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Information and History

Общие данные и История породы: 

Volkosob is not an easy breed of dog, and a hybrid wolf and German shepherd. Today we know a lot of stories mating wolves with dogs. At the same Siberian husky huskies and there is also a wolf blood. However, such cross-breeding is not easy to implement, because the puppies, which appeared after this crossing have unstable character. It may be they are very aggressive and quite cowardly, ugly and do not look to train.

The researchers found that the success of the crossing of the wolf and the dog depends largely on the genetic material of an individual wolf. So that the resulting hybrid is well amenable to training and had all the makings of a dog, a wolf, a parent should not be afraid of people from birth. Well, for the wolf is a behavioral abnormalities.
One such rare wolf was found. She lived in a remote village in one of the hunter and raised them to the age of two weeks. Wolf Naida showed from the first day to the people particularly friendly and lived on the chain three years, until the neighbor hunter did not want to decorate your home a stuffed wolf. Hunter from the transaction refused, but decided to give your pet in good hands. Nida moved to the Institute of the Russian Interior Ministry and was used during the reproduction of the hybrids. As a result of it, and had three generations volkosobs which had been controlled behavior and tolerant person.

Male German Shepherd became the father of the first two litters volkosobs, then Naidu has knit one volkosob to get hybrids, with 75% of the wolf's blood.
Volkosob different from other dogs unique qualities. So, for example, they are more intellectually developed. During the general course of training hybrids were in the lead compared to other breeds of dogs.

Hybrids were found when testing a limited space "intruder" within 15-20 seconds, whereas dogs require this order of 3-4 minutes. This is because the dog is required to study the terrain extra time. Volkosob also defines control points, then immediately find hidden "intruder."

Volkosob has a powerful grip and sharp fangs. Their capture even can not always save tracksuit.

Volkosobs from wild ancestors were able to inherit a wonderful sense of smell, exceeding 4-6 times a dog. These "without delay" take the air, and can even twelve hours to find trespassers. They are able to find a trace even after 3 days. At the same time they are different like dogs love to people. Volkosob howl like a dog, but do not know how to bark.

Hybrids are less sick, is much stronger and hardier normal dogs. They have great when compared with dogs life expectancy - 30 years.

Volkosobs serve in the police, army, customs, and a well proven during the search in the pipeline tie-ins. They may even be used as diagnosticians in medicine. As the smell of blood volkosobs able to distinguish a person with cancer.

In volkosob relationship with his hosts are very trustworthy, but the man to do that, you need to be tough and to be for your pet's unquestioned authority. With this hybrid could not be widely distributed among the population. For such a strong animal requires a very strong master, however, would do that not every person.
But during the change to the new owner volkosobs individual dogs adapt more easily, which is very comfortable during their performance, where employees often people change.

Volkosobs outwardly resemble their wild counterparts, and therefore today, actively used in the film.

Breed standard



First of all I want to say that dogs of this breed is very horoshodressiruyutsya and they have a very well-developed intellect unlike prostyhsobak. At the time, there was even an experiment between volkosobom and prostoysobakoy. And then it turned out that the hybrid can find a man sleduprimerno 30 seconds, just a dog is capable of only 4-5 minutes, and that's a big difference. They are very rapidly getting to new places ipoetomu them easier to navigate.

These so-called dogs very powerful jaws and teeth in order to make more ihtrenirovat strong suits as simple costumes onirazryvali at times. They also have a very good sense of smell, they are much better times ibystree smell enemy than just a dog. But interbreeding with dogs helped them misrepresented that they had become friendly with people. Volkosoby layat not like dogs, but oniprevoskhodno can howl like a real dog.

They are very well developed and run fast, they have plenty of stamina and zapasasil. Yet they have a well-developed immune system that does not allow them to get sick often. Zhivutoni longer than conventional dog. Typically, the cycle lifetime volkosobadostigaet 30 years. This breed is well proven in service in organahpolitsii, as well as their take on the army.

