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Information and History

Общие данные и История породы: 

The German Shepherd has a long and interesting history. Different breeds, which were the main vocation of grazing, in Germany coexisted with man for a very long time. They were shepherds reliable, perfectly able to drive the animals into the herd and did not admit him to the predators. As a result of interbreeding with wolves, imported from India, managed to get a new breed of bronze dogs, which are qualitatively different from their predecessors. All of the modern German Shepherds are the ancestors of those shepherd dogs.

A new breed showed more zeal in the shepherd's trade. German shepherd breed became very popular throughout Europe. In addition, dogs were reliable companion to humans and different intelligence and obedience. In the process of urbanization, the size of villages decreased proportionally to the growth of cities and the need for such skilled shepherds gradually disappeared. The only way to save the dogs, was to withdraw from the current more adaptable and versatile breed.

I took up the matter known at the time Captain Max von Stephanitz. He was a renowned dog breeder and had their own ideas about the direction in which you need to develop volkoobraznye breed. Very often, his theory did not find the proper approval from other breeders. But, possessing knowledge and sufficient funds, Stephanitz continued breeding work it in the right direction.

The task in front of Max von Stephanitz was very difficult. He was going to create a whole new breed of German shepherd, which would combine the best features from the previous species, harmoniously combined with new qualities. At the same time, this dog had to be universal, to meet the needs of society at that time.

As captain of similar material chosen starogermanskuyu shepherd. He traveled half the country trying to find a dog that would fit perfectly under the created image of him. And Von Stephanitz sought is male, because in his opinion it is transmitted through the male traits that form the genetic type of the whole future of the breed.

Tackling the role of progenitor of a new breed of German shepherd was very serious. Across the country, von Stephanitz was looking for a dog that would be different specific intelligence and learning disabilities. Important criteria were the ability to perform different types of duties, strength and endurance. At the same time no less attention Captain pridelyal appearance of candidates. He wanted a new breed is distinguished not only by outstanding working qualities, but their appearance showed all their nobility.

The options were quite a few. However, the search continues. The ideal candidate, according to von Stephanitz began to dog Hector, who was the captain bought at the fair in 1899. Hector is not very large in size. But the captain was struck by his strength, vigor, intelligence and incredible generosity. Thus, it became the founder Hector German shepherd breed. In the same year he was registered as the first representative of the breed German shepherd.

Wasting no time, Max von Stephanitz and a host of enthusiasts who are united in a special community, actively undertook the selection of the new breed. Result was achieved very quickly. Just over twenty years of German Shepherd society could bring that type of dog, which dreamed von Stephanitz. A new breed has gained immense popularity. In the first quarter of the twentieth century, members of the society were 27,000 breeders from all over Germany. Everyone wanted to get their hands on a few German Shepherd puppies. To control such as reproduction and further breeding work towards the development of the breed, Max von Stephanitz in 1923 to create a uniform standard for the breed.

In further breeding experienced breeders on the performance pay attention to at least the appearance of dogs. These qualities are clearly allocated and developed in subsequent generations. Herding ability to breed at the same time, have not disappeared. The dog was still skillful cattle. In numerous exhibitions it is the skill most often show up at demonstrations breed. But Captain Stephanitz was planning to go much further. His efforts several dogs were taken to the police service. German Shepherds showed themselves brilliantly. After that, they began to actively use in the army.

During hostilities dog shows itself only with the best hand. They could, with ease and without fear, to serve as signalers, intelligence officers, medics. In many situations, German Shepherd were irreplaceable.

Significantly slept global popularity of dogs after the First World War. Since all that was connected with Germany at the time was considered unacceptable in Europe and the world.

Even more damaging breed brought the Second World War. Dogs continued to use the army, but most of them died under the fire of the warring parties or on the heavy conditions. An urgent need was to revive the breed. This involved multiple nurseries, both in Germany and far beyond its borders.

No exception was, and Russia. Domestic enthusiasts today are actively engaged in breed selection, opening more and more new lines of development. But, even though the development of new approaches and strategies in terms of selection, with breeding German shepherds are still used methods and principles laid down by Max von Stephanitz. Among which:

- Development of rocks on the basis of love for her. A good breeder selfish motives must take second place. But its main qualities in relation to the pupils must be care and attention.

- First of all, it is the health and welfare of dogs. All dogs can not be champions. Therefore we can not continue in the selection of health and loss of important physical characteristics of the animal.

- The starting material for selection must submit specimens from healthy lines with known and proven pedigree.

- Carefully cultivate good behavior and mental endurance of the breed. They are the main qualities of the German Shepherd.

Breed standard

Стандарт породы: 

German Shepherd does not look heavy and large dog is not easy, it combines a strong addition to dry and muscular. Height at withers males - 60-65 cm, females - 55-60 cm.
The head has a characteristic shape: it is wedge-shaped and long, moderate expansion between the ears. Skull and muzzle of equal length, the skull is almost square in shape.
Jaws well developed, scissor bite, very powerful.

Nose definitely black.
Lips dark color close fitting to the jaws.
Eyes dark color of medium size and almond shaped, slightly obliquely set.
Ears erect triangular-shaped medium in size. The ends slightly pointed, directed upwards. The ears are upright sink forward, but in a state of rest or motion can be laid back.
The neck is strong and muscular, without dewlap.
The body stretched back with a continuous line, which starts from the neck passes through the pronounced withers and falls slightly to the croup. The chest-developed, well muscled and strong spin.

