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Information and History

Общие данные и История породы: 

Papillon is often affectionately referred to as elegant French flower. This dog has decided to call the butterfly, which is due to her ears that resemble butterfly wings on. It is the most remarkable and distinctive feature of the breed. This dog has a lot of names. The very first of them is connected with its roots - dwarf continental toy spaniel, but the main name that is used by breeders and breed lovers - it's papillon (or Papillon). But how do not call this a dog, its main advantage is unmatched intelligence and spectacular bright appearance.

The first dog with erect ears were about 800 years ago. They were called at the time Spaniel. Even then, the modern name Papillon appeared. There are faleny. This dwarf toy spaniels, only with hanging ears. It should be noted that experts and scholars, and now there is no consensus about when this wonderful breed has appeared. However, there are two basic assumptions: first - the breed was formed in the 14th century, and the second guess is that evidence suggests that Papillon appeared during the Crusades, when the Duke Gottfried brought to Jerusalem charming sobachku- "moth".

Similarly, you can not argue about the time of the breed, but it is safe to say that the Papillon is closely linked to mysterious stories and the palace of the royal dynasty. There is even a legend that King Henry III of France so loved small dogs, butterflies that spent on their maintenance and acquisition from the state treasury huge sums. And when Henry came to visit the monk who wanted to assassinate him, pet king shouted with a great barking as if sensing that his master was in danger. The dog was immediately expelled from the chambers of the king, and the assassination took place.

Love for Papillon after Henry recklessly "picked up" by Louis 14, then 16 and 15, Ludovica, Marquise de Pompadour - mistress of Louis 15th and Marie Antoinette, who was the last queen of France. As a result, the breed was a great and lasting success. In those days, he called Papillon "lapdog of kings and queens."

Interestingly, the modern look, as well as some of the standards relating to the appearance of the dog "written off" literally a portrait painted by Titian has called the "daughter of Roberto Strozzi." This painting was created by the artist in 1542. So on canvas depicts a charming girl and dog having a typical stand-up ears, between which the color can be observed blaze.

English breeders in the early 20th century, decided to cross a Papillon with Spitz. It was the most successful action that they could make to the breed. Because of this "mixing" a spaniel has improved wool because it is much healthier and richer, there was a density and gloss. Now, besides the dog's tail "moved" to the area of ​​the back. And now the main features of Papillon is well furred ears, tail, as well as a great basic wool.

Breed standard

Стандарт породы: 

Outside Papillon - "Butterfly" can be considered a luxury. This miniature spaniel was gifted by nature physique in which everything is in harmony with each other: the muzzle slim and graceful, slightly shorter than the skull, skeleton is very strong, but at the same time, visually fragile, and the dog's movement easy and graceful, imbued with nobility and a certain aristocratic . Her torso short, but long. A great bonus was the rich and healthy coat, and, of course, its famous butterfly ears and fluffy tail.

Head Papillon differs from conventional spaniels its lightness and small size. But it is the size of the body correspond. The skull can not be called perfect round. The transition line from forehead to muzzle clearly expressed.

The nose of this breed should be small, round, black. When viewed from above, it may seem that it is a bit flattened, but his back is flat and straight. Muzzle slightly pointed and very slightly converging upwards. Lips Papillon has a strong pigmentation, they fit snugly to the jaw, short and thin. By the way, the jaw in dogs of this breed is very strong, strong and powerful grip. The bite should be scissors. As for the language, it must be carefully hidden behind the teeth. If it protrudes and retracts into the oral cavity, it is a serious defect.
Eyes should be well visible, large and almond-shaped, but wide. It may seem that they are planted too low, but the most important thing - the eyes do not have to be bulging. Papillon has a very expressive look, eye color should be dark, well pigmented eyelids.

Finally, the most important thing - it's ears. They are large, but quite firmly set. For hanging and standing ears, there are common standards. For example, in both cases, the tip of the ear must not end with a rigid cartilage. The ears should be shifted slightly back on his head. Also, they must be removed from each other at such a distance to be able to clearly see the circular shape of the skull of the dog.

