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Information and History

Общие данные и История породы: 

If you want your dog to pay attention to passers-by on the street, get a Thai Ridgeback. It does not require special care, practically does not bark and do not consume a lot of food.

The origin of this rare and unusual Ridgeback national breed of red, black or blue color takes on a wild dog dingo. However, official recognition she received immediately, only in 1993.

Today Ridgeback successfully bred many Americans and Europeans. From 1989-1990, the Asian and Japanese. Since 2004, the Russians. In Russia, this dog came through the kennel under the name "Mirage in Thailand." For the first time employees of the institution successfully bred puppies. On the territory of Russia is no more than four individuals. The total number of officially registered Thai Ridgeback in the world is not more than two thousand.

The peculiarity of this species lies in the fact that it is crossed only dogs of the same breed. With other species it never mated. Therefore, individuals retain the original style with antiquity. At the same time they differ excellent health, agility and jumping ability. They have a harmonious proportions and athletic build body.

Archaeologists suggest that the breed appeared centuries ago, 3-4, as the ancestor of the animal is native dogs pariah.

Dogs striking unusual exotic appearance and the presence of the ridge. He is on his back in the withers, ends at the hip joints. Ridge has a different name, a different length, width and shape, for example a guitar, oval or pins.

Experts Southeast Asia have discovered ancient drawings on rocks dogs with similar shapes and sizes of ears and thin tails. They dogs depicted standing wide-set ears and a tail resembling a sickle. The modern breed Thai Ridgeback really big, high-set ears with rounded ends. High slightly curved not bent to the side of the tail.

For the first time in the writing of the Thai Ridgeback mentioned in the 17th century. A detailed description of the animal can be seen in the manuscript. On the island of Phu Quoc this pure, primitive and original breed was first seen in the 19th century, western breeders. First, they assumed that the animals were brought to the islands of Ridgeback fishermen or sailors.

After some research, modern scholars have identified a real country of origin and the way of life of this breed. It turned out that dogs from Southeast Asia were born earlier than dogs living in Thailand.

In ancient times, life ridgeback was difficult and dangerous: it helped people to travel, to move loads, hunt and guard the home.

Modern Ridgebacks are loyal friends, reliable defenders, assistants and security guards. They are perfectly cope with the above problems. Possess intellectual ability, devotion to the owners, the willingness to protect a person, place or object.

Dogs bark infrequently, so owners and others to hear a pleasant, deep voice of an animal is rarely possible. With the eyes, ears, wrinkles on the neck and forehead individuals can show different emotions and feelings. They are mean and athletic physique, strong and muscled.

Features complexion do not cause any trouble and do not require consumption of large amounts of feed. Weight up of 28 boys from 32 kilograms, an increase of not more than 56-61sm. Body mass girls a little less weight boys, growth of 51 to 56 cm.

Thai Ridgeback differ from each other color, and from other types - elastic, tight-fitting leather and a special short dense coat. Some of it does not grow as usual, and against the direction of hair. Therefore, along the back lane wool is collected in a balanced and well-defined ridge crest.

In the street to meet the Thai ridgeback blue color can be, but unfortunately rare. The probability of finding a dog in red or black color is great. Many nurseries employees derive puppies red color. They have a steel ancestry, and strongly outlined wide crest.

Black color in dogs of this breed predominates, whereas the other color, Isabella, on the contrary does not dominate. Isabella is a mixture of three colors - tea rose, vanilla and pink grapes.

This color is extremely rare. It can be distinguished by the color of the nose and the claws of the dog. It is important to bear in mind that the color of the nose must be suitable to the tone of hair, nails should be brown.

Nose any color in dogs is usually rather big dark color. Black dogs have the same color skin of the nose and claws, glossy and sleek hair. Modern blue breed Ridgebacks have silver hair without long black hair. They attended wool animal before, but eventually disappeared.

These animals were once tamed and people began to use a variety of purposes. For example, to protect the house and catching animals. They do not require special care, rarely bark and do not eat a lot of food. Have different color, they are rare and unusual Thai national breed.

Today, dogs are in great demand in many countries. For preservation ridgeback seriously undertook foreign breeders in the mid 1970's. In Russia today is no more than four dogs. The owners say they are very emotional, beautiful and intelligent friends. Reliable defender, assistants and security guards.

Buy Thai ridgeback is not so easy, as the hotel would be. List is not available in all cities, and therefore, you may have to look for a puppy of this breed in other Russian cities. If you still really want to buy a Thai Ridgeback and can not find it - write to us.

