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Information and History

Общие данные и История породы: 

Maltese, or more familiar to us, Maltese considered a very ancient breed. From the very beginning of its development, these charming dwarf dogs were considered the property of the elite classes. In the houses of many European aristocrats occupied the place of honor Maltese. Many of the excavated evidence supports the fact that in the times of ancient Greece Maltese take pride of place in society walnuts. While they are often called the cloud for their snow-white thick fur.

As the name implies, the breed comes from the famous island of Malta. The ancestors of modern Maltese lapdogs were most likely working dogs. But good looks rock still has meant that the selection was carried out in this direction and the breed gradually evolved into a decorative.

Incredibly cute Maltese modern appearance is the result of continuous selection. Their beautiful snow-white hair, small black eyes and a neat black nose cause a desire to touch the dog at the mere sight. Wool lapdogs is a hair, not fur as most breeds. This will be a great companion dog. Especially this breed is suitable for people with allergies are not dogs. For thick hair covering the lap dog, do not contain allergenic substances and cause irritation.

Another feature of the Maltese is a strong bond with its owner, which is set almost from the first meeting. The dog is very loyal and always strives to be with his master. Fortunately miniature size allows to wear with a Maltese. Many owners traveling with their pets, who are sitting quietly in a special bag. Naturally, the pet can accompany the person and their own power, but it is important to remember that the little feet of the dog in one man doing step 6-7 steps. For this reason, the dog gets tired quickly enough.

A very important aspect is the proper upbringing of the puppy Maltese. It is worth remembering that if you do not teach your puppy from childhood to independence, in the future this may lead to many problems. After all, in spite of your mind, Maltese unusually acute experiencing separation from the host.

Maltese loyal to all childish pranks. But, make it into a family with a child under 7 years is not recommended. Because of the tiny size of the dog and the peaceful nature of its children is associated with a plush toy and can cause it serious damage.

Breed standard

Стандарт породы: 

This little dog combines the beauty, grace and charm.

Height at withers:

male - 21-25 cm,

Bitch - 20-23 cm.

Weight - 3.4 kg

The head is broad and is almost half the height at the withers.

The upper line is slightly curved neck Dina and clearly visible.

The triangular ears set high, close to the head.

The shape of the skull slug oval. The upper part is flat, slightly pronounced cheekbones.

Muzzle protrudes.

Eyes rounded odds. The edges of the eyelids "sweep" black.

Nose large, certainly in black, with open nostrils.

Thin lips with a completely black edges.

The normal development of the jaw by closing with good.

Chest spacious, not too protruding ribs.

The length of the body by a third more than the height at the withers.

Back straight to the tail.

The tail is thick at the base and thin at the tip set high on the croup. Over the back tail forms a beautiful arc.

Limbs straight with sufficiently strong bone. Well-muscled thighs.

Colour pure white, but let shade of ivory.

Coat dense, shiny, textured silk has. Smooth and sloping over the body to the floor, "the mantle" are not divided into separate strands.

There are two types Maltese: English (classical) and the US. The last are smaller, but no charm.



Maltese are among the cute little dogs. They are very affectionate, playful, funny and loving. Full of enthusiasm and energy they occur sudden bursts of activity. They can run around, or in different directions at top speed.

Maltese are very well suited as first dog. Most of these dogs want to be next to his master.

Very loyal Maltese, despite their small size, are always trying to protect his master, if they feel threatened by other animals or humans. Usually they desperately bark or try to bite the intruder.

This fearless dogs that behave like big dogs, prisoners in a small body. Bold and rapidly beating the alarm about a suspicious noise and strangers, they are prone to excessive barking.

Maltese are very lively and intelligent dogs, they can easily be taught various tricks and commands. Although some of them may be a bit stubborn and often spoiled.

Small children can roughly handle fragile Maltese and easily cause them injury, and therefore these dogs have a better combined with older children who are able to communicate with them properly.

In relation to other dogs, cats and small animals Maltese very friendly. These dogs are picky about food. Just because of its attachment to the host, they may suffer from anxiety, if you leave them alone for a long time.

Maltese perfect choice for seniors and people with disabilities, as well as for those who live in small apartments.

