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Information and History

Общие данные и История породы: 

Kurzhaar - this is a great partner in any endeavor. He gets along great with people, perfect for the protection of the apartment, as well as become simply irreplaceable helper on the hunt.


With a German breed name is translated as "short-haired". It also is a direct reference to the ancestors of the breed. It was bred as a result of a long selection of the German short-haired pointers.

Since ancient times kurzhaar considered among the best hunting dogs. They possess an incredible flair, thanks to the huge endurance and body structure are able to drive long-term victim. They are perfectly able to feel the track and follow it for hours. This dog will be indispensable in the hunt for a rabbit, a bird or a fox.

In spite of such outstanding ability to breed, keep track of kurtshaar simple. It does not require a special place in the building. To him your regular deck somewhere in the corner of the apartment. The dog is very picky in the diet.

The only thing that really needed a dog that would keep it in good shape - a half-hour walk three times a day.

On the hunt kurzhaar manifest themselves beyond praise. These dogs are able to pursue slender game a long time and almost never returned to the owner without extraction. In addition, unmatched wit and determination make independent dog owner and allow it to decide how to catch prey.

But even if the owner Kurzhaar is not an avid hunter, the dog will still bring joy to the family. Because of its peaceful nature, kurzhaar perfectly get on with children. They gently protect them and never bites.


Kurtshaar bred exclusively for hunting. So it should be remembered that their inexhaustible energy and playfulness are natural. And from time to time necessary to give such a dog will, that he might throw them.

The dog is trained perfectly thanks to high intelligence. Accustom it to the teams to be from an early age. At the same time do a better job directly to the owner of the dog. Kurzhaar very quickly gets used for life takes her position in the family. And without controversy will only listen to the owner, who coached him.

In the process of selection of the Kurzhaar makes a perfect hunter. Therefore, his physique is specially developed for this purpose. Slim, lightweight body with a short-haired dog allows us to develop huge speed. Most of the rib cage keeps the speed for a long time. In addition, the special structure of the clutches provides zastryavaniya avoid mud in the feet. Long legs are made of dog are excellent swimmers.

The main thing to remember when buying a dog of this breed is the fact that the ancestors of the breed were hunters, hunting instincts and consequently they are very strong. Of course, at home dog will behave as a good friend. But even then, it is desirable from time to time to take out Kurzhaar hunting. Otherwise, buy a dog of this breed is better not to be.

Breed standard

Стандарт породы: 

General form

The noble, harmonious dog, a structure which provides strength, endurance and speed. Correct posture, smooth contour lines, dry head, well carried tail and broad, harmonious movement emphasize the nobility of the dog.

Important proportions
The length of the trunk should be slightly greater than the height at the withers.
Behavior / Character
Stable, well-balanced, reliable, restrained temperament, not in the least nervous, shy or aggressive.

The head

Dry, with distinct outlines, or heavy or light, the size and massiveness of the corresponding volume and sex of the dog.


Moderately broad, slightly rounded, with a slightly pronounced occipital bone, a longitudinal furrow not too deep, clearly defined eyebrows.
Go Stop:
Moderately pronounced.


Several acts. Nostrils sufficiently wide and mobile. Typically, the brown, but black or black-speckled dogs - black. Only the dominant white color makes it permissible with reddish speckles or nose.
Long, broad, deep and strong, capable of providing the correct dog feed game. Profile slightly hooked nose, which is more pronounced in males. Straight bridge of the nose is acceptable, though still less attractive. Concave nasal bridge - vice.
Tightly fitting, not too pendulous, with good pigmentation. The front edge lip almost vertical, and then gently bending extends to the corner of the lips, not too pronounced.
Jaws / Bite / Teeth
Strong jaw, perfect scissor bite. Cutters upper and lower rows are closed tight, healthy teeth are arranged vertically. 42 teeth in accordance with the teeth formula.
Strong, well muscled
Medium size, not prominent nor too deep-set. Perfect color - dark brown. Tight-fitting lids.
Medium length, planted on high and wide, flat and without twisting hanging down, close to the head, the ends blunted, rounded ears. Not too fleshy nor too thin. Being directed forward, typically reach the corner of the lips.


