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Information and History

Общие данные и История породы: 

In addition to an outstanding appearance Pomeranian also boasts a magnificent mind. He was well versed in a variety of situations, superbly trained different teams and a very good sense of what the owner wants from him.

History, as the origin of the breed rather vague. It is known that similar to the Spitz dog by the external signs were known to our ancestors many centuries ago. But that's their origin had still not got to determine. Many researchers on this subject put forward their own theories. According to some figures found a dog that looks very similar to the Pomeranian, was widely known in ancient Egypt. According to another version, they come from different Chinese species and we have got from the east. There is also a theory about the ancient origins of the breed.

But still, the greatest number of adherents had a theory that says that the Pomeranian appeared in Switzerland. Scientists have found skeletons of dogs here Neolithic, which they called "fossil Spitz". The remains in all respects similar to the modern dog, which gives the theory of the right to exist.

Of course, the ancestors of modern Spitz much different from today. This is particularly evident in their size. Nordic breeds of dogs, from which subsequently occurred Spitz, were big, strong and hardy. They are often used as a sled on the snow-covered areas. In more southern areas Spitz gained as a safe guard the house and property.

But along with a line of large dogs to develop other guards, a decorative line. The reason for this was the beautiful appearance Spitz breed. The thick fur and sweet muzzle of these dogs is even more impressive looking at small sizes. Therefore, this quality has been specially cultivated. Decorative line became particularly popular during the Middle Ages.

In this period of great interest in the breed Pomeranian showed German factory owners. In various parts of the country was active breeding shpitshundov, as they were called. Especially many of these breeders were in the cities of Wurttemberg and Pomerania. Scientists today are arguing about which of these centers put more effort into the development of the breed, but reliably solve the dispute to date is not possible. We only know that the efforts of the German breeders have focused on the most diminutive breed. Already in the XVIII century the breed almost fully formed. Its popularity is continuously growing.

The huge popularity of the breed has not left aside and England. Several excellent representatives of the breed of German breeders have acquired Queen Victoria. It attracted an extraordinary beauty and charm of these small dogs. After Spitz Her Majesty was presented at the exhibition, almost every woman in England was eager to acquire Spitz. By the second half of the XIX century already recognized breed English Kennel Club. In 1881, the club was formed Spitz lovers.

Among the variety of dogs, which contained the Queen Victoria, she emphasizes Mark Spitz. It was with him began breeding Pomeranian in England. Queen so much love your pet, that after the death of the Queen, Marco was buried beside her.

Breeding work of English breeders had two directions. The first trend is a continuation of the work on reducing the size of dogs. There was even a clear boundary is set at 7 pounds, which breed was divided into two separate species. As for the second direction, it is concerned directly coat color of dogs. One of the innovations of this time was the beige coloring.

After 1890 the first representatives of the breed Pomeranian crossed the ocean. Here, as in the previous countries immediately began to increase their popularity. The first exhibition, which was put Spitz in America took place 20 years after its appearance here. Pomeranian confidently walked the rest of the rock and beat out champions. Later, they gave offspring, from which began to develop the breed in America.

During this period, first began to decline work towards reducing the size of dogs. Several breeders have noticed that the smaller gains breed, the more problems with health and reproduction at the Spitz. Also, interesting is the fact that the color of white Spitz is always greater than their colored counterparts.

Tracing the history of the breed Pomeranian, we can say that these dogs have been incredible path from large, ferocious guards and sled dogs to small decorative dogs that are already two centuries to conquer the known exhibitions.

Also breed is unique in the fact that the majority of the breeders who developed the breed were women.

Breed standard

Стандарт породы: 

Pomeranian are dwarf varieties of Spitz. Russia has a standard adopted by the FCI FCI. In America there is a standard by which the upper limit of the growth at the withers at the Pomeranian is 26 cm. The FCI standard height at the withers of dogs of this breed - 18-22 cm.

Format practically square casing, i.e. height corresponds to a length of 1: 1.

Type Constitution oranges - dry and strong in physique decorative elegance combined with strong muscles.

The head is small with a round short muzzle that narrows reminding fox. The back of the skull is the most extensive, and it goes on smooth wedge-shaped narrowing towards the nose. Avoid abrupt narrowing of this transition is gradual and imperceptible. The muzzle is in proportion to the skull as a 2: 4.