If you want to buy a volkosoba it, I want to give you advice kakpravilno behave during the development of the pet. You must bytstrogi with such animals, they should not be given a weakness, as this may skazatsyana his character. As for the training, then you will have no problem with that. A vostalnom is a very good and loyal friend.

At this point I say goodbye to you dear friends and animal lovers. I zakanchivayusvoyu article, who is volkosob. I wish you a pleasant reading. More uvidimsyav new articles.

Care and maintenance

So, puppy 1 month. What to do first?

First, you need to put a collar on him. For safety reasons, if the little animal decides to slip away from the courtyard and from the apartment, the collar it is much easier to catch than sandpaper. Another argument: puppies wolf or hybrid first very rapidly react to it and the easier it is not to shoot at first, until he ceases to pay attention and stop trying to get rid of him.

Secondly, feeding. Ideally, the first time to feed only with hands. It is not critical, but very conducive to networking. Also, teach your puppy gently take food from your hand. If the feed from the bowl, then during feeding, hold your hand or a bowl stir the food periodically. Objective: To teach your puppy to the fact that you can touch his food.

Third, bathing, combing, and other manipulations must also be carried out as often as possible. Combing or at least oglazhivaet need every day. The puppy should calmly treat your touch anyone, even a stressful situation.

Fourthly, the place in the building. Think once, where you will leave your puppy during his absence. And indeed the house should be a place where the animal could retire if you wish. Some animals feel very uncomfortable, having no more place. When strangers or just the charter, the puppy can go to him. On the other hand, he should not hide it from you.

Fifthly, walking. If you have a private house, it's simple. Walk in their territory or near the forest and you will be happy. The city is much more difficult. First learn to puppy coming around your home. The better he will know them, the more confident will feel yourself. Take your time. Let your puppy the best possible way to explore the area, objects and people. Gradually expand the territory. You can certainly try shock therapy, but, in my experience, if the animal is fearful, forcing the events will get you nowhere.

Sixth, it is worth mentioning the game. The cubs volkosoby and love to play as well as the usual puppies. But there are some nuances, which I want to say separately: do not let you bite. Your body should be inviolable for the wolf. While the puppy is small, it is, of course, fun and very cute. But it is easily missed when the grown wolf from the game will go to check you as a leader. Simply avoid these situations. Games waist. With the usual puppy at the end of the game we give a toy that he felt confident and for the development of mining instinct. Wolves and hybrids and so very self-confident, and The mining instincts have developed 100%. The fact that you gave him a toy at the end of the game, the puppy will perceive as a small victory over you. Give him toys-pogryzushki, throw sticks or balls, at a young age, they run after them no worse than a dog. Later, you can enter the game for your mind: find something, or select. Think, too, like wolves.

And most importantly, toilet. It is necessary to teach the first day, but be prepared for the fact that it will take a lot of time. In wild animals defecating closely linked with territoriality, and the street a long time will remain a stranger to wolf territory.

P.S. In some cases, you can not establish a rigid framework of the hostel. It all depends on the individual animal and the human.

Training and education

Дрессировка и воспитание: 

Cell. Bullet. Asleep.

Now lightly touch psycho those who wish to have a wolf. These people are of three types. Compassionate Lord. Romantics and Realists.

Compassionate. These gentlemen wolf appears accidental, due to some force majeure. Poachers and natural disasters can leave orphaned cubs. Compassionate people feel sorry for orphan cub and take the family. I advise you not to do that. Pity turn that was closer to the wolf, at best, will be sitting in a cell or on a chain, and at worst will be put to sleep. But God will judge these people. They believed that they could be "saviors."

Romantics. The most dangerous type. After cub, which they brought, he must surrender as K-9 dogs and wise, like a bear Baloo, and violent, like a panther Bagheera. These are romantic impulses, met a harsh reality in the form of a living wolf Crazy romantics, turning them into volkonenavistnikov.

If you own a home does not set the wolf to human rules of behavior, it will set its own - a wolf.

