English Cocker Spaniel

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Cocker Spaniel
breed Cocker Spaniel

Information and History

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Many owners are naive English spaniels believe that luxury long ears of their pupils is a direct legacy of their ancestors. But modern scholars have concluded that the cocker spaniel comes from the rocks with conventional small ears. A beautiful Cocker ears are completely man-made.

English Cocker Spaniel has its roots from the ancient breed "ash" of dogs, from which the majority of the hunting breeds of today. These dogs are ideal companions during a hunt for our ancestors more than three thousand years ago. Scientists named the breed "ash" as most of the remains of these dogs was found in piles of ash. Scientists believe that their sacrifice to the gods for the sake of a successful hunt.

From ash dogs subsequently developed several lines of hunting dogs. This led to the fact that in modern research formed a few theories about how the process took place on the development of the breed English Cocker Spaniel. One such theory is that evolved from Cockers, popular in Spain, long-haired breeds of dogs, which were used for hunting flightless birds. Many breeders believe that because of these dogs evolved, and in the process of selection of cocker spaniels. Gradually, cultivating their essential qualities, it was bred breed we know today. On the Russian, American and English Cocker were divided as a result of further breeding. One proof of their theory, researchers believe the similarity of the word "Spain" and "spaniel".

Quite an interesting theory of the origin of the name of the Spaniel and give the British researchers. In their view, the word "spaniel" comes from the English expression «spain spain». If you translate this expression into our language, we get the phrase "jump high." The British believe that this is the name of their ancestors spaniels that are really different opportunity to jump high and constantly showing her on the hunt.

Adherents of other theories are of the opinion that the ancestors of modern spaniels are purely British breed of dog called "Agassi". These long-haired dogs of small size with highly developed hunting skills. This explanation arose on the basis of written documents found, which have been created, supposedly a half thousand years ago.

This is a lot of debate occurs only on the second part of the name of the breed. What about the word "Cocker", his explanation is simple enough. English Cocker Spaniel long time were selected for a specific purpose - hunting woodcock. This small forest bird, which in England is called Cocker.

Serious work on the selection and breeding of cocker spaniel had already begun in the XIX century and this merit is wholly owned by England. Officially recognized breed is considered since 1893. That's when it was officially entered in the stud book. To a large extent contributed to this club English spaniels, whose members strongly contributed to the development and dissemination of the breed.

In 1902 was the first attempt to make a national standard for the breed. In the future, standard withstood many different editions and supplements. The result of years of work became final national standard, which was recognized in 1969. After 5 years, it was created an international standard for the breed Cocker Spaniel. It is on this basis were Russian and American Cocker Spaniel.

As for our country, there were the first representatives of the breed in the early XX century. But these instances were more unique phenomenon than a part of the mass of rock. Popularization of cocker spaniels in Russia began after it was adopted by the international standard of their breeding. Particularly affected cockers spread their appearance on the famous national exhibitions. Cute, funny dog ​​immediately won the hearts of Russian breeders.

In England, the breed Cocker Spaniel is often referred to also as "merry cocker". This is an unofficial name fully reflects the good-natured humor and playful nature of these dogs. And many British shows the breed first appeared with the title "Field Spaniel".

Breed standard

Стандарт породы: 

Outward appearance

English Cocker Spaniel well built.
The head is large, but has a regular shape, round eyes, dark, low-set ears, long growing on them with a long, often slightly curly hair.
This is a fairly active dog, so they have a well-developed muscles.
Growth of the representatives of this breed rarely exceeds forty centimeters, weight, usually not more than fifteen kilograms.
Eligible quite a lot of colors, for example, the most common are black and blue, red and black, but there are other options.
Coat of medium length, soft and silky to the touch.


The breed standard FCI:

GENERAL APPEARANCE: Merry, sturdy, sporting; harmonious; compact; soundings taken from the withers to the base of the tail, is approximately equal to the height at the withers.

BEHAVIOUR AND CHARACTER: The cheerful character with ever-wagging tail shows a typical bustling movement, particularly when prichuivanii without fear impassable places. A soft and gentle, but full of energy, overflowing.


Cranial Region: Skull well developed, clearly delineated, nor too slim, not too rough.

The transition from Stop: clearly, is located halfway between the tip of the nose to the back of the head.


Nose: large enough for fine flair.

The muzzle is blunt-edged.

Jaws and teeth: Jaws strong with a perfect, regular and complete scissor bite, ie the upper teeth closely overlapping the lower teeth and set square to the jaws.

Cheeks: Not protruding.

