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Information and History

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Initially breeders when breeding Fox Terrier chased quite a specific purpose. They needed a dog that would be ideal to cope with the hunting of foxes, including in burrows. For a long time a miniature fox terrier cope with this task just to cheer. Today the breed is bred more often for decorative purposes, but also their hunting skills of a dog to lose.

Speaking of terriers in general, it is worth noting that any breed, in the name of which there is a word, anyway, is a native of the British Isles. The first mention of the fox terrier dating back to the XI century. Even then, the services of small burrowing dogs actively used European aristocrats in the hunt for the fox. By the way, from the English word "fox", which means "fox" and gave the name of the breed.

Naturally, the first fox terrier appreciably different from today. They were widely used even in the Middle Ages. But some of the more or less conscious and purposeful breeding work can only speak from the beginning of the XVII century. The first major specialist in this area is considered to be the Count of Monte.

As the ancestors of the modern fox terrier smooth coat can be identified and the Wire terrier. It is these rocks became the founders of the breed. But in the process of selection to improve certain qualities of the breed were also used beagles, bull terriers, blood is sometimes added taxes and spaniel.

The first thing that draws attention to the selection work is hunting skills and instincts. All puppies are poorly shown itself in this direction immediately culled. Thus the appearance of the very few people paid attention. A certain type of breed fox terrier began to take shape by the end of the XVII century. Moreover, despite the undeniable similarity to its living relatives, those dogs were more massive, with huge heads, which were connected with the body a short powerful neck.

By the middle of the XVIII century, the popularity of the fox terrier in England reached a new level and has reached unprecedented heights before. The excitement on this breed grew in direct proportion to the popularity of fox hunting. It's fun mile overwhelmed all the population, but as fox terriers cost quite expensive, their use could only know.

Preference was given at the time of Breed smooth coat. Of course, the fox terrier could not withstand the prolonged pursuit of the victim brisk cross-country. It could not afford any increase in the small dogs or their addition. But that's when the fox or badger ran into a hole, the turn of the fox terrier. This small dog without the fear rushed into the burrow and chase game toward the hunter.

But with the popularity of the breed, fox terrier began to put forward new requirements. Massive dogs with large heads are not always able to effectively maneuver in narrow fox burrows. Pretty powerful chest and shoulders old fox terrier became the reason that a dog is easy to get stuck in a hole and pull it back becomes problematic task. In addition, you also had that to do with the color of the rock. Cases where the fox terrier fox designed to accrue to the charge was quite frequent.

Thus, the following line for selection was determined: it was necessary to create a small dog, with narrow shoulders and a head that can perfectly maneuver in underground passages. At the same time in color, on a mandatory basis, should prevail is white. As a result, a new type of fox terrier was presented at the most exhibitions of XIX century. These were precisely those dogs that we know to this day.

In the XIX century there was a great number of exhibitions, which were fox terriers. And how monobreed and poly.

By the end of the XIX century began to actively create clubs of admirers of fox terriers. The first one was created in 1875. Its members are actively engaged in the popularization of the breed, but even among the participants there were some problems. For example, for a long time it was a question of whether or not to divide into subspecies breed: smooth-haired fox terrier and. But, as the standard for the breed has already been registered officially dropped the matter, although haired Fox remained a kind of "elite".

This disparity lasted long enough. Smooth representatives of the breed were considered even more skillful hunters, although the reasons for such findings did not happened. But gradually the popularity of fox hunting starts to leave. Along with her less and less valued hunting skills fox terriers. They gradually turned to partners and participants of various exhibitions. Here the status quo and change. Wirehaired Fox, which differed more original appearance, found well-deserved recognition and their number began to increase at a tremendous speed.

By the end of the century, the Fox began to actively export across the border. They are distributed in Europe and exported to America. At the same time, the first representatives of the breed were in Russia.

Quite a serious contribution to the development of the breed have breeders from Germany. Here breed accustomed. The Germans were delighted with the small but extraordinarily brave hunters. It is this courage and hunting skills, they continued to develop strongly. Puppies begin to actively train, when they have not even a year old. The training took place in special circumstances. They were chased by a special labyrinth, made by people, as production using young foxes and badgers. Such training is quite elevated level of hunting instincts and skills fox terrier.

