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Information and History

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All the historians who study the history of Yorkshire terrier, confident that this breed is exclusively English invention. They say that the Yorkies appeared first in Scotland. The aristocrats who lived in the region feared attacks on hunting grounds and therefore forbade peasants to keep large dogs. Because of this, the common people have started breeding miniature dogs. Farmers and townspeople rather poor for decades improved service characteristics of their small dogs. In the eighteenth century began to open the first informal clubs breeders breed. While studbooks were not so progenitors Yorkshire Terriers set almost unreal. The owners were only interested in hunting skills rocks.

Hence the confusion and chance! Until now, the ancestors of the breed believe all small dogs, which then existed in England:

  • Scottish terrier;
  • Toyterery;
  • Maltese and dandy Dinmont Terriers;
  • Klaydsdel Terriers and Paisley;
  • Skye terriers.

Compact Scottish Doggie widely used for home protection from rodents, as well as to accompany the caravan master during shopping trips. These companions differed great courage and unpretentiousness in the content.

Official recognition of the Scottish Doggie received only half a century ago.

In the city of the village

Since the beginning of the rapid growth of British industry peasants looking for earnings, began to arrive in large northern cities. With them they took and their pets. And Terriers perfectly proved themselves in new areas. Very soon the dog intentionally brought to North England from Scotland to deliver the houses and streets of the rats. A manchestertsy York and sent the little hunter in coal mines and textile factories, in ports and warehouses.

Just here in soot and grime of the industrial area of ​​English aristocrats and quadrupeds have noticed professional dog handlers. Although the breed was bred by conventional farmers, creation truly seemed ideal. It was necessary only to improve the appearance of the breed - Yorkshire Terrier.

So for selection come from professional dog handlers. They managed to make friends with miniature doggies from Scotland with gold and black British terriers, divers and Clydesdale Terriers pesli. Breeding started in parallel deal with mine workers and weavers. After a few years, as a simple worker in the house without any experiment, there was a tiny elegant dandy - Hadersfild Ben, and so was sealed the fate of the breed terrier.

Father breed

Without exaggeration, this dog is called great. He was able to spend only a little more than 6 years, but became the father of the breed. Born Hadersfild Ben in 1865, he lived for nearly two years by the name of Monsieur Estvud. The dog was not small in size. Dog weighed 5.5 kilograms. However, he had a charming character and appearance. Many said even then that Ben Best of tiny terriers.

Soon the amazing Yorkshire Terrier learned known breeder Mrs. Foster, who was also a respected judge at dog shows. She bought in 1867 at the legendary terrier Estvuda for the fabulous price. Soon, no one hitherto unknown dog became a real star. Just 4 and a half years the dog has won more than 70 awards at various competitions and exhibitions. Ben was also a courageous fighter. In England, in those days the sweat for fun fighting dogs was conducted with rats, and Ben always emerged the victor.

But more important was the fact that many experts have called best terrier dog of his time. The dog was able to get into the stud book of the country and gave a high-quality offspring. Her great-grandchildren, grandchildren and children became champions more than once. They were found in 1886 in a separate breed, which became known as Yorkshire Terrier.

Another great champion was the dog named Ted, who also bought Mrs Foster, an ordinary working for big money. This outstanding Yorkshire Terrier has received 75 prizes, 25 cups and getting 15 times the "Best of Breed. Experts called it in 1890 the best ever existed representative of the breed.

How to become an aristocrat?

York at this time appreciated in high society of England. Price dwarf specimens jumped because of it to the skies. The rich ladies and their boyfriends to enjoy the coveted dog gave fortunes. During the reign of Queen Victoria - in the late 19th century to appear in public without a pet, this breed was considered bad form. Although this cute dog and needed no royal support and advertising. Convivial character, impeccable appearance and immense charm does not leave a chance man and York became gradually spread around the world. First they came to the United States, well, the middle of the twentieth century began to appear in Germany and other European countries.

Breed standard

Стандарт породы: 

Of course, the first Yorkies did not look like the current representatives of the breed. The standard was first published in 1887 and was refined many times. The final version was adopted only in 1898.

