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Information and History

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Welsh Corgis are the tiny shepherds have a height of about 25-30 cm and weight of 13 kg. This breed is compared to many charming and awkward mongrels, which can be seen in many yards of cities. However, fans of these dogs know that these pedigree dogs can perform heroic deeds. This quick and agile as the shepherds also excellent bloodhound live up to fifteen years. In addition to these talents welsh corgi has a shrewd mind, good-natured character and a great sense of humor. These dogs are ideal for beginners dog breeders.

History of breed

There is a legend that the welsh corgi horses were elves, give children cowherd several puppies. Therefore, the marks that are on the backs of this breed say that it was the seat of the elves.

The breed has a long history that goes back more than a thousand years. Scientists recently discovered in the peat bog called the Brecon Beacon located in the south of Wales, dog bones, which is very similar to the current Korg. The discovery dates back to the 9th century. But the researchers believe that the Welsh Corgi in the province appeared much earlier - around 500 BC. Local residents, the long-time use of undersized shepherds as shepherds. So pack welsh corgi alone could accompany the animals on pasture, if necessary fearlessness chased the robbers and wolves, and in the evening returned to the cattle in the corral. So even it is known that the best representatives of this species could to cope with these duties: welsh corgi could replace the duties masterful shepherd.

A significant part of the income residents of Wales taught through the sale of meat in the markets of England. That's why the farmers had to resort to using a large number of dogs shepherds. In the farms of the province, over time, breeding ducks and geese. Useful here and welsh corgi. These dogs through teamwork is not allowed to wayward birds disperse. Especially Corgi did not frighten the birds and barking silently guarded them.

These unsightly, but irreplaceable dogs of small stature greatly appreciated for a good dog breed Welsh Corgi could give even the whole bull, while the best hunting dog king evaluated less ram. This valuable breed mentioned in the statute books, even the King of Wales. Hivel Good, who ruled the country in the 10th century ensured the hosts in the event of accidental death Corgi compensation of one ox. After the death of an irreplaceable employee could leave a whole herd without protection and threatened to ruin farming industry or significant losses. It is worth noting that the killer dogs could even be subject to penalty.

It is believed that the ancestors of welsh corgi in England brought about the Scandinavian Vikings in the 9th century.

Fearless welsh corgi many years later mastered more difficult profession. As it turned out, the representatives of the breed even in the face of the city is excellent smell traces - on asphalt and concrete surfaces. So they began to be used as bloodhounds. Today, these dogs help the police successfully during the detection of drugs.

Two varieties of the breed

Scientists have been difficult to trace the history of the breed, to make the pedigree of its almost impossible. Welsh Corgi lived as rural dog, crossing freely with its other neighbors. That is why the population is very varied.

Until the late 19th century, the dogs of this breed were present only in Wales. Nobody did not know about the existence of Corgi. In 1892, these nameless dogs were presented to the public during the competition herding dogs. And only in 1920 recognized an independent breed and gave it the name Welsh corgi.

Club breeders breed Welsh Corgi appeared in 1925 and Corgi began to appear more frequently at exhibitions. But to put such a different assessment of the dogs of the same breed was quite difficult. Some representatives of this breed apart very different. Therefore, it was decided to divide the welsh corgi in two varieties - Pembroke and Cardigan, who became divorced separately. Most likely, they lived in the two districts of Wales - Pembrokeshire and Cardiganshire, who were divided mountain range of Wales. Due to the isolation they had no opportunity to interbreed, which helped consolidate the various traits. Many people believe that dogs taksoobraznye influenced cardigans and Spitz-like dogs on Pembroke. Between a data species differ both in nature and appearance.

Corgi often appear in movies and on television, it give birth to famous athletes, actors and writers. In New Zealand, in 2003 there was even a bronze monument varieties corgi. Sculptor named David Marshall was shown three dogs in full size. Dogs are to each other, and one dog's nose runs to ice cream, which lies on the pavement.

