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Information and History

Общие данные и История породы: 

Breed pug looks back on a thousand-year history. Many extant written sources indicate that these adorable dogs under different names was accompanied by a man in his development from the most ancient times.

After careful research among scientists there is some controversy about the homeland breed pug. It is known that the age of the rock is over 3,000 years old. She comes from the East. But in which country were pugs, it is still an unsolved mystery. A huge part of scientists believe that the birthplace of these charming dogs is India. There are many arguments to support this theory. But still, most researchers agree on the idea that there were pug from China. Many of them even brought their own theories about what pugs and Pekingese have common ancestors, but have gone on different lines selection. In China, with the most ancient times, small flat-faced dogs were considered a sign of nobility. I emphasize Ha Pa breed with a short snout and very long hair. This breed is the ancestor of the modern Pekingese. At that time, ownership of a dog was applied a strict ban for all but members of the imperial family.

In contrast to the breed of the dog evolved Pa Ha Luo Jie. This breed is also characterized by a flat-faced, but unlike the imperial rock wool at Luo Jie was very short. These dogs are used considerably less esteem in China. At the imperial court they hardly kept, but in the homes of wealthy people, they were ubiquitous attribute.

If we talk about the origins of the breed, it is worth mentioning the assumption that the first pug were taken to monasteries in Tibet. In this direction, there is even a legend about dogs-lions, who defended his master and guard against failure.

Life at the pugs in ancient China was truly royal. So how to get a puppy breed could only rich people, and care for such an expensive purchase was appropriate. After buying a dog from the state servants stood out special person, whose responsibilities included direct obluzhivanie dog. Such a servant could lose his life, even if the dog is sick or dying. Even a walk pug are not taken out and carried on special stretchers with closed top. It was believed that the noble dog should not be tired, walking alone, besides ordinary citizens look at the pugs were not unseemly.

Of course, those representatives of the breed were significantly different from the modern Pug. From written sources it is possible to notice that the folds on the face were extremely rare. But such a rarity made pug with folds even more valuable. It is these dogs were oriented in the future breeding Chinese breeders.

In Europe, the first Pugs were brought by Dutch sailors in the late XV century. Here they are called Chinese mastiff. Putting a few copies to the public, traders have begun to fashion the whole of this breed. Each noble lady of Holland tried to get myself a pug. This charming establishment is so popular was because the Europeans they looked more like an exotic monkey than a dog. While in the Netherlands even joke went, not noble lady bought strashnenkih dogs to stand out favorably in their background.

Dutch pug began to spread throughout Europe. Once in France, pugs have acquired another name. Here they styled Carlin, in honor of the famous artist of the time, which is used in the speeches mask similar to muzzle the pug. In England, pug named the word "Read". Numerous written sources mention the French boudoir dogs, under which also mean pugs.

Anyway, as pug gained incredible popularity in Europe. The peak of this popularity fell in the XVII century. At this time, it was believed that to have a representative breed pug is required every self-respecting house. By buying pugs are treated more loyal. And so they could buy anyone with enough money for it. Pugs were in the houses of merchants, artisans, and wealthy noblemen. Many of the portraits and paintings of the time portrayed pugs with their hosts. At that time there was even an interesting trend: people tend to raise their status by acquiring a pug, because he was considered a special sign of the prestige of the owner.

Not only in China around these lovely creatures is spinning a lot of legends and stories. One of these stories tells of what Pug Pampa saved the life of a Dutch king in times of military conflict Holland and Spain. Enemy troops made their way into the camp at night, and the Dutch wanted to kill the king, but sensed the approach of Pampa opponents barking woke the king, and thus saved the life of the king.

Another fact of history suggests that even the Empress Josephine had this little dog. According to some sources there is information that Fortune - Pug Empress even bitten by Napoleon to the Empress in their wedding night. Loyal Defender was trying to save his mistress.

After imperatorstvo Napoleon came to an end, it began a difficult period for the breed. In place of the huge popularity of all kinds of persecution came. The then political regime is considered a symbol of the previous government pugs and many well-known at home trying to get rid of their pets.

Saved the breed from the complete degeneration in Europe Queen Victoria. In 1864, she bought a puppy pug and has since actively contributed to its development. Since then, the company is actively start to appear amateur and professional nurseries, studbooks and standards for breeding.

In the vastness of Russia are considered young pug breed. The aristocratic houses were not engaged in their cultivation. And those single representatives of the breed, appearing in the homes of the nobility died with the times, never leaving a posterity. Over time, the fashion for pugs in Russia has gone. She was back in the nineteenth century, when Russia was imported first purebred pug from Germany. Immediately we began the search for worthy representatives in England and France, crossing. And in the end breed still managed to pick up on his feet and in our country.

Breed standard

Стандарт породы: 

Even if you do not dream of becoming a judge in the show ring, and just want to buy a pug puppy, you should know what the requirements for appearance dictates the standard of the breed.

