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Information and History

Общие данные и История породы: 

Poodle, despite his comical appearance, very robust, strong and clever dog. No wonder this breed enjoys such great popularity in the world. On the various exhibitions and sports competitions poodle is ubiquitous party.

Despite the fact that to date most Poodle factory as exhibition and decorative dogs in the early stages of development of the breed it was a magnificent hunter. The roots can be traced even a poodle on the territory of what is now Germany. From the German word «puddeln» sounds like the name of the breed. By the way, in our language it is translated as "splash in the water." This name came from the fact that the dogs of this breed is easy to reach them from the water game when hunting with their masters.

Before you find yourself a poodle should consider several important questions. The first is what kind of kind of rocks you want to buy. Today on the size of poodles are divided into four subspecies. However, it is not necessary on this occasion fooled. Regardless of the size and nature of the working qualities of each of them the same.

Once you have decided on the view that you want to buy, consider the fact if you can pay your pet enough time. Poodle is one of those dog breeds that require a lot of attention from the owner. And it does not depend on the size of the individual. He constantly strives to be located next to you. Natural active dog appears virtually anytime and anywhere. It needs frequent walks and games with the host. If you pay enough attention to your pet for you can not afford not to be surprised if you are at home spoiled shoes, furniture and other things. In addition, the neighbors will hardly be pleased to constantly listen to your apartment from the heart-rending cries and piercing howl.

As for the temperament of the dog, the poodle is clearly become the favorite of the whole family. This is a very good-natured, patient and loyal dog. They get along great with children and other pets. In addition, their activity and comical habits can cheer up anyone.

Buying a poodle, it is also important to remember that even more special are not good guards. Their good-natured disposition and a complete lack of aggression do poodles harmless to outsiders. The only thing that can scare the intruder - a rather large size dogs. In the withers it reaches 40 centimeters.

But, in spite of the weak level of security skills, poodle trump card is its original appearance. It is thanks to the magnificent exterior of the breed took first place in the ranking of the most common and favorite dogs.

Of course, the hunting skills of modern poodles far from their ancestors, which are specially cultivated skills. But even today, poodles are quite suitable for hunting. They are superbly trained and unconditionally listen to his master. The subtle sense of smell and good hearing allow to track game and stamina and agility enable it to pursue.

History of breed

Pinpoint when exactly the breed appeared not possible. What the scientists found out, is the fact that even in Roman times the dog with a very similar appearance were valued among the aristocracy. Their image, which is already more than 800 years old, were placed on different elements of buildings, coins, utensils, were present at the wall reliefs and paintings.

The following memories come down to us date from the XV century already. What happened to the breed is not known for 3 centuries. In its work, Conrad Gessner mentions that cute dog with the original appearance were very popular in Europe at that time. After about ten years were presented to the public for three varieties of Poodle: miniature, color and more. It became known from the work of another famous historian Gunrata Forer.

As regards the ancestors of rock, then, as well as the exact date of occurrence, it is impossible to determine their authenticity. But many scientists, offering their hypotheses, concluded that the most likely poodle comes from the two ancient rocks, which, moreover, developed in parallel in different countries. As the basis of a Spanish dog handlers isolated waterfowl breed that was used in the hunt. Another founder of the breed is an ancient breed of German shepherd dogs, who also were good hunters.

Thus, from the German parent poodle got the original appearance and unconditional obedience. Spanish roots are introduced to the breed developed hunting skills and a sharp mind.

The name stuck for the breed because of the enormous love for the water. Poodle loves to swim, besides their ancestors often used for hunting waterfowl. That is why when choosing a name used by the German phrase "pfundelhund". Translated from the German, it means "waterfowl dog." Later, the name was reduced to a mere "poodle."

Quite interesting is the fact that despite the fact that the name of the breed was given in Germany, where she came from France and Belgium. These two countries are considered to be the birthplace of the breed.

Just over a century, the poodle has got a huge popularity in England and France. Keep at a dog was considered very prestigious among the nobility. Dogs were frequent visitors of different techniques. There were even special places where pets are sheared, curled and decorated in accordance with the wishes of their owners.

Quite a lot to preserve the history and historical facts about how the poodle saved the lives of their owners, in the time of war, and often even at the cost of his life. Noting these dogs in the Napoleonic Wars. Some representatives of the breed were even awarded orders.

The breed quickly spread throughout Europe. In many ways, this contributed to the roving performers, who moved from one city to another. Virtually every troupe at that time there were a few poodles. Because of their sharp wit and a good learning, dogs could perform difficult stunts and tricks. The show was truly spectacular and very popular.