It should be noted that there are 2 kinds of miniature spaniels: Papillons and faleny. Their major difference from each other only in the fact that Papillon erect ears, and at falena - hanging. Now we are talking about Papillon with erect ears, so for him there is a separate standard with its nuances. Ears Papillon to be planted high enough, and their shell disclosed and rotated to the side. The ear on the outside is well covered with hair, and the longest is closer to the edge.

With regard to the neck, it is not too long and in the region of the nape takes a slightly curved shape. The tail is bushy, set fairly high on the back line. Visually Papillon tail resembles a magnificent flowing fountain. In the excited state of the tail should be abandoned in the back or on the hip of the dog. If the tail curls up into a ring or semicircle, and lies flat on his back, it will be considered a serious deviation from the standard.

Paws at Papillon butterfly considered long in relation to its body. They even compare with "rabbit-like" legs. Nails should be thick, strong and preferably black. If a dog of this breed is dominated by the white coat color, in this case allowed the claws painted in white. Fingers on all movable legs, long hair between them. Papillon is distinguished from other species of its smooth, extremely light, elegant and at the same time, proud movement. Her gait is full of confidence, and gentility.



Before we talk about the traits of her character, I would like to mention the fact that Papillon decades does not leave the rating "very smart" dogs planet. And there she takes the 8th place! This place belongs to it by right. After all, this dog is a happy owner of an exceptional and outstanding intelligence. So do not underestimate her and think that once the dog from the "miniature", then it will happily handmade toy.

Papillon - is incredibly faithful and friendly animal. Because of their small size, they are very lively, active and playful. They may be called "eternal children." But to sit in one place and passively observe what is happening around them, whether it's even warm hands of his master, they will never be. It's not about their character. They just love to frolic and tirelessly to explore the world with its variety. These include gambling and hunting small prey such as mice or flying insects.

Despite all the fun and playfulness of these dogs need to be very timely and proper socialization. Otherwise, their friendly and welcoming species will be over. They quickly pass the brink of games to aggression and may even bite. And it becomes a habit. Start learning all the rules of communication must be from the puppyhood. If you do it right, then this will be a wonderful ball of shaggy and cheerful friend to you and your family.

Papillon is filled with optimism and everlasting joy. He will be able to cheer his master even the most gloomy day. Another feature sobaki- "butterfly" in that it is able to predict and capture the mood of their owners. For example, if all want peace and quiet pastime, the Papillon also tune into this wave. It is also pleased to be the company in play with children.

It should be noted that the livestock of this breed is very attached to their owners. Sometimes this attachment can be called a "sick". Precisely because Papillon not be left alone. If his two-legged friend will not be around for too long, it will greatly yearn, will experience the psychological discomfort and may even get sick. In connection with this Papillon never will tolerate abuse, rough intonation and physical punishment. They are so vulnerable, that might be offended, even a small a curse or cry.

We can say that the human nature of the Papillon. In addition to intelligence, the nature has awarded her an impeccable memory. They are sensitive and open, playful and inquisitive. There's even a "human" traits like jealousy. Yes, she may be jealous of you, not only to other pets, but also to the people, and even to relatives and friends. But what if she does not do is to bark without reason. If the dog has decided to someone or something to bark, then this will be the most compelling reasons.

Care and maintenance

At first glance, it may seem that the care and maintenance of Papillons is a complex and tedious process. But it is not so. Care can be called easy, but, nevertheless, some work for the benefit of dogs you have.

If it's a puppy, it is most important - this attention and care. But appropriate care has not been canceled. Puppies "butterfly" very cute creature resembling a ball of wool, which is in need of warmth and caring. Little tot sensitive and vulnerable, so they immediately feel the mood and attitude of the host to them.

Proper care of the puppies Papillons includes several points:

  • cleanliness and neatness - wool, ears, nose, eyes should always be clean and well-maintained;
  • daily walks in the fresh air - even if you have a shortage of time, yet is given to a dog at least 20-30 minutes, it will be enough that the puppy has spent little energy and was satisfied. On the day of these walks should be at least 2;
  • regular, proper and healthy diet - for the growing organism is most necessary. For Papillons puppies have a special diet, as well as the rules of feeding, so it is best to consult a veterinarian;

If we are talking about adult pet the care and will not be any problems, and will not take much effort. Most importantly, what the owner should pay attention - this coat. Wool reflects the state of health of the dog, so it should be a thick, clean and shiny. If the coat suddenly became dull, it is alarming, "Up", which speaks of unfavorable changes in the body of the dog.