Breed standard

Стандарт породы: 


Low, strong dog, compact and active, looks strong and hardy. There should be neither too low nor too massive skeleton, no rough, but not with a light bone structure to remain vigorous and mobile.

The first phrase describes the first impression which should produce a Welsh Corgi "a big dog in a small package." As a representative of the group shepherd dog should be in good physical shape, able to complete the task with enthusiasm and fervor. Too low a dog with a massive bone structure is too complicated exercise and work on open pastures.

Kind of a bold, but friendly. Expression intelligent and interested. In no case do not shy or vicious dog.

Pembroke - a cold-blooded, energetic minded small dog, whose good and lively expression indicates the presence of mind and clownish sense of humor, which is one of the most charming features of the breed. Being shy or vicious absolutely unusual for Pembroke.

Initial care for themselves in a new situation and a willingness to sneak in any case should not be interpreted as cowardice or timidity (this is most likely from the great mind (approx. Interpreter))

Most attention is paid to the exterior of the dog, including the addition of harmony and silhouette, the beauty of the lines of the head, intelligent expression of the eyes and balanced character.

The proposal describes the ideal representative of the breed Welsh Corgi. Males should be masculine, but not rude; bitch - feminine, but not overly sophisticated. Yet Pembroke - working dog.

Kind of a bold, but friendly. Expression intelligent and interested. In no case do not shy or vicious dog.

Volkov M. - I would also like to note that the cowardly dog, afraid of loud noises, do not allow themselves to explore aggressive or vice versa, should not be judged (disqualification). Unfortunately, such Pembroke began to meet more and more often, they get titles. There should also be evaluated temperament, the desire to move. Downcast, does not want to move Pembroke can not be appreciated. With extensive experience display under pembrokes our experts, we would like to draw attention to the most common errors in the examination of the breed. Often you can see in the ring, that a small dog, very well built, has a correct movement plays a larger, but less than the best dogs. As the cause of the loss or lack of voicing skeleton or too small. Once again I would like to draw attention to the first paragraph of the standard - strong (not small), well-built dog should not play a larger only because of the size. Unfortunately, in the Russian population there are many large and heavy dogs. They should be distinguished from the well-dressed dogs. Also note that it is moderately stretched size dog, and it should not be too long.

Height, weight, proportions

It is important to understand that the size, proportions and physical form (obmuskulinnost) Pembroke should be part of the overall balance of a particular dog. The balance and the overall exterior - are the correct breed type.

This squat, moderately stretched size dog. The distance from the withers to the base of the tail should be about 40% greater than the distance from the withers to the ground.
Height: 25 - 30 cm.
Weight is proportional to height, but not more than 13.6 kg for males and 12.7 kg for females.
Weight in show condition: males - about 12.3 kg, females - about 11.4 kg.

Faults: Height above or below the specified; dog looking miniature or "toy".

Weight and proportions (including the proportion of head) determine the "real size" Pembroke (Figure number 4). Weight variruetsya depending on the size, skeleton, obmuskulinnosti and overall fitness. Excessively or overfed dogs may be correct, by weight, which does not make them correct in terms of growth and proportions. The difference in weight of 1 kg females and males reflects the small difference in size between the sexes.

The proportions of medium length and squat. The distance from the withers to the base of the tail should be approximately 40% greater than the distance from the withers to the ground.
This ratio of the height and the length dictated by the standard, is an essential characteristic of the breed Welsh Corgi.

Violation of this ratio leads to an incorrect balance. Most of the length of Pembroke has to account for the length of the chest. Width Pembroke should be seen in the extent of the width of the shoulders and hips. Corgi with a square silhouette - a serious flaw in the rock type.

Form should be neither too low nor too massive skeleton (Figure №2), neither rough nor to easy bone to remain vigorous and mobile.

HEAD and forehead

His head shape and resembles a fox, but without its inherent cunning expression.