One of the most dedicated fans of fox terriers in Russia became K. Benoit, who had their own nursery, where he actively bred breed. He was one of the first members, organized in 1900 by the Society of taxes and fox terrier. And after 6 years he published the book "Fox Terrier", which laid out a very deep study of the breed.

Today the number Wire Fox Terrier smooth coat is much higher than the number of subspecies. But, despite this, both are now playing the role of a pet rather than the hunter. However, nurseries that are also continuing to cultivate a working qualities of the breed, are also available.

Breed standard

Стандарт породы: 

Fox Terriers are of two types: smooth-haired fox terrier and terrier.

For the Wire Fox Terrier is characterized by rigid dense coat of medium length, long rectangular face stiff beard.

Both types of dry muscular physique, muscular legs that make fox terrier at great speed and great reflexes. At the tail of the fox terrier unusual. He shakes instead of wagging. The tail looks up and he is strong enough to him could get a dog from a disaster. Fox Terrier - a cheerful, energetic, irritable dog.

The nose leads her from one offense to another. Usually, the owner does not deal with the fox terrier, which really led the hunt. Most breeders are now bred dogs with a gentle nature.

Fox Terrier - this is a very active dog, and this means that she needs room to move. But this little dog can live in small spaces, such as apartments.

Leading canine federation FCI adopted different standards for smooth-haired and Wire Fox Terrier, which are considered separate species. However, these standards have much in common, the differences mainly relate to coat dogs.

Consider the standard of Wire Fox Terrier is the most common breed in sobakovodcheskih circles.

Dog roughly square format. With a strong backbone, but not rude or formless. It gives the impression of lightness and activity. The front looks like a stretched spring.

The skull looks flat, has gradually tapered shape. Muzzle and skull is approximately equal in length. Transition from a forehead to a muzzle is almost not expressed. Cheeks narrow excluded bulging cheeks.

Scissor bite. Strong jaws tightly closed.

Eyes dark color, rounded shape is desired. Planted at the optimum distance from each other: that is, not too far and not too close to the ears.

Ears are small, triangular-shaped. The ends of the ears lowered forward towards the cheeks.

The neck is long and muscular. When viewed from the side, you can see a smooth curve of the neck, the shoulders which becomes wider.

Back short and strong, very short loin.

The chest is deep and rather narrow.

Tail Set on high and upwards. Strong and straight. The tail is usually docked.

The front legs are straight and strong. Shoulders are long, oblique.

Hind legs strong and muscular. Thighs long, good knees bent.

Paws are collected in a lump, with elastic pads.

Wool is thick, reminiscent of rigidity wire. On the back and limbs and long hair more coarse than on the shoulders and sides. Jaws long wool, which gives a kind of expression of the face.

In the coat white color dominates. Located on a white background black, black & brown and reddish-brown spots.

The height at the withers males: 39 cm, bitches at least a couple of centimeters.

Ideal weight males: 8-8,25 kg, females slightly lighter.



This terrier resembling the English gentleman. He is fearless and friendly, with aristocratic manners and imposing appearance. Looking terrier conveys his mind and vitality.

When you look at the rack of the frozen fox terrier, you passed its stress: once it becomes clear that he is ready at any moment to break away from the scene. Reaction at the fox terrier lightning, quick motion, and he gives the impression of a dog with a clockwork temperament. This little dog resembles a perpetual motion machine: it is always ready to go and frolic, for this it is enough the slightest reason. Fox Terrier of the dogs, about which we can say that they are plants with a twist. They respond to any act of the owner and other animals, so for calm and restraint to teach them hard enough.

Excessive mobility combined with a fair amount of obstinacy and his views on everything that happens makes this breed is not so easy to learn. But wrong are those who believe that these difficulties are related to intellectual abilities fox terriers. It's very clever and quick-witted dog. Moreover, they are much faster and can perform a host team than many other breeds due to the instantaneous reaction. Just some of the breed endowed with a fair amount of independence, and their vision of the situation may be different with the wishes of the owner.

The rest is pleasant to talk to and loyal friends of man. The Fox is very sociable creating and initially set up a friendly chat. However, if the dog or the person does not respond to them in return, and show aggression, they too will not remain in debt. Do not forget that in these adorable doggy is the blood of their fellow Bull Terriers, so it's best not to wake the beast in them.