Eyes: Large, but not prominent. Dark brown or brown, in any case, not light, but in the case of brown, brown-speckled and spotted brown colors - dark walnut, in harmony with the shirt; with an expression of intelligence and kindness, but attentive, bright and cheerful; dark border.

Ears: Hanging, set low, at eye level. A thin sheet reaches the ear tip of the nose. Well-dressed long, straight, silky hair.

NECK: Medium length, well muscled. Just put in a perfectly oblique shoulders. Throat clean lines.

BODY: Strong, compact.

Topline: Strong, smooth, gently sloping from the waist to the base of the tail.

Loin: Short, wide.

Chest: Well developed and deep front part; neither very wide nor too narrow in front. Ribs well sprung.

TAIL: Set on slightly below the topline. It should be fun to stay in motion and horizontally, in any case, do not bully. Customarily docked but never too short to be hidden, nor too long to interfere with the incessant merry movement during operation.


FOREQUARTERS: Legs well boned, straight, sufficiently short for the concentration of power. Not too short, so as not to interfere with the incredible efforts expected of this excellent sporting dog.

Shoulders: Oblique and graceful.

HINDQUARTERS: Broad, as the rounded, very muscular; bony legs.

Stifle: Well angulated.

Hocks: Short, allowing a powerful impetus.

FEET: Firm, thickly padded, cat-like.

MOVEMENT: The correct at any rate, to cover the enormous energy space.


HAIR: fitting, silky texture, in any case, not wiry or wavy, not too profuse and never curly. Well pronounced feathering on the front legs, hind legs and strip above the hock.

COLOUR: Varied. When solid color white markings are not allowed except on chest.


Height about: males 39-41 cm (15.5 - 16 in.);

bitches 38-39 cm (15 - 15.5 in.).

Weight about 12.5 - 14.5 kg (28-32 lbs.).

FAULTS: Any departure from the foregoing points should be considered a fault or flaw, depending on the severity.

NOTE: Male animals should have two apparently normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum.



If pet English Cocker Spaniel, it will be the most friendly and cheerful home. Dogs of this breed can be described as loyal, playful, very moving, gentle and sociable. The breed is suitable for both single people and large families, although the owner of the dog will choose a single person.

English Cocker Spaniel in need of heavy loads, so that he could get rid of his overflowing energy. Though pet can sleep all day at home, awaiting the return of the master, but once you come back, it will need to communicate. Walking desirable long that the dog was able to run. Well suited for hunting spaniel, will be happy to run after the stick, play frisbee.

Cockers are very clever, so it is good to train. If properly motivated, the team will learn quickly. You can train them in the direction of agility - the dance with a dog listening to music. That cocker spaniel will be happy to learn and execute commands, say its tail, which is in constant motion.

What is the character of the English Cocker Spaniel?

Slightly different characters of females and males. Girls tend to be more stubborn, tend to occupy a dominant position. And the boys playful and more modest. Although almost all of the dogs are bold, but there are also shy among them. If you need to pay attention to the education of their independence. Very often, they rely on the hosts. If the house doggie will always stay close to the owner, on the street, he has to be more independent. Letting the dog off the leash, do not worry, she will run away. She will always be in sight of the owner.

Not suitable English Cocker Spaniel on the role of caretaker. Although the dog react to strangers warily, but rather fit to lick than bite. Some representatives of different breeds and frequent barking for no reason. Spaniel and make friends with all the other pets, including cats and birds.

Houses Cocker Spaniel will always pursue the master. It is worth it to pay attention, to say a kind word, as there is its tail will begin to move. He will follow you to the bathroom, to get to sleep with you in bed. If you give him a command to instantly perform, expecting rewards. Ready to kiss his master all day. With small kids and dog to play in any case would not hurt them.

In general, it is a friendly dog ​​who needs an active pastime and attention of the owners.

Care and maintenance

The main problem regarding the care of English Cocker - is to control the state of his long and ever-growing hair. To accomplish this, you should purchase a special tool:

  • two types of combs, in one - frequent teeth, and the other - a rare blunt;
  • two brushes: the first - a short stubble, and the second tool is the massage brush;
  • comb Slicker;
  • thinning scissors need to thin out more thick portions;
  • scissors with different ends: blunt, straight and curved - a tool is needed to align the hair on the feet, between the toes, and trimming the mustache;
  • electric machine, which has a large set of nozzles;
  • strimppingovochny knife designed to improve the appearance of hair and get rid of dead hair;
  • a piece of pumice is necessary in the event that hands were slipping during grooming dogs.

