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Information and History

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The naked eye can see a marked resemblance Miniature Pinscher charming miniature Dobermans and more proud. Common features they definitely have. But it does not is a credit to the breeders. Clear purpose - to create a small copy of a Doberman terrible, they did not put. And such a strong resemblance explains the common ancestor of both species, which is the smooth-haired Pinscher.

Miniature Pinscher throughout its existence respected and popular. During the formation of the breed prized for its incredible hunting skills and flair. However, he was hunting, mostly in rats and mice, hunted in farmers' warehouses and urban stables. Modern dwarf, as they are called, pinschers appreciated for originality appearance and proud and very playful temperament. He become great companions and friends for the whole family.

Despite its small size, Miniature Pinscher can easily compete in the ferocity and courage with a powerful Doberman. They have an excellent mind. Superbly developed hunting instinct, high trainability and incredible devotion to his master. Such a set of positive qualities does a universal breed. It is used as guards of property hunters, bred as a decorative dog. Whatever debt is not laid on the owner of the pet, who with dedication and dignity will execute it.

Especially good Miniature Pinscher cope with the role of guards. The incredible sensitivity and confidence mixed with a sharp mind manifested in puppies from an early age and only strengthened over time. Dogs of this breed in advance feel threatened, manifested in their environment. If the owner comes to an outsider, Miniature Pinscher not for a moment brings him closer look. He is very suspicious of people whose smell and appearance he was not familiar. Moreover, the dog does not just keep watching a stranger, it is constantly in a state of alert, ready at any moment pounce on someone who threatens the host.

Origins Miniature Pinscher

The origins of the breed took on German territory. Homeland dwarf pinscher is the city Wuerttemberg, where these little dogs became famous in the XV century. The huge popularity of the breed has brought the fact that in terms of hunting rats to beat tiny hunters could no cat. They could spend hours to track down the rodent, sitting in the stables and barns, and then instantly grabbing prey. The extraordinary endurance pinschers, allowed them to accompany the carriage of their owners on long journeys, driving to stop anyone who approached the carriage. The incredible bravery and heroism in the fight with the rats for small dogs stuck the name "storm the stables."

But since the advent of breed, any selection works towards improving the breed was not conducted until the XIX century. During this period, some breeders still interested brave dogs and started to actively breeding.

By the 1870s it has been made a pretty big step in the promotion of the breed. It created the first club of dwarf pinscher, and the band released the first official standard.

At the end of XIX century Miniature Pinscher conquered French and English audiences. They began to breed and show in numerous exhibitions. In 20-ies of XX century dwarf breed overcame ocean, arrived to conquer the United States. This process has been quite successful. The American dog handlers and breeder interested Pinschers almost immediately.

To date, very popular Miniature Pinscher. They are bred all over Europe and beyond.

Breed standard

Стандарт породы: 

According to the classification Miniature Pinscher are mastiff similar dogs, schnauzers and pinschers group.

It is active and smart animals that easily trained and are distinguished makings of a wonderful caretaker.

Miniature Pinscher characterized proportionate physique. Their movements are smooth, confident, effortlessly.

The weight of an adult animal is an average of 3-4 kg, sexually mature Miniature Pinscher at the withers is 25-30 cm.

His head is more elongated form, the muzzle is proportional to the skull.

Zwergpinscher Eyes oval, dark, nose is black color.

In zwergpinscher well developed upper and lower jaw, scissor bite, pronounced chewing muscles.

The ears are placed high, can be cropped.

For graceful long neck to be graceful light body covered with a tight-fitting shiny, smooth, short, dense coat.

Limbs zwergpinscher thin and strong, rounded paws. Hind legs slightly longer than the front. The tail is high, it may be cropped.

Color can be sand (yellow), black and tan, blue-gray or brown-and-tan, and "deer" (red-color). Tan has a typical arrangement in the throat, above the eyes, on the feet, at the base of the tail, on the inside of the hind limbs. On the chest are two clearly separated well visualized triangle.

By temperament is energetic, lively, well-balanced and confident dog. It may be a wonderful companion and family dog.



Miniature Pinscher is well suited for keeping in an apartment, but requires an experienced dog owners who do not go on about the dog. It has great significance for the breed early and proper education which will help to avoid problems with such traits as stubborn and spoiled.

But in the nature of miniature pinscher has tenderness, gentleness, vigor. They get along very well with children, but you need to teach children that these little dogs are not toys and because of their size are very vulnerable and in need of personal space.

On the other animals in the house Miniature Pinscher usually get along well. In relation to other dogs Pinschers can be aggressive. They get along well only with those dogs, which are known from an early age.