Breed standard

Стандарт породы: 

Representatives of the Thai Ridgeback breed must meet a certain standard. Their purpose - hunting dog and dog- companion. They are medium sized, with short hair and a velvet Ridge (crest) along the back. The length of the dog's body is usually greater than the height at the withers. The representatives of the breed are active, have well-developed muscles, easily trained. Thais jump perfectly, they are strong and agile. Very attached to his master and devoted to his family. Build dogs must meet the following requirements:

Important proportions: Length of body: Height at the withers = 11: 1O Depth of chest: Height at the withers = 1: 2

Behavior / Character: Hardy (tough- tough, durable, strong) and active with excellent jumping ability. Loyal family dog.

Head / Cranial region: Skull: The skull is flat between the ears but slightly rounded when seen from the side. Forehead: Wrinkles when the dog is attentive. Passage from Stop: Clearly defined, but moderate.


  • Nose: Black. In blue dogs, the nose is bluish.
  • Nasal bridge: Straight and long.
  • Muzzle: Wedge-shaped, slightly shorter than the skull.
  • Lips: Tight with good pigmentation.
  • Mouth: Black marking on the tongue is preferable.
  • Jaws: Strong upper and lower jaw.
  • Teeth: White and large (strong too - a strong, durable, strong) with scissor bite.
  • Eyes: Medium size, almond-shaped. Eye color is dark brown. In blue dogs eyes are permitted amber.
  • Ears: Set on sides of the skull. Medium sized, triangular, inclining forward and firmly pricked. Not cropped.
  • NECK: Medium length, strong, muscular, slightly arched and holding head high.


  • Back: Strong and level. Loin: Strong and broad.
  • Croup: Moderately sloping.
  • Chest: Deep enough to reach the elbows. The ribs are well sprung, but not barrel-shaped. Lower line: The belly is well tucked up.
  • TAIL: Thick at base with gradual tapering toward the tip. The tip can reach hock. Carried vertically and slightly curved.


  • Shoulders: Well laid back.
  • Forearm: Straight.
  • Pastern: Straight when seen from the front and very slightly sloping when viewed from the side.
  • Feet: Oval.
  • Nails: Black but can be lighter depending on coat color.

Hind legs:

  • Thighs: Well developed with well bent stifles.
  • Hocks: Strong and well let down.
  • Hock: Straight and parallel when viewed from behind.
  • Feet: Oval

Gait: Wide step without pressure and without rotation of the body. Parallel tracking at normal speed. Seen from the front, the forelegs move up and down in straight lines so that the shoulder, elbow and pastern joints are approximately in line with each other. When viewed from the back, knee and hip joints are approximately in line. Movement in a straight line, without throwing the feet in or out; thus enabling the stride to be long and drive powerful. The general appearance of the moving dog - a smooth ride and well balanced rhythm.

SKIN: Soft, fine and tight. Throat without dewlap.

Coat: Short and smooth. Ridge on the back formed by hair growing in the opposite direction to the core. It should be clearly defined from other parts of the back. There are various shapes and lengths of ridge, but must be symmetrical on both sides of the spine and across the entire width of the back. Crowns or whirls at the head of the ridge are acceptable.

Colour: Solid color: red, black, blue and very light fawn (isabella). Black mask is preferable in reds.

Size: Ideal height at withers: Dogs 22-24 inches (56-61 cm) Bitches 20-22 inches (51-56 cm). A tolerance of plus or minus one inch (2.5 cm).


  • Any departure from the foregoing points should be considered a fault and the seriousness of the shortage should depend on the degree of deviation from the norm.
  • Any bite other than scissors bite.
  • Unbalanced ridge.


  • Dogs without ridge
  • Long coat
  • Any dog ​​clearly showing physical or behavioral abnormalities shall be disqualified

NB: Males should have two apparently normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum.



Thai Ridgeback has a first appearance in the family becomes a favorite. Dogs of this parody of different incredible loyalty and attachment to the hosts. They very quickly get used to a certain family, and pretty hard going through the change of the owner.

This is a very friendly dog, which is in a relationship with the owner shows a maximum of obedience and tenderness. But when a foreign dog gets nervous and I have to earn her trust. Even if a person comes to visit you periodically, the dog still will try every time to show whose guest is the house, barking at him without giving relax. But such behavior is a peace-loving dog quickly get bored, and then she comes up, gives himself to stroke and comical begging treat.