Capacious definition pug appearance is the expression "a lot in the small". This small dog, but stocky and muscular. The format of the dog square. The head is large, round shape with a short face, resembling the shape of a square. Muzzle not upturned. Well-marked fold wrinkles.

Eyes are large, round shape, very expressive, full of thoughts, fire and unspoken desires. This looks like a pug is offering experienced philosopher. His eyes sparkling eyes expresses gentleness and understanding, but in the excitation can be fiery playful.

Ears are very small, feels like black velvet. Earlier pugs ears were stopped, but from this trend declined in the late 19th century. Now preference is given to the ears, buttoned tight to the skull. These lugs completely cover the ear. However, the standard permits, and ears, roses, folded over his head so that the auricle is open.

A characteristic feature of a pug is a bite: normal small snack. The lower jaw is broad, and its line is straight, and the teeth should not be visible. Abnormality - wry mouth and protruding tongue. Interestingly, at the beginning of breeding pugs in England, hanging tongue, on the contrary, was welcomed.

Neck impressive and long enough for proud head carriage.

Chest wide, back straight, not sloping.

Front and hind legs are very strong, placed in parallel, not too short.

Highly set tail curled into a tight curl, tightly adjacent to the back. The advantage is considered to be a double curl.

The coat is smooth and short. It feels soft and shiny in appearance.

Coat color has the following varieties: yellow, silver, black and apricot. A characteristic feature: the presence of a black mask on his face. It required a clear contrast between the main color and the mask (except black). Ears dark color on the forehead desirable dark spot in a diamond or a fingerprint, a dark line along the ridge. These markings shall be as dark, preferably black.

Height pug dog - 30-35 cm, weight 6-10 kg; growth bitches 25-30 cm, weight - 6-8 kg.

In 1860, during the siege of the Imperial Palace in Beijing they abducted two pug Lamb and Moss, who were transported to England. From the beginning of this pair are the best line of the breed.



The nature of pug can hear different opinions. Some owners believe their passive creatures sparingly to express their emotions, others call them mobile and playful. Most likely, such a discrepancy in opinions fault appearance pugs. Looking at them, you would think that it is passive creatures who love to lie down and eat various snacks. Therefore, the active pug owners think of some anomaly.

In fact, most of the breed, differ sufficiently energetic and playful, especially at a young age, up to 2-3 years. Then the dogs become more calm and reasonable. But do not think that if you zavedet pug, you are guaranteed to avoid problems such as frisky Run Games at home and the collapse of all in its path. There are innate among pug and intellectuals who will not disturb the rest of your home and will be ceremoniously lay almost the entire day at the place allotted to them, but this group of dogs is not so plentiful. Most pug to the best of mobile and active, love to play games typical dog, and most importantly, they love to participate in all the affairs of the host.

Pug are never aggressive or timid, moreover, these deficiencies are a serious obstacle to the exhibition career. This friendly dog, gets along well with other animals. Pug become friends with cats, and can even share with them a sofa for two, if a child grew up together.

For children pug are, if not anxious, then quietly. Require excessive playfulness of a pug is impossible, if you think that the Pug will actively participate in all children's entertainment, such as for a bicycle ride or playing catch-up without getting tired, you'll be disappointed. Pug has the physical strength and temperament, but it will not be such a perpetual motion machine, as some other breeds. But children pugs interesting to see who can play these plays, entertaining others with their movements, original expression of faces and unusual sounds reminiscent groaning and snuffling.

But pug - is not just a lapdog. They consider it their duty to warn of the dangers of the owner. Therefore, pug often react to the appearance of a suspicious noise at the door and serve as bell. Even if a pug sleeping peacefully on your hands, after a moment, he can already barking at the door, warning of the approach of the unexpected visitor.

To some it may seem that pug as Chinese philosophers, devoid of emotion. But this is not the case, they can express elation at a meeting with the owner, and generally they love to be petted and work out with them. Even brushing your shёrstki they perceive calm, assessing it as a sign of attention.

Pug are different intelligence and wit, what is no doubt, looking at their huge eyes. But they tend to and a manifestation of stubbornness when they are unknown for a host of reasons refuse to execute commands and may even resent attempts to force yourself to do anything. Self-esteem is especially develops with age. Adult pugs are very difficult to get to learn something new, and old skills they practice reluctantly.

But pugs are very loyal and loves human company. They worry if they have to spend much time in an empty apartment, feel abandoned and offended. But when the host side, they are willing to follow him as a loyal and obedient little ponytails. So if you need a companion dog that loves the calm rhythm of life, a pug - this is your breed.

Care and maintenance

In addition to standard rules of care for all dogs, there are peculiarities dictated by the particular breed. This is especially true for mopsikov. Some have heard about the health problems of dogs with a short snout, but it is not a reason to abandon the idea to buy a puppy pug. If you provide them with proper care, your mopsik will grow beautiful and healthy.

Organizing feeding a pug, it is important not to overfeed your dog and give her sweets. Pug are prone to obesity, also nature has given them the talent to elicit all sorts of goodies to the table owner. Therefore, you should resist the temptation to constantly feed your pug tolstyachka.