Suspicious by nature, these dogs are prone to excessive barking. Therefore, if the house are frequent visitors, you need to be specially trained dog to a quiet reception of visitors that do not threaten the host. In public places, this baby is sure to keep on a leash.

On the one hand it is cheerful and faithful dog, but on the other - demanding and strong-willed. But their negative traits can cope with timely training. Fortunately, Pinschers love to learn, and smart enough for that. When the Pinscher recognizes his master, he would be happy to learn what the owner wants.

This dog is ideal for people living even in a small city apartment, because it takes up little space and rarely sheds, besides it is very smart and easy to train breed.

Personal communication with the animal - do not spoil pinscher, because he can be very stubborn and self-willed, if from an early age not to engage in his upbringing. And the rest is a sweet and gentle dog who loves his family, seeks always and everywhere to please the owner.

It can become a good friend for your children if they know that a tiny little dog is not a toy. Pinscher and get along well with other pets, but can be aggressive toward dogs, but if you do not know them at an early age.

But to outsiders, this breed is very wary. Being a born caretaker, miniature pinscher meet strangers malevolent barking, his fur standing on end will rise immediately, and his eyes would sparkle, because this dog is not out of the cowardly and ready to bravely defend their masters and their home.

Out and miniature pinscher calmer and looked she explores all that surrounds it. Surprisingly, this kid is always eager to fight, even if the opponent is superior mini pinscher in size and strength, it will not stop the brave dog!

Miniature Pinscher great companion for lonely people, fun, playful and curious. They love to play any household things that sometimes presents a risk for the animal.

In general, the Miniature Pinscher dog breed healthy enough, but there she and her predisposition to diseases such as diabetes, kidney stones, pannus, a dislocated shoulder, glaucoma, cataracts and other eye diseases, as well as a tendency to deafness and epilepsy.

Care and maintenance

In the care of a very simple kind. Suffice miniature pinscher combing several times a week, and sometimes with a moist towel to remove dead hair.

Nutrition little dog needs not much, but the more important its quality to a dog has always been active and healthy.

We need to protect dwarf pinscher from cold and drafts and the cold season they need to walk in clothes. However, it should be borne in mind that, thanks to their mobility, miniature pinscher is not much in a small freezing cold. Only with a minus 7-10 degrees he begin to get cold feet. Therefore, winter walking is needed not only overall but also boots.

In a little small pinscher threatening heat stroke. Therefore, it is necessary for a long walk to get water for drinking, and in a particularly hot weather, the dog should be slightly wet, especially if the dog is black and tan.

Also, it is necessary to provide enough active lifestyle, as this breed is quite prone to obesity. Apartment dog, even accustomed to the tray, you should regularly, ideally - twice a day, actively to walk at least an hour. It is better to offer him a permanent action games: Frisbee, etc.

Miniature Pinscher do not like to stay home alone without any employment. Therefore, a long time it is not necessary to leave or he will anything without special permission of the owners, not intended for playing this stuff.

This intelligent breed dogs and to avoid the development of destructive behavior, they need constant mental activity. Teach something they can last a lifetime.

Miniature Pinscher - a wonderful companion also because representatives of this species live in our climate for a long time, have a good health and in need of the most basic care.

Miniature dogs enough to comb once a week, and they take the brush strokes as a kind of affection and love, when they combed.

You can not take pinscher for forelegs and back of the neck, so as not to damage the tendon, it is better to carry a dog, holding the stomach. It is also necessary to protect chips from the cold and do not let off the leash in public places. But you need to walk the baby several times a day, as this breed is prone to obesity and, therefore, constant physical activity are essential pet.

Wash Miniature Pinscher is undesirable because after this procedure, the dog can easily catch a cold. So bathing arrange as needed - no more.

It is important to shorten the claws, as the dog has a light weight, and they do not have time to grind the motion, and it can even lead to dislocation paws.

To miniature pinscher stay healthy and alert throughout their lives, it is important to watch his diet. For this breed is preferred natural food, with most of the diet are raw beef and horse meat, and poultry.

Pincher should receive food according to the schedule, and then, ideally, he licks the plate and resting. If the dog did not finish or, on the contrary, stands near the plate with sad eyes, that portion must be reduced or increased accordingly. Sometimes menu to include fresh crushed garlic for the prevention of worms and intestinal diseases.

History dwarf pinscher has more than 300 years, and during that time they have repeatedly argued that, despite its small size - they are brave and loyal companions. And if you do not believe me - check!

