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Information and History

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History of breed

In China, there is an ancient legend that tells of the origin of this adorable dog breed. She says that once lay in the woods a little lost child who was freezing in the snow. Runs past a small dog, then still covered with thick beautiful hair. Seeing the suffering of a young child, the dog took pity on the children of men, he donated all his beautiful fur that would hide the baby. Moved by such selfless behavior of forest spirits descended to the dog. They returned to the child's parents and offered the dog to live with people who still care about her gratitude for saving the child.

This is not only a tradition, which is devoted to the Chinese crested dog. One Chinese legend tells of the tragic love between two young people. Rich girl's father could not afford to marry the daughter of a poor suitor. So he decided to marry his daughter to a rich old man, who had long been his eye on her. In search of salvation lovers visited the old sorcerer, who promised to fix it. With the help of a magic spell, he turned to the old man's small dog with a cheerful crest. Lovers have been saved. They married, but their descendants born in the guise of the same dogs. They all arrived at the monastery, where there was this rock.

Some legends even say that the Chinese crested dog has been a companion of the Buddha himself and has supernatural powers.

The monastery, which is often to be found representatives of the breed, believed that such a wonderful dog is a messenger from the dead. After the death of his master, she goes with him and leads him to the afterlife.

Although such a majestic legend about the origin of the dog, reliable information about the appearance of the breed Chinese Crested no. Not kept any written confirmation of the progenitors of the breed, its purpose and place in the ancient society.

Only recently, Chinese researchers were able to discover ancient scrolls partially shed light on the history of the Chinese crested dog. They say that the monks at Buddhist temples bred small dogs that differed complete lack of hair on the body and a magnificent crest on the head.

The lack of hair on the body is due to dogs and more unusual theories. One of them says that the tender, hairless skin is a result of long-term development of the breed in tropical countries. Proponents of this theory insist that crested dogs came to China on ships seafarers from Africa and immediately gained popularity among the nobility.

Such a theory is not the only one. Misty Chinese Crested breed history leads to the development of the most improbable theories explaining its origin.

But most researchers still are of the opinion that the hairless dog is not proof of their origin from tropical countries. It is a consequence of mutations manifested in all continents, regardless of the inherent climate areas. So mutations are subject to not only the dog, but other representatives of the animal world. The only thing that influenced the development of such dogs in China, so that's what is so original appearance came to taste the local population, which was to develop a dog in this form.

Distribution in Europe

Such unusual and lovely creatures could not attract the attention of European explorers, who regularly visited China in the XVIII century. But it acquires such pets they are not in a hurry. Chinese crested dog first appeared in Europe only a century later.

In the mid-1880s, on one show in New York was represented by a dog of this breed. It immediately created a furor. Such an unusual appearance and behavior of dogs comic relished many dog ​​breeders and just spectators. Inspired by such an exotic, even American artists polls depicted these animals in his paintings.

It is worth noting that such a large popular Chinese Crested was not widespread. On one of the shows in the UK this dog was presented to the public, but a storm of emotions in America did not cause. English breeders in no hurry to welcome a new breed, and carried her to the faulty line.

Taunton dog breeder who brought the dog to an exhibition in England, was in no hurry to give up. Together with local breeders, he actively took up the selection of the breed. As a raw material, he experimented with a Tibetan Terrier, Latin naked dogs spent crossing the Afghan greyhound. As a result, there was "an improved version of" Chinese crested dog, which are even more impressive mane around the head, bulk hair on legs and tail.

Before you purchase a form to which we are accustomed to today, the Chinese crested dog has come a long way. And by the end of the last century, it still gained popularity and recognition. In the 70's it was created a worldwide standard for the breed, which is strictly limited selection.

Thus, there is no clear evidence that shed light on the emergence of the Chinese crested dog in China, but it is known that modern Crested dog with a naked little body and velvet skin is the result of British and American experts. After her worldwide recognition, the dog has taken a worthy place in the homes of many actors, singers and politicians, just their uniqueness and their playful, affectionate disposition.

