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Information and History

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The history and origin of the breed French bulldog rather vague. On this score, there is not a single theory. Some of them say that the ancestors of the breed were Bulldogs Spanish. By their appearance, they are quite similar to the French Bulldog. These dogs were bred in Europe in the Middle Ages and were great bodyguards and shepherds. A little later, in the city of the Spanish bulldogs Burgoze or Alans, as they are called, they drew a special kind of bulldog, which was used for the battle with the bulls in special arenas.

Researchers who support this theory, result in a number of arguments in its favor. Preserved many documented facts and figures even as confirming that those rocks on which the race begins French bulldogs lived in the Middle Ages in Spain. On one of the images has been demonstrated painted dog looks very similar to the modern French Bulldog.

There is another theory that the breed has its origins in England. The ancestors of the French Bulldog became English bulldogs, which, in turn, comes from the Molosser dogs. English Bulldogs were also used for fighting bulls. And their small size specially cultivated in the XIX century. Indeed, this theory deserves the right to exist. If you compare the French and English bulldogs, you'll see a lot of the same features and the external outline.

By the middle of the XIX century for the working class in England fell on a pretty tough times. The development of new technologies and automation of production has led to the fact that many of the workers of factories and plants were on the street. The only solution was for them to travel to neighboring states. Many decided to try his luck in France. Together with things, many of them were brought to France and English bulldogs. Here, they have become very popular.

Here the French breeders do "remaking" of the breed. By the blood of the English bulldog blood was mingled with the Spanish Alans, pugs, and other kinds of written references of which no longer exists. The result is a French Bulldog, which we know today.

In France, the breed although it has taken root, but mostly spread among the working class and the poor from the outskirts. They are kept mostly just for fun, occasionally crossing with a variety of species, quite randomly.

A huge contribution to the popularization of the breed have, as strange as it may, the Parisian prostitutes. These women have always been in possession of the French Bulldog. This is largely spoiled their reputation, but at the same time they have had access to the highest circles of society that used the services of women.

Since the end of XIX century French Bulldogs have won Paris.

With the increasing popularity it became necessary to create a framework for the breed. This took up the famous canine Marcel Roger, who later organized a club of French bulldogs. In the mid-1880s, many breeders have begun to put their pets on sobakovodcheskih exhibitions. They began to appear the first breed standards.

The International Federation of Kennel standard was adopted only in 1912. Breed is recognized as an independent and is not perceived as a subspecies of the English bulldog. During the last century the standard was changed 5 times. The latest version of the standard was released in 1995.

In parallel with the line of the French, the French Bulldog has developed in the United States. There they were with the immigrants from France who arrived in the late XIX century. Moreover, American breeders boldly experimented with rock, not really paying attention to the established standards. As a result, the American line a little bit different external characteristics and color. There were representatives of the breed with a cream and red color.

The popularity of French bulldog in the United States grew rapidly. Especially it grew after New York Bulldogs presented to the public at large exhibition, where they quite confidently confront each species.

The popularity of French bulldogs in the United States over time, almost fell. There are also many breeders all. But, there are certain differences in the standards of US and European destinations. In the European and world standards, such as cream color does not belong to the standard coloring of the French Bulldog. The American standard, this color is quite admissible. The same applies to the weight of the dog. US officials have been much less French counterparts.

Pretty strong resistance met French Bulldog in England. English canine clubs for a long time hindered the development of the breed in the territory, because they believed that she was not allowed to develop close to the English bulldog.

But in the end, these little dogs were able to conquer even the British breeders. In the early twentieth century, the breed still has beaten himself with the recognition of its rightful place in the tribal books. English breeders took the active development of the breed.

Selection began to lead in the direction of not only the appearance of the breed, but also in the nature of dogs.

On the territory of the Russian French bulldog it was only in the twentieth century. Buy them could only very wealthy citizens. They cost very dearly. But the energy, vitality and a charming exterior rocks were still able to win over the general public.

Gradually the number of Bulldogs in Russia grew. But this is not lasted long. During the revolution of the dogs has decreased to almost zero. Restoration of the breed began after the Second World War.

Today, in the country a huge number of breeders who specialize in the French Bulldog. These nurseries are born puppies who subsequently took prizes in many international exhibitions.