Some owners say the increased militancy of his fox terriers, aimed at unfamiliar dogs, especially dogs are snooty. Another feature of the character of the fox terrier - a lack of tolerance for what he does not like. It can host ryknut even if he made any unauthorized, according to him attentively watching Fox thing. This, of course, is not very nice, but on the other hand, calls for the owners of this breed to look for new ways to control the dog. For example, physical punishment, fox terrier will not be tolerated and will be sure to resist violence.

This breed is easily distracted and is interested, so without a leash on the streets with the Fox walking is not recommended. They can chase the cat, or to cross the road when he saw something interesting on the other side of the street. When the fox terrier something fascinated and hunting passion pursues the object of his passion, to stop him shouting almost unreal.

It should also be borne in mind that this breed is not the meek, to make a noise like the Fox and the hollow heart. Yet they love to chase cats and various small animals. So if you are planning to introduce your pet rabbit, chinchilla or hamster with a fox terrier, it is not the best idea. With regard to the treatment of children, the fox terriers love them as themselves in the soul of all life remain children, but at the same time in the mobile game can bite the child and if he hurt them. This terrier will not analyze whether the child did it on purpose or accidentally. Therefore, the Fox and the little children - it's not exactly a good combination.

But in one fox terriers just great - it's the ability to energize its owner. Near Fox is simply impossible to be depressed, so he is energetic and joyous. This dog will make you get up off the couch and look at the world of fun and optimistic. That's the way the world looks at your favorite Fox.

Fox Terrier live more than 15 years.

Care and maintenance

The handsome and mischievous fox terrier because of its small size is perfect for keeping in the apartment. But your interior will not be affected only if you can provide the dog enough exercise walking. Best of all, if the fox terrier is not just walking, and actively practicing in the race, overcoming obstacles, performing various commands. Then at home it will be more calm, quiet and relaxing at the fox terrier is difficult to imagine.

If terrier found in the yard of a private house or in an enclosure, then pay attention to his excessive desire to dig. His energy is enough to dig up your entire site, so the dog's territory must somehow hold harmless, or it will not leave your favorite flowers and vegetables will grow. Another problem - it is arranging to undermine the fence with the aim of escaping.

The Wire Fox Terrier care requires special attention to the state of the coat. The most amazing thing that these dogs do not shed, but the coat needs regular care: it must be tough to comb brush, and several times a year trimmingovat. Absolutely can not use scissors to remove dead hair, or turn into a fox terrier dog, resembling sheep with cotton wool.

For show dogs is better to use a professional groomer who vyschiplet wool so that emphasize athletic build Fox. You can do yourself and trimming, the essence of this method lies in the careful plucking dead wool. Will the special tools: knife and ridge. This lesson should be to teach a puppy from an early age, otherwise it will actively resist such a procedure.

Trimming is necessary not only for beauty, but for the health of the dog. If time does not remove dead hair, the dog will comb the skin. There will raschёsy, eczema and other skin problems.

You can feed the fox terrier as a special dog food and natural food. Standard fox terrier adult diet consists of the following products:

  • raw or lightly cooked beef;
  • low-fat cottage cheese;
  • vegetables (mostly carrots, beets and greens, and potatoes are a nutritious product for dogs);
  • some fruit, such as apples shabby;
  • vegetable oil;
  • cereals (better not to cook, but just pour hot meat and bone broth before feeding);
  • vitamin and mineral fertilizing.

Fox Terrier dangerous overeating, so should be calculated based on the portion of their weight. You can not go on the way owners who compensate for the lack of nutrient quantity of cheap food, for example, feed the fox terrier large portions of cereal or pasta cook it. Such a diet will inevitably turn into a health problem.

Training and education

Дрессировка и воспитание: 

Fox Terrier - is, above all, a dog for hunters. Therefore, we do not recommend the start of its people away from this hobby. Fox Terrier requires not only high physical activity - the dog must be able to exercise their hunting instincts.

Educating young fox terrier should begin with the appearance of his house. At this stage, your primary concern should be to accustom the dog to the cleanliness and toilet. It should be as soon as possible, teach your puppy to walk with a collar and leash.

To begin to train a little fox terrier, too, need early childhood. At first, the training must be short but frequent (15-20 minutes). Classes in training must be made interesting and enjoyable for both the puppy and for the host. It is best to conduct classes before a meal - in this case, training will cause the dog's positive emotions. When the puppy grows, it is necessary to begin to train in the artificial burrow.