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Information and History

Общие данные и История породы: 

Shih Tzu is quite old breed that appeared in China. Equally unusual, but at the same time, the charming appearance of these dogs was cultivated not by accident. So exterior breeders tried to interest the Chinese emperor. He was a lover of dogs and generous gifts to those whose pupils come to his liking.

Today the breed Shih Tzu has a rather sharp mind, devotion and obedience. This breed is very true to the family, who treated her kindly. Little brave dog strongly protects their owners and showing their love in many different ways. But it is worth remembering that instead of a Shih Tzu requires the same. The dog can not long do without the attention, constantly requiring care from the owners.

Great breed gets along with children. Miniature dog with thick hair, snub-nosed snout and gorgeous mane around the head immediately have them to yourself. Since Shih Tzu by nature very friendly and relaxing experience for the child will not have been the first days of acquaintance with the dog.

Miniature size and simplicity make the Shih Tzu ideal option for keeping in the apartment. Moreover, unlike other breeds of dogs, they do not require daily vygulivaniya several times a day. They will be quite small two to three trips a week. All the rest of the dog feels pretty good in the apartment.

Complete data about the history and pedigree shih tzu to date have not been found. The only thing converges most researchers is that the breed just two homelands - Ancient China and Tibet. And there is a great likelihood that that breed, which we consider China to date is the result of uncontrolled mixing of the blood of both lines.

Certain evidence, and when there was a breed of Shih Tzu, no. The earliest written source, which mentions the breed dates back to 8-9 century BC. In no mention of Tibetan terriers, which by their external characteristics very similar to the Shih Tzu. Asked where the breed originated answer today is very difficult. China and Tibet in the old days is quite at odds. However, since sometimes the Tibetan nobility still had to go to China, they tried every possible way to secure his stay there. To this end, many of the young Tibetan aristocrats entered into marriages with Chinese princess and a representative of the highest buildings. Quite often, there was also an exchange of gifts, including a variety of breeds of dogs were not uncommon. It is believed that in this way the Shih Tzu came immediately and actively developed in the two countries. However, no evidence of this was found.

In Asia, the Shih Tzu is a breed revered. High spirituality and respect for national mythology are quite frequent in the population of China and Tibet. It firmly believes that the Tibetan Terrier and Shih Tzu were when the satellites of the Buddha himself, when he made his journey on earth. When St. tired and could no longer walk, his faithful dog with a beautiful mane around the head, turned into a huge lion. Buddha sat on his back and continued on his way. With this history, the Shih Tzu enjoyed respect even at the imperial palace.

There is another belief of the Chinese people. It is known that the first breeders of Shih Tzu and Tibetan Terriers were Buddhist monks. They bred the dogs for a beautiful appearance. However, many believe that these doggies are enclosed showers monks who in a past life committed a serious sin.
Whence went breed shih-tzu?

In written sources that refer to 500 years BC, described by the popular at that time hunting chariots. In the hunt participated two kinds of dogs. Large, hardy breed fled their masters, overcoming great distances. Small "short face" dogs know always used to take on the hunt in his chariot. For such transportation was more comfortable at the small size of the "short face" dogs have evolved specifically. Moreover, there are certain details that the breed originally did not have such a structure of the muzzle, and her appearance is so unusual is the act of a man's hand. Ostensibly, the first breeders specifically broken nasal bone a little puppy, and in the process of selection of such a result was fixed. But, in contrast, there are other facts. So, we found the skeletons of that time there are traces of human intervention, and short face is quite a natural phenomenon.

At the beginning of our era, small rocks, which in ancient China, collectively referred to as "share" seriously interested in the imperial court. These dogs surrounded and revered incredible care. The representative of the breed, is very similar to the Shih Tzu lived a small short-legged dog, which was his favorite. It is always accompanied by a detachment of soldiers who guarded day and night the dog. Also she treated her own staff of servants to care for her. If a dog that that has happened, the servant could easily lose his head. Dogs even titles of honor at the court.