Another important point is grooming claws, especially pugs up to 6 months. Too long claws lead to incorrect formation of limbs, and they are not worn down because the dog spends most of his time in the apartment, but not in the natural environment. Caring for pug short fur is quite simple: it must be vychёsyvat special hard brush. Instead, regular washing, which is not desirable for dogs, some owners choose rubdown with warm water sponge-glove with the addition of special funds for short dog hair.

Pug should be inspected regularly in order not to miss the development of the disease. Particularly problematic are the subject eye diseases, in particular inflammation of the cornea. Many representatives of the breed prone to allergies, there are also respiratory diseases. An important point is the care folds since they accumulate bacteria. The folds need to be regularly cleaned with a cotton pad soaked in a special lotion. For this purpose, you can use any kids solution without alcohol content.

It should make a calendar treatment of parasites. On it easier to navigate the last time you gave the dog protivoglistovye drugs, and when doing treatment against ticks. These two procedures, it is desirable to perform at least a 2-week interval.

Pug should be accustomed to cleanliness, gradually instilling in them the habit of going to the toilet on the street. Some owners choose a way of walking on the diaper, but we must remember that then it will be difficult to teach your puppy to do his business outside.

Pug love to walk, so do not sit with them all the time at home. At the same time you can not overload the dog long run and exercise. It is not sprinters, and are working dogs that can walk without getting tired for several hours. Even long walks can tire them. Especially difficult accounts Pug in heat and in cold weather, you can wear a beautiful pug unitard, which he just very charm.

Training and education

Дрессировка и воспитание: 

Pug are the decorative rocks, but it does not mean that they do not need training. Of course, protective guard or guard service this lovely breed to train no one will, but the basics of educational and learning process should be laid down.

Otherwise, the behavior of an adult pug will bring a lot of trouble to the owner.

Education Pug

First you need to make contact with the dog: to accustom him to the nickname, to inspire confidence. Pug you should not be afraid because the frightened dog can not be taught anything. To educate the puppy should immediately to his appearance in the house.

Not all breeders are paying due attention to this point, so often sold groomed and healthy puppies, but it is not accustomed to obedience, and sometimes already endowed with bad habits, such as begging near stola.Priuchenie puppy to a nickname, location and cleanliness - this is the first educational Events.

When the puppy begins to respond to his name, so he already understands that the owner turns to him and something wants from him. Next you need to train your puppy to a place that is already complicated. In this matter, the main thing - it is a manifestation of patience and consistency. Often in the early days of cohabitation with a puppy pug, he may whine, missing his brothers and mother.

Compassionate landlord takes him to his bed, to avoid a sleepless night. Then explain the pug that he must sleep on the floor, not in a comfortable bed, it will be very difficult. Accustomed to cleanliness - means to ensure that the puppy has learned to go to the toilet on the street or on the diaper.

The second option with decorative dogs is very common, but we must bear in mind that the dog accustomed to diapers would be difficult to wean celebrate their needs at home. Another aspect of cleanliness - it is feeding. Pug need to be fed in one place, forbidding him to run around with food all over the apartment, and then there where he wants it.

Some dogs have a bad trait to pull food from a plate on the floor and spread it on the floor. These actions should immediately stop. For educational measures and refers to teach to the unquestioning obedience. The dog should recognize the authority of the master, so that he could teach it in the future to other teams.


Most owners of pug advance setting yourself up for that training representative of this breed requires a lot of patience from them. To some extent they are right, because the dogs of this breed is not very prone to learning.

They are smart and quickly realize that you need them, but do not hurry to show the wonders of obedience. They may simply not want to execute commands or to do so with a view of a big favor by performing an order the owner only after a ten-fold repetition. At the same time, if you persevere, it is necessary to train pug serene life together set of commands can even teenager.

Much depends on the specific type of dog behavior. Ideal for training is considered a pug-sanguine, the most difficult to pug-melancholic. Needless excitable dogs (choleric) are difficult to brake and static commands: "Ugh!" "Sit!", But they are willing to perform the command "Sic!".

In any case, if there are difficulties with a pug dog training process, they are fairly easy to overcome, taking his training at least half an hour a day. The main thing is to remember that a pug is not, as a student at the school learn the whole day in a row. Optimal Time - 10-15 minutes is 2-3 times per day.

It is also possible during the day to consolidate the acquired skills into practice, for example, beckoning the dog the command "To me!". Most owners of toy dogs are limited to the minimum rate of training, consisting of teams: "Ugh!" "Sit!", "To me!" And "Next!". But it looks very attractive dog, demonstrating the wonders of ingenuity. For example, a pug, which brings the desired master object, or dancing pug.

Representatives of this breed will be the object of everyone's attention, if they learn to perform any unusual or funny tricks of the host team. So if you want to make your life more interesting, and your pug became the object of everyone's attention, then do not be afraid of natural stubbornness of the breed. Any pug can be trained dozens of commands and make it another interesting and useful assistant.