Initially, it was stressed that Yorkshire Terriers - dogs are compact. But Extension allowable weight was great, from tiny dogs polukilogrammovyh to present the "giants", weighing 5.5 kilograms. A lot of controversy was about the position of the ears. Allowed and poluchtoyachie uncropped and stand-cropped ears.

Later, it was decided that the ears should be small and the standing of the nature. The maximum weight of the dogs was limited to 3.2 kg. But other characteristics of the breed on the exterior and character, has not changed.

Particular attention breeders and judges at the exhibitions paying pet fur. It should be straight, long and falling, like a skirt, on both sides of the body. At the same time from the neck to the base of the tail is parted. Silky and shiny dream of every fashionista - required quality coats each Yorkshire terrier.

Strictly fixed color breed. Middle and sloping sherska from head to tail - gray-steel without impurities. Tail - dark blue. A chest, head and limbs - red-brown, golden.

However, in recent years a few individuals meet the requirements in color. Black dogs tend to have slightly wavy hair and bright - line. So breeders pay more attention not to the color and the quality of the coat.

In general, Yorkies are very similar and funny furry lapdogs with a direct line back. But they have a broad and confident step, strong straight limbs and muscular neck.

Little pigeons can carry great messages

The representatives of the breed more than once became the smallest dogs in the world and got into the Guinness Book of Records. For example, New York from Thailand during the growth of 12 cm weighed just 481 grams and the other dog from Blackburn at 6, 3 cm weighed 113 grams. By the way, the infamous Mrs Foster was also able to grow in your nursery York midget. Pet Bradford weighed only 681 grams.



Yorkshire Terrier - one of the smallest species, the perky character, courage and "sense of humor" this dog is quite compensate for its size and leave no doubt that in front of you "real" dog. However, poor "Yorkies"! Exhibition success breeds of dogs cause most brilliant representatives spend life in curlers and bird cages.

Care of silky hair, which spread along the train show ring, professionals consider the most important. But whether this same dog? Yet the Yorkshire Terrier, the owners of which have little interest in exhibitions and live a more fulfilling and happy life.

Unfortunately, the Yorkshire Terrier is one of the main places in the list of unfortunate long-haired breeds, which have transformed the exhibition life in prison content. Yes, Yorkshire terrier - very nice dog, but it's not a toy!

Yorkshire Terrier - excellent dog-friend. He will share with his own joy and sadness, will be able to settle in every part of his heart. By their nature Yorkshire terrier - prankster and a hunter, so Yorkie owners need to be very careful. The little one is not gone hunting instinct of his ancestors, and he is able to not only fearlessly rush a butterfly or bird, but also on a huge rat, he suddenly found in the old house.

And as the Yorkshire Terrier standing up for his master! If someone has violated your territory, Yorkshire terrier immediately detect a stranger and try to do everything possible to get rid of Naha.

But the main purpose of York - to be around you and honestly share not only tidbits of the table, and all your hobbies. It is known that due to its nature, agility and courage Yorkshire terriers successfully perform in agility - excellent form of active rest for the owner and his dog.

Yorkie simply crave close physical contact and your adoration. They will follow you around the house like a shadow. He gets along well with strangers, but can be very aggressive towards other dogs. Yorkies are very gentle and love when they hug and hold on your lap.

Yorkshire Terrier Breed takes 2nd place in the world in popularity.


Interest in York increased particularly after the two world wars. In the 40s funny shaggy Smokey became a war hero. Her host was the pilot of the Air Force, and the dog often participated in combat missions. True quadrupedal friend than once saved the life of his owner and his brother-in-arms.

She warned the military of the Japanese kamikaze attacks, skydive, helped pave the communication, accompanied by a nurse to the wounded soldiers. Smoky rose to the rank of Corporal, earned 8 military decorations. She lived as much as 14 years, and after the war appeared in 42 television shows.

Through the efforts of breeders and dog handlers Yorkshire Terrier has become a perfect companion. This is not just an elegant dandy with impeccable teloslozhenime and pretty attractive face, but a real gentleman. Even when he shamelessly naughty and naughty, you will not be able to resist its inexhaustible charm.