At length in harmony with general appearance of the dog, gradually expanding to the body. Very muscular, slightly convex back of the neck, tight skin on the throat.


Top line
Straight, slightly sloping
Clearly expressed
Strong, muscular. The spinous processes are hidden muscles.
Short, broad, muscular, straight or slightly arched, strongly connected with the back and form her whole line.
The wide and long enough, not sloping, slightly sloping towards the tail, muscular.
More developed in depth than wide, with good front, long as possible, the breastbone. The sternum and the elbow are on the same level. Ribs sprung, not flat nor barrel-shaped. False ribs moderate length.
the bottom line
With elegant bend slightly to tighten the stomach.
Set on high, strong at the base, tapering, of medium length. For use in hunting about half docked. At rest hanging down, in movement it is held horizontally, never raised above the level of the back and not very curved. In countries where tail docking is prohibited by law, it can be a natural appearance. It should reach to the hock, being straight or slightly saber-like.

The forelimbs

General form
Viewed from the front straight and parallel, from - well under the substituted body.
shoulder blades
Sloping, well fitting to the chest, well muscled. The blade and upper arm form a well-defined angle of shoulder joint
As far as possible the long, muscular and dry.
Adjacent to the body, but not too close, not deployed inwardly or outwardly, deeply located under the body. a pronounced angulation between shoulder and upper arm.
Direct, with enough muscle. Strong, but not rough skeleton.
With minimally angulated between the forearm and pastern, but never steep deliver.
The shape - from round to oval, arched with tightly applied with your fingers. Strong claws. Tough, strong pads. Parallel hocked, turning in or out in stance and in movement.


General form
Viewed from the rear straight and parallel. Good angulation of the knee and hock joints. Strong bones.
Long, broad and muscular. Well pronounced angle of the hip joint.
Strong, well angulated.
Sturdy, vertically set.
Hind legs
The shape - from round to oval, arched with tightly applied with your fingers. Strong claws. Tough, strong pads. In parallel set, turning in or out in stance and in movement.


Sweeping with a strong drive from the hindquarters and adequate reach in the forequarters. Movement of the front and rear legs are straight and parallel. Proud posture. Pacing is undesirable.


Tight fitting, without folds.


Short and dense, rough to the touch and stiff. On the head and ears is shorter and thinner, below and on the tail is not much longer. It covers the whole body.
a) Brown without markings
b) Brown with small white or speckled markings on chest or feet
c) dark brown and speckled with brown head, brown patches or specks. The basic color of the dog with a similar coat color is not brown with white or white with brown hair is characterized by such internal mixing brown and white that as a result there is so valuable for use in hunting, not conspicuous appearance of the dog. On the inside of the hind legs and tail tip color often lighter.
g) light brown and speckled with brown head, brown patches, specks or without them. If this color is present in a small degree of brown, but is dominated by white.
e) White with brown head markings, brown patches or a speckled.
e) black color with the same shades as in brown or brown-speckled
and) yellowish tan are acceptable;
a) allowed white blaze, small specks and spots on the lips.


Male 62 - 66 cm
Female 58 - 63 cm


Any departure from the foregoing points should be considered a fault and the assessment of which should be in exact proportion to its degree.

  • error or expression of sexual behavior such as;
  • too short snout;
  • too thick or too thin lips;
  • missing only 2 teeth, namely P1 and M3 are dealt from the set consisting of four two P1 and M3;
  • too bright eyes, pale yellow eyes bird of prey;
  • the ears are too long, too short, too heavy, too narrow, or put rolled into a tube;
  • suspension;
  • slightly hunched back;
  • too short croup;
  • too deep chest;
  • tail with a strong bend or hold back much higher level;
  • elbows, twisted outward or inward, club feet or toes-out, too narrow or too wide in front of limbs;
  • pryamozadost;
  • slightly barrel hocks or cow's hindquarters, narrow hocks plus.