Practice and realists

Those who are willing to apply to wild animals, how to apply for a wild animal. Realists communicate with specialists, we toured the kennels with the wolves, and for years led the conversation in social networks with the owners of real wolves. Realists materially and morally prepared to meet with the wolf. Understand that the adaptation of the wild, free and very smart animal to an artificial world of our values ​​- hard work. One and a half years of life will go entirely to the education of the wolf. Each day, 24 hours per day. No more and no less.

So, what qualities should have the owner of the wolf?

Well, first, he must be a professional cynologist. Dog handlers, who has experience in dealing with serious dog breeds. Wolfhound, or dogs fighting breeds. Also, the owner must be in good health and physique. And the abyss patience.

What you need to have in order to keep the wolf

House with strong high fence, backyard aviary - the territory of at least hundreds, surrounded with a professional grill with slopes, the lattice itself to be buried in the ground 40-50cm. Wolf can take the height of any fence. And in 10 minutes to dig a tunnel.

You must be a dog, obedient, senior, opposite-sex wolves. It is desirable to a large rock. Wolf must respect it. The dog will become a role model and someday save you during the conflict with the wolf.

The wolves like dogs

Wolves are very similar to dogs, only wild. Well this compare? Let's summer camp and a camp for prisoners. In principle, both places are similar, some state-owned premises beyond the fence. But the similarity ends.
And it is unlikely we will find two more dissimilar structure.
The basis is a positive and unity, the other only hope for himself and the ability to survive in harsh terrestrial conditions.
And if 90% of the dog is not going to conflict with man, the wolf just 90% goes.

White Fang

Everyone who wants to have a wolf reading at school age "White Fang." In the children's mind is talented, artistic, stress, work of art emerged as a kind of knowledge that you can negotiate with the wolf. To begin with, there is no evidence that such a wolf existed in reality. But even if it was a hand-wolf, he is not quite wolf. Fang in modern language is called high-hybrid. In it a quarter of the blood from the dog, the mother Fang Kitty, as follows from the book, half dog.

You came home a wolf!

A small gray lump, who drinks milk and sleeps.

Here he is a wolf cub. Such a nice and predictable. You bring up his own hands, do not sleep at night, when his stomach hurt, he's waiting for you, he licks your hands and face, he can not live without you. "That somehow not raised a wolf, and I cultivated it right" - you think. "Force my love enough that it would raise."

Nothing like this; cub waiting for you because he wants to have. Cub licks your face and hands; Yes, so he asks burp parents. Remember: you just wolf for a bag of food. No more.

Your love - pure selfishness. "I reared him, that he loves me now."
No. Wolf will not love you for what you feed. Our she-wolf nursed the dog, wolf loved her until he grew up, matured became aggressive to his foster mother.
Nothing personal, just wolf decided to be the main one. And it is normal, in the hard world of wildlife.
With the wolf is not possible to sign the contract.

With the wolf is not possible to sign a "contract". Type "Because. What I nourished you, You shall serve me faithfully. "The wolf does not accept frozen relations. He needs a living love. I love every day. Love as a movement, as an element of love.

The spirit of freedom, consisting of the island, but alien to us, the mind and the perfect physical characteristics that the nature of polishes for centuries, you are thinking to remake within 4 months of feeding?

So how do you raise a wolf?

Period breast milk from the nipples, I'll go. Here and so everything is clear. Let's start with 2 months, when the wolf began a period of self-awareness in space.
The first thing to try to erase the genetic memory that need to rely only on themselves.

All times are with the cub and solve all the problems together. Let all in the life of a wolf awake YOU.

For example, visitors come very scary man, tall uncle with a loud voice. Wolf wants to run and hide under the bed ... Do not let him do that. Let him fear survive with you. Will you have on hand or in a cage. But close.

Wolves sybarites

Wolves somehow hold on the wooden floor. But soft comfortable chairs, very much like wolves. I assure you, when the wolf suddenly run away from home, he remembers his soft warm bed. So it was with our wolf.

The food you give it at the same time production and a reason to try to dislodge you from the first position. Wolf snatches a piece and begins to growl. Moreover, if it is not stopped in time, it still will not allow you and your households is even a meter away from the food.