Wool Papillon - is his pride and features, so you need to take care of it every day. To use the special comb combing and gloves. As pollution need to bathe the pet dog shampoo.

It is worth noting that the process of grooming Papillon is more complex than is the case with other breeds. But it is not so difficult. Comb must be at least 2-3 times a week, and during moulting (in spring and autumn) - every day. Combing not only save you and your home from constantly flying and adhering to all the hair, but the dog discomfort. For reasons of hygiene veterinarians recommend to trim hair around the pads on the feet and stomach.

Bathe your dog can be like an ordinary human shampoo and special dog. But, nevertheless, it is recommended to use special. This will help to maintain a healthy shine and natural shade of hair.

Beyond Wool care should be at the claws. Regular inspection, getting rid of the build-up and hairstyle. Between the claws Papillons have a lot of long and thick coat, it is necessary to periodically cut out.

Training and education

Дрессировка и воспитание: 

Breed papilon- "butterfly" is often called one of the easiest breeds educability. They are very inquisitive, like all new and virtually all are interested. But there are certain characteristics of the breed, which deals with the Papillon desire to dominate other animals and even over the people. Therefore, the education and training should begin immediately after the appearance of a puppy in your home.

That encompasses education Papillon? First of all, is the development of basic skills behavior. To develop these skills is necessary from the very first months of life puppy, the sooner the better. Despite his age, toddler very quickly realizes what he should do.

As mentioned above, the Papillon are included in the top of the planet's most intelligent dogs. It would seem that this dog is a children's character forever, constantly wanting to sporting and "fooling around", but serious competitions and exhibitions Papillon show the best results, that few people can beat. The owner must clearly and confidently to give your pet to understand what he wants, what you can do, and what not. To do this, use the commands and actions to respond correctly. We must make it clear to the dog that it is in your home and the owner are one.

Generally Papillons perfectly amenable to adjustment of education, often they do not even need to command, they realize just words. As with any other breed Papillon should be encouraged for each positive result, for each of the command. This can be a kind word, stroking or treat. All dogs appreciate a good attitude. A dog of this breed is able to adapt to any situation. It is easy to understand all your requirements and rules of conduct. No aggression and even a hint of resentment on her part. What you should always remember, it's about jealousy. The arrival of guests can cause Papillon uproar and jealousy. Try to stop it.

If you decide to become a proud owner of Papillon, and that, besides, he was well-mannered and loyal, it must be sure to train. Training, as well as education must deliver a pleasure. Be patient, and safely proceed. You can train a dog in the street and at home. The most important and the first thing you should teach your puppy - know your place in the house.
Since the "butterfly" is very sensitive and touchy animals, shouting at them is not necessary. While all teams must be pronounced clearly, clearly and confidently. Once the puppy has learned its place, it is time to accustom him to the toilet. At home, he has to do his business only in one place.

It should also be the time to begin to teach your puppy to the collar and leash. But it should not be intrusive and violent. We must try to do it as gently without damaging the psyche of a small creature. If, during the walk, you notice that the puppy is very frightened and trembling, take him up and find a place where there will be large crowds and noise. There's little Papillon can independently adapt to the outdoor environment.

Dressiruya Papillon, you need to understand and make it clear to him that you - a "leader" of the pack and head home. You must be his authority, a teacher who will teach everything and right, where necessary.

The first thing a puppy should learn and remember, it's his nickname, as well as basic commands such as "down" and "sit." Then you can begin to learn the "voice", "next" and "wait." Do not be upset if at one time nothing happened. After all, a dog is not a watch or some other mechanism, which only need to make this a living being and has personality. Spend a little time and patience, and she will understand what you want from it.

If you do everything correctly, the Papillon education should give you a fun and positive charge. Despite the fact that the whole educational process takes place in the form of a game, you must ensure that Papillon had taken out of the game all the lessons. In no case do not give the dog, otherwise it instantly "climbs" on your neck and "dangling legs."