In China, there is also another legend, which explains the great honor Shih Tzu. An ancient legend tells that the first representative of this breed was the lion. It was a fierce and powerful beast. But one day he met a little monkey in the forest, which struck him on the spot. Frustrated by the fact that he could not be with his lover, lion prayed to Buddha. Day and night he was asked to do it a little so that he was finally able to reunite with a monkey. As a result, the Buddha relented and fulfill the desire of the lion. However, he left the lion heart of the old sizes, which differed courage and kindness. So there were the first representatives of the breed, which the locals call "the monkey-lion".

Breed standard

Стандарт породы: 

Shih Tzu - a small dog, but her appearance provides noble origin. They have their heads held high and proud posture are different, which is one of the important features of this breed. Wool is always a long and thick, and the dogs have a well developed undercoat. At the muzzle fur growing in all directions, which is why a dog is sometimes called the chrysanthemum. Standard Shih Tzu provides short muzzle (2.5 cm) and large hanging ears.

A very important feature of the rocks are correct dimensions. Height at the withers adult animal to be up to 28 centimeters, its weight should not be more than 8.2 kg, it is believed that the ideal weight is within 4,5-7,2 kg. Despite the fact that the size can vary considerably, it is important to pay attention to the general appearance: the total length of the body must exceed the height of the dog at the withers by a few centimeters.

For the Shih Tzu breed standard permits all possible colors, but especially prized dogs with a white spot on the face and snow-white tail. Fluffy tail should be a high pressing, tail between its legs is a serious shortcoming. It is also a deviation from the standard of the breed is considered to be ticking on the muzzle and semi-erect ears. On this page you will find a detailed description of the breed with all the necessary features.

Breed Standard Shih Tzu

Standard FCI № 208
Origin: Tibet
Publication date: 13.10.2010
Purpose: dog company
CLASSIFICATION FCI: Toy and companion dogs
Section 5 Tibetan breeds
Without working trial

General appearance: Strong, gorgeously dressed (but not excessively) dog with arrogant expression and muzzle-like chrysanthemum.

IMPORTANT PROPORTIONS: The distance between withers and base of tail longer than the height at the withers.

Behavior and Temperament: Intelligent, active and attentive. Friendly and independent dog.

HEAD: Large, round, wide, wide-set eyes. At the head of the mop of hair, long beard and mustache, nose - growing up hair, which creates the effect of chrysanthemum. It does not interfere with the dog to see.

Cranial department:
• Jump: oVyrazhenny ..

• Nose: Black, but dark brown in brown with brown spots dog. The tip of the nose should be in line or slightly below the rim of the lower eyelid. Nasal bridge straight or slightly snub-nosed. Wide-open nostrils. The lowered nose highly undesirable, as well as narrowed nostrils.
• Muzzle: Fairly broad, square, short, unwrinkled, flat and covered with hair. The length of about 2.5 cm from the tip of the nose to the stop. Pigmentation of muzzle continuous as possible.
• Lips: not raw.
• Jaws and Teeth: Jaws broad, a small snack or bite (tick bite, edge to edge).
• Eyes: Large, dark, round, not prominent, widely spaced. With warm expression. In brown or brown spots dogs allowed more light eyes. Whites of the eyes can not be seen.
• Ears: Large, with long ear canvas, hanging. Set on slightly below the top of the head, covered with richly feathered, so that merge with the hair on his neck.

Neck: Proportional, beautifully curved. Long enough to proudly hold his head.

Housing: The distance between withers and base of tail longer than the height at the withers.
• Back: Straight.
• Loin: Good grip, durable.
• Chest: Broad and deep, well let down.

Tail: Luxuriously dressed, carried gaily over back. Set high. The height approximately at the level of the skull, which makes the dog balanced appearance.


• Shoulders: Strong, sloping back.
• Forearm: Legs short and muscular with good bone, straight as possible, consistent with broad, well let down feeding.
• Front feet: Rounded, firm and richly covered with hair.

Hind legs:
• General appearance: Legs short and muscular with good bone. Straight when viewed from behind.
• Hips: rounded and muscular.
• Feet: Round, strong, with good pads. Generously covered with hair.

Movement: Arrogant, plavnotekuschie, forelegs with good reach forward, a strong impetus to the hind legs, pads fully visible.

HAIR: The top coat is long, dense, not curly, with moderate undercoat, not fluffy. The light wave is allowed. Wool does not interfere with the dog to see. The length of the hair should not restrict movement.