In Russia the first poodle was in the XVIII century. French Ambassador presented it as a gift to Empress Catherine. The pretty little dog came to her liking. Soon, many notable people have desired to afford the same pet as her ladyship. So poodle gradually acquires more and more admirers.

Heroically behaved dogs of this breed, and during the Second World War. Poodles were used as messengers, to carry first aid kits in the field. They also, thanks to the wonderful instinct, easily find enemy mines.

If carefully examine the historical facts, we can see that the poodles were favorites of many famous personalities. As a pet poodle held at Winston Churchill. Beethoven dedicated his pet one of his great works. I could not stop looking at her dog Queen Marie-Antoinette. Incomparable Rembrandt depicted poodle on his canvas. Goethe devoted pet to their works.

Breed standard

Стандарт породы: 


Dog of medium proportions, with a characteristic frizzy hair, with curls or a cord. With the appearance of the smartest dog, attentive and active, with a harmonious addition, producing the impression of elegance and haughtiness.


The length of the muzzle is approximately 9 \ 10 on the length of the skull.
The length of the body (from the shoulder to point of buttock) a little more height at the withers.
Height at the withers is nearly equal to the height at the croup.
The height at the elbow is about 5 \ 9 th of the height at the withers.


This dog is known for loyalty, ability to learn, which makes it particularly pleasant companion.


Refined, straight lines, in proportion to the body. The head should be well outlined and never heavy or too lightweight.


Skull: The width of the skull a little less than half the length of the head. When viewed from above the skull as a whole seems to be oval, and when viewed from the side - slightly convex. The axes of the skull and muzzle are slightly divergent.

The eyebrow arches: Moderately pronounced, covered with long hair.

Frontal furrow: Broad between the eyes, narrowing towards the occiput is very pronounced. (V miniature poodles can be expressed less).

Passage from Stop: Only slightly marked.


Nose: developed, with vertical profile, with open nostrils. Black nose in black, white and silver animals; Brown - in brown; from peach or red dog - brown or black.

Muzzle: Upper profile - perfectly straight; length of the muzzle is approximately 9 \ 10 length of the skull. The two branches of the lower jaw are almost parallel. The muzzle is strong. The lower profile of the muzzle is formed lower jaw rather than the upper lip.

Lips: Moderately developed, rather tight, of medium thickness, the upper lip resting on the lower lip, without blocking it. Black in black, white and silver dogs; brown in brown birds; from peach and red dogs more or less dark brown or black. The corners of the lips must not be pronounced.

Jaws and teeth: scissors bite. Strong teeth.

Cheeks: Not protruding decorated. Podglaznye arc boldly outlined and only slightly filled. Zygomatic arches very slightly pronounced.

Eyes: with an energetic expression, located at the "stop" and slightly inclined. Almond-shaped. Black or dark dark brown. In brown specimens may be dark amber.

Eyelids: eyelids contours of black in black, white and silver dogs. In apricot and red can be brown or black.

Ears: rather long, hanging along the cheeks, set on the extension of the line that starts above the nose and extending below the outer corner of the eye, flat, expanding downward from the base and rounded at the tip, covered with very long wavy hair. Cloth ear should reach to the corner of the lips.


Strong, slightly arched over the nape, of medium length, proportional. The head carried high and proudly. No signs of wetness, oval in cross section. In a little less than the length of the head.


Proportional. Length of body slightly greater than height at the withers.

Withers: Moderately developed.

Back: Short. Topline harmonious and taut. Height is approximately equal to the height at the croup.

Loins: strong and muscular.

Croup: rounded, but not steep.

The front part of the chest: the brisket should be given a little and placed pretty high.

Chest: let down to the elbows, chest width equal to 2/3 of its depth. In standard poodle chest perimeter measured behind the shoulders must be at least 10 cm longer than the height at withers. The oval cross section, broad at dorsal part.

Belly and flanks: Fit, but not excessively.


Inserted rather high at waist level. It may be in natural form or docked to one third or half of its length in countries where docking is not forbidden. The rack holding the tail low, the move raised obliquely.



Absolutely straight and parallel, muscular and bony. The height from the elbow to the ground a little more than half the height at the withers.

Shoulders: Sloping, muscular. Shoulder and upper arm form an angle of about 110.

The humerus length of the humerus corresponds to the length of the blade.

Wrist keeps the front line of the forearm.

Pastern: Strong, not massive, almost vertical profile.

Front feet: small enough, strong, shaped - short oval. Toes well arched, tightly assembled. The pads are thick and dense. The nails are black in black and silver dogs. Black or brown in brown. In white birds claws can be any shade of color to black horns. In the peach and red dogs they should be brown or black.