  • clumsiness, limfatichnost, adding coarseness;
  • too pronounced transition from forehead to muzzle;
  • reddish or blotchy nose, except for dogs with basic white coloration;
  • pointed, concave bridge of the nose;
  • bite bite or in part (in dogs older than 4 years (the so-called age-bite) does not affect the assessment if the German club kurtshaar confirms the fact that the previous exhibition was installed in the dog bite is correct);
  • humped back, slightly hollow back;
  • small breasts, underdeveloped front part of the chest, flat or bochkovatye ribs;
  • clearly inside-out or inside the elbow;
  • weak, sagging pasterns;
  • steep pasterns;
  • significantly pronounced cow hocks or barrel-shaped hind limbs in motion, and the rack;
  • highly-backawn;
  • flat feet;
  • splayed legs;
  • clumsy movement;
  • deviations of more than 2 cm from the fixed height at withers.


  • aggressiveness or cowardice distinct;
  • distinct disorders of sexual dimorphism;
  • no more than 2 of the set of four teeth and two P1 M3;
  • absence of at least one tooth, except R1 and R3. Not visible teeth are considered to be missing when the German club kurtshaar not confirm the fact of their presence on the previous show or trial;
  • overshot, undershot, wry mouth, all the possible combinations;
  • extra teeth is dental arcade;
  • cleft palate or cleft lip;
  • drooping eyelids, ectropion, entropy, a double row of eyelashes;
  • hollow back, spinal deformity;
  • any deformation of the chest, including, short sternum, forming a sharp undermining of the abdomen;
  • dewclaws with or without phalanges;
  • weakness of character.

Note: Male animals should have two apparently normal testicles seminal located in the scrotum.



Kurzhaar very devoted, obedient and intelligent dog. Very much like a calm and balanced character of the German marriage. But despite some moderation of these dogs, they need attention, these dogs are very poorly tolerate the loneliness. They choose a single host, immensely devoted to him and even though they get along very well with the rest of the family, establish a special bond with only one person.

Representatives of this breed is very fond of children, not only the master's never hurt a child. With proper socialization German marriage can get along with cats and other small pets. In relations with other dogs, should be no problem, they get along very well with all the dogs that are not aggressive towards them.

To educate and train the representatives of this breed should begin at an early age. The dog is required to know all the basic commands, it will save the owner and the dog itself from many problems. In addition to training, these animals are easily taught how to behave during the hunt. The reasons for all the shortcomings and errors detected on tests and competitions, usually to be found in their hosts.

Kurzhaar very active dog, they need to move, besides, they are curious and inquisitive. These dogs are interested in everything new, and they are always glad to learn it. German marriages are very sociable and communicative, easily find a common language with strangers, good sense of whether a person wants to communicate with them. Representatives of this breed is absolutely not aggressive, never bite humans and themselves always pass by unfriendly people.

But not only kurtshaar companion dog, these dogs are excellent hunters hardy, strong-bodied, with incredible flair and a huge amount of energy. The representatives of the breed work perfectly in the field, are persistent and are good swimmers. In the forest hunting German pointer is used infrequently. Dog running slowly, taking advantage of the lower and upper flair. Kurzhaar can be used to hunt almost all types of game works well for waterfowl on a blood trail that is a universal dog. German married well apportiruet killed game.

Kurtshaar excellent guard, they tend to protect property owners. Although they are usually quite aggressive, if necessary, a German Pointer can look pretty daunting, and detractors are unlikely to have a desire to come close to a dog.

Care and maintenance

First and foremost, is to maintain in good condition the dog's coat. Although she is short and stiff, she also needs a weekly combing, it is better to use a special brush from a pet store. During molting comb the dog need a lot more often, and then the apartment will be less hair, and your kurtshaar quickly re-acquire a beautiful well-groomed appearance.
Wash Kurzhaar often not be as wool may lose natural shine. Bathe your dog need only after a strong pollution in the summer water treatment can be carried out frequently. This breed is an excellent swimmer, kurtshaar loves to swim in the open water and is able to bring game, had fallen into the water. However, after a home swimming in the cold time of year to release it on the street need only after the coat is completely dry. Take care of protection from fleas and ticks, it requires a special collar.