Color: Any colors are allowed, white mark on the forehead and a white tip on the tail have spotted colors are very desirable.

Size, height and weight:
• Height: not more than 27 cm. The type and the characteristics of the breed are the most important and should not be sacrificed for the sake of size.
• Weight: 4.5 to 8.1 kg. Ideal weight 4.5-7.5 kg.

Any deviation from the previously listed characteristics should be classified as a shortcoming, so serious, how high the degree of its severity.

• Aggressive or cowardly behavior.
• The dog has physical or behavioral abnormalities shall be disqualified.

The dog must have two full testicles fully descended into the scrotum



Shi Tzu character quite calm and balanced. Most say they are more like a human than a dog, so they are intelligent and obedient. With the proper education of a pet is the perfect friend for the child, calm, non-aggressive and patient. But we can not allow the baby to turn it into a toy and not let the animal rest. Shih Tzu is not for nothing called the revived legend, and this proud animal must be treated with respect. As a reward you will get a very faithful and affectionate friend. The dog is very sociable, so it can not be left alone for a long time.

An animal very quickly gets used to the owner. The more you talk with a puppy Shih Tzu, the faster he will learn to understand you, and the better will be heard. These dogs are very sensitive to changes in tone of voice master, and especially painful to respond to the cry. If education and training a puppy is to be calm and patient, then it is much faster Accustomed to follow the rules at home and execute commands.

On passersby or cars Shih Tzu rarely bark, more often they are quite calm and react to other people's indifference. Baby Shih Tzu loves to walk, so even if he is accustomed to the tray, the pet should definitely to walk. If you do not have time for long walks, you can replace the mobile game in the fresh air. The game is a dog of this breed is not irritable, so this thing can safely entrust your child.

High intelligence shih tzu, combined with a powerful will and explosive character, do the members of this wonderful breed guards. Big mistake - no, this can turn into a disaster for the host misconception that it is decorative, "Divan dog."

Shih Tzu attentive, great learning and even seem to have a great sense of humor. It is necessary to pay attention to the education of this dog and then it will be the perfect companion and a good friend.

Despite the fact that the Shih Tzu is quite independent, they are very friendly, playful, easy to go on contact with all family members, and even strangers, and eventually very touchingly attached to the owners and go after them literally on the heels.

This gentle creature. But breast Shih Tzu beats the heart of the lion, and it means that the livestock of this breed have a strong mentality, a strong, stubborn character and extraordinary courage: so you can be sure - when dealing with a bully or even a pack of stray dogs your little "Lion "I do not hesitate to stand up for you.

It is important to show a Shih Tzu, who is the boss and who should obey. Otherwise, the dog can easily intercept the owner of the lead and organize the apartment a kind of theocratic state, where the role of the governor and the deity would be hers alone. The dog, whose upbringing since childhood lost, will be very difficult to return to earth and teach obedience.


Shih Tzu created in order to live in large families. They are happy to pay attention to each member of the family and not divide people on the owner and those who simply co-exist on the same territory. These playful dog will become the perfect companion of elderly people who lack the communication and great friends for children of teenage age.

 Shih Tzu is also easy to find a common language with young children, yet this friendship should be excluded: often "cubs" do not understand the difference between large and small children, so they can play together to pass a fairly tough and end in tears.

Shih Tzu perfectly coexist in the same apartment with other pets. Often they ignore the other cats and dogs, considering them "unworthy" of his royal attention. This automatically solves the problem of aggression and allows owners to not be limited to one pet. Much better things on the part of the communication from the Shih Tzu with fellow rock, especially if the dogs were brought together and grow: they are happy to "communicate", often play and almost never fight.

Care and maintenance

Shih tzu puppy is always a delight and sincere affection. It is necessary to take the pen is fluffy miracle, look into his eyes loyal and smart and everything! You just do not want to let go of this ball of happiness and tenderness! However, before you decide to buy dog ​​Buddha must first answer yourself the question - "And if I have enough patience, desire and effort that would provide proper care for Shih Tzu?".

The content of this breed of dogs, on the one hand, it is easy and pleasant. And all because of their balanced character, cheerful disposition and good learning. On the other hand, luxury wool shih tzu and special structure faces require the owner's attention, more time-consuming.