"Fox" form and expression, which are required under the standard welsh corgi, relate to the proportions of the head.

At Pembroke should not be too narrow (cut off) ... and muzzle. narrowed "slanted" eyes like a fox. Foxy expression is lost, if the head is too rough or overloaded. It must also be free from skin folds.

Volkov M. - often noted in the descriptions of Pembroke underfill face under the eyes or excessively narrowed muzzle. Here, too, I would like to note that the muzzle should not be a volume to the tip of the nose, it should taper toward the nose and cheeks not much filled under the eyes. Of course, it is necessary to distinguish a narrow, light from the muzzle right.

Expression - intelligent and interested, but not tricky.

Pembroke briskly and confidently perceives the world around him.

The forehead fairly wide and flat between the ears.

When viewed from the side, the line of the forehead (stop) must be parallel to the line of the muzzle (from nose to nose).

Wrong, too steep forehead (stop) is a consequence of the muzzle not parallel lines (from nose to nose) and the forehead (stop).
The rounded dome-shaped forehead is wrong.

Go Stop: Moderate.
Excessive brake (transition Stop) in conjunction with protruding eyebrows gives the dog a very rough appearance and, as a consequence, to the rustic in terms of exterior appearance.

Eyes oval, medium size, not round, not bulging, not sunken, not pig. Placed obliquely.

The eyeball is round, the eyelids wide open in the middle, the edges are omitted, which gives the appearance of an oval. The eyes should not be visible to the third century. Oblique hocks eye provides peripheral vision needed to shepherd dogs.

Small eyes or eyes with the wrong opening of the eyelids give the impression or pig eyes narrowed. The skin around the eyes should fit tightly to his head, to prevent the ingress of foreign rubbish, and thus protect the eyes from injury.

Eye color can be any shade of brown, with necessarily in harmony with the color. Dribbling iris dark, preferably black. The dark eyes expressive eyes emphasize, however, completely black eyes highly undesirable, as well as yellow or bluish.
Yellow or very bright eyes create a feeling too heavy, gaze, while stroking the pale iris may give a pig look expression.

Too high set ears. "Buckle up" (Figure 28), "a rose" (Figure 29) or trailing (fig.30) ears are considered a serious fault.

Black, well-pigmented.

Scissor bite, the inside of the upper incisors touches the outer part of the lower incisors (ris.31,32). Thick (straight) bite is allowed (Figure 33). undershot (Fig.34) or undershot (figure 35) are considered to be seriously flawed. Lips are black, tight and dry.

Language should not prevent easy closure of the jaws. Pendulous lips are considered a disadvantage.

The neck is fairly long. Or is long enough to ensure the normal balance of the dog (Figure 36). Slightly curved, dry, with a smooth transition into the shoulders. A very short neck (Figure 37), as well as too long, thin, or "sheep" are neck defects.
Figure 38 - Short neck showing the unacceptable position of the shoulder.

Topline - strong and smooth, it does not rise to the rump and can not be lowered (Figure 39, the omission of the topline to the croup). Partly pereslezhina behind the withers, caused by the difference between the length of wool sheii long hair back, allowed.

Smooth top line is an important characteristic of the breed. Partly pereslezhina behind the withers is admissible solely because of the difference in the length and severity of wool, and in any case, because of the wrong anatomical structure of the dog. Convex (Fig.40) or concave (Figure 41) top line, as well as the top line, rising to the rump (Fig.42) are impaired. The base of the tail should be flush with the top-line.

The body (body)
The thorax (rib) should be voluminous, slightly egg-shaped (fig.43) and moderately long. Chest deep, much falls between the front paws. However, too much chest ptosis (Fig. 44 and 45) prevents the need for freedom of movement of the animal, and should be punished. The loin is not short.

Round (Fig.47), flat (Fig.48) of the chest, lack of sternum (Fig.49), the excessive length of the loin (Figure 50), and a shortened format of the body (Figure 51) is extremely undesirable.