Training and education

Дрессировка и воспитание: 

Energetic and confident, not fussy and inquisitive, affectionate and loyal, but always aspiring to leadership - all this Miniature Pinscher. They're ideal friends and companions for children and the elderly. Great feel in a big family and make more intense life of a lonely man. If you chose this wonderful breed, know that without training your pet can not do here. Only the correct training zwergpinscher will reveal all its fine quality and superior intellect. Only consistent education to smooth things over pincherinogo character.


Of course, in the two months to train a puppy of any breed early. But it is important to immediately determine the rules of conduct for the pet in your home. Yes, you do not teach him from the early days sleeping on the ground, only going to the toilet on the street and chew on toys exclusively. However, a clear definition of what is allowed and what is not, and strict observance of the established framework - fast disciplines baby. And any sign of weakness and indulging the whims of the pet will make a skilled manipulator and master of the situation.

Training zwergpinscher-puppy is:
-Priuchenie A nickname
-Priuchenie To the site
-Postepennoe Toilet training outdoors
-Negativnaya Response to all attempts to damage the owner's property (strict, but without cruelty)
-Priuchenie To a leash and collar
Forbiddenness on picking up food from the floor (ground)
-Osvoenie Command "To me!"
-Sotsializatsiya Puppy (dog get used to the society, the people and the noise of city streets)

However, training a dog is not only a team and strict prohibitions, but daily contact with animals. Your Pinscher needs regular walking, active games, and of course the attention of owner. Give it enough time, but in any case do not go on about the puppy. Miniature Pinscher is very likely to dominate, so from the very first days let him know that the place occupied by the pack leader.

And Miniature Pinscher do not like to be alone. Whenever possible, teach your puppy to the inevitability gradually. And if in your absence nabedokuril baby - exercise restraint, be aware that all your emotions are always a welcome for the dog than indifference. Besides the puppy still does not understand what it was he was guilty. And the punishment will not be effective.


The best age to start training - 4 months. That's when the dogs are starting to show character, and at the same time to check the strength of the host. Shoots, disobedience and irrepressible thirst for knowledge of the world - with all these owners are facing growing puppy. And zwergpinscher training at this time not only discipline your pet, but also fill his life with new experiences. It will provide an opportunity to open up intellectually.

By far the best option - a class with an experienced dog handlers in a group with other dogs of the same age and level of training. The specialist will tell you not only how to teach pinscher this or that team, and adjust the process of training in accordance with the individual characteristics of the pet. And do not be afraid of large dogs in the classroom. Your pet is not the timid and feels great in the community Shepherd and Doberman pinschers.

Education zwergpinscher should always be based on positive emotions and some elements of the game. Be sure to praise your dog for each correct execution of the command. However, do not let the convert thing in entertainment. Training - is the work and relax and be distracted by the commotion with other dogs can only be a break.


Training zwergpinscher possible and at home. We hope our tips on studying some teams will help you cope with this task. But first, remember the main rule of successful training: Given the team - necessarily Get her performance!

The command "To me!". Pincher walk freely on a long leash (not roulette!). Boss confident voice is commanding and immediately pulls the leash, causing the dog to come to him. As soon as the dog approached - encouraged her to treat and praise. As a treat giving skills training through time, then completely abandon it. After a few repetitions of coercion giving the dog an opportunity to respond to the command. Inappropriate? - Repeat the command again jerk the leash.

The command "Sit!". Dog standing next to you. Say a command and encourage the dog to sit, gently pressing on cereals. Once the village - encourage. After 5-6 repetitions check the pet has learned the command. He sat himself? - Do not skimp not praise! No - even with the impact of a series of repetitions.

The command "Next." For speedy assimilation of the collar can be replaced by a chain-noose. Do not be afraid, it does not injure the pet! The dog is on your left. Give the command "Next!", Jerk the leash and start moving. All attempts to distract the dog and move in another direction dealt with severely. Required To compare impact force to the size of the dog! Periodically (not too much!), Repeat the command. So you go through a few dozen meters and give your dog a rest. Then work again. After a few sessions Pinscher understand what you expect from him, and finally, quietly pass near the first few meters. Just praise him and continued his studies further. The ultimate goal - to teach your pet to walk without a leash close.

Appotrirovke train your dog, it is important not just to teach her to run for a stick or ball, but be sure to bring them to you and easy to give up. Do not forget to teach pinscher comfortable with the examination of the teeth.

In general, training zwergpinscher some fun and not as difficult as it might seem at first. The main thing - be persistent, patient and consistent. And never will be engaged with the dog in a bad mood.