In general, care for Shih Tzu is not much different from the content of any other dog. She likewise need attention and communication with the host. You also have to take care of her health, vaccinations, conduct prevention of parasites. And of course to feed, educate, and to walk. We also focus on special, rock nuances of care that concern each owner of the oriental beauty.

HOW TO combing Shih Tzu?

Caring for Shih Tzu with long hair involves combing her at least once in 2-3 days. But some breeders do it every day. Each day will have to comb the dog and you during the first molting pet. The fact is that at this time the little dog fur particularly fast mats and tangles.

One would think that this! He took a comb and Cheshi on your health! However, in the case of a Shih Tzu is not so simple. First, you need a good comb. And not alone. The most common use quality massage brush and a metal comb with long teeth (better two-way, with varying frequency of teeth).

Start comb shih tzu best with the hind legs. Do it carefully, strand by strand. First upwards, then in the opposite direction. It will be more convenient if the dog while lying on its side. All the mats need to disassemble the arms. At the end be sure to go over the hair comb. It will help you to make sure that comb the site no tangles and matted hair.

Then just as comb the front paws and belly. We pay special attention to the armpits. After that, we put the dog, divide hair on the back and combing it from top to bottom. Some prilovchayutsya do this when doggie lies. Of course, the pet will be so comfortable.

The next stage - the head. It is important how to comb the hair behind the ears as in this place it is often tangles. With regard to the direction of scratching, the main point of reference for you to serve as a recess in the nose of a dog. All wool, located above it scratched upwards accordingly anything below - down. Do not forget to share exactly mustache and comb them down.

If your pet a lot of tangles, then they must be either disassembled by hand or cut. And what exactly is not necessary to do is to bathe the dog with mats. So you will only aggravate the situation, and then the only option would be a short haircut shih tzu. But remember, even the haircut does not cancel completely combing dogs, but makes it more simple and not so long.

CARE eyes and ears

The short muzzle and large expressive eyes - the highlight of the breed, but at the same time and an increased risk factor. Therefore, from the first day, take it a rule every day to inspect the eyes of the Trust. Wipe them with special lotions.

Moderate tear tracks - the norm for the Shih Tzu to make them as small as possible, always remove the wool from the eyes, tails tie (top notes) on the head, and possibly on the dog mustache. Also watch out for pet nutrition. Increased lacrimation is often the result of food allergies and metabolic disorders.

Dog eyes became red or dull? She often scratching their foot? Or maybe you find the white dot on the eyeball? - Any of these symptoms require immediate veterinary advice. Otherwise, the pet may develop eye ulcers and then not do without surgery.

Caring for Shih Tzu also involves regular inspection of the ear, its cleaning and removal of wool. Of course, the procedure for plucking hairs from the ear is not the most pleasant, so accustomed to her dog should gradually. Little puppy at a time to remove just a few hairs. The next time a little more, and so long as the dog does not get used. To reduce discomfort and help a special ear powder.

Ears shih tzu clean clean cotton pad or swab dipped in a special shampoo or chlorhexidine. Upon completion of the procedure, wipe dry with a clean cloth ears.

Subtleties bath treatment

Bathe dogs of this breed east as necessary, but not less than once a month. Dirty hair is not only spoils the appearance of the dog, but also greatly complicates the care of the Shih Tzu. Before the start of bath treatment is required to comb the pet.

Wash your shih tzu is possible in ordinary bath, but be sure to lay on the bottom of the pad, so that dogs do not slip, and not slithered legs. Comfortable temperature of water + 39 C.

Very often novice owners are wondering about the best shampoo for a shih tzu. And also often faced with a mass of a variety of tips on the subject. Why is this happening? The thing is that the dog's fur as a human hair, has its own characteristics and nuances of texture. Breeders usually look for the cosmetics, which is the most convenient and efficient for their dogs. Often, trial and error.

But just to say that shampoo shih tzu should not overdry hair. Better if it will moisturize and protect against the negative effects of blow-drying. A cardinal rule of washing - thoroughly wash away any remnants of detergent. Wool should be what is called a squeak in your hands.

You can not do without the balsam. Especially if you have decided not to cut the dog. Better with the addition of coconut oil or mink. It is important to properly distribute it throughout the dog's coat, and not just go through the tops.