For other countries, there is the popularity of the Bulldogs still remains on top.

Breed standard

Стандарт породы: 

This little dog, in spite of a curious kind, beautiful and is sympathetic. It is a squat, stocky, with strong bones and strong muscles. Round head with a short muzzle and erect ears of the French Bulldog is very original.

  • Height about 30-32 cm.
  • 6-14 kg weight while maintaining proportionality in growth. The ideal weight for males - 12.5 kg for females - 11 kg.
  • The head is large, massive, broad and square; free lying skin wrinkles. Skull round. French Bulldog - is the French version of the English bulldog. He has the same square head, but not so clearly expressed shortened muzzle.
  • Muzzle short, broad, turned up, well-muscled cheeks. Transition from a forehead to a muzzle is strongly expressed (deep and sharp).
  • The nose is short, flat. Nose black, large, broad, nostrils open and well marked furrow between them, converging upwards.
  • The lower jaw is issued ahead, deep, broad and square, with a small snack, a tightly meshed with the upper jaw.
  • Lips thick, dense, fleshy, black, cover the teeth. The upper lip hangs down, but not enough to speak for the level of the lower jaw.
  • The ears are wide at the base, stand, typical form ("bat") triangular, rounded at the ends. Set high.
  • The eyes are large, round, spherical, several prominent, set well apart, dark.
  • The neck is short and very muscular, without dewlap.
  • The body is compact, stocky, with strong bones and strong muscles.
  • Chest broad and deep. The edges are rounded, convex (barrel).
  • The back is broad and muscular. The loin is short, arched.
  • Belly tucked up.
  • The limbs are strong and short. The strong hind legs are superior to the length of the front.
  • The tail is distinctive - a short, thick, low set, with breaks, sometimes rolled into the ring at the end of a thin, folded down and pressed against the body. It can be docked.
  • The coat is short, smooth, shiny, soft to the touch, shiny and thick. For it is easy to look after.
  • Color brindle (a combination of black and red hair and a bit of white), spotted (white with tiger spots), white, yellow. Rims of eyelids and eyelashes black desirable.



French Bulldog has an amazing property to adapt to the conditions of life that it offered. This dog is very contact, loves company beloved family members. She was just happy when all the houses can spend hours playing with your baby or lie next to you watching TV, and no one will bother you traffic. If everything is at work all day Bulldog, prodremlet quietly, comfortably curled up in his favorite place, waiting to hear the sound of the door with a key. He will meet you on the doorstep with a happy and joyful expression on his face that all your fatigue accumulated over the day will disappear troubles go by the wayside. Looking at this sweet, wonderful creature, you suddenly realize that the house shone a small, charming, very warm sun. It's amazing how much affection can cause French bulldogs in a person who has decided to take the dog to his home of this breed. Already in the first weeks of life in the family home Frenchman often suddenly they realize that they can not do without communicating with her new boyfriend. With the advent of the puppy house is filled with comfort and joy. French bulldogs are very accustomed and attached to the owners. In response to your concern heart Frenchman answers such affection and such great love that express it in words is impossible.

French bulldogs are also very subtle psychologist. They are well able to understand people and navigate the environment. If a man came to the house as a guest and friend as a good friend and the owners are happy to his appearance, and the Frenchman is happy with them. It will show the visitor and his toys, even invited to play together. If you allow a guest, then jump on his lap and gently, in a friendly lick on the cheek. And if the house is not up to him, he lay down and slumber, waiting for the hour when about him and remember called. But God forbid, if the guest would be "uninvited". Bulldog barking not only notify the owners of the approach of a stranger, but fearlessly rush to the enemy, protecting your home and people close to him.

Heart of the little bulldog knows no fear. This breed retains all the qualities of martial ancestors of this dog. The name of the breed "Bull-dog", translated into Russian means "bull dog". Of course, the little French bulldog will never fight in the arena with the bulls, but in his heart he is a fighter. And woe to those who dare to offend his beloved master, or to encroach on its territory. After all, in spite of his small stature, French bulldog weighs 8-14 kgs and his jaw in a position to inflict quite noticeable and unpleasant injury. Moreover, if we bulldog rushed into battle, it is almost impossible to stop it. Therefore, if you plant in your home French bulldog, never try to avoid provoking walks his dog in the fight with others. Because often bulldog experienced once or twice, the taste of a fight, a sense of victory (and fights, he almost always comes out the winner, unless the opponent is not trained for fighting dog, and the usual neighborhood dog-fighter and bully) will then always look for an excuse quarrel with his fellow, even if the opponent is ten times larger than the "Frenchman". And wean him from this almost impossible. Well, if the opponent in the trouble will be much stronger and more active bulldog spiteful and advantage in the fight will be not on the "French", then you run the risk of losing his faithful and devoted friend. After all, the Bulldogs do not know how to retreat and "French" will fight to the end, as if he did not have tight.