With round or flat chest of a dog is not enough space for a normal location lungs and heart. The correct position is not possible with round shoulders chest. Wide often occurs before a round rib cage, while too narrow to often marked with a flat chest.

Egg-shaped (oval) shape of the chest for freedom of movement of the dog, as well as the necessary, correct chest depth (below the elbow, but above the pasterns) .From the structure of the chest depends most of the length of the body Corgi, right ribcage supports the back and helps the body to have the right for Corgi waist. Too round (Fig.47) too flattened (Fig.48) of the chest, chest, drops below the pastern (Fig.44), or too short thorax are wrong and are regarded as a serious disadvantage. Chest true depth with ribs properly attached to the sternum, should form a noticeably prominent keel (farbrust). Loins Corgis should not be long. A dog with a long, low waist (Fig.50) can not withstand the load. Loins - the only place in the body of the back, did not support the bone structure. Short, strong loin needed to Corgi could easily turn instantly change direction.


Tail docked as short as possible.
Sometimes puppies are born bobtail that, at sufficiently small length of the tail is acceptable. The tail is up to two inches (about 5 cm) is allowed, but if the dog lifts it, it spoils the topline.

Despite the fact that in some lines appear bobtail puppies (sometimes little or no tail), most of Pembroke, however, have their tails cut short. If the puppy is not born completely tailless, arrest, even a natural bob is necessary, because otherwise it will grow in proportion to the growth of the dog. Relief of any method should not leave the slightest of bumps, it is necessary to stop through the anus. If the length of the tail is less than two inches (five cm c), the judge should not pay attention to the quality of relief.

Volkov M. - In recent years, some experts make comments and reduce the assessment of short docked tail. It is not right. Traditionally Pembroke tails docked as short as possible, which in any case should not be penalized in the show ring.


The forelimbs - Short, forearms turned slightly inward, the distance between wrists less than between the shoulder joints, so that before looked almost perfectly straight. (Fig.52)

The distance from the elbow to the ground is unusually short for the dog of this size. Dogs are too high on the long arm (ris.53). Front view should not appear absolutely straight. A small turn of the forearm inwards because of the short front limbs due to the depth and width of the chest chest. The aforementioned small twist the forearm into the pastern driving closer than the elbows and shoulders. Pasterns and legs are parallel to and directed straight ahead.

In dogs with a front parallel to the ground, is not observed to easily rotate the forearm inwards. Also, too straight legs occur in individuals with too extensively before and lack of depth of chest (Fig.54). But even before the excessively broad with sufficient depth of chest does not interfere with the normal sometimes put the forelimb (ris.56).

The curved front (Fig.55), with paws and Piast directed in different directions (toes-out), or curved, or to an exaggerated curvature of the forearm, or a combination of convex and concave forehand, are serious faults.

Is indicative of a narrow front flattened thorax (Fig.57)

Volkov M. - On examination, pay attention to the correctness of the front. Most dogs are not punished with a mark, with curved arms. These dogs do not have to win.
Volkov M. - often found dogs with short shoulder and shoulder blade, hence the line scapulohumeral angle.


All dogs are shown on these color pages are within the standard colors. Although they are slightly different in type, these dogs are typical representatives of the breed. All of them - the champions, some - Best in Show winners or different types of exhibitions.

Volkov M. - also wanted to draw attention to the marriage of color, the experts were careful, because It was a case of getting a blue dog rated excellent.

Fig. 96 - Free smooth movement

Volkov M. - Pay attention to the movement, the dog does not want to move with short steps (mincing), without prejudging the hind legs from under him should not be highly evaluated.

Fig. 58 - Right pastern and foot.
Fig. 59 - Weak pastern

Extensive bone forearm goes directly into the paw. Brushes strong and almost straight in lateral view (Fig. 58). Weak pasterns (Fig.59) or excessively tilted forward (Fig. 60) is a serious drawback.

