long history of development, as a result of which, there was a split on the true breed Caucasian Ovcharka and Central Asia.

The character of the Caucasian Ovcharka, her appearance and strength characteristics are a direct consequence of the influence of the terrain on which the breed was developed. Highlands, a lot of steep slopes and difficult areas have become the impetus for the development of the incredible strength in the breed. The discharged air of the mountains has led to an increase in the chest to the size we see today. In all of this, the dog, despite its massiveness, is characterized by its agility and quickness, which also explains the development of the breed on the mountain paths of their homeland.

And of course one of the main qualities of this dog is incredible courage and desire to protect their own. The main purpose of the Caucasian Ovcharka in the mountains of Dagestan, was to guard large herds of sheep and owners of houses from wolves and strangers. That is why the qualities cultivated carefully.

At the end of the twentieth century have become widespread confusion wolfhound (also known as the Caucasian Ovcharka) with other types of dogs. From this period the livestock of these Caucasians decreased significantly and today the number of true minimum wolfhounds.

Breeding work in many cases, lead to the development of the Caucasian Ovcharka specific qualities, such as loyalty to such other dogs living at home. However, developing such qualities breeders destroy the individuality of the wolfhound, greatly reduce its strength, endurance and intelligence. Therefore, the issue of preservation of this Caucasian Ovcharka today remains relevant.

Breed standard

Стандарт породы: 

In 1997, the RCF was officially set standard of the breed Caucasian Shepherd. Large-breed dog belonging to a rough type of addition, having a volume, strong muscles and massive skeleton. Pronounced sexual type - massive, big dogs at the withers from 72 to 75 cm, females from 66 to 69 cm. The weight of males is not less than 50 kg, 45 kg in females.

Quiet, self-confident, balanced behavior.

Massive, large head with a pronounced mane, broad skull. Slightly convex, broad forehead with no prominent brow and a sharp transition from forehead to muzzle. Thick adjacent lips. Black, big nose.

Docked, set on high, hanging, small ears.

Dark, oval, deep, wide and obliquely set eyes.

Well developed, large teeth. Scissor bite.

Wide, long, dropped to the line of elbows chest. Several speakers front part of the chest. Moderately tight stomach. Muscular, strong, straight, broad back. Several convex, broad, muscular, short back. Almost horizontal, rounded, moderately long croup.

The tail hook sickle, set high.

In parallel, set, straight front legs. Long scapula and humerus. The round cross-section, solid, straight forearm. Short pastern. Strictly sent back elbows. Forelegs up to the elbows a little more than the height of the dog.

Mutually parallel, straight hind limb. Not long drumstick and thigh. Several straightened corners, strong, broad hocks. Set upright, massive metatarsal.

Lumpy, rounded, large paws.

With a thick undercoat, rough, straight hair. On the front of the legs and on the head of hair tight and shorter. With relatively short and thick hair.

Color can be varied from black to gray, from brown to red. White markings on the abdomen, sternum, tip of tail, paws, black mask found in the solid color.

The legs move in a straight line motion. Available unbend joints front and rear extremities. In general, the movement is not hurried and free.

Unfortunately, the Caucasian Shepherd has a number of defects: bednokostnost strongly stretched housing, looseness and ease of addition. The female type dogs. Very short and soft fur. Raw saggy eyelids. In general, any deviations from the standard are considered defect and shortcoming.



Despite the fact that the Caucasian shepherd dogs have a very impressive size, they are quite nice and friendly, and so popular.

The dog easily adapts to weather conditions, even the harsh winter transfers.

One of the main qualities of the breed is confident, so that they clearly and accurately react in extreme situations. Even in moments of danger they remain calm, and should be able to live at home and on the street or in a cage.

Because of the distinctive features can be noted as perseverance, courage, determination, guarding instincts and distrust of outsiders. In this Caucasian Shepherd to train well, since it has enough high intelligence and balanced character.

For it is very important to the attention of all members of the family, which is always ready to defend it. But she only trusted family members, and children enjoy its special protection. They never hurt her, but in the children's games always will participate.

