Buy or sell a dog

Many people tend to nature, and many want to move a piece of this very nature in your home. This is like a bird who is a plant and who if not insects, but you always want to be near a friend who will faithfully serve, no matter what.

How nice to come home, and on the verge of not only meet a loved one, the children, but also loyal furry friend. Strolling through the park in the winter, to frolic, to lie in the snow, or run with a dog, probably, everyone loves. What is interesting to observe the growth and development of your pet, take care of him and get back a huge heartfelt gratitude. It's nice, is not it?

Take a look at this little adorable ball of wool, its four legs, snout and tail moving. Not surprisingly, if you take your baby for the cub. But a closer look - a puppy dog ​​and resemblance is truly remarkable. To uncover the secret of the nature we have to make a historical excursion into the past of our planet.

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