Easy tilt pastern allows the dog to easily absorb shocks when driving. Too angled pasterns - are weak. Forward Bend is a very serious drawback, which appears in the case of a perfectly straight or slightly inclined forward pastern. In this case, the entire weight of the dogs have fingers. Usually, dogs with too straight pastern there trembling.

Shoulders long, well laid back along the rib cage. Shoulder length almost equal to the length of the blade. (Fig.61)

Fig. 61 - correct hocks shoulder (frozen shoulder hocks)
The muscles of the shoulder should be long, smooth and even. The blade lies at an angle of approximately 45 degrees to the horizontal, almost shoulder specularly reflects this angle. For normal shoulder it is important that the blade went back enough. Located right scapula (Fig.62) or the short arm (ris.63) are impaired and cause shortened bouncing step.

If the shoulder is of normal length (about the same length as the shoulder blade) and is located at a right angle, the elbow should be directly under the withers (nape) (Fig. 65). Short shoulder results (even with the correct position of the blade) to the position of the front legs straight down from the neck, elbow and brings forward from the shoulders (the withers). (Fig.66) This is - frequent drawback.

Elbows - parallel to the body, do not stand out to the side (ris.64), well laid back, to form a line perpendicular to the ground from the top of the blade to the elbow. (ris.65)


Oval, with two central fingers, slightly prominent relative to the two extremes. (Ris.67 and 68). It does not turn out neither in nor out. The pads are strong, curved claw. Nails short. Dewclaws are usually removed and the front and rear paws.

The strong curved legs are necessary, as they support the weight of the body in a small square feet. The sole should be strong to walk on rough terrain, full of thorns
Removal of dewclaws (made simultaneously with tail docking) is made for accuracy and injury prevention is recommended, but not necessary. Nails should be short, to the paw was lumps.
Too round (ris.70) are long and narrow (fig.71) or splayed (ris.69) paws are a disadvantage.
Fig. 71 (long and narrow with a paw too long claws)
Fig. 72 (flat foot with weak pasterns. Flatfoot caused by too thin pads).
Figure 73 shows the required standard for the breed right angles of the shoulder, hip and knee joints.

Rear Front

Ample bone, strong and mobile (rotary), with moderate angles of the knees and hocks. Too angulation, as well as insufficient and are considered a disadvantage.
All joints of the rear part of the body must be balanced with the joints of the anterior, so that the dog could normally funktsionirovati move. If the angles of joints are not compared with the other corners, there is an imbalance. The back office is responsible for the movement of the hip joints in vpered.Ugly Corgi must comply with glenohumeral angle and equal to about 90 degrees. (Ris.74)

Too sharp hip angle (ris.75) forms a saber (sickle) hocks of the hind limbs (lower part of the hind leg goes far under the body of the dog). In this case, the dog seems to be crouching, even when it costs. Also, this prevents lack of proper motion.
Ris.76 - Wrong angle, straightening the knee joint
At the wrong angle (ris.76) dog moves short mincing steps, and the top line can rise. (ris.77)
Fig. 77 - Short, festinating step. Back raised.

Hip to be muscular.

Well-developed thigh muscles is necessary for freedom of movement and exercise is achieved.



Pembrokes and cardigans have excellent intelligence, they are characterized by well-developed intuition. Corgi clearly traced mood of the owner and will never bother him at an inopportune moment.

The high level of adaptability - one of the key qualities of the corgi. They quickly get used to the new conditions, previously thoroughly studied the new surroundings. These pets are not inclined to be offended by the owner, or to fall into depression. On the contrary, welsh corgi never miss an opportunity to have fun host. Not for nothing because immediately after its inception Corgi were active participants traveling circus.

As you know, these pets love to be the center of attention. Their minds and psychology are directly dependent on the ability to please a man, because it is their main vocation.


Corgi - the embodiment of a positive attitude towards life. Smile with their pretty faces to come down almost never. They are smart and cheerful, their cunning has no negative connotations.