The dog should always be clean ears, any impurities are removed carefully with a cotton swab. It is necessary to promptly remove any discharge from the eyes, and if they become too abundant, the dog should be seen by a veterinarian. Puppy and adult dog claws trimmed periodically, this procedure can be replaced by a walk on the pavement.
It is important that the puppy was from childhood accustomed to patiently endure all the hygiene, enjoying the communication with the host. Then he will not be nervous, but the owner did not have any problems with the care of the dog.

Remember that cute funny baby will grow very quickly in the large and powerful dog, so you should just teach him to follow the rules. The dog must not jump on beds and sofas without authorization, it is necessary to teach her to sleep in a certain place. You can not allow him to jump and bark at the guests that can be a puppy and an adult can be a large dog. Form a feeding schedule and feed the animals only from a bowl, not letting begging food.

It is necessary to ensure the correct mode of long walks, and have Kurzhaar should be able to run and play without a leash. During the game, the easiest way to train a dog team, they are very sensitive to the promotion and love treats. The first thing your puppy accustomed to the self named to the team, "To me," "Fu", "sit", "lie", "Sic" and so on. D. Kurzhaar - dog with a developed intellect, so they definitely need to constantly provide new challenges they will gladly perform. We can not allow the puppy hunting cats or other pets, hunting dog must be able to respond only to the desired game.

The house puppy is necessary to provide a sufficient number of toys, then there will be fewer problems with bitten slippers and pogryzennoy furniture. Representatives of this breed in any case can not be left alone for a long time locked up. This leads to hyperactivity, cowardice, increased aggression and other vices, which should not be in these dogs.

Training and education

Дрессировка и воспитание: 

When education is first used Kurzhaar puppy home workout, and then nataska and in the field.

By learning to be understood by training young setter commands that will be needed to nataski and hunting. Nataska called training setter in the field of the work elements that allow the owner of the dog to hunt for birds.

Most workers qualities Pointing Dogs fixed genetically. The objective is nataschika much as possible to open and strengthen the natural talent of his pupil.

Methods of training and nataski Kurzhaar has long been known and worked with certain variations are still used today.

Shareable nataska Kurzhaar at Jaeger and amateur.

There are cases when the owner of a gun or the young do not have time to train your dog, or no experience, and he is afraid to spoil it. That's when he refers to the services of the huntsman-nataschika. Normally, the huntsman for the season picks up several young dogs. Its purpose is very clear - as soon as possible qualitatively to coach each student ward. To quickly to win and achieve her dog obedience, ranger-nataschik on a long cord (cord) shows his disciple decoy bird or well seen freestyle or snipe snipe.

Normally grown and with a good stable psyche young dogs tend to show a passionate interest in the smell of the birds.

Neat and methodically meeting with hunting birds awaken the passion of the dog, help her to meaningfully use their intuition and she firmly tied to abandon nataschiku.

If these lessons 2-3 business goes well, the huntsman passing in each subsequent output in the correct fulfills search and obedience.

The complex this whole process is called staging a gun. This method allows one and a half to two weeks to coach the dog and put it on the field tested for working diploma.

Great experience, the ability to understand the character of a dog and love to them all sorts of acts foresight young dogs really brings success nataschiku professionals.

Average same amateur training young Kurzhaar built on the principle of construction of the building.

Lays a solid foundation - and many months of daily training, that is training teams. If education and training of young setter owner must remember and perform the following basic rules:

  • Kurzhaar puppy start training as early as possible and patiently ensuring that he understood the requirements of its master;
  • Teams should be short and uniform, uttered even, calm voice;
  • Never allow the forbidden, and always seek times gave orders;
  • Never deceive puppy;
  • Teaching teams on a daily basis, without long breaks, encouraging the execution of commands tidbits;
  • Lessons need not be long, so they are not tired puppy.

When command failure to exercise patience and perseverance, and only in extreme cases, a strict reprimand or physical punishment.