Breed standard

Стандарт породы: 

Two types of Chinese Crested: Hairless and down (feather)

Dog height at the withers 23-33 cm, dry constitution, weight - 2-5 kg. The body is completely devoid of hair, the skin is very smooth and thin, can not stand the cold, moisture and direct sunlight. The head is long with an elongated snout. On his head is preferred magnificent crest. The hair on the legs should be on the rise above the hocks and wrists. The skin is hot and soft to the touch, it can be different colors: pink, blue, black, pale purple, red wood or copper. Under the sun of light-skinned 'Chinese' tan to bronze color.

Coat color is recognized all - solid or spotted.

There are two types of Chinese Crested Constitution - "deer" and "Pony". "Deer" is characterized by a light and fine-boned, it looks more elegant. Among them are not uncommon too emotional individuals. Dogs like "ponies" with a heavy-boned, stocky. They are more confident and calm that helps them win more often at exhibitions.

The name of the breed is not the word "naked" or "hairless". An important feature of Chinese Crested: in the same litter can be born completely naked individuals who later grow crest on the head, paws and tail and puppies-puffs, ie fully covered sherstyu.Standart allows any colors and color combinations. They can range from brown-red to blue. In combination with pink pigmented skin obtained patterned marble and mottled colors.

It's funny that the richness and density of coat color varies depending on the season. In summer, the animal's skin can tan. Then it will be the color of bronze and graphite. In winter, the skin tone becomes lighter again. Of course, crested dogs are very susceptible to sunburn.

The representatives of the breed unusual structure paws. Their elongated fingers resemble human. Clever pet, just like a small child reaching for his beloved master handles or foot long rolls out toy from under the bed.

No allergies?

Alas, even the naked dog is allergic. Allergic reactions can run the allocation of skin glands crested pitomitsy or components of their saliva.



Naked pets from China never used as a hunting or guards. Their ancestors were honorary members of the ancient rites. And modern breeders have created is a decorative rock. Hence the many quality.

Chinese Crested is very friendly. She loves all family members, especially children, very affectionate towards people unlike many oriental breeds. She is gentle, affectionate, careful and flexible. Puppy, only entered into the house of timidity would not even be the first time to play. When he shows how "Chinese" are playful and curious.

It's quite temperamental dog, but will not bark in vain. Her barking may mean that the pet is either too nervous or bored and waiting for caress.

It is fairly easy to train and it is necessary, as well as any dog. At the same time it is able to learn habavnye stunts: walking on its hind legs, climb ladders, jump over obstacles.

She gets great pleasure from intercourse with a man, not terribly fond of solitude. And that she did not grow timid and nedoverchevoy, often better to take it with him to the human society, to familiarize with the quiet, small dogs.

Chinese crested dog loves his master so that it becomes vitally important to her, and if he leaves the house, she will be a long wait and look for it. For an adult, this dog is very difficult to adapt to a new host.

Bitches "hohlatok" zealous mother and nyanchatsya even the grown considerably puppies.

Many representatives of the breed fear both hot and cold water. She needs to give more toys to make it out of boredom Do not chew things.

Chinese crested amaze emotion. They are very attached to their owner and do not suffer alone. It is necessary to leave pitomitsy in an empty apartment - a bored dog immediately begin to whine and bark. Buy this pet - so good to be in the spotlight.

They clearly feel the mood of the people. Typically, the breed - a cute, playful and friendly. But if the owner is not available, a pet will not bother. He curtailed a ball somewhere in a secluded corner and peacefully zasopit. The main thing is to keep the family together.

Playful pitomitsy itself may find entertainment. For example, to roll a ball of yarn on the floor, the lid of the plastic bottle or bag rustling. Her character will allow her to get along with other pets. However, it may be a bit jealous.

Experts breed argue that there are many feline features. For example, the temperature of the bare body is higher than the temperature of the coat other dogs. Therefore, Chinese Crested can, like a cat, work ... warmer. They say it can ease the pain of rheumatism, inflammation of the veins, and osteochondrosis.

