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Information and History

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The breed is called Golden Retriever has a unique history. The story is interesting in that it recognized only one version of the origin of this breed of dogs. But after, there was another version of the origin, which could prove fabulosity earlier.

A beautiful legend

According to the mythological version, the golden retriever is descended from Russian shepherds, who were circus dogs. According to one version, the Scottish Lord Tvidmaut, who is the father of the breed, bought these dogs after a circus performance. These dogs are struck by the Lord your skills and intelligent. According to him, it happened in 1858. Tvidmaut gained eight dogs, a very large sum of money and then started to breed this breed close to all the famous Loch Ness on his estate.

This story was published in the magazine even called "Rural Life". Thus the Lord was trying to actively promote this version and even added that the organization wants to carry out an expedition to Russia. In particular, he noted that he wanted to visit the Caucasus to bring this breed of dogs. It is unclear what was needed such a legend. Nevertheless, it is a kind of progress, thanks to which this breed of dogs of all concerned. Golden color is gorgeous and surprisingly intelligent origin of golden retriever - these were factors that played into the hands of Lord Tvidmatu.

It is worth noting that the estate of Lord, where this breed originated, and it was really a very interesting and a fabulous place. It was a large manor house, which is a park with lots of exotic trees from around the world. There are also hunting grounds and a unique dairy farm where, at the invitation of Lord could spend time many members of the elite Scottish society.

Golden retriever began to make in the beginning only the aristocracy that could add even more rock noble luster. For example, Colonel Trench bought a puppy from Lord Tvidmauta. Subsequently, he registered a dog in the Kennel Club. It was written in Russian as a yellow retriever. Long been popular circus version, according to which there is a breed of Russian sheepdogs. Ancestors retriever even called the Caucasian Shepherd. Although the character and appearance of a golden retriever pointed to the other grandparents, many people believed in the beautiful legend.

The official version

Professional dog breeders realized that the circus version can not be true. Therefore, we should begin to explore the origin of the Golden Retriever. In the end, the truth became clear. Elma Stoneks thorough way studied the history of the origin of the breed from written sources that have been found by it. The reliability of their no doubt because it was studbooks, who led the Lord Tvidmaut. They could trace the history of formation of a golden retriever, since 1835 and until 1889. Now these records are stored in the Kennel Club of England.

In the history of the breed is also sheds light letter Tvidmauta grandnephew, who also bred golden retrievers. The letter described in detail the events that are associated with the origin of the breed. The first dog was acquired by Lord of the shoemaker, who lived in Brighton. Well, he got a puppy golden color of the forester. Lord golden dog named Nous, which is translated from the Celtic means "wisdom."

Subsequently Nous mated with a tea-colored water spaniel named Belle. From this mating came three yellow puppy, which became the ancestors of the new breed. All subsequent breedings Lord until death records carried in special breeding books. The last puppies who were born on the estate during the life of the Lord, were Rose and Note. In 1995, we look for paper that allows us to trace the pedigree of Rose and to the modern golden retriever.

Preserved data bindings with Bloodhound and Irish setters, who also participated in the development of the breed. Tvidmaut all puppies with black color, discarded, leaving only a puppy and a golden yellow color. The estate even organized a nursery Gisechen, widely known throughout the UK. The best representatives of the breed Lord gave to his friends. Some are diluted retrievers, and blood was poured into the rock Labradors.

That is why after the death of the Lord and the sale of the estate Tvidmauta breed survived. The circle has closed several breeders, so the general public and handlers knew little about the breed. This is evidenced by the fact that in his work about a hunting dog of Great Britain, who wrote the famous canine named Robert Leighton of golden retriever records are not available. The great merit of the creation of the breed not only Tvidmauta lords, but also dog handlers, who began exhibiting retrievers, and seek official recognition of the breed. One such person was the Lord Harkout representing their dogs at shows. A well-known breeder Mrs. Charlesworth has also been in the nursery which was born in 1912, the future British champion. And it was the first retriever, who was awarded this title.

Golden Retriever is the second most popular dog in Europe. This indicates the number of registered golden retrievers kennel club in Europe.

Breed standard

Стандарт породы: 

The appearance of a golden retriever is surprisingly proportionality. This is a beautiful, well-built dog, active, with confident movements and friendly look.

The head looks perfectly against the body. The muzzle must not be sharpened or rough, it is wide and deep, but not massive. Transition from forehead to muzzle expressed clearly. Particular attention should be given the description of the eye. They should be dark hazel in color, with a dark stroke, and have a pleasant expression.

Strong jaws with scissor bite. Teeth large, it is desirable in the complete set.

Ears of medium size, hanging down. Planted at about eye level.

Chest powerful, deep, well arched ribs. Back straight, rump and tail as it continues its line. American Standard allows an easy slope of the croup.

The forelegs are straight and muscular. The blades of the length equal to the shoulders. Elbows close to the body, laid back shoulder blade. Such a structure of the limbs must be a dog to perform its functions hunter. She runs easily, without wasting excess energy, throwing far forward forepaws.

The hindquarters are muscular, with strong bones. What is important is a pronounced knee, it depends on the degree of pulling back paws during the run and force push.

The coat can be straight or slightly wavy. Undercoat dense waterproof. Around the head, from the ears and on the neck, hair longer. This mane gives the dog a good-natured expression, which is so valued in the breed.

The coat color should be golden or cream, but not red or dark gold. Invalid mahogany color or too dark. American Standard "does not like" all colors except the rich golden hue. English more loyal and recognizes pale colors.

Height males - 56-61 cm, females on average less than 5 cm.