First haircut English Cocker Spaniels should only be a professional barber. Of course, good if the owner can independently mow your pet, but this will need to gain a bit of experience to get it right. Calling to her groomer, to begin following other reviews of his work, otherwise you can soon get at the beautiful and well-kept a spaniel, and this "ugly duckling".

If you want your English Cocker Spaniel remained healthy and was less prone to infectious diseases, regularly clean his ears. In this part of the dog's body often accumulate a large amount of earwax. It would be better if you are for this event will be using the ear stick, but do not climb deep into your pet's ear.

Also, you have to do regular clean animal's teeth to prevent plaque formation. This breed of dogs do not really like this procedure, so your puppy should be accustomed to it from day one. As a means for cleaning teeth using a toothbrush and toothpaste, bought at a pet store.

In no case should not apply human toothbrush - it can lead to diarrhea animal. You should also follow the hygiene and pet eyes periodically to stretch them with a cotton pad moistened with plain water.

With regard to daily walks in the street, the English cocker spaniel just love them and try to stay outdoors longer. This breed of dogs, because of their hunting instincts, is constantly in the field of view of the owner. The dog's owner, meanwhile, needs to understand that his pet need constant exercise. For additional training cocker you can enter active exercises in the form of games.

Feeding and diseases of the English spaniel

Proper nutrition can help your dog stay healthy for many years. If you are for what to feed your pet dry food, then you will have to give preference to expensive and proven brands. In the case where you use food from the table, the additional cost to enter into the diet of a dog the required vitamins. English Cocker Spaniel may refuse to eat it useful for writing: in this situation, you should persevere and do not go on about the favorite.

In order to protect cocker on a number of serious illnesses, is periodically engaged in the vaccination of animals. The most common eye diseases in dogs of this breed are:

  • cataracts;
  • cherry eye;
  • degeneration of the retina (progressive);
  • keratoconjunctivitis;
  • ectropion;
  • glaucoma;
  • entropion;
  • distichiasis;
  • progressive retinal atrophy.

The rest of the English spaniel disease can be represented as the general list:

  • atopy;
  • urolithiasis disease;
  • melanoma;
  • food allergy;
  • perianal adenocarcinomas;
  • lipoma;
  • immune hemolytic anemia;
  • epilepsy;
  • hip dysplasia;
  • discopathy;
  • hypothyroidism;
  • chronic hepatitis;
  • otitis.

It must be treated gently to the skin of the dog, as it is very delicate, especially in the ears. Sometimes this breed of dogs show signs of skin cancer. If you notice at least some variation in the health of your pet, immediately contact your nearest vetkliniku.

Training and education

Дрессировка и воспитание: 

Puppy - is a big responsibility for the hosts. From his upbringing and care for it will depend on what the dog grow. Begin to teach your puppy from the moment it enters into a new house. No need to wait until he grows up, and bad habits will be hard to correct. In the process of education at a young cocker spaniel encourage good habits and bad eradicated accustom to daily care.

Dogs, like people, can have different characters. Every puppy requires an individual approach to education. Cockers can be:

  • Choleric. It's a big part of the English Cocker Spaniels. They are active and unpredictable, can be aggressive. With their education can not be screaming and physically affect the puppy. They need a lot of walking and a child to get used to new experiences, environment.
  • Phlegmatic different complaisance. They are very friendly, but slow-moving. This puppy should be forced to play, sometimes worth it to shout that he made the team. Phlegmatic prone to obesity.
  • Sanguine considered ideal Cockers. Balanced dog will find a common language with any person, animal to play with children. To bring them the easiest way.
  • Melancholic prone to cowardice. They require patience and affection in the education. Cocker melancholic not suitable for hunting, but would be a good pet, companion for lonely people.

How to raise a puppy cocker?

So far, little puppy, his fur, claws do not require special care. However, you need to teach a child spaniel to different procedures. Puppy cocker not be able to spend a long time in one place, so all the procedures should last no longer than 10 minutes.

Grooming involves combing. Brush selected massage, soft, so it does not scratch the skin. Matted hair, first dismantle the hands, and then a metal comb. It is not necessary to pull the wool. Haircut begin to accustom the puppy to scissors, their clatter. Cut out a wool in the ears and around the toes.

Grooming your puppy claws are not required. But it should be taught to view kogterezki. Please just take up his paw, plucked fingers constantly telling what he done that sits quietly. Brushing teeth starts with the inspection. It is necessary to make the puppy to open his mouth to begin to hold his hand over his teeth, and then use a brush and special toothpaste for dogs.

Also, the puppy should learn basic commands and unquestioningly obey the hosts.