Not for children
All crested dog is very fragile, so it is not recommended to start families with young children. The child is able to accidentally hurt them. In addition, these dogs are afraid of screams and sudden movements. Constant noise lead to chronic nervousness and timidity.

Care and maintenance

Degree of grooming Chinese Crested depends on how much accumulates pitomitsy. But her soft skin in the first place and requires constant attention. You will have to work hard!

Care should be taken, not whether there are cracks, scars and acne. If the body becomes dryish, it is necessary to lubricate the non-fatty hypoallergenic cream.

We'll have to arrange pitomitsy bath day each week. It is recommended to use a soft sponge or gel for sensitive skin. Mane is better to wash with shampoo, which will give extra volume. After water procedures need to wet the dog with a soft towel and treat your skin light cosmetic oil.

Hair on the muzzle is necessary to remove machine, and after the haircut should be carefully processed skin with light cosmetic oil.

Hair on the muzzle is necessary to remove machine, and after the haircut should be carefully handle the skin with an antiseptic solution, and a children's cream with herbs. Also, periodically need to shear the wool growing on the back, shoulders, hips.

Fluffy variety "Chinese" do not shed seasonal. However, their hair still gradually updated. So it will have the same regularly wash and comb to not stray hairs into mats or absorbed odors.

Training and education

Дрессировка и воспитание: 

Education of Chinese Crested

After visiting the house of Chinese Crested puppy, many owners lost as well give the dog a proper upbringing, tamed it to himself and trained in basic commands? Raising a puppy Chinese Crested dog begins to get used to your home. Selling Chinese Crested sometimes made entirely in children and puppies need a lot of affection and care. The puppy should get acquainted with its berth, area homes and family members. Start with short-term training is necessary lessons, 15 minutes at first, would be sufficient. Raised dog will never manipulate their hosts. Do not allow the dog to sleep in your bed, even if it's very touching puppy that is very plaintively ask you to bask. Allowing a dog once that you find objectionable, a dog can have a "disservice", violating its associative perception. In general, any education at its core contains the associative method. If the dog exhibits good behavior, it should be encouraged. Then, in the memory of the dog postponed habit of listening to his master. If the dog shows disobedience, it must be punished by the rough, instructive tone, by the sudden end of the walk. Punishment should occur immediately, otherwise the dog will not understand why he was nakazyvayut.Vyraschivanie Chinese Crested puppy should take place in love, these little dogs, quite fine mental organization, they are easily hurt, unfairly punish or raising his voice. Chinese Crested is very smart, it is easily digested and readily their team performs subject of periodic repetitions already unlearning teams. Stay with a dog strict but fair. You must earn credibility in the eyes of the dog and then she will respect his master, giving him their love and devotion.

Training Chinese Crested

For a successful dog training is necessary to develop basic skills in her obedience. The puppy is in need of praise, the owner, for her sake he is ready to carry out the necessary steps in perfecting their skills. During a walk in the fresh air in the park, it is necessary to teach a dog to that thinking is necessary, regardless of distractions. For example, the training of Chinese Crested at home should take place with the introduction of distracting objects, favorite toy or puppy treats, a dog must not ignore the temptation, paying attention to the assimilation of their teams. When the dog is out, generously awarded her a treat. Chinese Crested Training should begin with learning the basic commands. These teams are like, "me", "next", "sit", "place" and of course, the first thing a dog should get used to his name. The key point of how to train a Chinese crested puppy significance is the suggestion of its owner. To work with a dog that does not question the authority of the owner, it is much easier than working with a dog, which considers itself the leader in this tandem. Chinese Crested puppy training process fun and responsible. It is necessary to teach a dog to feed at a certain time. To the dog has learned the command "to me" it is necessary to summon and gentle voice for a walk, play with it, perhaps, offer a treat. So you develop a dog pleasant associations and help your beloved pet can easily digest command. Teach your dog the command "sit" can be light by pressing on the back of the animal, and when the dog sits, you must offer her a treat.