Of course, there are no rules without exceptions. Like people, dogs (even the same species) are very different from each other in character and temperament. How many dogs - so many characters. Among the Bulldogs and have good souls, and inveterate bullies. There is little gluttons and sloths, and there is energetic, active dog athletes. Very often the nature of the dog depends on the environment in which she grew up, the nature of man to assume the role of master and educator. After all, how often it is a dog, similar to its owner! Simply amazing! If the owner moves a lot, a lot of walks, sociable, even his bulldog agile and cheerful, never tired. And if the owner of a homebody and idler, the bulldog and it is impossible to pick up the morning with a warm and inviting armchairs. Even the eyes do not open until the night's sleep, do not ask how. Here they are French bulldogs.

I would like to note one more feature of this breed. If suddenly, for whatever reason, an adult Bulldog change their owners to part with it expensive for people, it is often the event turns into a heavy blow for the dog, psychological stress. French bulldogs are very hard to survive the change of owners and at the same time experiencing the hardest mental suffering. Therefore, deciding to have a dog in the house, take it with a big responsibility. "The Frenchman" - not a toy, not an entertainment, not a small living doll, but a faithful, loyal to the core one, if fate ever drive you French bulldog, you will never change the breed. All my life your heart will be conquered by this fearless and funny creatures.

Care and maintenance

Caring for the French Bulldog requires a thorough and painstaking work. But on how to care for a puppy curled his future health, so you need to follow certain guidelines. If you live in an apartment and you have a French bulldog, the content will not cause you problems such as hair on the furniture and carpets. Coat of these dogs is very short and they practically do not shed.

Here you have brought into your home, the baby bulldog, remember that your home is unfamiliar to the child and to help him adapt to the new premises. Care French Bulldog puppy requires some additional funds. You must buy him toys, a collar, a leash, utensils for food, basket or mat where he will sleep.

A place to sleep. To select the most comfortable place to sleep puppy, you need to consider several factors:
- Located near the battery will make the puppy pampered and unstable to cold temperatures;
- Where will rest puppy should be quiet, because for proper growth it needs a lot of sleep;
- Maximum to exclude drafts in this place, that the puppy is not cold;
- Unnecessary to have a sunbed near the pass, as you can step on the puppy and cause him injury;
- Litter should be made of foam rubber or cotton, as it can break it and eat the contents, which will lead to unpleasant consequences.

Place feeding. Feed the puppy should be only in one place, there should be quiet and little traffic. It is necessary to put two plates - for food and water. The size should be silent more servings for one feeding. It would be good to buy holder plates to keep the posture of the dog. When choosing a glass cups should be avoided and wooden utensils, it will chew on the plates and can be injured. In order that the puppy is always good to eat, do not need to feed it with the hands, as it spoils the dog and in the future it will be bad to eat.

Caring for the French Bulldog

Now to the main issue of any breeder - how to care for the French Bulldog. Despite the fact that the wool in the Bulldog is very short, it requires daily care. If every day to comb out the dog, it will not require you a lot of time in the future. Brush to choose soft, as you may damage the hard skin of the pet.

Bathe your French Bulldog is recommended as far as possible less. When walking in dry weather it will be enough to wipe the dog with a wet towel, well, if your pet is mired in the mud, you can not avoid swimming. You need to buy a special shampoo - for dogs with short hair, not to cause dryness of the skin.

It is necessary to regularly clean the teeth with a special paste or powder. You can use a piece of cotton wool wound on a wooden stick. Daily wet cloth to wipe his eyes. To avoid inflammation of the ear several times a week is necessary to carry out their special cleaning sticks or cotton swab. Several times a month need to shear the dog nails and feet checked after each outing for any wounds. In order to avoid potential inflammation in the folds on the face of them, too, should be cleaned and lubricated with special ointments sometimes.