Care and maintenance

Care Maltese is, first and foremost, a complex and demanding job. Without proper care, these animals simply can not exist normally. The owners have to Maltese daily to tidy hair, eyes, ears, paws and teeth of their pets.

For the Maltese lapdogs characteristic souring and deposits in the eye. To prevent this, you must make sure that the hair on the problem areas was dry, and the detection humidification - the animal's eyes to wipe with a soft cloth. To get rid of the yellow stains under the eyes, it is enough to wipe with a damp cloth coat color, which is wrapped in a small amount of boric acid powder.

With regard to the care of the ears of the Maltese lapdogs, it must be directed to the regular removal of hair from the ear canal. If you do not, then block the passage of hairballs and air can not circulate freely in the ear. In this case the possible ingestion of ear infections, which will have an appearance of redness, heat and swelling.

Dental care should be made by means of children's toothbrush. Cautious movements must be cleaned regularly gaps between his teeth to remove food debris and plaque. Each time after brushing your teeth must be well rinsed hair in the muzzle to pieces of food do not get stuck there.

Trim nails Maltese necessary as they grow. This should be done very carefully so as not to hurt the blood vessels. But wiping zabivshuyusya feet fur between the pads should be daily.

Wool Maltese requires a special approach. To take full care of your pet, the owner will need to acquire and rubber bristle brush, comb with a few teeth, comb, comb for combing hair in remote and sensitive areas, scissors and a hairdryer. In addition, in the arsenal of grooming must be present: antistatic-antikoltun, high-quality shampoo, conditioner and balm and potato starch.

Daily grooming Maltese begins its processing in the abdomen with antiseptic. This procedure helps to avoid unwanted hairs and breaks easily get rid of tangles. Then brush should comb every leg, armpits and groin of the animal. This should be done very carefully, using a comb with a few teeth, so as not to damage the delicate skin of the dog. Generally Maltese lapdogs need to comb from the bottom up, in the course of examining the resulting mats.

Bathe Maltese every 7-10 days. Just before swimming and immediately after the dog is required to comb. The shampoo is applied to the hair in a diluted form neat massage movements. When shampoo wash, you must make sure that the water and the foam did not get into the eyes and ears of the dog. After wash off shampoo, balsam is applied and after a few minutes wool rinsed again with lukewarm water.

It is very important after bathing not wipe the hair, but only slightly promakivat. Completely dry it with a hair dryer can be, directing a jet of warm air from the bottom up. Once hair is dry, you can do hair, using soft gum. Mandatory fur hairstyle tips are held at least once every 14 weeks. To make white, dry coat Maltese periodically sprinkle with potato starch, and then carefully combed it.

Those owners of the Maltese lapdogs who can not devote much time grooming your pet, dogs are forced to cut short. In this case care is minimized and consists in combing and bathing the animal.

Training and education

Дрессировка и воспитание: 

Such traits as amazing dedication and goodwill, this breed, to help you get out of the Maltese (Maltese) perfect friend if his education is timely. It should be added that this great little dog to train. It can be trained to jump through a ring, dancing, playing catch-up, roll on the floor.

The behavior of the Maltese lapdogs due to the perception among the people themselves and society. For them, the hierarchy is very important in the community. The most important thing for the puppy becomes his boss, his pack leader. And the younger the dog, the faster the Maltese puppy training will help him to take his place and feel comfortable on it. It is important to specify the puppy in its place, that you are the chief - his boss, but he is not. You constantly and in the classroom, and in everyday life have to position your relationship "master-dog." Otherwise, the puppy will feel out of place, unprotected.

If your dog is disciplined, he feels the mood of the owner and watching his every move. This helps to further develop the Maltese lapdogs obedience and to adjust its behavior both at home and on the street. Often delayed reaction to the behavior of the dog owner, to the environment, he knocks it confuses the leaves with a sense of insecurity. Do not bring up the dog with the help of physical punishment, it embitter her, and you will receive improper aggressive animal. It is better to publish a sharp sound or slightly potrepite his withers. This will stop the unwanted behavior. Movement should not cause pain.

Maltese dogs better than "worship" of man, if he stays calm and collected in any situation. State of relaxation and balance is transferred from the host to the pet, and it leads to the extinction of behavioral problems.