Like all terriers, miniature York - bold, inquisitive and tireless dog. He devotedly in love with the owner, but polite and kind to other people and animals. He has a beautiful mind and a great sense of humor.

However, it is important to give him enough time, otherwise the dog bored and will find entertainment itself. Prepare for the unexpected, because power from him more than enough! But it is unlikely you'll be glad to joke that he throws. In addition, New York can be very flashy - all in order to get your attention.

Once in cover, touching the baby maintain his composure and dignity. His soulful hypnotic gaze reflect the whole gamut of emotions. And you will understand that it is not just a very nice teaser impossible. He skillfully disarm you a simple kiss on the nose.

But do not leave York one, no matter how brave and self-assured, he may seem. We'll have to constantly keep an eye on the pet, which at any moment may wake up the excitement of the hunter. Leash and unattended baby at risk of running into trouble: he had a fight with a neighbor's dog, clogged in some hole or eat a poisonous mushroom.

Care and maintenance

Yorkshire Terriers, as representatives of ornamental rocks, need special care. Content Yorkshire Terrier may seem very time consuming for someone, but the owners of Yorkies different opinion.

Care and maintenance of the Yorkshire terrier is to maintain excellent decorative external data of this dog. Care of New York, or grooming, especially for wool, may be pleasant for the care of the owner. York - owner of long hair, for which the need to constantly take care: wash, comb, cut, that it was a brilliant, well-groomed and healthy.

The exhibition shows more often owners of a dog with long hair, perfectly straight and smooth, the cloak falling from the back to the floor. To achieve a spectacular kind of wool, used special cosmetics that facilitate care Yorkshire terrier, and helping to create the desired image of the exhibition: various types of shampoos, hair sprays, sprays, oils, balms. Dog wash on average once every 10 days with the use of shampoos, conditioners and air conditioning. After washing the hair should be dried with a hair dryer when drying required combing to avoid tangles formed. Combing general mandatory procedure component of daily care and maintenance of the Yorkshire terrier. As long coat in York, it can easily matted. To avoid this, use curlers - long pieces of fabric, which are twisted strands of wool. Read the curlers only during washing and for participation in the exhibition show. Optionally, if the owner is not going to put their dog on exhibitions, or long periods of time in between, you can make an accurate model York haircut, but grooming is not canceled. A hairstyle York as the long-haired, well trimmed, it can be stunning.

To care for the Yorkshire Terrier was full, you must acquire the necessary tools for this: different types of combs, massage brush with natural bristles, nail clippers, nail file, nail clipper. In addition, the care and maintenance Yorkshire terrier includes mandatory procedures grooming: Grooming claws, rinsing, cleaning ears York, removal of hair on the paws, care of the anal glands.

NEW YORK - creating very fragile. We can not allow children to squeeze them - it can damage the dogs. Yorkshire though and have long hair, but it almost does not warm as there is no undercoat. Caring at home walking the dog clothe her in a specially sewn overalls. To protect the dog paws can be used footwear. The content of the Yorkshire terrier can do without walking street - a dog can be trained to the toilet at home.

Clothes for Yorkie owners are buying not only for walking. York in a nice suit is affection and admiration. Apparel easily change depending on the situation - the dog will always be in the spotlight. Simulate dog clothes or choose odezhku in a specialty store for the owners (the hostess) is a pleasure.

The content of the Yorkshire terrier is impossible without the required vaccinations for all dogs. They help maintain the health of your pet. For the health of York is necessary and proper nutrition, and motor load. A Activity Yorkies can be in games. As small children, dogs love toys.

Training and education

Дрессировка и воспитание: 

It is advisable to have before you have forged a dog decide that it can be done and what is not and what dog training school she will be attending.

Take upbringing York as soon as possible. Be sure to be consistent in this. Despite the fact that the Yorkshire Terrier small stature, he dreams of leadership. Small dogs are aggressive due to the fact that their owners believe that because of the small size of the pet can do without serious training. In fact, things are quite the opposite: just small rocks are often out of fear of not being taken seriously deliberately show their desire for leadership. If your behavior begins to deteriorate York, the need for urgent action! We have developed a training program for Yorkshire terrier puppy and adult pet. Terrier must undergo a course of training, regardless of what it is growth!