After washing in no case do not rub your dog with a towel. Just dab it (can be a little depressing), and after a few minutes in a dry wrap. The final stage of bathing should be blow-drying and combing little dog. Coat shih tzu very thick and extremely long will dry itself, as it is fraught with not only weight mats, but hypothermia doggie.

Training and education

Дрессировка и воспитание: 

Frivolous approach to the education of pet - the most common mistake among the owners of toy dogs. It seems that from such a charming crumbs simply can not be a problem. "Well, to bark sometimes, well, next to the owner tries to sleep, sometimes well past the tray go to the toilet ...."

Approximately so often talk and inexperienced owners shih tzu. However, despite its toy appearance and a playful nature, rude dog-chrysanthemum can bring their owners are not less of a problem than a naughty Amstaff or Bull Terrier. And your spoil things, and fight with the neighbor's dachshund, and even frighten a young child in the park.

But the reason for this is not the nature of aggression or bad dogs, breed and temperament, energy and love for people. And if the education shih tzu given up, all of these, of course, the positive qualities of a pet may manifest itself in not quite acceptable for us as. Yes, the dog just wanted to show their location to your neighbor, and as a result of her soiled coat. Or so I missed a host of melancholy that ate his slippers.

I hope we can convince you that education shih tzu thing is absolutely necessary? Then proceed to the process!

What do we want?

Even before you bring a puppy into the house, it is important to clearly understand for themselves what it is you want from your dog. If the decision to buy shih tzu was not spontaneous, then surely you already have some idea of ​​its nature and expect from a nice playful dog behavior, love for all family members and non-intrusive. And yes, these are the shih tzu.

However, apart from this important right to decide where the pet, in your opinion, to sleep, how to eat, how to behave towards your guests. You think about how uncomfortable it will be for you a dog barking, teeth marks on the furniture and so forth.

For all these reasons, you should immediately build a clear strategy with a puppy. Simply put, do not let him do what you do not like and promote any appropriate action. For example, the dog always show their displeasure, taking it from your bed in place and, on the contrary, pat the baby, when he lay down on the couch himself. Gently remove pet if he is trying to joyfully jump on strangers, or even on you when you come home from work. But be sure to pay attention to it after you have undressed and went into the room.

Shih Tzu dogs intelligent and very well feel the mood of the owner. So very soon you will notice the first fruits of this approach to the education of your pet, provided that they themselves will not violate the rules, rarely allowing doggie do what is usually forbidden. For example, to give a piece of sausage from his sandwich, or take to your bed. Just a couple of missteps, and the dog will start begging and sleeping only wants you.

The regime as a means of training dogs

How would it not sound corny, but none that do not discipline your dog, as a clear routine and consistency. By the way, for those temperamental dogs like shih tzu That being said, what the doctor ordered.

Education shih tzu, in principle, should not be fussy and spontaneous. On the contrary, the best host for it will be a balanced and self-confident man who will start from the first day to teach your puppy to the regime.

Of course, first of all it concerns one and the same time feeding and walking. Accustomed to getting food at one and the de time, the baby very quickly realize that it is hungry will not stay, and there is no need to "produce" food, begging for her the owner. Plus it's very good for the health of the digestive system doggies. Well, walk on the clock will contribute to more rapid little dog accustomed to the toilet outside.

If you are working, your daily parish in the same time will also be some educational moment. Shih Tzu quickly get used to the enforced solitude at certain times and not emotion to destroy your apartment. But accustomed to such independence of pet you need from a very young age. Naturally, the first time it is necessary to remove all of the dog that you would like to see safe and sound and that could pose a risk to her life (household chemicals, electrical cable, etc.).

So, what is often overlooked

Often the owners of shih tzu can hear phrases like: "Oh, he does not like his code, I comb! We'll have to cut "or -" What I told her teeth (the ears) will clean? She bites! ". And, apparently, everyone understands that it is necessary and dog comb and clean ears, eyes and watch, but not taught time and you have to do it all at the vet or groomer. And often not very pleasant for the dog violent manner, which means that it will continue to negatively configured for any hygiene.