Nose black to brown color - brown. The same color and lips that seal tightly to the jaws.

Jaws have a scissor bite, but let's say, and pincer bite.

Eyes are oblong, slightly sloping. Lively expression of the eyes gives Spitz jaunty look.

The ears are small, erect, triangular in shape with a sharp top, close to each other.

Neck strong medium length, covered with a thick collar of a mane.

Back short, strong and straight. Back line ends with fluffy tail, a capping back. With this rounded line creates a compact rounded silhouette Pomeranian.

Chest deep and well developed.

Belly moderately tucked up.

The tail is medium in length, covered with thick hair, set high and right at the bottom in the position rotated upward and forward. Thus, he seems to be lying on his back in the form of lush vane.

The front legs are straight. Long blades are directed backwards. Muscular shoulders firmly against your chest. Forearm chunky and straight, with the back side of a well-pubescent.

The feet are small and well-knit, round shape. All colors paw pads are black, in brown Spitz - brown.

The hindquarters are muscular thighs and lower legs in approximately the same length. Straight and parallel to the hock joint are covered with downy hair.

The coat consists of two kinds of hair: cover long hair and thick undercoat like cotton. Short coat is only on the head and ears, as well as on the front part of the limb. On the neck and shoulders of a lush fur collar, behind the limbs - voluminous trousers, the tail resembles a lush bush of thick wool.

Color at the Pomeranian can be varied. The most common are black, brown, white, various shades of red (from orange to peach), wolf, cream, black and tan, brindle. When spotted coloration main background is white, and all over the body are spots of brown, black, orange and gray.

The first Pomeranian weighed more than 15-17 kg.



Pomeranian - a recognized among the adorable dogs. The appearance of him in the street will always be spectacular. One gets the impression that this is a cute fluffy ball with which to cuddle all day. But no wonder they say that appearance is deceptive, this rule once again confirms the appearance of orange.

Gentle creature is just a lapdog mind, in my heart Spitz very brave and craves adventure and feats. Therefore, in the full sense of the sitting room it is not a dog. He is not ready to spend days lying on the couch, he was a joy to walk and study all new. Even at home, Spitz is active and playful. In fact, many owners of this breed is characterized her as a very playful. A special delight of the Pomeranian is the team "Oporto," he was ready at any moment to rush for a stick or a toy at the call of the host.

This cute pussy is not so good-natured, he is suspicious of outsiders, and is unlikely to allow them familiarly pat his beautiful shёrstku. Of course, this is not a service dog, but sometimes he behaves as if not aware of its small size and feels great and terrible dog.

Many owners notice a tendency to bark oranges may have manifested their genetic connection with modern huskies. In any case, the barking spitz not causeless, it makes sense, as in the cry of a small child, and the task of the owner to understand the language of your pet.

Everyone seems that small dogs - it is absolutely the ideal companion for any owner. But this is not the case, in particular, the Pomeranian need sufficient exercise in the form of games and walks. Even if you can not walk with him for a long time, then be prepared to exercise his activity at home. He was almost always ready to run, jump and frolic. By humorous, but not without the reliability of monitoring the behavior of their pets, owners of oranges so characterize their daily routine: they sleep, eat and play.

It has oranges and are not very flattering qualities of character as willfulness and stubbornness. Therefore, despite the smyshlёny mind, they can be difficult to train. Especially reluctant they perform static commands related to a state of rest, "Sit!", "Down!".

Another feature of their behavior - a tendency to dominate over other animals. Do not be surprised if your regal Spitz solve dominate the great shepherd dog, apparently a long interest in this breed of royals have played a role.

Spitz feel like the navel of the earth. This complexity in the behavior persists through early socialization, if the house is a little puppy other animals live, you will have no problems. But if you already have grown up a Pomeranian, and you decide to have another pet, then your baby will show you their displeasure violation of their legitimate rights. The same applies to the respect of the arm to the children that he loves them and is willing to play with them only in the event that from puppyhood accustomed to their society.