Keep in mind that deciding to start a caucasian shepherd dog, need to pay special attention to her education, since it is from this will depend on the relationship with her, starting with the first day in the house of a puppy.

Care and maintenance

Little Caucasian Shepherd puppy suited to bear. But buying tolstolapogo, furry, little puppy, it must be remembered that in the future this will be a great crumb, large animals. And this beast, so as not to be, really, animal needs in education, attention and respect.

Since childhood, the puppy should try to socialize well, to make him frequent long walks. Like children, puppies love to play, run. They do not like it when outsiders try to stroke them, but come up and sniff can be happy. With age, the Caucasian Shepherd Dog is becoming a serious and independent. These dogs do not suffer when they are in a hurry, they shout, much less applied force. Penalty for no reason is not acceptable. It must be strong and immediate.

Attachment to host strong, durable. Changed owners perceive painful and it is likely that the owner will be followed by the lack of contact. The owner of a dog of this breed must be a leader. Owner in the upbringing of Caucasian must achieve a strong relationship, it's a reliable defender and guardian.

Keep the dog of the breed in a confined space, a crime. The apartment is no place for such a powerful dog. Caucasian Shepherd must live in a specially-built cage. In no case can not be held on the Caucasian chain. The reason for this is that otherwise it is possible to grow a malicious not driven dog. The enclosure should be roofed, spacious

Like all other dog breeds Caucasian Shepherd needs to affix all the provisions of vaccinations and periodic visits to the veterinarian (who are interested in the Moscow veterinary hospitals "biocontrol" appeared otkrytyevakansii veterinary clinics). So find a good vet and entrust him to the health of their pet.

Training and education

Дрессировка и воспитание: 


Train teams caucasian shepherd dog need from puppyhood. The most important thing in it - refers to the process with love and respect. For those who have never engaged in training, you just need to turn to a professional, because without experience can be obtained as a result of a huge and unruly dog.

Must train one whom it recognizes the owner and leader. The process of training can be divided into two stages:

  1. Training a puppy.
  2. Securing the skills of an adult dog.

Before the start of training should be to determine what the nature of the dog. Most often it is thoughtful and friendly dog, though quite independent. Teaching them commands, you can not skimp on the affection.

The first thing you need to teach the puppy - is nicknamed, always call the same, without suffixes and prefixes. After nicknames should be learning simple commands "To me!" (Say tenderly and trustingly) and "Walk." For the correct execution of the command pet should be encouraged at least to scratch behind his ear.

When the puppy turns three months, you can train his team "can not." This command can not pronounce simple way: just in case, with confident and firm. In five months, the puppy can be taught the command "sit" and then "lying". At the same time training should introduce pet with the command "Heel" is best when coming home or walking.

In six months, the puppy learns to to wear a muzzle. First, in the short term, gradually increasing the time.


These "little bears" is actually quite a strong character that they can show at any time, showing independence. Therefore, education Caucasian Shepherd puppies have their own characteristics, different from other breeds of dog training.

Educating puppy must be from the first moment of his appearance in the house. He immediately must learn who is the boss and where he was a puppy, place. It is also an important role for walks, which should start with a few minutes. At first, they must be non-durable, but frequent.

In the education of the Caucasian Shepherd has three simple rules:

  1. They can not scream.
  2. They can not be rushed.
  3. They can not be beat.

This too is a breed that before you do anything else, they need to think about. Therefore, there is some sluggishness, but hurry or blame for this can not be a dog, or she may simply become embittered. You can scold the puppy when he shows aggression toward anyone in the family or, for example, picks up something from the ground.

It should be noted that aggression is a natural feature of the breed, and it certainly must be suppressed, otherwise the consequences may not be too pleasant. As punishment for aggression are important firmness and rigor.

However, we should not forget also about the promotions, especially for well-executed commands as well as the award plays an important role in the education of this breed.

First of all, it is necessary to ensure that the Shepherd admitted in a host of solid leader, then it will be easier to avoid the problems of the independent character of the dog. Also in the family hierarchy should be the dominant position of any person in the family, only then the dog will listen well and will become loyal and reliable.