This problem is easily solved - feed the cub by hand. In general, I advise all the time to feed the wolf with his hands. Then he calmly relates to manipulation from his muzzle.

Another important rule with regards to hand would not let even bite the hand in the game. Do not accustom the wolf to the fact that he bites you, even as a joke. Let your hands be taboo. I'm not allowed to do this she-wolf, and her husband and son played with the cub as a result of a wolf now our bad mood may be a little bite, and one or the other. But is it worth my hands just to touch her any aggression disappears.


... Your cub 3 months, you come home from work and see torn to shreds favorite sofa, and the sofa is your pet. You start berating him, and he grins. You slap him on the pope a newspaper, and in response to the baby bites in the arm. In that same hand that nursed him ...

Wolf, unlike dogs, evil meets evil. Each wave of the hand with a stick - a grin. But this sense of justice it is, he will understand the punishment immediately. But not the passage of time.

Cub, as well as a puppy, should be punished at the time of the crime. Just enough to slap the dog three or four times, and occasionally the wolf and a half years.
In general, a rhetorical question to beat or not to beat wolf? I will answer a question with a question. And what you want to achieve from it? If decent behavior, execute commands, it will not work without punishment. But again, only to punish undesirable actions.

If you want to semi-wild animal captive. Why beating and demand something?
Next worse, if you give up the slack wolf impudent if the start to peel, it runs wild.
But then you can not go too far. Wolf can not be beat. The impact must be sharp and unexpected "As God's punishment." Wolf can not put pressure.

I am Alpha!

Forget about the relationship with dogs, which you, of course, the Alpha. Dog ready to obey you, Wolf - no.
So who needs to be for the wolf to win his heart?

Here are three ways:
Become a leader
Become God
Become a friend.

The leader, you're talking to the wolf: "Sha. I am Alpha !!! I'm in charge here. "And it shows in every way. Speak harsh voice, biting the baby by the ears, growl, and even Lord just write on volchishku, go not hurried across the room, do not let the screaming and hysterical, and yet you do not have to hurt, to break the arms and legs, and generally being physically ideal .

Because becoming a leader like go to the lower level of development and start unwittingly build in their own world animal laws.
In my opinion And this heavy burden too.
Wolf animal clever, observant and curious, because the wolf is one of the few animals able to think analytically. And it is able to assess the situation artificially imposed. And also estimate that the leader does not have certain qualities, such as the presence of canines, smell, hearing, skin protective and flexible limbs. The leader can not jump, run and move as long as a simple wolf.

And, rest assured, it's a wolf to compare and draw conclusions. And the conclusions, attempts to shift leader.
Nothing personal, just under your leadership, will decide the wolf pack is not viable.
Now let us remember Ellis Janson none of these people who lived long in wolf packs, did not attempt to become a leader.
The thing is that the place is challenged leader. Each season, from November to February, the pack leader tries to "lice."
So one day it happens to you using your illness, exclusion, extreme irritation wolf attack you. He calculated the time. It is to gain a place for the attack.
No wolf does not kill, but he was scared. It will scare you very much. Torn muscles in his arms and legs mutilated face ....
After such a wolf kill, put on a chain or in a cage.

According to statistics, these things happen quickly, by the year of 10 males with the hosts there are two.

Blood brother

There is another common humane idea, "the wolf can not be punished at all." In fact, why not? Of course you can. I knew this wolf. He allowed all owners (unfortunately, it has not). And as the bridegroom, he came to visit our wolf. And started his move at our house. He snatched food from the hands roamed the windowsill, dropping flower pots, and constantly jumping on the dining table, he was with us three times, and delivered me from a few teapots, sugar bowls, salad bowls, well, glasses and cups, we just did not think. Our bred wolf looking at the vandalism and after, broke down and slapped cuffs guest. In principle, it was his to bring the same way that we brought it.
Unfortunately, the sword of knowledge, punishing sword.

So that you may be a wolf to his brother, if not what do not wake him to refuse. But not the fact that such behavior during puberty cub will read as weakness, and he does not want to teach you some wolf laws.