Tail gently hanging in the form of a bend, the inside fluffy.
Forelegs straight and parallel. Strong forearms, elbows should not be turned or close together. Paws are rounded, large, well-assembled.
Hind legs parallel. Upper thigh and lower leg are almost the same length, hocks pronounced.
It is important to compliance with the proportions of the body, the length and angle position of the limbs. These parameters affect the performance. With proper addition of the dog's movement sweeping and free.

Coat hard, short and tight to the skin. There undercoat. Longer hair on the neck of all.
The color can be one of the following:

  • black with markings of gray, light brown or yellow color;
  • black solid color;
  • gray with a dark raincoat and a dark mask;

Undercoat gray tones.

Hero Dog
German Shepherd Sophie saved drowning 5-year-old girl. Take a heroic act, even the dog did not prevent deafness. She instinctively recognize that a child in danger, swam toward her and pulled her to shore.



The character of this dog, you can talk a long time, and only the good. In thoroughbred "Germans" negative character traits are completely absent, which makes this dog a unique and irreplaceable. This noble animal for which the purpose of life - service for the benefit of the owner. They do not like to lie idly around, their happy any possibility of benefit. Therefore, they are willing to make the company its owner as in the performance of military or police dog, as well as during normal walking.

German Shepherds are non-aggressive and non-conflict with respect to humans and other animals. They are able to independently react to the situation, and feel threatened. In other words, if you are threatened by ill-wishers, the dog of this breed will not wait for you to give the appropriate command, she will react and protect you.

One of the main traits is fearless, and even fearlessness. German Shepherd will not reflect on the unequal forces with the enemy, she simply will throw at it and will fight to the death to protect the interests of the owner. The dog has a strong sense of attachment to the same owner, who has to educate her. But the rest of the family, it does not ignore, and also enjoys, especially children, who are ready and forget about the seriousness of play and mischief.

German Shepherd does not like loneliness and idleness. If it is a long time deprived of the host society, she begins to miss and miss. The only way to rid it of the blues - is to take the implementation of a job, for example, assigned to guard the yard, or the things the owner. This is a very hardworking and noble animal that can not be bribed, forcing to refuse to perform duty.

German Shepherd - faithful friend with a stable psyche, iron nerves and even temperament.

Four-legged actor
German Shepherds - great film actors, this is confirmed by a representative breed named Rin Tin Tin. He starred in 26 films, often playing the role of a wolf, conducted his own show on the radio and eventually received a star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood.

Care and maintenance

Aware of the Spartan character of this breed, some people think that caring for them is reduced to the minimum. On the one hand, it is true, but that does not mean that it is possible to have a German dog and give it to myself. The best qualities of the breed appear only on the background of good health, so the care and attention of the owner requires.

To maintain the vitality of the German Shepherd she needs a balanced diet, which will be the predominant source of protein. That is the basis of the diet should be a service dog meat.

Potato product is useless because it is poorly absorbed by the body of the animal. Harmful pasta and flour products, unprofitable, but only lead to obesity and loss of working ability. Portions of an adult dog should be calculated on the basis of its weight, and be sufficient to saturate. The nutritious food, the lower portion may be, and vice versa.

About once a week to arrange dog needs a home medical examination. Even if she is healthy and happy, such a precaution does not hurt to quickly identify dangerous diseases. Also typical for all dogs diseases among German Shepherds can be hereditary diseases that are specific to the breed associated with the violation of the musculoskeletal system. Another weak point - eye.

Be sure to respect the vaccination schedule, conduct treatment against internal and external parasites, monitor the condition of the coat. The dog may be allergic to the coca product or even a certain kind of dry food that you can not immediately recognize confused with a skin disease.

As you can see, the owner of such a strong dog like a German shepherd, the problems and the hassle is not less than the owner of any other animal. Inadequate care and violation of the basic rules of feeding and maintenance is required to have a negative impact on the health and character of your pet, so think about whether you can find the time and inclination to care for the dog.

With regard to the conditions, then, as for any large dogs desirable accommodation in the courtyard of a private home, the best in a spacious enclosure. But the German Shepherd can live in apartments, for them the main thing, to feel its importance and have a protected object.

Training and education

Дрессировка и воспитание: 

German shepherd long been one of the three most intelligent dog breeds. In the minds of millions of people this statement further reinforced by the works of cinema, which often involve smart, obedient and perfectly behaved "Germans". Still, to get the dog, showing the wonders of intelligence, is not enough to buy a purebred puppy, you need more and find time for systematic education.

If you want a dog "like a movie", a simple training commands at home, you are unlikely to help. You will need to undergo training in one or several courses of training. Everything depends on the purpose of acquiring a dog. Recently, a very popular courses such as "controlled urban dog" and "Protective city dog", "dog-companion." To begin training, of course, need a general course of training. To perform professional performance dogs additionally taught various methods of work, for example, a guard or police dog.

In any case, the German Shepherd has considerable natural wit and ability and desire to learn, so do not miss the opportunity to develop her natural abilities.

Our office and the dangerous and difficult.
Djulbars German Shepherd was presented an award "For Service in Battle". She took part in battles and clearance facilities, and during the war found 468 mines and 150 rounds.