That is why education shih tzu must include accustom dogs react calmly:

  • examination of the teeth, mouth, eyes, genitals and so forth.
  • clean the ears and rubbing eyes
  • cut the claws
  • combing hair, forming a top-NOTs and other hairstyles

It does not matter that the puppy is not yet something to scratch, and with teeth and ears, all right. Total 10-20 minutes necessary to examine the baby and gently "pat" with a brush. And if you'll do so at least three times a week, combing your dog will only be a pleasure, and hygiene problems will not arise.

Just as it is the case with swimming. First accustom to wash legs and stomach after walking, then - to the shower and wash with shampoo. However, remember that the puppy should not perceive this as a game, so do not let it spin during combing, to suppress the desire to bite a comb, a toothbrush or your hands. Your goal - to teach him to wait quietly, when you're all done. By the way, the first time it would be good at the end of any procedure to encourage the dog for good behavior.

The behavior of the dog in the street

Education shih tzu would not be complete if while walking the pet becomes totally uncontrollable, constantly pulls you towards other dogs and cats, or vice versa, is afraid of everything and prefer to sit on your hands. And here it is important to avoid excesses.

Firstly, it is not necessary to protect the Shih Tzu is too cold, big dogs and bustle of the city streets. Remember that your pet is quite strong and fearless. Therefore, we can safely walk with him in all kinds of weather, let friends (not to play!) With larger dogs and not to avoid crowded places. Also, do not be amiss to accustom the puppy to travel by public transport.

Second, remember that accustom to obedience on the street easier little puppy while it is still running after the master himself, obeying instincts. Do not miss this propitious moment, and always encourage your little dog, when he responds to the name or the command and follow you in spite of playing close to the dogs.

But the total walking the first few weeks should be avoided. At first shih tzu to get used to you, and only after you will become her best friend, you can and should be taught to society darling of other dogs.


Training Shih Tzu - it is a gradual process that will have to allocate a few years. Responsible owner must train your dog around:

  • Accustomed to the house and learn how to navigate;
  • Teaching basic commands;
  • Rules of conduct in the street;
  • Performance of professional teams;
  • Stunts.

Training a puppy

If you have brought into the house of a puppy Shih Tzu or have an adult dog, you should teach your new family member to be guided in the house and follow the rules. You can not take away from the mother to the puppies 8 weeks, so we assume that your Shih Tzu as much or more. When you first introduce your puppy to the house, you will need to make sure that he was accustomed to different things. The puppy needs to know some things:

  • Where are the food and water;
  • Where to sleep;
  • What can you get out for a walk every morning, after meals and every night.

The dog accustomed to the schedule, will always behave better, and it will be easier to train.

Outside the house

It is important to understand how often you need to walk your Shih Tzu. Walk the dog can start 8-10 weeks. The dog may postpone the toilet for a while. A young puppy can tolerate a few hours, the older he gets, the longer. To assure that the Shih Tzu understands that one can only relieve themselves in the street, you have to teach her to do, you need to walk the dog.

  • When awake;
  • Every few hours, depending on the age;
  • 20 minutes after a meal;
  • Before bedtime.

Accepted Shih Tzu to walk on a leash - it allows you to control the dog all the time. When the dog decides to relieve themselves in the place must not call, you can put it in the right place. However, your dog must be given a choice, but you should not let it go further than 1.5 meters. Until the age of 7 months, the dog must feel completely free on the street. Standard Team Learning basic commands is very important because the dog must understand some of the words that you say otherwise you will not be able to find a common language. If the dog does not know what you want, it will not be able to please you. Unhappy with the owner will not be good to your dog. Therefore, knowledge of certain teams will be good both for the dog and for the owner. When the dog is 12 weeks, teach the dog commands: sit, lie down, "me", etc. When the Advanced command Shih Tzu grows up to 1 year and begin to understand the standard commands, you can go to the more complex. All training should be carried out with tenderness and love, because the dog understands. Tricks Also, if you like, with 1 year of a dog can be trained to perform some stunts. Teaching tricks is not necessary, but it helps your dog to grow both physically and emotionally. Many dogs love to play with the hosts, as gratitude for the efforts, reward the dog with smiles, laughter and delicious refreshments. Additional tips: Teach your dog to stay at home alone Train your Shih Tzu, he knew how to properly behave in the company of other dogs without the owner Train Shih Tzu to be restrained. Train Shih Tzu. listen to you and fulfill your commands perfectly.