The nature of the golden retriever can be heard only positive opinions. It's hard to find anyone who would not like communicating with these interesting dogs. They are so good-natured and people-that are always ready to express his love and devotion. In this connection, golden retrievers have long ceased to be just a hunter. They became companion dogs, guide dogs, and they are used extensively in zootherapy.

His presence, they comfort the people relieve stress, eliminate aggressive povedenie.Ih used in work with children with autism. They are capable of great comfort a man when he is upset about something and crying. These dogs are well feel the mood of the owner and any person. We can say that if you decide to buy a golden retriever, then you will always have a soft "vest", in which you can complain. They say that even when you just hug this dog, you start to settle down, so much positive energy in it. Golden retriever never bared zarychat not per person, so as guards and bodyguards are difficult to imagine. They have no suspicion even to strangers. In other animals, they also carry their loving. They will never provoke a fight, and may even be some time quietly endure the attacks of other dogs, just moving away from conflict. But sometimes other dog they still exasperated, and they are fighting back, showing his power.

These dogs do not just obey, they are very helpful. They always want to benefit. They will never lie quietly, if the owner is engaged in something, what they may also take part. Some owners have cleverly used this quality, and for example, they are taught to submit various items.

Golden Retrievers are happy to go anywhere with the owner, get acquainted with other people and animals. You can be sure that a dog of this breed never hurt her even strangers and children will have fun playing with them in the ball. But do not think that this breed is just the kind quiet bumpkin, can only play. There are many cases where golden retrievers rescued people during fires, floods. They can save a drowning man without external command. Golden Retriever is not just smart. They are able to do more and to assess the situation and make decisions quickly. The reaction of these dogs lightning, so they act very quickly in extreme situations.

At Golden Retriever excellent sense of smell and an outstanding ability to train. Therefore, the representatives of this breed is often used by the police, customs, airports to search for banned substances and weapons.

During a touching friendship golden retriever Tommy leopard watching world. The animals live in South Africa in Pretoria and love each other's company and joint trips.

Care and maintenance

Keep this breed can be in the apartment and a private home. The main thing is not to deprive your dog attention and do not leave it in constant solitude. Planted on a chain golden retriever, devoid of human society - it is a sad sight. Such treatment does not pass in vain for the mental health of the dog. So before you buy a golden retriever puppy, think about how much time you can devote to it every day.

The peculiarity of the breed is that the dog is not the owner chooses one family, all family members can engage with it in training or to carry out hygienic procedures.

Caring for a dog breed golden retriever simple. The main thing, from puppyhood to accustom him to the hygienic procedures and routines. Proper feeding is very important, but you need to pay attention to other aspects of the content of your pet.

It is necessary to carefully monitor the dog's eyes. If you every day find purulent discharge from the eyes, it is not a harmless phenomenon. This may be the first sign of distemper, and a symptom of the presence of worms. So do not be limited to a simple wiping eyes and burying of straw, it is necessary to examine the dog for the presence of disease. Although the cause may be more harmless, for example, from getting into the eyes of sand or dust.

If the dog was on the hunt, after that it is necessary to wash her eyes as during a run through the woods and thickets, eyes usually get various types of garbage.

Ears can be inspected less frequently, about once a week. Wash with water or with a weak solution of hydrogen peroxide. You can simply wipe the inside of the ears moist cotton swab.

Many believe that their teeth do not necessarily take care of the dog. But sometimes such a view leads to the formation of tartar, to the appearance of yellow plaque. This dog can not be a winner exhibitions. You can buy a special toothbrush and toothpaste, and periodically clean the dog teeth or do the same procedure with a cotton swab.

Wash your dog can be on your own. Typically, this procedure is not necessary more often than 2-3 times per year. Wash golden retriever need special shampoos that do not wash off the protective layer, and do not cause skin dryness.

Comb the dog's coat is desirable every day, then it will look well-groomed. After all, the golden retriever hair - is one of the main advantages of his appearance. This is especially important for the decoration of exhibition dogs. If you want your pet to shine at the shows, then you need to seek the services of a professional for trimming. You can master this art and yourself, then you will need patience, free time and special tools: massage brush, comb, scissors. And remember that the judges at the shows do not like when you have done the work on trimming visible. Coat Retriever should look the most natural.

Golden Retriever Giuseppe runs a shop of their respective owners in Ocala, Florida. He welcomed the customers and helps them to roll the cart with the selected item to the cashier. The shop selling exotic fish, aquariums and related products.

Training and education

Дрессировка и воспитание: 

Some owners, after learning that this breed is very intelligent and kind, do not pay enough attention to her training. They decide that the dog does not need to teach anything, it will grow and become a smart and obedient. This erroneous misconception, any dog ​​you need to train and educate at least basic commands. Golden Retriever, who lives in the city, should know at least 3 teams: "To me!" "Ugh!", "Next!". The dog is quite large, and not everyone knows that it is good. If your zdorovyachok Retriever will throw a stranger to the child, to lick it, then the parents of the child will not listen to your cries, it's a good dog, and she did not touch. Therefore, begin to engage in training of basic commands from the first months of life of the dog in your house.

If you are enthusiastic people, then you are sure to be interested in training opportunities and other golden retriever: freestyle, agility, circus training. With such a dog can do staging theatrical performances and speak with her at charity events in orphanages. In short, golden retriever training can make the life of its owner is much brighter and more interesting.

Golden Retriever Baxter from Massachusetts saved his brother Bailey. They both lost in the woods, and Bailey got stuck in the bush and could not get out. When Baxter came home, he immediately led his mistress to the place where was trapped by his brother.