Development of intellectual abilities required primary specialization of these dogs - Corgi herding cattle. They control the movement of huge herds, maneuvering safely at the feet of the animals in times of their larger. Of course, the modern representatives of the breed kept these features.

They exist even own language, consisting of a variety of interjections - this pohryukivaniya, drawling songs, non-irritating screeching and howling. Each vocal accent corresponds to a specific emotion.

Pembrokes and cardigans are very curious, what is the consequence of their excellent ability to socialize. By studying each tree and each shelf in the closet, dogs develop their memory. This contributes to their education and home training. Pet quickly learn where you keep a certain subject and will submit it to you at the right time.

It is important to understand that the Corgi - not small "sofa dogs" and they are well aware. This courageous beings with dignity and will not tolerate the condescending attitude. Nevertheless, we should not even try to see this from a pet rock or a guard protector - Corgi shepherds, so they tend not to aggression.


Corgis are very sociable. These dogs have a special power, which often affects even aggressive animals. They never go to the conflicts, but on occasion can fend for themselves.

Perhaps there is no more dog friendly than these miniature Shepherd. They consider it their duty to acquire as many friends - both with dogs and other animals and in humans. Representatives of breed corgi willingly play with cats are not afraid of large dogs, taking them on an equal footing. Courage, bordering properly set fine socialization - a rare phenomenon, agree.

Corgi seem very optimistic. They never lose heart and full of energy. That is why the Cardigans and Pembroke perfectly build relationships with children of all ages. In miniature dogs kids can learn the true joy and goodness. They are very patient, despite the bright temperament, so never cause children harm. Moreover, their loyalty is bordered by the defense instinct - they will always protect their wards from trouble.

Care and maintenance

Welsh corgi - the breed of British herding dogs, which people used to protect flocks for many centuries. Because of this breed can be called a very healthy dog ​​is unpretentious and well tolerate heat and cold. Care welsh corgi is not very complicated, but you need to make sure that the dog was pure, and her stay in the house comfortable.

How to care for welsh corgi?

Puppy with a small age should be taught to hygienic procedures: wool needed weekly comb that she was beautiful and brilliant. We can not allow the formation of tangles, watch out for wool will always have. During molting have to comb your dog on a daily basis, otherwise the hair will lie in tatters around the house. To do this, use a comb and a brush, they should not be made of plastic, otherwise the wool will be electrified.

Wash Corgi optional, as due to the special structure of coat dirt on it is not delayed, but after the rain it dries quickly. Dog bathe only after heavy soiling of fur, and after a walk in the rain it is necessary to wash the feet.

Another mandatory procedure is grooming claws, which it is desirable to carry out weekly. The nails are usually worn down naturally when walking a dog on the asphalt, but for this you need to follow. Caring for a puppy welsh corgi include ear cleaning and removal of mucus from the eyes of all these procedures, be sure to teach your dog. Puppy ears should be cleaned more often than adult dogs also need to monitor their condition. If there was an unpleasant smell or puppy constantly shakes his head, it is necessary to contact a veterinarian - you may have a sore.

Content welsh corgi in the apartment

Dogs of this breed are often kept at home or in an apartment because of their small size. Thus it is necessary to provide your pet comfortable and prevent possible mischief. Dogs of this breed love to chew on: can suffer slippers, wires, any items left near the floor. Because of this it is necessary to clean up things in cabinets and on the top shelf, and the dog must be a sufficient number of toys that can scratch your teeth. One of the unpleasant features of breed - Corgi tend to chew and tear a rag stuffed toys, and they may try to eat filler. It is important to remove all such toys out of reach.

Accustom the puppy to the toilet is not very difficult, corgi quickly learn to keep themselves clean. In the first few months, it is desirable to make the puppy outside after eating, and after sleep, this will reduce the number of puddles in the house and quickly accustom the puppy to care. For the first time on the floor, it is desirable to clean carpets and rugs, or they will inevitably suffer.