And these relationships are possible only if the captive content. So how different is your world will be razed to the ground.

Hard to be a God

The third way. Become a wolf something African God. There, in the cradle of humanity, all communication with a higher power comes the hour.
You stole, came to have a chat with the warlock deity, he went to the crowd standing and suspects who stole falls dead. Similarly, you can raise the dead, and they form a zombie for a while will please your eye, kill the enemy decapitated doll-double.

This method is in my opinion the most effective. You can use to communicate all the roles, and the brother and leader, but you - God. Wolf respect you, because he can not count you. You punish him, sorry, you feed it with the palm of your hand, you can order it at the same time, at some time to comply.

And then everything is smooth, if you have a skin and teeth, and how you feel. He does not want to try. He will believe you! He will believe in you!

You will not need to go down all the time on the animal level, but you can admire the perfect pet when he explain why the wolf classes. By the way a wolf can be practiced from 4 months for life. Wolves flexible intelligence, he always perceives information.

The material world

With a wolf you will have to review its relationship to the material world. Wolves spoil the property: a wolf cub was able to break everything in the house, starting with furniture and ending with household appliances. If you like their stuff and a special treat for them, do not start the wolf. He eats his favorite chair. Pet coat, Pet shoes, beloved laptop.

World Rights

By and large, people do not like wolves, and in bulk, look like creatures ungrateful.
And yet there are those 10% of people with the wolves take root.
How? During the year, time to change the consciousness of themselves and the wolf.
Wolf explained that he had a pet.
Myself, that faced in the face of your pet with the mystery of wild nature.
Understand that eating your furniture and clothes, the wolf knows this world are familiar with it.


Wolf timid animal.
Cowardice unpleasant thing, walking your wolf is afraid of everything: cyclists, motorcyclists, high brutal men, carriages with children, skiers. This behavior usually goes to the 2nd year.


Machine wolves suffer very badly, they kakayutsya and constantly vomiting. When I first went with my wolf to visit, she moved from the back seat to my pen. And on the handles, it is crap one's pants, and it tore. Do you think the form in which I came to visit? ... After such a case we changed the passenger car to van. Iron bars, interior of the car and saved my outfits. Thank God for one and a half years all this has stopped.


Leashes. You very quickly realize that any leash snacking in seconds. So that I get comfortable light, but very strong chain. For example, we buy a metal cable. He made heavy guard dogs guarding the perimeter on the rope. Lightweight, comfortable and durable. On average, such a cable is enough for two months walks.


If you are bitten by a wolf, just 4 months before the wolves is the establishment of character and socialization. And they face off with your own. And in this game you will have to start ... and prove to the wolf that you do not have to bite. We offer to make it up to 4 months, with a year-old wolf, you have not the right, and the establishment takes place in three stages. In 4 months. One year and three years.


As for the toilet. When I started a wolf to me all spoke with one voice, it will take a crap in the house. Wolves do not understand the difference between the house and the street. Nothing like this. Our wolf is not shit in the house. And it suffers for a long time. But all this takes longer than in dogs. Moreover, because the wolf gadila in the house, we do not punish. Just made it clear that we do not like.

Private area

Wolf needed free access to the street. Let it will have a small piece of land. Private area, where the animal feels the owner.
On the life of captive animals, I will not write. Cage for animal meal. As actually for all of us. Aviary is certainly necessary, but as a place where you can leave the animal at the time, yet you do not. But the same can approach a piece of land that you have chosen as the private wolf zone.


More Darrell wrote that the chief whip of any wild animals living in captivity, is boredom. If you during the day is easy to run through 40km, that you would be if you put in a closed room with a full life? You just start to go crazy. And coming up with all sorts of entertainment.

Wolf needed exercise and daily walks at least 10-20km a day, as well as the activity where he would solve intellectual puzzles.
In general, in a very primitive form of this imitation of wolf life. With daily jogging on the territory, just about 10km daily. But the solution of complex social and logical tasks.
Wolf social animal. It must be a family.