But all these minor behavioral difficulties and shortcomings are forgotten once compared to the ability of the arm to give love and joy to its owner. These little dogs are very attached to the man, and constantly strive to be close to him. They get upset when they are left at home alone, and compensate for their temporary loneliness increased attention to the returning master. Spitz will walk up to you how to bind: to sit at your feet when you are cooking food in the kitchen, watching TV with you and even sleep next to your bed or at all on it. Be prepared for the fact that the Pomeranian will become your true friend, who will seek to participate in all your affairs.

Pomeranian always conquered people in the arts. They were friends of Emile Zola and romantic poet Jean Paul, Mozart and the painter Ludwig Richter.

Care and maintenance

One look at this beautiful creature is enough to realize that grooming Pomeranian requires regular.

If you do not want your pet evoked sympathetic glances of passers-by their dirty matted hair, never miss the treatments for it. Some owners are engaged in combing Spitz every day, especially since the small size of the dog does not require a lot of time to create beautiful hairstyles. But you can do it less frequently - 2-3 times a week, especially if your Spitz does not make long walks.

Basic rules of care for Pomeranian

Spitz skin is dry, bathing it poetomuchastye harmful, besides the appearance of the wool combing it affects, not water treatments. Through thick Upright undercoat hair this breed looks well-groomed, more intensive vychёsyvat rekomenduetsyatolko undercoat during shedding.

The rest of the time to do it carefully to guard hairs lost his footing, thanks to which Spitz and seem so fluffy. After bathing can dry the hair dryer special dogs. This will make your pet more beautiful and shorten the drying time.

An important procedure is the periodic grooming claws of a dog, who, growing up, deformed leg and changed for the worse gait. To do this, gently bite the edge of claw clippers, not to touch the soft tissue and not to hurt the dog, which she will remember for a long time.

All procedures better to teach a dog from puppyhood. In this case, an adult will not be afraid Spitz shower, hair dryer and other tools, and all the beauty treatments will tolerate if not with joy, then, at least, patiently.

Proper nutrition Pomeranian - the basis of proper maintenance and care of your dog

Hygiene measures are important, but of paramount importance for health is feeding the dog. Calculate the optimal dose for your pet is very simple: you have to rely on the data the average amount of food depending on the weight of the dog.

You also need to monitor the physical condition of the arm and its behavior. If it is active and willing, then he does not lack food, if he is still hungry after a meal, it is necessary to slightly increase the dosage. It is important not to overfeed your dog, but to keep her hungry is unacceptable.

Pomeranian as well as larger dogs need meat which can give a raw or lightly cooked. Useful:

  • stewed vegetables in sunflower oil,
  • porridge of various cereals,
  • cottage cheese,
  • dairy products.

You can pamper Spitz omelette or give a little bit of dried apricots and prunes. For the pet can be selected and ready to dry or canned food to which you want to teach your dog slowly. As a rule, a natural food for ready feed mixtures translate dog is easier than vice versa. Puppies who grow up on dry food, becoming adults, often boycotted natural products.

Training and education

Дрессировка и воспитание: 

Pomeranian smart, easily trained, and they like to please their masters. They like to be bright, inquisitive mind is in operation and with a great desire to learn new commands. For this reason, they are very well in obedience training. Sometimes it seems that they understand every word you say. Thanks to these properties as a good capacity for training and the adoration of his master, Pomeranian ideal as a therapy dog ​​for the elderly, disabled, etc.

Often small dogs bought as a gift for children. In principle there is nothing wrong, but you want to control, is engaged in whether young dog owner her upbringing. Despite its small size, Spitz can be aggressive, and when they grow up rebellious, it will bring a lot of trouble, rushing to your guests and passers-by on the street.

Rare owners seek to learn from the wisdom of all the spire of training, because its plant mainly as a friend and a pet. You just need to teach it to the most simple obedience commands, the dog comes to you when you need to, and stops the execution of adverse effects. Especially helpful train spitz stop barking at your command.

Trainers characterize Spitz as a clever dog, but very insightful. If they understand that you are not persistent, it will be stubborn, trying to ignore the command. Do not succumb to the charms of her Fluffy, and you will achieve from him obedience. Being the owner of a beautiful dog is certainly nice, but if it is headstrong and rebellious, it no longer seems so attractive.

We have Sylvester Stallone Dog nicknamed Fergie, Spitz became a friend of Oscar Mickey Rourke.