If you want the dog to take you mainly, give the team during training Yorkshire terrier themselves. This also applies to feeding. In nature, the leader eats first. You, as the "principal in the school" should do the same. Do not let the dog with the master's table. Do not allow the dog to exercise dominant behavior.

Clearly give the command, such as "Fu" or "place!" Have a huge impact. But be patient, if the training is given Yorkshire terrier is not as fast as we would like - a dog takes time to learn the commands. One York it is faster, the other slower.

If York is guilty, it is not necessary to beat. Often it is enough to say the word out loud or create a sharp sound. For example, the sound of the newspaper, which folded, you can hit the table. A certain rigor is necessary, otherwise the baby will do with you whatever he wants, and not vice versa.

Yorkshire terrier should not be lifted by the collar and shake - it is not a cat!

Body language of your York

Knowledge and understanding of canine signals will greatly help you in the education of Yorkshire terrier. Our four-legged friends treated us like members of their family dog. To a person has learned to understand your pet, it is useful to observe how dogs communicate with each other. Dogs understand each other through a variety of signals. These include many different options muzzle expression, body movements, sounds and smells. When your dog wants to express his feelings, she does it with the help of the muzzle, eyes, ears and tail.

Opinionated York who need to show their status, will try to appear larger and stronger. He straightened up, raise the ears and tail, bristling fur. Some Yorkshire terriers while slowly rocking tail and growl. Timid York vice versa will try to appear as little as possible and try to impress the little puppy as a dog as a puppy inviolable large dogs. The older dog may indicate the puppy his place, but never attack him. Dog lower rank close to the older often priklonennom position and from the side. At the same time it actively wags his tail. She also tries to lick the face and legs (in the case of prikloneniem man - his face and hands). Another gesture of submission - rolling on the floor on his back. Yorkie, which is a very short tail, as actively waving them that moves the entire back.

Yorkshire terrier tail and expresses different feelings: during the rage he strains tail and shakes them up and down; If York is afraid tail sways between the hind legs. Nervous and fearful Yorkshire terriers wag its tail drooping to relax his counterpart. If the dog is listening to the sound, the ears are raised up. When she feels the joy, the tail raised towards the head. At this time, the eyes can be half closed. If the dog is ready to attack his eyes, on the contrary, wide open. In nature, the pack leader can identify lower-ranking animals by sight. Opponents are continuously looking at each other before the start of the fight, or until the animal, the lowest in rank not lower your head and will not go away.

If your Yorkshire terrier is prone to the appearance of nervousness, you do not need long and hard look at it. So it can provoke an attack of fear. Good unobtrusive visual look at the Yorkshire terrier helps to strengthen contact with him. Timely York education - the key to a comfortable coexistence of man and dogs for many years.

Toilet training

This process refers to the unpleasant in the education of York. How long it might take? If you have started to engage in this matter from the outset, it should not bring you big problems. A little patience, praise at the right time, following helpful tips - that's a recipe for success training York.

Puppies Yorkshire Terrier have an instinctive need to clean, and only a few Yorkies stain his place to sleep. Young dogs often need to go to the toilet, because her organs are still very small. This gives you the opportunity to support the success of York often praise when things are made in the right place. The more active you are, and his praise for it, the faster he will learn to do the right thing. Do not punish your puppy when he suddenly makes a mistake. Immediately remove traces that had no smell. Your task is to take care of a puppy to refer to his "toilet" at the right time. At a minimum: after eating, after sleeping and when he begins to "spin" around the room in search of hiding place. Teach your puppy to do things outside, praise him if he did it right, and you can use a treat. So this process will associate him with praise.

Location and toys

As a place to sleep is fine clean litter or a special bed. If the dog persistently wants to sleep in your bed, you can only for it to be the answer, but it is not - rule is: once to put the dog in the master's bed means that it will always be there to sleep.

For games suitable for small balls made of latex. They are safe and very fond of dogs, especially if the ball squeaks. Yorkies love to play in plush toys. Imitation bones and other chew toys are not suitable for Yorkshire Terriers. During chewing, they often bite yourself hair on his chin.