French bulldogs require daily walks when it's cold outside, the dog can be dressed warmly and even then do not need to stay long on the street.

For the proper growth and development of the power bulldog must be complete. Undesirable combined feeding dry and natural food, it is better to choose only one food option.

Little puppies recommend feeding from 6 to 2 times a day depending on the age of the baby. Adult dogs enough 1-2 meals. Feed should always at exactly the same time.

Training and education

Дрессировка и воспитание: 

How to train a French Bulldog

Mistakes made during dog training can lead to unpleasant consequences. For this reason, before you start training, it is recommended to consult with professionals and learn the features of education this breed.

  • Be sure to let your dog understand that during training it should do what you need from it. French Bulldogs are usually very stubborn, so get them to listen to can be difficult. But if you interrupt the training and leave the dog alone whenever she starts to bite, balk, fall to the ground and so on, then it will soon understand how to achieve their own, and become unmanageable.
  • Do not end dog training because it is tired of your dog. Continue to exercise as long as it is you will not see fit to stop it. To force a stubborn bulldog obey, you can use contrast method of exposure. The dog must know that the result of disobedience will be punished, but if it will fulfill everything that requires the owner, will receive the award. The penalty can be any slight, but unpleasant for the dog exposure. For example, jerk the leash, light punch, scream, etc. The reward is usually a treat that dog loves.
  • Start with the most basic dog training commands: sit, lie down, stand by, and so on. Put realistic goals and do not stop until until you get them. During a workout, talk to the dog. If she does not listen to you, strictly prikriknite, and if you do everything right - go to the affectionate tone.
  • Use the "strict collar" or jerk the chain if your French Bulldog bad to train. As long as the dog does all that is required of her, a chain hangs freely. However, if you stop listening Bulldog, sharply pull chain. Such a breakthrough for the dog is accompanied by unpleasant sensations, and she will try not to repeat their mistakes in order not to be punished again.
  • Make sure to match the punishments and rewards of the situation. For example, if a dog shows aggression, it deserves immediate and severe punishment, but for a mistake made during exercise, you can not be punished at all, but just to repeat the exercise. If the Bulldog team mastered and correctly executed it, the reward will be a piece of cake. For obedience throughout all classes can reward not only treat, but also a game-range, kindness and so forth.

How to raise a French bulldog

Popular for the content in apartments was the breed of French Bulldog. It is a companion dog, which will cope with the upbringing of any host that has the desire to get yourself a smart, friendly and obedient pet and pet. Educating young French bulldog should begin from the very first day, as soon as he appeared in your house.

  • Immediately determine the puppy a permanent place where he would go to sleep and where it will be easy enough. Place feeding position in the kitchen, it must also be permanent. Feed your puppy in a strictly allotted time and do not leave in a bowl of half-eaten food, immediately remove it. Do not teach your dog to eat between feedings. Tasty treats to encourage the use only in the classroom for training.
  • Do not allow your puppy to beg during that time when you sit at the table. And do not let the baby that later, when he grows up, will become banned. All good habits are developed in dogs since childhood, then they will be very difficult to correct.
  • Punish the puppy as little as possible, if he sinned seriously, then the maximum that you can do - a little slap his newspaper. French Bulldog - very touchy dog. Therefore, this will be the penalty for a puppy, even just a strict, slightly increased his master's voice. And remember that the punishment should follow immediately after the offense committed, otherwise then the dog simply does not understand what it swears.
  • French Bulldog - Dog room, but you need to train her for her own safety. From 3-4 months, start to teach your dog to a leash. Be sure to teach her the command "To me!" "Ugh!" "No!" To your walk is not ended injury or other annoyances.
  • Prevent attempts to dominate and to show bad character. Do not allow the dog to take its chair, and to snap, especially bite you. Even a small dog can imagine himself leader of the pack and start to behave accordingly. Therefore, it is better to show who really is the master of the house.
  • Do not engage with the dog, when you are in a bad mood. Do not force training and implementation teams - the regularity and gradually - this is a guarantee that the dog quickly learns what you want from it. A fix its behavior, you can always praise and treat.