In parallel when viewed from behind, muscles well developed and well visible. The angle of the hock joint - is well marked. Hip, knee, ankle angles well defined.

Thigh: Muscular and strong.

Hocks: Rather short and upright. Poodle should be born without dewclaws on the hind legs.

Hind feet: as the front.


In poodle light and springy movements.


Flexible, not pendulous, pigmented. The black, brown, silver and apricot or red poodles must be pigmented according to the color. For white dogs is desirable skin color silver.



Curly hair: abundant, soft to the touch, fluffy, in curls, supple and elastic when pressed by hand. It must be thick, dense, of the same length, forming a uniform curls.
Corded coat: Large, soft to the touch, fluffy and dense, forming characteristic cords of the same length, which should be at least 20 cm in length.


Solid colors: black, white, brown, silver, apricot and red.

Brown: Should be deep, rather dark, uniform and warm. Beige and its derivatives are not permitted.
Silver: Must be uniform, deep, never black and white shades.
Apricot: must be uniform, with no tendency to lighten to creamy tint or red color.
Red: must be uniform throughout the body. It should not go into apricot.

Eyelids, nose, lips, gums, palate, natural orifices, scrotum and pads must be pigmented.


Standard poodle from 45 to 60 cm, with a tolerance of + 2cm. The large poodle must be the enlarged copy of the medium poodle, which had the same characteristic lines and proportions.
Middle Poodle, from 35 to 45 cm.
Miniature Poodle: From 28 to 35 cm. This poodle must demonstrate a reduced copy of the whole medium poodle, staying most of the same proportions, without any sign of dwarfism.
Toy poodle: 24 to 28 cm (desired ideal - 25 cm) (with a tolerance -1sm). Toy poodle keeps the overall appearance of a miniature poodle - the same proportion to the requirements of the standard. Any manifestation of dwarfism is excluded, only the occipital protuberance may be less pronounced.



The character of each individual poodle is a complete personality. There are quite noisy, proud instances, some dogs on the contrary calm and soft. In any case, the poodle is a very calm and clever dog. The latter quality is particularly emphasize owners. The training and education of the dog is an extraordinary intelligence and obedience. Many dog ​​owners say their pets know in advance what team will deliver a host and begin to implement it even before it is fully delivered.


By nature poodle applies to hunting dogs. Another feature of the dog is a high need for communication. These dogs are very hard to experience loneliness and constantly strive to be with their owners. Regardless of age poodle quickly moving closer to all members of the family and shows towards them boundless loyalty and devotion. The same and they require from their owners.

Loyalty Poodle is particularly evident in those moments when his master is in danger. This shy and friendly dog, which in normal situations even afraid to approach a stranger, turns into a raging lion. It is without fear and doubt thrown on the offender and protect the host until the end. In all other situations, the dog almost does not show aggression toward other people and animals, but treat them with a certain distrust.

With regard to relations with other pets, the poodle happy to take them in his pack. But it is worth noting that certain complications may be in a relationship with cats. Calm, affectionate cat poodle endure even agree. Sometimes he even sees it as part of the pack. But if the cat shows aggression or attempts to oust the dog in the family hierarchy, poodle zealously defend their rights and then the conflict can not be avoided.

For children, there is nothing to fear poodle owner. The dog is very friendly to children of any age. She never harm a child. If small children, unknowingly make a dog sick, that will endure until the child is not bored. Very often, children find in a small poodle faithful playmate.

Care and maintenance

If you want your poodle has always been spectacular and well maintained, it will have to pay a lot of time and effort. To begin to do everything hygiene, scratching, nail cutting, combing hair need another dog from an early age. It is necessary that the puppy is gradually getting used to behave calmly during all activities of care.

How to bathe a dog

By their nature, poodles love water in all its forms. They love to swim in large bodies of water, and wash in the bath perceive peace. Problems can only be young, active dog. They need to be accustomed to bathing since puppyhood. The special structure of the hair covers the poodle requires frequent washing. The coat of a poodle under the influence of dirt can become brittle and rolled into balls that are not quite aesthetically pleasing look on the pet. Bathe your dog need at least twice a month. If while walking the pet heavily soiled, you can safely give him another bath. The lack of protective undercoat is quite allows it.

For swimming you need to use a special bath, shampoo for dogs and, when needed, by means of parasites. Immediately after water treatment the dog's coat is dried, but not fully. Too dry hair become brittle during combing and can fall out. When blow-drying Comb You help yourself by directing a jet of air along the entire length hair.