If you decide to have a home of the Thai Ridgeback, be prepared for the fact that the dog will have to put off from anything less than her. This breed perfectly developed instinct. It is able to track down and catch a squirrel, cat, rat, or any other small animal. This behavior should be nipped in the bud from the first case. Such a developed instinct needed Ridgeback in his home in Thailand when it was his duty to protect the property from rats and other rodents. In the modern town of fun dogs can bring a lot of trouble of its owners.

Very successfully Thai Ridgeback gets along with other pets. At home, even rodents and parrots, they are perceived as family and constrain instincts.

The dog is perfect for keeping even a small apartment. She behaves with restraint and calm. It likes to sleep in the same place and its master, which, of course, not everyone has to like. Ridgeback adores comfort and cleanliness. But in the water a dog tightened very, very hard. So any swimming turns into a real fight.

Patience and restraint of the dog comes to an end when she gets a walk. There Ridgeback is trying to show its full potential. The dog develops a very high speed, great leaps. Thai Ridgeback simply need constant activity during walks.

In dogs, this breed is very harmoniously intertwined strong curiosity and the greatest caution. Dog quite some time getting used to something new in their environment. This perception is quite typical of the way dogs are called primitive. Ridgeback prefers to walk on familiar territory. If it appears that something new, the dog immediately is attentive and very slowly beginning to explore a new thing or phenomenon. Dog quite independently. Sometimes, carried away, he can forget about his master and run on a fairly long distances.

Especially cautiously and hesitantly feels Thai Ridgeback in a crowd. The natural distrust of dogs sometimes bring a dog to panic. To prevent this dog should be taught to people from puppyhood. The breed is characterized by intelligence and the ability to learn quickly. Dogs quickly get used to the commands and is easy to recognize them. But obedience to their problems. Ridgebacks quite temperamental and headstrong. Ignoring commands to master them in order.

The main necessity for such dogs are frequent walks (and preferably in a vast park) and playing with other dogs. Ridgeback being quite social. This is not the breed, which is enough for one or two leisurely walks in the area. In general, the Thai Ridgeback ideal family as a companion. These dogs will bestow you with its tenderness and love. Their temperament, with, certainly will not let you get bored.

Care and maintenance

Ridgeback pretty easy care breed. It is ideal for keeping in the apartment. Here, a dog behaves very calm, does not spoil the furniture and things, do not drop the drool and very rarely sheds.

In addition to the highly developed hunting instinct, Thai Ridgeback got solid strength, speed and endurance. They are very active and love to walk on the vast areas where you can freely run and frolic. It is particularly important to pay tribute to the physical activity breed puppies. To little Ridgeback developed properly, it should be strictly limited, gradually increasing the load level. This is necessary because the excessive load may cause abnormal development of the dog in the future and health problems.

A sufficient amount of time it is important to also focus on dog training and training interaction with other people, animals and phenomena.

Since the Thai Ridgeback hates water, bathe it is no more than 4 times per year. Cleanliness dog itself avoids puddles and muddy areas, so about cleanliness and neatness of the animal do not have to worry. The only thing would have to take care about is buying a special brush for combing hair during moulting.

From his master waits Ridgeback constant attention and care. He constantly strives to belong to the circle of family members. It likes to walk. Adult Ridgeback need to walk at least twice a day. For quite a walk for about 30 minutes As for the puppies, here it is desirable to increase the walk up to two hours per day. At the first opportunity to take out the dog should be in the nature or in a vast park. It is desirable to do it at least once a week.

Training and education

Дрессировка и воспитание: 

The appearance of a puppy in the family of Thai Ridgeback can significantly change the usual course of things. He will always be run, jump, actively interact with family members and other pets. Puppy Thai acutely feels the family who takes the place and strongly defends the. As the authority receives only those people who are showing him attention and care. In later years the Thai Ridgeback pup complete opposite in temperament. It is quiet, well-balanced dog that loves to fall on the clock next to the bed with the owner.

By training a puppy should be approached with great responsibility. You can start training when the puppy was 3 months. The dog learns and understands the great team. But listening to them not always. If the relationship with your pet you show up the slack, unquestioning obedience can not wait. Each individual Thai Ridgeback need to find a common language. Simple punishments is not enough. From puppyhood need to show the puppy, whom he must obey, and that specific actions it requires the consent of the owner.

To overcome the natural self-will dog training should be conducted regularly, focused and disciplined. From the earliest days of finding a dog in the family need to provide a framework through which the dog is not permitted to cross.

But, training is also important not to go beyond himself. Wanton brutality or cruelty can be quite sensitive to touch the dog. This can result in excessive aggression in the future, or vice versa in an unjustified cowardice.