Welsh corgi loves long walks, and outdoor games are required to master. No toy is no substitute for human attention, in addition it was during walks quickly just to teach the dog to perform the command. With this dog is important to build relationships: teams must be clear, and the need to consistently achieve their performance.
These dogs live for hundreds of years next to the man, and they have the ability to sensitively capture the mood swings. Welsh Corgi will seek to obtain the approval of the owner, so he will try to do what is required of him, but he may be peculiar stubbornness. They are very well feel the love and the owner is always willing to love in return. Proper care and concern will turn Corgi in a very intelligent and obedient companion.

Training and education

Дрессировка и воспитание: 

As we have already mentioned, welsh corgi clever and quick-witted. Owners cardigans and Pembroke as one rave about their pets. In terms of easy learning and education are very close intellectual Corgi breed border collie. They seize every command the first time.

Corgi - permanent winners of championships in freestyle. They are able to perform almost circus tricks. They are also easy to learn agility-discipline.

The main difficulty for the owner during the upbringing and training of representatives of this breed - the unrestrained desire for a new pet. They quickly tired of the monotony of repetitive commands. That is why their owners have to be creative and make the most of your imagination. Creative owner - a guarantee of success in training.

At a young age welsh corgi have some strange and very fun to drive in the habit of organized groups everything that moves. They may even bite humans heels to make them move in the right direction. This problem is solved early socialization and fine education. Begins to deal with Corgi can be as young as two or three months.

Despite the fact that Corgi is not vindictive and did not take offense to their masters, in principle, they can not scream. This dog just does not know how to react to the rising tone, so it may ignore your elementary ferocious scream. Be tactful and kind, forget about aggression. Corgi - the real intellectuals, so understand each request, said a soft calm voice. Also, these dogs are very fond of laughter of a man who could serve as the award for the successful implementation of the humorous numbers.

Walking and exercise

Master welsh corgi must not mislead the compact dimensions of this dog. It is important to remember that, first and foremost, a real shepherd. As with other dogs of this type, corgi needed exercise. Under these conditions the dog will feel fine in a city apartment, and can boast of a good character and healthy psyche.

Corgi love long walks. The optimum mode - the two-three hour sessions per day. It is desirable that once a week the dog was able to run in the unlimited space - for example, in the field or in the vast forest clearings. This will help your pet to remember its glorious hunting past, awakening the already developed instincts.

In addition, for the health and maintenance of the good physical form and cardigans Pembroke very useful basic training - for example, learning to walk trot in different tempos. This method strengthens the ligaments and muscles develop harmoniously.

Corgis have excellent health and vigor, so you company in any rolling lesson: be happy to accompany you while jogging or biking, you will go hiking and will travel by car. Also, these animals love to swim - they are funny and dive happily shuffling feet in the water. Besides, aqueous fitness strengthens muscles and the vestibular apparatus as a whole.

Corgi shows regularly visit the veterinarian ophthalmologist, for the purpose of prevention. Dogs of this breed are vulnerable eye, so regular checkups will not be superfluous. Little Welsh Corgi often suffer from narcolepsy - a mysterious disease that manifests itself very funny: in the form of sudden attacks of sleep. Puppies and instantly fall asleep abruptly, often not suitable for this place. In such cases, it is important not to disturb the pet and protect it from sudden, loud noises.

In addition, it is necessary to take seriously the period of pregnancy and childbirth Corgi. Due to the physiological characteristics of the process of the birth of offspring at the miniature shepherd often goes with complications. In about half the cases, there are indications for cesarean section. So it is better to take care beforehand that the birth process controlled by a veterinarian.

Another security measure is to be performed by the owner - to see to it that the energetic Cardigan or Pembroke was hurt while jumping up and down. Like all dogs with an elongated body and short legs, corgis can easily injure your back.

The most famous welsh corgi Russia - a cute dog named Sage. He lives in Moscow, is quite popular in social networks, and it even has its own Instagram.