Grooming a poodle

In its structure, the poodle coat is human hair rather than wool dog. Accordingly, and taking care of this cover is different. This coat does not shed, individual hairs die like a man. Therefore, they need a regular comb. The rapid growth of the hair involves their haircut, wash and trim the constant drying with a hair dryer and a comb.

The same goes for brushing the dog's coat. Frequent brushing should begin when the puppy grows basic coat. This process occurs in three phases: first, a special massage brush: after - a comb with frequent teeth remove tangles and dead hair; in the end choose the remains Slicker.

Of course, during all these procedures, a little puppy to stand still will not. That is why it is so important to accustom the dog from an early age to care and hygiene practices. If the puppy does not listen, and tries to break free from under your hands, his calm, caress, then again continue to comb out, at the end of Treat a dog treat. Repeat this procedure every day you teach your puppy to sit quietly while combing.

Particular attention should be paid to armpits and ears. It is in these parts often gather mats. It should be remembered that the mats not only spoil the appearance of your pet, but also serve as a breeding site of various harmful microorganisms and parasites. In addition, when removal of mats, certainly removed and part of the hair of the dog. Therefore it is better not to let the dog scratching and prevents tangles.

Until two years poodle desirable combing every day. During this period, his coat still evolving. After two years, it will be sufficient to comb one week. In this part of the processed wool it is necessary to moisturize, otherwise the hair will become dry and will break.

How to cut Poodle

Poodles are known for the fact that the features of a hair cover allow them to do different hairstyles. As to any other procedures necessary to accustom the puppy to the mowing since childhood. Poodle we cut the tips of paws, muzzle and tail area. If desired color can be made famous hairstyle "top-knot", which is a bundle of hair tied with a rubber band. If your hair is short, you can cut out a special hat on his head. This fringed ears separate furrow. If you have the desire and opportunity, pet can be trusted with specialized barber - groomer.

How to clean your ears poodle

The dog's ears clean conventional cotton buds or cotton swab. First scrub the outer shell, then remove wax and dirt out of the ear canal. Do not use for this alcohol and other liquids.

If necessary, it should also remove unwanted vegetation from the dog's ears. It delays the sulfur, which can lead to inflammation. Removes unwanted hair with tweezers and a special powder.

Eye Care

In certain cases, poodles is flush eyes with a special lotion or antiseptic. It relieves irritation. This should be done when the dog under the eyes appear brown stains. But we should remember that this phenomenon may also be a sign of serious illness. So, just in case, better to show the pet's veterinarian.

Dental care dog

Proper tooth brushing will help maintain the health of your pet. Accustom the puppy to brushing your teeth is a pretty delicate process. Just try to force the dog to clean teeth brushing activity very difficult and unrewarding. Better to start with a simple hand stroking the puppy mouth. If he sits quietly, reward it with something tasty. Immediately after that, lift the lip and rub the puppy a couple of teeth with your finger wrapped with a piece of gauze. Gradually increase the number of teeth brushed at a time. When the gauze with no problem, begin to clean the special tooth brush and paste.

If the dog refuses to regularly brush your teeth or teeth tartar appears, there is another powerful tool. Buy a pet chew toy made of silicone. Preferably with a more rigid structure. Spread the paste with its special smell of meat. So the dogs, she will take care of their teeth, not even knowing it.

There are times when young puppies are sore gums as teething. In order to ease the suffering of little pet, you can periodically massage the gums with your fingers dogs.

Training and education

Дрессировка и воспитание: 

Training poodle lesson is quite simple. These dogs are considered to be among the most intelligent on earth. This pet raid captures virtually any command and firmly fixed in his memory. The catch is that sometimes because of their acumen, poodle finds loopholes in the home team does not want to perform them for maximum benefit for themselves. Inexperienced breeders before the phenomenon is very often lost and do not know what to do with the dog.

Among the basic commands that must know poodle prevail such "Oporto", "fu", "lie", "sit", "place", "give", "next" and "me." It is on these teams is to focus its attention first and foremost. And no training ends when the dog to remember all these commands, and when it implicitly puts them under any conditions.

With regard to home care, the little puppy you need to train a poodle from the moment he gets on the threshold of your apartment. Even then, you need to explain to a dog that you can do, and what not. Because the breed is very smart, learning does not take a lot of time. Nevertheless, the absorption of the simple rules of behavior in the house of a certain period of need. Immediately we need to focus their efforts on how to teach your dog not to chew on furniture, properly belongs to the family members and other pets, go to the toilet only at designated place to be quiet and calm, when the dog is left alone. If you want to have in the early stages of training your dog is well-behaved, more and more often to walk her. This will throw the energy dog ​​that just do not mischief on the left forces.